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Ross County, OH
This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Ross County, Ohio. 
Mace, Mary [ Slager ] [ Courtney ]07/24/190597Ross County, OH02/16/2003
Madden Burton, Micaelah S.03/23/19965Ross County, OH03/07/2002
Magill Woodruff, Steven B.12/05/196046Chillicothe, OH03/10/2007
Mallow McKinney, Richard D. 77Chillicothe, OH03/11/2002
Mallow Peterson, Jess B.02/14/191589Austin, OH08/02/2004
Malott Smith, Lawrence04/15/191190Ross County, OH01/11/2002
Mark Ward, Donna S. [ Kellough ]04/03/194358Ross County, OH03/13/2002
Marsh Martin, William M.05/31/194562Chillicothe, OH02/29/2008
Martin Keller, John E.06/04/191883Clarksburg, OH01/25/2002
Maughmer Wright, Frank H.10/24/193175Chillicothe, OH03/01/2007
Maxwell Heffner, Charles09/24/192082Green Township, OH04/01/2003
McAfee Smith, Robert L.11/14/195754Chillicothe, OH01/22/2012
McCloskey Porter, James P.10/05/193568Ross County, OH08/22/2004
McComis Kuhn, Theodore Charles03/30/194658Ross County, OH08/18/2004
McGarvey Cooper, Richard A. "Dick"03/31/194064Ross County, OH08/25/2004
McGarvey Leeth, John W.06/30/196245Chillicothe, OH12/26/2007
McGraw Flannery, Michael01/29/195058Kingston, OH08/11/2008
McNaughton McCarty, Agnes Anna [ Smith ] "Trinky"05/26/194656Chillicothe, OH03/24/2003
McNish Wickline, Steven R.09/21/195056Ross County, OH10/30/2006
Medert Knapp, Emma Cecelia08/17/191991Chillicothe, OH02/19/2011
Meeker Oldaker, Nancy Lee [ Anderson ]05/22/1935 Chillicothe, OH03/22/2002
Mendenhall Pence, Donald "Babe"09/21/192576Ross County, OH02/07/2002
Merriman Curtis, William R. "Rich"01/29/1954 Ross County, OH03/28/2003
Merriman, Elaine Ann [ Inouye ]12/10/195948Chillicothe, OH08/21/2008
Mettler Stout, Helen02/16/191987Ross County, OH08/06/2006
Mick Annon, Leda Kathryn [ Johnson ]05/06/192477Chillicothe, OH01/03/2002
Mickey Brown, William E.08/31/192978Chillicothe, OH03/14/2008
Miller Beggs, Joseph A. "Joe"09/15/197724Kingston, OH07/10/2002
Miller Carnes, Donald E.12/05/193175Ross County, OH12/21/2006
Miller Carnes, Pauline E. [ Vetter ]07/13/191883Ross County, OH03/10/2002
Miller Kohn, Johnny R.10/28/193467Ross County, OH03/22/2002
Miller Raines, Harry L.09/09/192482Chillicothe, OH02/02/2007
Mitchell Easterday, Mary E.05/13/194066Ross County, OH01/14/2007
Mitchell Easterday, Mary Elizabeth05/13/194066Ross County, OH01/14/2007
Moody Scott, Andrea P. "Sissy"06/01/197234Chillicothe, OH03/30/2007
Moore Malone, Phillip E.09/15/197733Chillicothe, OH04/12/2011
Morris Curtis, Sharon Frances [ Tatman ]07/28/194860Ross County, OH08/07/2008
Morris Newman, Charles Arthur "Art"09/13/194263Chillicothe, OH12/04/2005
Mosley Weaver, George F. "Red"04/15/192879Ross County, OH02/27/2008
Mossbarger Oswald, Geraldine M. [ Reisinger ]06/21/192081Ross County, OH12/28/2001
Murch Anderson, Helen L. [ Hitch ]01/07/191393Ross County, OH11/24/2006
Myers England, Donald E.05/08/192378Ross County, OH12/27/2001
Myers Hixson, Clyde O.04/30/191289Ross County, OH03/13/2002
Neighbors Everhart, Patricia A. [ Cox ]12/22/194259Chillicothe, OH03/09/2002
Newlan Cawley, David William12/12/194952Ross County, OH01/03/2002
Newlan Colvin, Ronald R.06/22/194853Ross County, OH12/17/2001
Newman Cowman, Jerry L.09/21/193269Ross County, OH01/29/2002
Newton, Phyllis Sue [ Shewalter ]01/10/193373Ross County, OH12/25/2006
O'Neal Webb, Te'jean03/11/2007InfChillicothe, OH03/22/2007
Oberer Long, Paul F.11/21/193375Chillicothe, OH08/14/2009
Oesterle Shaw, Robert E.07/27/195150Ross County, OH03/07/2002
Oney Vance, Carl E.05/04/192680Chillicothe, OH01/05/2007
Oney Weaver, Robert L.09/06/194368Ross County, OH01/16/2012
Ortman Cutright, Jack E.11/16/193075Ross County, OH03/19/2006
Ost, Evelyn M.08/01/192774Chillicothe, OH03/10/2002
Otero Hodge, Annabella Nichole04/05/2011InfChillicothe, OH04/05/2011
Park Carruthers, Opal P. [ Smith ]12/14/192486Chillicothe, OH04/13/2011
Parker Willis, Charles W. "Junior"02/18/192384Chillicothe, OH11/07/2007
Payne Lightle, Ruth Ann [ Dunham ]09/07/193769Ross County, OH10/16/2006
Penwell Estle, Ellen [ Raypole ] "Ellie"12/08/191488Ross County, OH03/30/2003
Peoples Poole, Homer L.02/12/195254Chillicothe, OH12/24/2006
Picklesimer Horsley, Vickie Rae [ Hardesty ]09/21/195150Ross County, OH03/28/2002
Pierce Rinehart, Jack E.09/26/194065Ross County, OH06/02/2006
Poe Davis, Helen Normajean [ Hawk ]08/20/192972Ross County, OH01/02/2002
Prince May, Ethel P. [ Burns ]02/15/192774Clarksburg, OH01/20/2002
Pump McMahon, Brett Alan08/24/196444Chillicothe, OH04/21/2009
Putnam Jamison, F. Wendell05/03/191190Ross County, OH02/27/2002
Ragland Hill, William Kenneth05/24/191586Chillicothe, OH01/19/2002
Ramey Jordan, Nellie [ Beeler ]03/19/191893Ross County, OH01/01/2002
Rearley Murray, Terry01/11/195155Ross County, OH12/27/2006
Retherford Clark, Michael W. "Herbie"02/05/194860Ross County, OH02/27/2008
Rhinehart Hawk, Sharon L. [ Cruse ]06/28/193967Chillicothe, OH01/12/2007
Richardson Hammond, Virginia B. [ Hice ]06/27/192279Ross County, OH02/27/2002
Riehle Shoemaker, Roberta [ Mendenhall ]03/02/191685Ross County, OH01/31/2002
Rigney O'Connell, J. Joseph12/05/190695Chillicothe, OH01/14/2002
Riley, Mary K.11/21/192280Chillicothe, OH01/24/2003
Rinehart Large, Evelyn M. [ Priest ]03/11/191982Chillicothe, OH01/15/2002
Rinehart, Helen L. [ Stanton ]09/12/191289Ross County, OH02/27/2002
Rittenhouse Colburn, Dorothy L. [ Smallwood ]09/22/192477Ross County, OH03/19/2002
Rittenhouse Reed, Ralph Steve05/13/193180Ross County, OH01/15/2012
Rittinger Overly, Mary03/07/191489Ross County, OH03/25/2003
Robinson Hampton, Dora M. [ Humphries ]04/13/191883Chillicothe, OH01/06/2002
Robinson Tackett, Carson Orson08/02/194165Ross County, OH12/24/2006
Roby Decker, Harriet A. [ Allen ]06/18/192975Kingston, OH08/28/2004
Ross Crites, William Jacob06/25/190893Ross County, OH03/12/2002
Routt Bland, Paul Edwin01/13/192581Ross County, OH12/13/2006
Rowland Starr, Stephen Edward06/02/195942Chillicothe, OH02/08/2002
Rudell Sewards, William M.04/05/192185Chillicothe, OH07/03/2006
Ryan Bobo, Carol Elaine11/13/195845Chillicothe, OH08/11/2004
Saltz Detty, Oleda I. [ Manson ]07/22/192680Chillicothe, OH01/12/2007
Schrader Hollis, Carl H.01/15/194556Chillicothe, OH01/01/2002
Schumacher Coonrod, Margaret A. [ Myers ] "Maggie"09/02/191690Ross County, OH12/30/2006
Schuyler, Florentina ( Mrs. )10/23/192579Chillicothe, OH07/20/2005
Scott Oakes, Robert W.03/15/195348Chillicothe, OH01/22/2002
Scott Vincent, David T. "Scotty"06/10/193373Ross County, OH03/13/2007
Seymour Delong, Loretta Ann [ Boyd ]03/21/193970Chillicothe, OH07/18/2009
Seymour, Christopher L.12/28/197824Chillicothe, OH03/25/2003
Seymour, Dorothy Marie [ Tillis ]10/22/192182Chillicothe, OH09/04/2004
Shaw Magill, Timothy Alan01/23/195157Chillicothe, OH02/10/2008
Shewalter Lewis, Charles F.10/26/191886Chillicothe, OH07/14/2005
Shoemaker Goodin, Jennie M.11/18/191586Ross County, OH10/09/2002
Short Adams, Larry E.04/26/195249Ross County, OH03/21/2002
Simerl Brown, Linton E. 91Chillicothe, OH02/26/2003
Smith Cowman, Helen L. [ Gill ]05/18/193866Ross County, OH08/15/2004
Smith Hough, Carl R.03/27/193178Chillicothe, OH04/16/2009
Smith Skaggs, Sidney Allen08/14/192774Chillicothe, OH01/22/2002
Spangler Emrich, Robert L. "Jack"04/24/192381Chillicothe, OH08/02/2004
Sparks Campbell, Marvin04/24/194061Ross County, OH01/20/2002
Speakman Saltz, Sylvia "Snookie"09/15/196541Ross County, OH10/22/2006
Spurlock Rife, Cameron Scott02/16/196150Chillicothe, OH01/22/2012
Stanley Miller, Helen Leona [ McNeil ]10/24/191091Ross County, OH03/14/2002
Steele Anderson, Genevieve A. [ Unger ]02/09/191790Ross County, OH03/10/2007
Stephenson Hummel, Mary E. [ Routt ]09/27/191586Ross County, OH02/28/2002
Stevens Colvin, Tamara J. [ Timmons ]10/07/196343Ross County, OH12/28/2006
Stevens Neff, Mildred M. [ Ellifritt ]08/28/192378Ross County, OH03/22/2002
Stevens Peters, B. Effie [ Ridenour ]03/26/192678Chillicothe, OH08/15/2004
Stevens Swatman, Leonard N. "Blink"10/30/190992Chillicothe, OH12/25/2001
Stevens, Helen L. [ Jones ]04/18/191788Ross County, OH02/15/2006
Stotridge Burton, Edward A "Eddie"02/12/196937Ross County, OH11/06/2006
Strausbaugh Jackson, Larry P.04/21/194260Ross County, OH10/10/2002
Strawser Southward, John L.01/16/191690Ross County, OH01/15/2007
Strouse Sheets, Charlotte E. [ Brown ]11/18/194458Chillicothe, OH12/20/2001
Summers Cunningham, Forrest R.07/22/192282Ross County, OH08/23/2004
Tackett Montgomery, William Junior "Bill"09/23/192875Ross County, OH02/23/2004
Taylor Park, Evelyn E. [ Carver ]11/19/193073Chillicothe, OH08/30/2004
Thomas Cousins, James R.05/15/191982Ross County, OH02/07/2002
Thomas, Bobby J.R.07/13/198220Chillicothe, OH03/31/2003
Thomas, Chad Beckett12/08/197134Chillicothe, OH11/19/2006
Tisdale Cydrus, Vickie Dawn [ Walton ]12/01/196543Chillicothe, OH04/19/2009
Travis Bolles, Nancy Mae [ Hughes ]04/23/195645Ross County, OH03/11/2002
Trego McCoppin, Vernon07/11/192086Chillicothe, OH11/04/2006
Trego McCoppin, Vernon E.07/11/192086Chillicothe, OH11/04/2006
Trego Tootle, Cecil T. [ Ottman ]11/01/190893Ross County, OH03/21/2002
Tucker Myers, Virginia Belle [ Diehl ]12/29/191982Chillicothe, OH03/02/2002
Uhrig Coonrod, Grace M. [ McDaniel ] [ Goodman ]04/30/192482Chillicothe, OH01/31/2007
Uhrig Oyer, Ann Marie [ Miller ]09/14/191690Ross County, OH01/12/2007
Vaughan Ginther, Lawrence M.03/21/191982Ross County, OH02/24/2002
Vorhees Haney, Betty Jane [ Lloyd ]04/23/192378Ross County, OH01/05/2002
Wallace Whitcomb, Margaret04/12/195650Ross County, OH02/13/2007
Ward Lightle, Inez Mary [ Wisecup ]10/09/191982Ross County, OH02/01/2002
Ware Nickles, John W.10/01/192382Ross County, OH07/29/2006
Webb, John F.02/12/193769Chillicothe, OH11/17/2006
Weber Spurlock, River Shane04/08/2011InfChillicothe, OH04/12/2011
White Graves, Opal Eileen [ Tatman ]09/03/192378Chillicothe, OH01/08/2002
Whitten Bennett, Marvine [ Williams ]07/28/191289Ross County, OH06/25/2002
Williams Callcoat, Jewell Virginia [ Parker ] [ Bennett ]11/24/192576Richmond Dale, OH12/24/2001
Williams Evans, Timothy Sherman09/09/196441Chillicothe, OH05/07/2006
Willis Whennen, Lola Marie [ Daniels ]08/12/194656Chillicothe, OH02/28/2002
Wilson, Rondal A.08/01/195648Ross County, OH08/13/2004
Wiltshire Dixon, James O.05/21/1922 Chillicothe, OH08/27/2006
Wingo Jones, John H.09/27/192378Ross County, OH03/21/2002
Wise Seymour, Harold W.05/20/193269Chillicothe, OH12/25/2001
Wollenburg Porter, Steven Craig11/17/195942Chillicothe, OH02/19/2002
Woods Hardesty, Charles L.07/26/193472Ross County, OH02/23/2007
Woods McQuay, Lowell Roger09/11/193666Ross County, OH03/29/2003
Woods Taylor, Jennie N. [ Shackleford ]02/11/193272Ross County, OH08/27/2004
Wyckoff Wolford, David R.04/17/194165Ross County, OH10/23/2006
Young Finley, Amy C.05/15/196437Chillicothe, OH02/03/2002
Zeisler Howard, Winifred Irene [ Hoselton ]08/26/192675Chillicothe, OH02/08/2002
Zickafoos Fannon, Oliver W. "Bill"12/19/193273Chillicothe, OH01/05/2006
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