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Plains Township, PA
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Plains Township, Pennsylvania. 
Symeon Gadomski, Phillip [ Simonton ]03/22/1932 Plains Townhsip, PA01/23/2000
Aeschbach Wierzbicki, Jeanne 84Plains Township, PA02/03/2000
Arasin Katinsky, John B.  Plains Township, PA07/04/2009
Bolacker Kubicki, Peter P.06/29/192576Plains Township, PA12/27/2001
Caprali Pascucci, Dolores M. [ Keil ]  Plains Township, PA01/24/2000
Conway Walsh, William F.02/18/1936 Plains Township, PA11/25/2001
Craig Atkinson, Leo J.  Plains Township, PA10/21/2001
Dennis Kropp, Mary Charlene [ Rolland ] 51Plains Township, PA 
Dmochowski Rasimowicz, Elizabeth [ Gates ] 84Plains Township, PA10/02/1999
Engel Price, Mary A. [ Vivian ] 94Plains Township, PA09/10/2002
Evans Kapines, William  Plains Township, PA01/27/2000
Falchek Rajs, Frank C. 88Plains Township, PA06/30/2002
Flussi Baldinucci, Harry V. 83Plains Township, PA12/29/2001
Flynn Maquire, Betty E. [ Pavelchak ]  Plains Township, PA03/11/2000
Gartley Scott, Edna Jane [ King ]04/10/191685Plains Township, PA01/12/2002
Gerrity Loftus, Mary [ Connors ]07/24/192875Plains Township, PA02/02/2004
Goncheroski Maguda, Joseph C. 73Plains Township, PA11/24/2001
Gregor Gordon, Elizabeth E. [ Neville ] 71Plains Township, PA01/10/2002
Grigovitch Datkun, Sophie  Plains Township, PA03/02/2002
Gustave Golembeski, Fred 89Plains Township, PA07/14/2005
Hewitt Hepburn, John H.11/27/1925 Plains Township, PA12/21/2001
Hines Marchiniak, John T. 80Plains Township, PA11/23/2002
Hirko Pristash, Mary [ Cimbak ] 90Plains Township, PA03/08/2003
James Jervis, Margaret J. [ Hurtt ] 90Plains Township, PA03/10/2000
Janerich Thomas, Cecelia M. [ Antosh ] 86Plains Township, PA06/28/2003
Jesikiewicz Franckowiak, Albert J. 80Plains Township, PA01/03/2004
Jesikiewicz Franckowiak, Albert J. 80Plains Township, PA01/03/2005
Johnson Skidmore, Erma Merle [ Samuel ] 86Plains Township, PA03/10/2000
Jumper Thomas, Margaret A. [ Diore ]  Plains Township, PA09/15/2002
Kasaba Kowalko, Sophie Ann [ Sudnick ]03/26/191290Plains Township, PA09/26/2002
Kazmierowicz Barasavage, Josephine D. 81Plains Township, PA03/17/2003
Klemash Krill, Nettie [ Swantko ]  Plains Township, PA02/07/2000
Kohut Vissotski, Frank  Plains Township, PA03/10/2004
Koscelansky, Catherine 87Plains Township, PA10/20/2001
Kosloski Lenkoski, Isabell [ Simmons ]  Plains Township, PA02/26/2000
Kowalski Rasmus, Benjamin Wm.10/28/192375Plains Township, PA09/28/1999
Kozerski Pawlowski, John W. 88Plains Township, PA12/27/2001
Kozich Repiscak, Herman P.04/13/193269Plains Township, PA10/13/2001
Krill Jamo, Peter J.09/27/1910 Plains Township, PA01/11/2002
Kucek Kred, Frank J.10/29/191388Plains Township, PA12/18/2001
Kus Bayus, Anna [ Moniak ]  Plains Township, PA09/20/2000
Kushner Olsakowski, Elizabeth Ann [ Reap ]07/23/193368Plains Township, PA01/13/2002
Love Segear, James S. [ Bennett ] 85Plains Township, PA08/07/2004
Love Segear, Janet S. [ Bennett ] 85Plains Township, PA08/07/2004
Majoros Chupka, Helen [ Considine ]11/12/191291Plains Township, PA02/15/2004
Malys Grzedzinski, Henry F. "Henry" 73Plains Township, PA02/16/2000
Mascioli Benzi, Remo "Ray"  Plains Township, PA01/11/2002
Miller, Genevieve M. [ Oshirak ]  Plains Township, PA11/27/2002
Milo Motovidlak, Stephen12/28/191586Plains Township, PA09/20/2002
Mociun Lutynski, Alfreda M. 83Plains Township, PA02/15/2004
Monico Maeo, Rose M. [ Fletcher ] 87Plains Township, PA01/11/2005
Montville Tamisaitis, Alfred J. 79Plains Township, PA03/09/2000
Mushinski Pieczun, Walter J. 79Plains Township, PA03/14/2000
Olszewski Semanski, Stephanie V. [ Abraham ]04/07/1919 Plains Township, PA01/04/2002
Orbik Petroski, Stanley A.05/21/1928 Plains Township, PA02/24/2000
Orleski Yavor, Alexander [ Alexy ]  Plains Township, PA01/12/2002
Ornoski Kukla, Teresa A. [ Ruskoski ]  Plains Township, PA07/06/2002
Ostrowski Stukowski, Edward S.10/13/191389Plains Township, PA11/24/2002
Padden Hughes, Catherine A. [ Caffrey ] 92Plains Township, PA01/11/2002
Pergalsky, Marie M. [ Skrabut ] 71Plains Township, PA01/13/2002
Pesch Hudak, Katherine [ Ofsenka ]08/18/190893Plains Township, PA12/30/2001
Peterson Kritchen, Edmond03/05/193170Plains Township, PA12/05/2001
Petroski Mascavage, Joseph W. 80Plains Township, PA01/09/2002
Piccotti Trovarelli, Albert J. 73Plains Township, PA12/30/2000
Podufalski Walkowiak, Joseph 69Plains Township, PA12/17/2001
Prawdzik, Chester  Plains Township, PA12/13/2001
Rehoski Michaels, Theresa C. [ Radzville ] 83Plains Township, PA02/14/2000
Rogers Doran, Charles H. 82Plains Township, PA01/11/2002
Sarnick Pierog, Leonard H.01/07/193569Plains Township, PA03/25/2004
Shedlock, Mary F. [ Stasik ]08/06/191190Plains Township, PA04/04/2002
Siley Mitchell, Elizabeth G. [ Hall ]05/17/192480Plains Township, PA01/01/2005
Skesavage Rushkowski, Leocadia J. [ Beffer ] 80Plains Township, PA03/10/2000
Skillens Kulikowski, Leonard  Plains Township, PA01/06/2002
Skovish Matuszewski, Alfred J.11/04/192081Plains Township, PA09/21/2002
Smith Richardson, Roberta L. [ Schoonover ] 82Plains Township, PA04/03/2002
Smith Walsh, Frank J. 84Plains Township, PA04/21/2004
Sobolewski Anuskiewicz, Jennie J. [ Cardell ]08/26/1913 Plains Township, PA09/14/2002
Sokola Seneski, William P.  Plains Township, PA09/05/2002
Stankiewicz Zabriski, Agnes T. [ Kabalka ]02/11/191884Plains Township, PA09/14/2002
Stiner Smith, Daisy M. [ Brogan ] 70Plains Township, PA09/08/2002
Sweeda Nowak, Joseph J. 79Plains Township, PA01/04/2002
Szafran Budzinski, Edward  Plains Township, PA03/13/2000
Taneski Stephanovich, Charles  Plains Township, PA12/29/2000
Tokach Suller, Raymond08/14/193564Plains Township, PA02/20/2000
Tontini Grodzinski, Barbara A. [ Blom ] 63Plains Township, PA11/30/2002
Valasa, John F. 80Plains Township, PA02/27/2000
Vispi Marino, Joseph A.  Plains Township, PA04/01/2003
Vivian Engle, Dorothy [ Seeman ]11/01/1933 Plains Township, PA03/14/2000
Wanek Mednick, John  Plains Township, PA02/28/2004
Waslin, Joseph  Plains Township, PA12/30/2004
Wasmanski Mahalski, Ethel W. [ Bowanko ] [ Chmiola ] 83Plains Township, PA02/22/2000
Wendoloski Ciborowski, Josephine M. [ Kwitkoski ]  Plains Township, PA01/07/2002
Wincek Lutynski, Joseph S. 79Plains Township, PA04/22/2004
Wincek Lutynski, Leonard R. 75Plains Township, PA11/27/2001
Yonski Tanistra, Anna Mae [ Marino ]05/30/190994Plains Township, PA04/16/2004
Yusko Ferencik, Frank  Plains Township, PA03/23/2003
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