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Wilkes-Barre, PA
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. 
MacVeigh, Peter "Pete" 74Wilkes-Barre, PA07/12/2008
Macierowski, Sadie L. [ Sabol ] "Sue" 87Wilkes-Barre, PA01/03/2002
Macri Cimino, Nicholas J.12/21/191685Wilkes-Barre, PA12/28/2001
Maier Metzger, Dorothy 86Wilkes-Barre, PA01/01/2005
Malacari Fiaski, Concetta [ Restuccia ]10/09/191687Wilkes-Barre, PA04/15/2004
Malarkey Pedelsky, Thomas J. 65Wilkes-Barre, PA02/25/2002
Malinowski Swolik, Victoria A. [ Suleski ] [ Phillips ]02/26/190695Wilkes-Barre, PA11/22/2001
Malinowski, Joan Barbara [ Corcoran ]03/24/1938 Wilkes-Barre, PA03/25/2003
Malloy Garvey, Joseph F.11/24/191784Wilkes-Barre, PA12/28/2001
Malys Kolesar, Joseph J.01/16/1950 Wilkes-Barre, PA01/04/2005
Mamola Jascur, Theresa M. [ Seniuk ]  Wilkes-Barre, PA12/03/2001
Managan McAvoy, Edward A.02/10/191884Wilkes-Barre, PA09/10/2002
Mangold Davis, Robert J.  Wilkes-Barre, PA07/31/1998
Mapp, Joanne [ Major ]11/10/194653Wilkes-Barre, PA03/14/2000
Marconi Nagle, Doreen [ Sims ]05/07/195747Wilkes-Barre, PA08/12/2004
Mariscano Verdi, Carmella M. [ Altavilla ]12/31/192875Wilkes-Barre, PA02/21/2004
Marowski Sponauer, Veronica09/02/192772Wilkes-Barre, PA03/10/2000
Martin McDermott, Mildred M. [ Hughes ] 94Wilkes-Barre, PA11/29/2002
Martin Reshke, Helen [ Vedova ]07/19/191682Wilkes-Barre, PA01/28/1999
Martin, Ziba E. 85Wilkes-Barre, PA02/23/2002
Mashinski Butry, Gerald M.05/16/193369Wilkes-Barre, PA03/12/2003
Masloski Mascavage, John E.05/15/194754Wilkes-Barre, PA02/22/2002
Mason, Earl W.12/12/191885Wilkes-Barre, PA04/18/2004
Matcho Gzurko, John T. "Shorty" 88Wilkes-Barre, PA02/22/2000
Matlowski Karkut, Sally H. [ Plaviak ] 88Wilkes-Barre, PA02/21/2004
Matyas Thompson, Harvey G.12/14/191290Wilkes-Barre, PA03/25/2003
Maynard Keef, Elizabeth J. [ LaBar ]08/01/190992Wilkes-Barre, PA01/10/2002
McAndrew Mulhern, Raymond Joseph11/06/194955Wilkes-Barre, PA01/02/2005
McAnney Devers, Robert J. "Bob"12/18/191980Wilkes-Barre, PA02/07/2000
McAvoy, Gloria [ Helfrich [ "Mitzi" 74Wilkes-Barre, PA01/05/2002
McCarthy Gillespie, Michael William06/28/191887Wilkes-Barre, PA12/27/2005
McCarthy Metzger, Thomas W. 60Wilkes-Barre, PA02/02/2004
McConlogue Babinski, Robert J.09/01/195150Wilkes-Barre, PA01/16/2002
McDowell Boyle, Loretta [ Kitchin ]12/12/191784Wilkes-Barre, PA01/29/2002
McGinty, Mary F. ( Mrs. )04/02/192081Wilkes-Barre, PA01/15/2002
McGrane Evanko, John J. "Jay"02/13/196240Wilkes-Barre, PA08/10/2002
McGuire Brennan, Edward J.01/02/194360Wilkes-Barre, PA03/21/2003
McHale Dougherty, Mary Ruth [ Miriam Grace ]07/21/1921 Wilkes-Barre, PA12/27/2001
McHale, Robert F.07/01/192483Wilkes-Barre, PA03/08/2008
McHugh Reilly, Kathryn I. [ Branigan ]01/18/191585Wilkes-Barre, PA02/02/2000
McHugh Strish, Joseph A.01/19/192376Wilkes-Barre, PA02/02/2000
McManmon Madden, Lillian M. [ Malloy ]04/16/1918 Wilkes-Barre, PA01/03/2005
Meehan Meier, Joseph J. 73Wilkes-Barre, PA02/28/2004
Meehan Meier, Joseph J. 78Wilkes-Barre, PA02/28/2004
Meehan O'Hara, Anna [ Solinksy ]02/21/191391Wilkes-Barre, PA01/02/2005
Mehm Walter, Francis Edmund11/17/192279Wilkes-Barre, PA11/22/2001
Mendoza Roberts, Richard Edward09/07/1939 Wilkes-Barre, PA02/28/2002
Mendusky Kavka, John E. 73Wilkes-Barre, PA09/13/2002
Menendez Sterba, Manuel V. 68Wilkes-Barre, PA03/08/2000
Mercadante Nardone, Anthony John12/16/1942 Wilkes-Barre, PA01/06/2002
Meredith Jones, Elsie [ Deobold ]  Wilkes-Barre, PA01/15/2002
Merolla DeBiasi, Thomas J. "Turk" 94Wilkes-Barre, PA06/13/2008
Meth, Gertrude [ Hochberg ]06/07/191190Wilkes-Barre, PA03/20/2002
Metura Wojcik, Lorraine A. [ Pambianco ]07/23/1939 Wilkes-Barre, PA09/21/2000
Meyer, Gilbert S. 82Wilkes-Barre, PA 
Mikita, Lora [ Hendry ]11/06/191982Wilkes-Barre, PA01/15/2002
Mikolay Svetwoski, Michael Rube01/15/192679Wilkes-Barre, PA04/29/2005
Milbrodt Waskiewicz, Stella L. [ Rowe ]05/17/193862Wilkes-Barre, PA09/16/2000
Miller Eveland, Donald L. 73Wilkes-Barre, PA06/15/2002
Miller Fagan, Florence R. [ Sauerwine ]02/07/191685Wilkes-Barre, PA01/07/2002
Miller LaFrance, Richard G.12/07/192378Wilkes-Barre, PA11/27/2002
Miller Stevenson, Annabelle [ Shales ]01/26/191486Wilkes-Barre, PA02/13/2000
Miller Williams, Lois M. [ Webb ] 70Wilkes-Barre, PA02/21/2000
Mills, Jack C.04/26/193370Wilkes-Barre, PA03/21/2004
Minuski Lewis, Jean [ Lanteigne ]11/02/1945 Wilkes-Barre, PA03/08/2000
Miskin Mionsek, Joseph A.07/14/1925 Wilkes-Barre, PA12/28/2001
Mitchelle Richmond, James T. 73Wilkes-Barre, PA01/16/2000
Mittleman Brown, Sandor "Sandy"03/30/194264Wilkes-Barre, PA07/02/2006
Mohan Riley, Betty Jean [ Labagh ] "BJ" 76Wilkes-Barre, PA12/19/2001
Moleski Ambrose, Kathy A. [ Dawson ] 48Wilkes-Barre, PA01/30/2002
Moleski Ambrose, Kathy A. [ Dawson ]09/13/195348Wilkes-Barre, PA01/30/2002
Molitoris Kentz, Stephen05/27/192376Wilkes-Barre, PA01/18/2000
Monahan Ell, William A.08/15/1935 Wilkes-Barre, PA01/14/2002
Mondulick Libertoski, Gary 36Wilkes-Barre, PA07/09/2005
Montano Bellocchio, Virginia [ Baer ] "Ginger" 79Wilkes-Barre, PA12/30/2002
Morahan Earley, Mary L. [ Grimes ]11/25/192578Wilkes-Barre, PA08/05/2004
Moran Kettle, Donald08/03/1923 Wilkes-Barre, PA03/02/2002
Moran McLaughlin, Gerald M. "Jerry"03/08/192181Wilkes-Barre, PA11/22/2002
Morgan Esser, Frank B. 71Wilkes-Barre, PA02/27/2000
Morgan Johnson, Robert Harold 31Wilkes-Barre, PA12/17/2001
Morgan Macey, David G.04/28/195749Wilkes-Barre, PA07/07/2006
Morgan, Griffith04/30/191981Wilkes-Barre, PA05/23/2000
Morgan, Ruth [ Palsha ]10/21/193072Wilkes-Barre, PA03/28/2003
Morgans Ludden, John R.10/24/193366Wilkes-Barre, PA10/24/1933
Morgans, John R.10/24/193366Wilkes-Barre, PA12/06/1999
Morris Benesky, Julie Marie 33Wilkes-Barre, PA03/06/2005
Morris, Robert 75Wilkes-Barre, PA01/17/2004
Morrow Sullivan, Loretta12/28/1913 Wilkes-Barre, PA11/20/1999
Mosko Lucarino, John L. 43Wilkes-Barre, PA04/15/2004
Mrochko Roth, Robert01/02/1940 Wilkes-Barre, PA07/31/1998
Mulhern Kirk, Jule [ Hughes ]07/26/191192Wilkes-Barre, PA03/14/2004
Multer Skladow, William J.03/17/192777Wilkes-Barre, PA08/05/2004
Mundy Chisko, Dolores J. [ Leonard ]03/03/193270Wilkes-Barre, PA10/16/2002
Murphy Newell, Charles "Tuck" 40Wilkes-Barre, PA12/24/1999
Murray Mulhern, Robert A.01/06/193175Wilkes-Barre, PA08/01/2006
Murray Ruddy, Rozanne F. [ Swim ]03/06/193567Wilkes-Barre, PA11/23/2002
Murray Transue, Jean A. [ Adams ]06/23/193868Wilkes-Barre, PA11/10/2006
Murray, Edward Robert 67Wilkes-Barre, PA10/02/2001
Musica, Constance M. ( Mrs. ) 72Wilkes-Barre, PA03/19/2008
Musto Gubitose, Josephine Carlo [ Galati ] 86Wilkes-Barre, PA02/18/2004
Musto Rosella, Frank12/23/191886Wilkes-Barre, PA05/11/2005
Myers Helfrich, Noena [ Schwartz ]02/23/1914 Wilkes-Barre, PA02/13/2000
Myers Swartwood, Lloyd E. 58Wilkes-Barre, PA08/12/2004
Myers, Dayton O. 104Wilkes-Barre, PA12/18/2001
Nanorta Moore, John E.11/30/194261Wilkes-Barre, PA08/04/2004
Nardone Villani, Norma M. [ Wilkie ]10/11/193566Wilkes-Barre, PA09/09/2002
Navestad Miller, Elijah07/14/20041Wilkes-Barre, PA07/16/2005
Neberdosky Karlovich, Robert  Wilkes-Barre, PA08/12/2004
Needham Johns, Frances05/23/190594Wilkes-Barre, PA03/11/2000
Nelson Griffiths, Thomas G.03/12/195151Wilkes-Barre, PA12/15/2001
Nicely, Charles A. "Chick" 81Wilkes-Barre, PA07/13/2005
Novinski, Elizabeth A. [ Lasecki ] "Betty" 82Wilkes-Barre, PA05/08/2002
O'Byrne Loucks, John01/08/195350Wilkes-Barre, PA03/15/2003
O'Connor, Catherine E. [ Gallagher ] "Kay" 78Wilkes-Barre, PA01/03/2005
O'Donnell Mullen, Jean H. [ DeRemer ] 75Wilkes-Barre, PA02/19/2004
O'Donnell Tully, John P.02/14/192379Wilkes-Barre, PA02/01/2003
O'Malley Berg, Ann Marie10/31/191980Wilkes-Barre, PA11/17/1999
O'Malley Boland, Grace [ Sullivan ]01/14/192882Wilkes-Barre, PA08/29/2010
O'Malley, Daniel J.06/12/1915 Wilkes-Barre, PA02/26/2002
Ogin Gimber, Jean M. [ Maharty ] 74Wilkes-Barre, PA08/31/2001
Okrongley Miskowsky, Joseph  Wilkes-Barre, PA12/30/2000
Olszyk Stefanski, Joseph "Boxer"10/16/1917 Wilkes-Barre, PA02/27/2000
Opez, Mary Eva03/08/1908 Wilkes-Barre, PA03/29/2002
Oravic Pollock, John Michael02/10/191983Wilkes-Barre, PA06/30/2002
Organek, Walter E. 91Wilkes-Barre, PA08/09/2004
Orischak, Donna [ Kordoski ]  Wilkes-Barre, PA01/05/2002
Orloski, Stephen J.07/17/193365Wilkes-Barre, PA01/29/1999
Orlowskey Bench, Thomas J.01/26/192575Wilkes-Barre, PA12/30/2000
Ormando, Joseph J. 61Wilkes-Barre, PA01/31/2012
Osinski, Bernice A. [ McDermott ] 73Wilkes-Barre, PA09/10/2002
Ostrowski, Caroline [ Pohutsky ]09/25/1916 Wilkes-Barre, PA09/29/1999
Otlowski Ritrovicz, Robert J.12/27/192576Wilkes-Barre, PA04/03/2002
Ott Mische, William F.07/18/1916 Wilkes-Barre, PA01/16/2002
Paciga, Andrew M. 81Wilkes-Barre, PA05/30/2003
Padden Dudkiewicz, Anthony M. "Tony" 27Wilkes-Barre, PA02/14/2004
Padolsky Oleka, Bertha H. [ Meeker ]11/17/190497Wilkes-Barre, PA12/03/2001
Paduch Kobylanska, John Joseph02/26/191188Wilkes-Barre, PA02/26/1999
Pangonis, Geraldine A. [ Stavish ]09/18/1936 Wilkes-Barre, PA04/07/2004
Partash, John A. 33Wilkes-Barre, PA03/27/2008
Parulis Ondek, Elizabeth [ Havard ] 49Wilkes-Barre, PA02/22/2002
Pasternak Thomas, Stephen J. 74Wilkes-Barre, PA02/17/2004
Patronick Mihalo, Joseph "Pat"12/17/192776Wilkes-Barre, PA05/01/2004
Patterson Buckley, Mary [ O'Beirne ] "Pat"12/15/191090Wilkes-Barre, PA07/25/2001
Pavloski, Frances C. [ Klimek ]01/20/192381Wilkes-Barre, PA03/01/2004
Pawloski Michaels, Eric12/19/2001InfWilkes-Barre, PA12/19/2001
Payavis Bolita, Angela [ Gasky ] 90Wilkes-Barre, PA02/26/2002
Pease, Catherine Cecelia [ Heffernan ] 85Wilkes-Barre, PA10/13/1999
Peleski Ambrose, Adele [ Skiptunas ]09/02/190895Wilkes-Barre, PA03/11/2004
Peleski Ambrose, Elizabeth P. [ Geskey ]01/16/191292Wilkes-Barre, PA12/31/2004
Pendock Kobeski, Gary05/28/195846Wilkes-Barre, PA07/29/2004
Pepperling Daley, Elmer 80Wilkes-Barre, PA04/12/2004
Peters Jones, Marily Elizabeth 61Wilkes-Barre, PA06/07/1999
Peters Markle, Margaret A. [ Ryan ] 81Wilkes-Barre, PA08/08/2004
Petrick Thomas, Lisa Ann 24Wilkes-Barre, PA03/09/2003
Petyo Dank, John E.05/14/192180Wilkes-Barre, PA10/20/2001
Phillips Hochreiter, Francis D.10/29/193170Wilkes-Barre, PA09/11/2002
Phillips, Alice [ George ] [ Barraclough ] 79Wilkes-Barre, PA05/20/2005
Pipech Ambrose, William J.03/22/191785Wilkes-Barre, PA12/25/2002
Pissott Lampan, Frederick J.11/13/193272Wilkes-Barre, PA01/06/2005
Plioplis Adomaitis, Natalie E. [ Zehosky ]01/10/192577Wilkes-Barre, PA09/26/2002
Plisko Konesky, David M.05/03/195449Wilkes-Barre, PA03/07/2004
Pohutsky Pruznel, Bernard A.04/24/192775Wilkes-Barre, PA03/20/2003
Pointek Knapp, Ann M. [ Adams ]05/21/190695Wilkes-Barre, PA04/03/2002
Polinchak Kulischak, Michael11/19/192479Wilkes-Barre, PA04/29/2004
Polinchak Kulischak, Sophie [ Huhn ]06/28/191685Wilkes-Barre, PA03/18/2002
Pomanek Filip, Walter F.04/04/1920 Wilkes-Barre, PA02/26/2002
Poostay Swaboski, Edward J.07/28/194752Wilkes-Barre, PA09/29/1999
Popple DeMark, Carmen E. 62Wilkes-Barre, PA02/04/2004
Potora Sobon, Estelle P. [ Rottner ]04/01/192479Wilkes-Barre, PA07/12/2003
Price Fine, Louise [ Ziegenfus ] 80Wilkes-Barre, PA01/01/2002
Pringle Alles, Mary Claire [ Brown ]02/25/1925 Wilkes-Barre, PA03/26/2004
Proeller Schappacher, Francis C.09/04/1922 Wilkes-Barre, PA02/28/2004
Pruce Zlakowski, Carl Stanley 52Wilkes-Barre, PA01/28/2000
Pudim Wisgin, Emily P. [ Steffero ]05/26/191685Wilkes-Barre, PA04/19/2002
Pugh Thomas, Dorothy [ Muchler ]10/02/1928 Wilkes-Barre, PA09/09/2005
Pugh Thomas, Natalie A. [ Price ]07/14/192380Wilkes-Barre, PA04/10/2004
Pulieri Morganti, Peter P.02/17/192278Wilkes-Barre, PA09/19/2000
Pytko Zegarski, Anthony J.07/16/191789Wilkes-Barre, PA03/29/2007
Quagliariello Ryman, Theresa [ Kosko ]  Wilkes-Barre, PA12/18/2001
Quinn McKernan, Rosemary [ Kuchinskas ]02/13/191287Wilkes-Barre, PA09/29/1999
Quinn Wherry, Carolyn R. 76Wilkes-Barre, PA04/08/2004
Quinn Wherry, William S. 79Wilkes-Barre, PA02/28/2004
Quirk Mathisen, Geraldine [ Gambill ]10/11/1923 Wilkes-Barre, PA02/29/2000
Rafter, Kathleen T. "Kay"04/05/192085Wilkes-Barre, PA07/10/2005
Rainow Neeld, Charles W.10/08/190795Wilkes-Barre, PA03/27/2003
Rampola Grabowski, Bernard 88Wilkes-Barre, PA07/02/2008
Ramsey Lewis, Edith [ Carr ]05/27/192675Wilkes-Barre, PA01/12/2002
Rauch Evert, Franklin E. 92Wilkes-Barre, PA01/15/2002
Rebarchak Remco, Cyril M.05/17/192378Wilkes-Barre, PA01/15/2002
Reese Burgit, David J. 71Wilkes-Barre, PA04/01/2004
Reilly McDermott, Thomas J.  Wilkes-Barre, PA01/18/2000
Reinard, Mary Alice [ Cups ] 76Wilkes-Barre, PA06/01/2008
Reiser Sackett, Betty J. [ Rider ]09/15/192573Wilkes-Barre, PA07/01/1999
Reisinger, Carl J. "Bud" 69Wilkes-Barre, PA02/17/2004
Rejman, Louis P. "Ray" 81Wilkes-Barre, PA06/17/1999
Remphrey Hughes, Frederick W.03/11/193173Wilkes-Barre, PA04/21/2004
Renoe Becker, Margaret Mary01/19/193069Wilkes-Barre, PA10/15/1999
Reshke Martin, Helen [ Vedova ]07/19/191682Wilkes-Barre, PA01/28/1999
Rhiel, Robert James 76Wilkes-Barre, PA04/02/2004
Rhoads Battenberg, Arthur G. 88Wilkes-Barre, PA10/03/1999
Richards, James G. 83Wilkes-Barre, PA04/01/2004
Rilko Parent, Michael  Wilkes-Barre, PA09/10/2004
Rinehimer Smith, Albert Lewis "Lew" 85Wilkes-Barre, PA07/05/2009
Rinker Clayworth, John "Jack"10/13/1946 Wilkes-Barre, PA07/08/2002
Ritzel Asshoff, Isabel [ Fiore ]11/26/190994Wilkes-Barre, PA04/20/2004
Roberts Owen, Elizabeth R. [ Evans ]03/17/191390Wilkes-Barre, PA02/16/2004
Roberts, Edward Lawrence12/26/191089Wilkes-Barre, PA02/17/2000
Robin Miller, Hannah R. [ Alper ]01/15/191291Wilkes-Barre, PA03/14/2003
Robins Miner, Elizabeth J. [ Bradley ]09/13/192576Wilkes-Barre, PA01/10/2002
Robinson, Christopher D.11/26/198118Wilkes-Barre, PA02/02/2000
Rocereto Stanziale, Joseph F. 96Wilkes-Barre, PA09/20/2000
Rogers Holko, Kevin M.07/27/197827Wilkes-Barre, PA01/30/2006
Rolland Cavan, Margaret [ Feten ]  Wilkes-Barre, PA02/26/2002
Rollman Walters, Regina Marie [ Meyers ]  Wilkes-Barre, PA10/20/2001
Romanchick Lazorick, Eva [ Suseck ]02/19/190892Wilkes-Barre, PA09/21/2000
Romanick Zavatsky, Andrew J.08/29/193666Wilkes-Barre, PA11/24/2002
Romonoski Perhala, Kathryn F. [ Leluga ] "Kay" 85Wilkes-Barre, PA01/24/2004
Roper Fritzinger, Dorothy J. [ Swainbank ]  Wilkes-Barre, PA07/07/2002
Roper Rodda, Georgia C. [ Hughes ] 55Wilkes-Barre, PA03/04/2000
Rosa, Elizabeth A. ( Mrs. )11/07/193467Wilkes-Barre, PA10/07/2002
Rose Bittenbender, Robert C.01/24/190989Wilkes-Barre, PA07/31/1998
Rose Leco, John J.01/01/192874Wilkes-Barre, PA09/07/2002
Rose Leco, John J.01/01/192878Wilkes-Barre, PA09/07/2002
Rosenbaum, Isadore07/07/1913 Wilkes-Barre, PA02/04/2000
Rosenberg, Marion03/17/1928 Wilkes-Barre, PA 
Rosenkrans Rust, Louise [ Detrick ]  Wilkes-Barre, PA08/10/2007
Rostkowski Venanzi, Stanley J.06/08/192183Wilkes-Barre, PA01/13/2005
Roth, Ethel [ Grunberg ] 91Wilkes-Barre, PA11/25/2002
Rother McKenna, John C.  Wilkes-Barre, PA02/02/2000
Rovinsky, Doris Elizabeth 88Wilkes-Barre, PA02/22/2000
Rowland Toye, Paul J.06/22/191589Wilkes-Barre, PA03/06/2005
Rowny, Jane [ Kalanick ] 74Wilkes-Barre, PA12/01/2001
Rubitski Daniel, Michael J.09/16/193764Wilkes-Barre, PA10/26/2001
Rudda Gurdak, Frances C. [ Meehan ]  Wilkes-Barre, PA07/29/2008
Rudolph Roseky, Theresa M.05/21/1930 Wilkes-Barre, PA05/03/2004
Rudolph Roskey, Theresa M.03/21/1930 Wilkes-Barre, PA05/03/2004
Ryczek Latoski, Alice E. [ LeRoy ]03/23/192482Wilkes-Barre, PA12/20/2006
Ryczek Latoski, Alice E. [ LeRoy ]03/23/192482Wilkes-Barre, PA12/23/2006
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