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Pittsburgh, PA
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 
Palumbo, Catherine [ Legnini ]02/19/192582Pittsburgh, PA07/24/2007
Paolino, Patsy A. 86Pittsburgh, PA08/27/2000
Parenteau, Zoel Joseph07/26/193275Pittsburgh, PA01/10/2008
Parish, Ruth C.07/08/192578Pittsburgh, PA01/29/2004
Parker, Viola O.12/05/191389Pittsburgh, PA12/27/2002
Parpovich Yevins, Samuel04/13/192577Pittsburgh, PA10/19/2002
Patterson, Ruth M. [ Kemp ] 74Pittsburgh, PA12/27/1999
Pawling Adamitz, Anna Lorayne [ Buchner ]05/21/191887Pittsburgh, PA10/24/2005
Pazey Shultz, Mary [ Pollack ]02/21/191684Pittsburgh, PA02/28/2000
Pence, Martha [ Pedersen ]06/23/191398Pittsburgh, PA12/14/2011
Pender Storey, John G.01/27/191192Pittsburgh, PA06/03/2003
Petsinger Smith, Harry M.10/08/191885Pittsburgh, PA02/24/2004
Pfeifer, Lawrence A. 82Pittsburgh, PA03/14/2000
Phillips White, Timothy M.12/15/194956Pittsburgh, PA11/04/2006
Pickard, Mary Ruth [ Morton ] [ McCoy ]09/11/191685Pittsburgh, PA02/09/2002
Pickens Finnigan, Ronald E.01/04/193171Pittsburgh, PA10/15/2002
Pitler Miller, Ann [ Abelson ]02/22/190694Pittsburgh, PA05/04/2000
Pohlman Barbara, James A.  Pittsburgh, PA01/01/2004
Polankoski Bogdanski, Bernard F.12/08/191782Pittsburgh, PA03/14/2000
Popovich Somich, Virginia A. [ Schuster ]09/07/191980Pittsburgh, PA01/26/2000
Porr, Gail C. [ Livingston ]01/22/195445Pittsburgh, PA10/30/1999
Porter Dana, Robert C.  Pittsburgh, PA03/12/1997
Porter, William Dgar04/30/194654Pittsburgh, PA09/13/2000
Powell Brentnall, Katharine A. [ Wells ]07/16/190597Pittsburgh, PA09/03/2002
Powers Frey, Edward R. 87Pittsburgh, PA01/11/2002
Pregrad, Cecilia ( Mrs. ) [ Steck ] 85Pittsburgh, PA01/25/2003
Prelosky, Geraldine [ Mobilia ]  Pittsburgh, PA10/10/2005
Pribanic, Carl05/26/192873Pittsburgh, PA01/28/2002
Pribula Tegowska, Richard John07/08/193368Pittsburgh, PA06/21/2002
Price, William08/21/191787Pittsburgh, PA05/14/2005
Priestes, Thomas Edward "Tommy" 68Pittsburgh, PA01/01/2003
Proestler Thurn, William J.07/29/1914 Pittsburgh, PA10/31/2002
Pyers, Margaret Louise 50Pittsburgh, PA07/10/2003
Quinlan Odermatt, Diane K. [ Malcolm ]02/28/195444Pittsburgh, PA12/01/1999
Radice, Marie D. ( Mrs. ) 92Pittsburgh, PA12/23/2001
Ragan Sabo, A. Martin09/02/191783Pittsburgh, PA09/22/2000
Rakoski, Carol Ellen [ DeFrancesco ]12/12/194850Pittsburgh, PA06/21/1999
Rawson, Elaine Barbara ( Mrs. )08/14/193964Pittsburgh, PA06/27/2004
Rawson, George Alexander02/22/193668Pittsburgh, PA06/27/2004
Reed Menzies, Donald W. 50Pittsburgh, PA08/08/2000
Regan, Rita L. [ Uffner ] 84Pittsburgh, PA03/31/2002
Reilly, Debra L. ( Mrs. ) 46Pittsburgh, PA04/24/2008
Reinecker Cook, Frank02/03/191589Pittsburgh, PA06/28/2004
Renner Timmis, Louis T. 61Pittsburgh, PA12/30/1999
Rhome Wright, Charles H.07/21/192870Pittsburgh, PA06/12/1999
Ribar Lucas, Edward Thomas02/19/194160Pittsburgh, PA12/02/2001
Ribar, Monica Marie ( Mrs. )03/14/1924 Pittsburgh, PA01/05/2007
Rice Davis, Mildred Naomi [ Williams ]09/09/193764Pittsburgh, PA03/02/2002
Rice Marsula, Anna M. [ Quinn ]02/25/192583Pittsburgh, PA03/01/2008
Richard, Diane Elizabeth10/31/194758Pittsburgh, PA09/25/2006
Rile Catlett, Dorothy P. [ Scritchfield ]09/07/191887Pittsburgh, PA11/09/2005
Ritchie, Patricia L. [ Washburn ]08/01/191886Pittsburgh, PA06/18/2005
Ritter Gregg, Edward12/31/195152Pittsburgh, PA09/03/2004
Rizzo, Darlene Marie [ Lawson ]06/19/195452Pittsburgh, PA06/25/2006
Roberts Munroe, Steele M. 78Pittsburgh, PA02/11/2000
Roberts, Merrilyn Roberta12/02/194853Pittsburgh, PA08/17/2002
Robinson, John C.07/20/192280Pittsburgh, PA10/21/2002
Rodack Harding, Clifford Joseph10/19/2006InfPittsburgh, PA10/19/2006
Roderick, Jane L. [ Plyler ]08/04/192277Pittsburgh, PA09/18/1999
Rodgers, Elizabeth May ( Mrs. ) [ Koch ] [ Atkinson ]01/17/191189Pittsburgh, PA01/28/2000
Rogal, James Joseph02/17/195649Pittsburgh, PA10/28/2005
Rogucki, Alexander W.11/14/191190Pittsburgh, PA10/24/2002
Roke Deluca, Nello W.12/12/1920 Pittsburgh, PA02/12/2004
Rose Beck, F. Thomas12/09/192181Pittsburgh, PA09/23/2002
Roseborough Hally, Warren James02/27/192185Pittsburgh, PA09/27/2006
Rosenberger, Jennie Florence (Jane) [ Coates ]01/09/191786Pittsburgh, PA04/17/2003
Ross, Margaret E. [ Dean ] 71Pittsburgh, PA03/17/2000
Roth, Elizabeth A. ( Mrs. ) 81Pittsburgh, PA01/28/2003
Roth, George Thomas 60Pittsburgh, PA01/20/2002
Rovilea Caltagirone, Mary11/30/193367Pittsburgh, PA02/28/2001
Ruark, Margaret Annette [ Hazen ] 69Pittsburgh, PA05/03/1999
Ruettgers Hillenbrand, Marie E. [ Harsch ] [ Auth ]07/02/191190Pittsburgh, PA11/29/2001
Ruhe, Cynthia Mary [ Clark ]  Pittsburgh, PA01/19/1999
Runnette, William Forrester09/12/193764Pittsburgh, PA04/18/2002
Ruszkowski Litznarski, John A. "Jack"12/20/192081Pittsburgh, PA08/30/2002
Sabat, John06/29/190796Pittsburgh, PA08/15/2003
Sacco Cancilla, Ann M. [ Legler ]01/08/194460Pittsburgh, PA01/03/2005
Sagin, Mary 97Pittsburgh, PA02/12/1999
Sallis, Anna ( Mrs. ) 91Pittsburgh, PA01/19/2000
Saradin Mehes, Margaret [ Torrone ] 94Pittsburgh, PA09/30/2004
Sauers Fish, Joseph Allen "Joey"05/20/198716Pittsburgh, PA09/30/2003
Saunier Hurd, Otto L.09/19/193861Pittsburgh, PA11/02/1999
Schaefer, John08/03/193571Pittsburgh, PA03/28/2007
Schaupp Ruch, Florence B. [ Sgarrella ]11/17/191886Pittsburgh, PA03/28/2005
Schick, David Herman10/17/192479Pittsburgh, PA08/10/2004
Schmidt Doan, James L.10/26/192778Pittsburgh, PA01/02/2006
Schneider Burkhart, Helen Eleanor ( M. Virginia )06/30/1906 Pittsburgh, PA12/15/2001
Schrock, Cynthia S. [ Thornbury ] 68Pittsburgh, PA08/21/2002
Schroeder Ashworth, Ronald L.02/12/194654Pittsburgh, PA09/23/2000
Schuessler Niedt, May S. [ Clady ]05/16/191783Pittsburgh, PA09/23/2000
Schwartz Mellon, Barbara Deen02/03/194554Pittsburgh, PA05/24/1999
Schwartz, Corinne Marie06/19/195347Pittsburgh, PA03/19/2001
Schweckendieck, Donald David04/23/193768Pittsburgh, PA10/09/2005
Schwem, Willie E.07/17/192877Pittsburgh, PA11/21/2005
Schwimmer, Robert Rowland04/18/192476Pittsburgh, PA12/26/2000
Scott, Donald 65Pittsburgh, PA07/06/2002
Scott, Helen Ann 61Pittsburgh, PA 
Scudder, Margaret Elizabeth ( Mrs. ) "Betty"07/25/192774Pittsburgh, PA04/25/2000
Sexauer, Joanne04/10/193666Pittsburgh, PA09/05/2002
Shaner DeLong, Michael R.03/21/194261Pittsburgh, PA06/15/2003
Shanner DeLong, Michael R.03/21/194261Pittsburgh, PA06/15/2003
Sharpe, Andrew W. 86Pittsburgh, PA04/22/2007
Shaw Straziar, James H.06/23/193571Pittsburgh, PA11/12/2006
Shenesky, George01/25/191888Pittsburgh, PA03/16/2006
Shields Bernier, Richard James "Shag"12/04/194264Pittsburgh, PA04/15/2007
Shills, Paula P. 54Pittsburgh, PA01/28/2000
Shook, C. Lawson "Shookie"07/25/191389Pittsburgh, PA09/06/2002
Short Irwin, Jack Denver06/06/192577Pittsburgh, PA02/01/2003
Shoup, Nancy H.12/10/193966Pittsburgh, PA04/15/2006
Show, George 83Pittsburgh, PA08/26/2004
Shriver Hines, William Edward03/06/195150Pittsburgh, PA01/13/2002
Shulan Gratz, Gerald M.05/29/192185Pittsburgh, PA07/31/2006
Shultz Brazenski, Lucy J. [ Reece ]01/21/193861Pittsburgh, PA01/05/2000
Shumaker Nicolls, Penny J. [ Longmaid ]01/03/194657Pittsburgh, PA05/12/2003
Shuty, Charles03/31/191590Pittsburgh, PA08/05/2005
Siebert, Berth W. [ Lang ]11/19/1903 Pittsburgh, PA12/09/2001
Silverman, Bernard "Bruce"10/01/193073Pittsburgh, PA01/21/2004
Simmens, Robert A. 88Pittsburgh, PA02/03/2012
Simmons Libengood, Gilbert Paul 78Pittsburgh, PA11/02/2001
Simon, William J.07/03/193074Pittsburgh, PA04/26/2005
Sinatra, Cora 81Pittsburgh, PA01/28/1999
Skubak, Helen D. ( Mrs. )09/01/191982Pittsburgh, PA10/29/2001
Sleeman, John Robert 70Pittsburgh, PA06/27/2003
Slonaker Farkas, Linda L. [ Swearingen ]07/07/195054Pittsburgh, PA06/06/2005
Smith Cochran, Eileen E. [ Frein ]09/06/192087Pittsburgh, PA06/26/2008
Smith Corrine, Barbara Jean [ Fowler ]06/08/194363Pittsburgh, PA10/13/2006
Smith McGlovski, Gerald C.03/09/194360Pittsburgh, PA01/24/2004
Smith, Craig S. 51Pittsburgh, PA07/14/2000
Smith, Elizabeth ( Mrs. ) "Betty"12/08/1914 Pittsburgh, PA03/27/2002
Smith, Frances B. 62Pittsburgh, PA11/09/1999
Smith, James J. 71Pittsburgh, PA02/14/2003
Smith, June M. [ Dumont ]06/01/1924 Pittsburgh, PA12/18/2005
Smith, Kevin Barry05/30/195750Pittsburgh, PA08/02/2007
Smitmans, Gretchen S. [ Schaufelberger ]  Pittsburgh, PA01/16/2000
Snowdon Cowan, Arthur E.08/13/191785Pittsburgh, PA12/20/2002
Sopira, Anna Mae [ Poole ] "Shorty"06/06/192178Pittsburgh, PA08/12/1999
Sorg, Raymond G.04/29/193470Pittsburgh, PA08/26/2004
Sperandeo, Arthur 90Pittsburgh, PA12/01/1999
Spilsbury, Marguerite [ Rafter ]05/12/1917 Pittsburgh, PA09/09/2005
Spokart, Helen F. [ Deceder ]01/30/190398Pittsburgh, PA12/01/2001
Spotts, Edward S.05/06/191686Pittsburgh, PA09/07/2002
Sprague Freudenthall, William R.12/24/194258Pittsburgh, PA05/01/2001
Srmeg Sohar, Katherine A. [ Hudin ]11/14/191684Pittsburgh, PA01/30/2001
St Clair McGrath, Rita M. [ Whetsell ]12/07/192772Pittsburgh, PA02/15/2000
Staninger, Wilhelmina [ Arnold ] 77Pittsburgh, PA01/07/2000
Stark Bristol, Wendell T.09/01/190394Pittsburgh, PA08/17/1998
Stepnick Scheely, Edward A.11/19/192481Pittsburgh, PA01/26/2006
Steving Scott, Evelyn C. [ Keagy ] 89Pittsburgh, PA03/09/2000
Stewart Shaw, Ruth S. [ Nisbet ]03/02/191091Pittsburgh, PA11/23/2001
Stoll Barling, Martha [ Gorman ] "Martie"01/17/191985Pittsburgh, PA08/26/2004
Stone Logue, Marie D. [ Balzer ]10/16/191090Pittsburgh, PA10/10/2001
Storm, Judith [ Blake ]07/29/194069Pittsburgh, PA07/24/2010
Strange Amen, Frank J.06/20/192277Pittsburgh, PA10/15/1999
Streit, Janice M. [ Wallace ] 60Pittsburgh, PA01/03/2000
Strittmatter Scherer, Ernest S.04/02/192581Pittsburgh, PA01/11/2007
Strott, Charles R. 73Pittsburgh, PA12/28/1999
Stryker Van Zylin, Chester M.06/18/192085Pittsburgh, PA11/14/2005
Stuckman, Lauray Alberta [ Miller ]08/01/194159Pittsburgh, PA09/27/2000
Sullivan Moeller, Margaret A. "Peggy"07/12/193271Pittsburgh, PA09/12/2003
Sullivan, John F. "Jack"09/17/193175Pittsburgh, PA02/14/2007
Sunseri Neely, Marilyn [ Grego ] 51Pittsburgh, PA08/31/2004
Sunseri, Mary N. ( Mrs. ) 78Pittsburgh, PA08/20/2004
Suppo Pinchalk, Kim A.07/29/195541Pittsburgh, PA03/05/1997
Sutton, Irene [ Ziner ] [ Johnson ]11/03/192675Pittsburgh, PA11/17/2001
Swickel Pakula, Eleanor [ Huzyak ]04/13/191982Pittsburgh, PA12/08/2001
Swickline, Judith Anne [ Schiffhauer ]12/11/1943 Pittsburgh, PA09/22/2004
Szumingalski Samulski, Jerry W. "Ski"09/17/193864Pittsburgh, PA09/09/2003
Talboo, James John08/12/190997Pittsburgh, PA02/01/2007
Talenti, Andrew J.  Pittsburgh, PA10/21/2006
Tambellini Agostini, Joseph C.12/19/190291Pittsburgh, PA12/03/2000
Taylor, D. Jane12/31/191979Pittsburgh, PA12/21/1999
Thomas Saalinger, Donald S.01/21/192382Pittsburgh, PA08/04/2005
Thomas, Gladys T. [ Maxin ]  Pittsburgh, PA 
Thompson Blackburn, Arelene M. [ Steigerwald ] 84Pittsburgh, PA07/03/2000
Tippett Meadows, Mary W. [ Mignanelli ]04/06/192280Pittsburgh, PA10/26/2002
Traficante, Carmen 74Pittsburgh, PA01/05/2000
Tragner, Harry Leroy03/28/1925 Pittsburgh, PA03/02/2004
Trembath, Edward D.11/16/194261Pittsburgh, PA09/20/2004
Tressler Watkins, Eleanor [ Brown ]11/09/192576Pittsburgh, PA10/30/2002
Trieschock, Timothy R.09/27/195944Pittsburgh, PA08/16/2004
Troncatti, Donna K. [ Godfrey ] 65Pittsburgh, PA12/24/2000
Truszkowski, Wanda J.02/03/192775Pittsburgh, PA12/21/2002
Tucker Walker, Barbara E. [ Douds ]06/05/195544Pittsburgh, PA04/26/2000
Turner, Janet [ Caputo ] 95Pittsburgh, PA12/11/2001
Turrisi, Sam 82Pittsburgh, PA11/05/1999
Tyler, Leo Deforest03/22/192481Pittsburgh, PA06/27/2005
Ungvarsky Stofila, Mary T. [ Kay ]09/08/191683Pittsburgh, PA01/16/2000
Vaccarello Greco, Anthony D. "Tony"03/18/195746Pittsburgh, PA09/29/2003
Vakanas, George Raymond 82Pittsburgh, PA10/15/2004
Vanderscott Davis, Dallas J. "Van"12/27/193366Pittsburgh, PA02/20/2000
Vernacchio, John03/09/192480Pittsburgh, PA05/17/2004
Versetti, Joanne02/25/194460Pittsburgh, PA08/02/2004
Vevers Bishop, Edwin M.12/10/192086Pittsburgh, PA07/25/2007
Virginis, Martha [ De Marco ]  Pittsburgh, PA02/21/2004
Vlahovich, Daroslav "Darry"05/22/1916 Pittsburgh, PA11/25/2002
Vogas, Alvin Arthur 95Pittsburgh, PA12/23/1999
Voges, Alvin Arthur 95Pittsburgh, PA12/23/1999
Volz, Sally [ Rogan ]11/29/1935 Pittsburgh, PA 
Wagner McClain, William E.07/11/192378Pittsburgh, PA10/09/2001
Wagner, Harold L.09/27/192083Pittsburgh, PA12/31/2003
Wahl Carpentier, Ella W. [ Wood ]02/22/190890Pittsburgh, PA09/16/1998
Waldkoenig Herbert, Arthur H. 64Pittsburgh, PA03/14/2000
Walker, Shirley E.05/08/192478Pittsburgh, PA10/11/2002
Wallace Burke, Harry R.11/29/192676Pittsburgh, PA03/27/2003
Wallace White, James Adam08/07/193077Pittsburgh, PA06/19/2008
Walsh Segal, Edward P.05/15/192277Pittsburgh, PA02/18/2000
Walters Thorne, William Keith05/20/195648Pittsburgh, PA08/12/2004
Ward, Jack03/21/195941Pittsburgh, PA08/19/2000
Warner Leiden, Bertille W. [ Stanovich ] 73Pittsburgh, PA06/28/2002
Wassel Skarupa, Frances W. 66Pittsburgh, PA07/30/2004
Wassel Stemka, Eleanor M. [ Bocek ]11/21/192178Pittsburgh, PA09/07/2000
Waters Richardson, Elizabeth W. [ Goodwin ]05/18/191593Pittsburgh, PA04/22/2009
Watson Bjorndahl, Dorcas L. [ Oliver ]09/01/192179Pittsburgh, PA01/28/2001
Watson Joos, David05/24/194560Pittsburgh, PA05/28/2005
Watson Moran, James P. 75Pittsburgh, PA06/18/2003
Watson, Mary E.02/25/1917 Pittsburgh, PA11/21/2005
Watters Stevens, William Richard07/18/191789Pittsburgh, PA03/02/2007
Watton Seals, Donald Wayne06/05/195452Pittsburgh, PA11/22/2006
Weber Beitler, Elsa [ Liddell ]03/27/190995Pittsburgh, PA09/29/2004
Weber, Cecelia 85Pittsburgh, PA02/03/2000
Wechsler Tischler, Warren Martin05/01/195355Pittsburgh, PA10/20/2008
Wehner Kaib, Robert F.04/28/192477Pittsburgh, PA10/29/2001
Weidner, Ora Louise 82Pittsburgh, PA02/26/2002
Weightman, Thomas E. 60Pittsburgh, PA10/26/2002
Weismantle, Douglas J. * 28Pittsburgh, PA10/13/2003
Welsbacher Tarr, Louis P.12/09/191686Pittsburgh, PA08/05/2003
Weston Schenghost, Hester 94Pittsburgh, PA05/27/2003
Wettach Sauers, Donald J.06/16/194554Pittsburgh, PA10/17/1999
Whatmough Merola, John T.04/24/194759Pittsburgh, PA05/01/2006
White Leigey, Donald L.10/14/194554Pittsburgh, PA07/06/2000
Whitehead, Hank 46Pittsburgh, PA09/03/2004
Williams Oberle, Robert H.06/16/192772Pittsburgh, PA12/10/1999
Williams Obermayer, Francis E. "PopPop"03/29/192179Pittsburgh, PA07/20/2000
Williams, Gladys [ McGowan ]10/13/191683Pittsburgh, PA12/20/1999
Wilson Doan, Terry Jean [ Mitchell ]11/25/195646Pittsburgh, PA09/16/2003
Wilson Fulmer, Virginia E. [ Bruninghous ]02/18/191787Pittsburgh, PA02/24/2004
Wilson McDonough, Helen Alice [ Sayer ]12/02/192672Pittsburgh, PA10/01/1999
Wilson, Dorothy V. ( Mrs. )09/13/190990Pittsburgh, PA11/14/1999
Wilson, James Paul "Jim"03/01/1927 Pittsburgh, PA01/25/1994
Wilson, Mary Perkins [ Brown ] "Perk"11/26/191982Pittsburgh, PA04/17/2002
Wise Cummings, MaryKay W. [ Schnare ] 60Pittsburgh, PA12/15/2005
Woessner Voelkel, Wilma Florence [ Anderson ]01/30/192278Pittsburgh, PA04/22/2000
Wuenstel Lavin, Bernadette [ Sumner ]08/10/191884Pittsburgh, PA02/01/2003
Yeiser Patrick, Maurice S.01/07/192087Pittsburgh, PA03/04/2007
Yellenik Bayuk, William A. "Bill"01/18/192052Pittsburgh, PA01/23/2002
Yesnick, Rose M.  Pittsburgh, PA11/30/2010
Zadilka, Irene G.03/21/191887Pittsburgh, PA07/12/2005
Zamperini, Benjamin F.11/14/191482Pittsburgh, PA03/03/1997
Zbrzezny Dambrowski, Edmund W. [ Brezny ]07/30/192574Pittsburgh, PA01/11/2000
Zeise Altmeyer, Helen [ Gould ] "Sally"04/28/193173Pittsburgh, PA09/02/2004
Zeller Geyer, Roberta [ Feeman ]02/12/195248Pittsburgh, PA01/05/2001
Zelonis Petroski, John02/03/195840Pittsburgh, PA02/03/1999
Zieger Novak, Jaimie Lynne12/10/197922Pittsburgh, PA10/25/2002
Zitzman Shepherd, George W.11/12/194462Pittsburgh, PA06/23/2007
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