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Obituary Index
Paulding County, OH

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Paulding County, Ohio. 
Mabis Baumert, Russell J.09/11/192478Payne, OH10/23/2002
MacDonald Proxmire, Tori E.01/28/198121Paulding County, OH08/29/2002
Malcuit Burke, Delores L. [ McClory ]10/08/192082Payne, OH12/07/2002
Manz Suttor, Henrietta J. [ Baumann ]11/09/192974Paulding, OH02/23/2004
Mason Edds, Sarah Catherine [ Baer ]04/08/190994Paulding County, OH10/16/2003
May Schiener, Frieda D. [ Dix ]  Payne, OH06/03/2003
McClure Cambray, James F.03/14/192382Payne, OH04/03/2005
McMillan Kochel, Cory Allan01/24/197430Paulding County, OH03/17/2004
McMullen Stevens, Louis F.10/12/192675Payne, OH09/07/2002
Meads Avery, Carl William06/04/191693Paulding, OH10/01/2009
Mericle Smith, Mervin L. "Pete"04/15/192776Grover Hill, OH06/11/2003
Mielke Zimmerman, Lawrence A.07/16/192185Latty, OH09/08/2006
Millard Skiver, Inez M. [ Bidlack ]05/25/192379Paulding County, OH04/15/2003
Miller Clark, Berlin L.07/09/192874Washington Township, OH12/13/2002
Miller Louth, Ruby N. [ Goodwin ]07/10/192775Paulding County, OH12/09/2002
Miller Raney, Alice V. [ Holtsberry ]12/31/191091Paulding County, OH08/09/2002
Miller Schricker, Anna [ Ferrarre ] [ Shappard ]07/22/1900103Antwerp, OH12/24/2003
Miller Steven, Myrtle Faye [ Gee ] "Tillie"09/13/191093Antwerp, OH09/23/2003
Miller Trop, Eula M. [ Shaffer ]02/16/193671Payne, OH12/19/2007
Mitchell Luderman, Dale E.03/21/192577Emerald Township, OH12/10/2002
Mitchell Mann, Eva May05/16/196736Paulding, OH06/12/2003
Mobley Robinson, Larry A.03/29/194953Paulding County, OH07/20/2002
Mosier Clark, Amy Mae [ Patterson ]08/23/190993Paulding County, OH10/24/2002
Mosier Harris, Herbert E.10/22/192378Paulding County, OH07/29/2002
Mowery Lamb, Rolland W.11/16/191686Paulding County, OH01/12/2003
Muir Deemer, Oscar10/04/192676Antwerp, OH01/17/2003
Musselman Workman, Helen R. [ Thomas ]05/27/192479Emerald Township, OH10/05/2003
Neds, Thelma Ann [ Erwin ]05/30/192676Paulding, OH07/27/2002
Noffsinger Williams, Darl Lee05/23/195152Paulding, OH07/31/2004
Noneman Carrier, Agnes C [ Heimann ] "Kitty"05/04/192284Paulding, OH05/11/2006
Noneman Carrier, Genevieve R. [ Rife ]06/17/192578Paulding County, OH02/05/2004
Olwin Radenbaugh, Francis W.09/04/192581Payne, OH03/08/2007
Outland Keeler, Rose Marie [ Miller ]04/11/191788Paulding, OH11/19/2005
Overmyer Pugh, Lucile [ Benschneider ]05/07/191488Antwerp, OH04/02/2003
Parrish Corbin, Marjorie Marie06/06/190697Paulding County, OH08/24/2003
Parrish Thrasher, Harold P.01/04/193668Paulding County, OH03/18/2004
Paxton Mapes, David "Charlie"12/27/191092Junction, OH05/04/2003
Payson Sutter, Esther M. [ Howard ]07/24/191491Payne, OH11/29/2005
Peffley Jordan, Bernard R.03/22/193766Paulding County, OH07/25/2003
Phillips Gaines, Thelma Ruth [ Mines ]11/17/190993Washington Township, OH06/13/2003
Phlipot Copsey, Earl E. "Zeb"11/29/193769Paulding County, OH11/11/2007
Phlipot Copsey, Ruth Marie [ Schneider ]10/31/193170Paulding, OH09/27/2002
Pio Skinner, Carlyle W. "Bud"05/30/191295Payne, OH09/04/2007
Plotts Lieber, Gary Lee02/25/195251Mandale, OH10/16/2003
Powell Manges, Eileen Evelyn [ Donat ]10/15/192185Antwerp, OH02/10/2007
Pratt Brown, Grace [ McCague ]11/11/191394Oakwood, OH12/28/2007
Price Gillet, Wilma A.11/04/194251Paulding County, OH02/10/2004
Price Landrum, Dorothy M. [ Wood ]03/19/192181Payne, OH12/17/2002
Proxmire May, Gaylord J. "Jack"10/10/192379Paulding County, OH12/20/2002
Puckett Barker, Virgil J.12/22/193962Grover Hill, OH08/06/2002
Quaintance Clemmer, Lois J. [ Haynes ]09/30/192777Antwerp, OH10/17/2004
Rau Szabo, Linda K. [ Ringler ]08/16/197132Paulding County, OH12/13/2003
Reynolds Bickers, Edward L.09/21/191788Payne, OH01/03/2005
Reynolds Kanizsa, Teresa C. [ Donnell ]06/16/193768Antwerp, OH06/03/2006
Reynolds, Nellie Elizabeth ( Mrs. ) 88Paulding County, OH06/18/2005
Rhees Kretsinger, Milo D.08/08/190795Oakwood, OH12/10/2002
Rhoad Doster, Eunice [ Smith ]06/19/192285Paulding, OH08/19/2007
Rhoad Gant, Donna F. [ Wilson ]08/14/191588Latty, OH08/17/2003
Rickles Westendorf, Minnie Mary08/08/191389Paulding County, OH10/20/2002
Riley Guilliam, Ruby C. [ Clemens ]12/01/191984Paulding County, OH01/11/2004
Rister Newsome, Stella Rae [ Schomburg ]12/06/194363Antwerp, OH12/23/2006
Roberts King, Helen C. [ Lawson ]08/04/191988Paulding County, OH11/01/2007
Robinette Russell, Bessie04/01/191290Paulding County, OH06/29/2002
Robinette Russell, Raymond G.10/10/191883Paulding County, OH08/06/2002
Rogers Mangus, John H.05/08/193273Antwerp, OH08/24/2005
Rose, Gladys Ethyl [ Chase ]11/04/1901101Paulding County, OH07/13/2003
Roszman Harden, Margery Madeline [ Leinard ]04/28/1906100Cecil, OH05/15/2006
Rothenhofer Griffis, Beulah M. [ Hungate ] [ Colley ]09/05/192478Paulding County, OH12/18/2002
Rowe Williams, Geneva Jane [ Woodruff ] 91Paulding, OH06/22/2002
Rowe Williams, William C.08/14/193077Latty, OH10/07/2007
Sanchez Range, Joseph L.07/19/194458Paulding, OH03/30/2003
Sanderson Hoover, Mary Arlene [ Foust ]12/28/192181Paulding County, OH04/28/2003
Sanderson Myers, Doyle J.08/24/192285Paulding County, OH11/16/2007
Saum Saylor, Dorothy L. [ Scarpelli ]02/06/193176Paulding County, OH12/26/2007
Saxton Myers, Mabel L. [ Bland ]05/11/192083Paulding County, OH10/09/2003
Saylor Ashba, Benjamin L.05/06/198616Paulding County, OH10/30/2002
Schaefer, Addie [ Radenbaugh ]04/29/191983Paulding, OH11/07/2002
Schmidt Huffman, Dorothy J. [ Oliver ]01/09/192478Paulding, OH01/08/2003
Scott Szabo, Robert E.08/04/194260Paulding, OH10/19/2002
Shafer Stork, Florence [ Sheeks ]05/29/191092Oakwood, OH10/09/2002
Shafer Windle, Raymond D.06/03/192874Oakwood, OH07/26/2002
Shaw Breece, Viola M. [ McGaharan ]02/04/192182Cecil, OH01/27/2004
Sinn Shaw, Mary E. [ Heath ]08/25/192379Paulding County, OH12/09/2002
Sinn Zeltwanger, Daniel Frederick06/19/194657Paulding, OH02/02/2004
Smith Filley, Budd [ Smith ]07/08/191888Antwerp, OH02/25/2007
Smith Foltz, Leroy J.12/24/193172Paulding County, OH02/29/2004
Smith Myers, Clare Eugene11/30/191786Paulding, OH01/14/2004
Smith Pond, Harold C.05/29/192384Paulding County, OH08/14/2007
Smith Stouffer, Helen A. [ Rager ]09/10/191790Paulding County, OH10/07/2007
Snyder McDorman, Dorothy I. [ Lytle ]05/23/191191Washington Township, OH07/28/2002
Snyder Zuber, Lois A. [ Lichty ]07/26/193172Antwerp, OH08/10/2003
Sprague Bowers, Rebecca [ Kipfer ]09/03/192285Payne, OH09/26/2007
Stahl Ashenfelder, Isaac James06/28/192082Grover Hill, OH04/08/2003
Stahl Ashenfelter, Wilma Faye [ Porter ]03/16/192480Grover Hill, OH03/17/2004
Stahl, Sarah [ Elliott ] [ Keller ]09/17/191789Grover Hill, OH07/16/2007
Stanton McCullough, Doris p. [ Howell ]08/22/191687Paulding County, OH01/10/2004
Stevenson Ruger, Marian E. [ Shuherk ]06/14/192184Antwerp, OH06/30/2005
Stewart Ball, David Leigh05/01/193369Paulding County, OH12/31/2002
Stiner Hughes, Harry L.07/19/191389Antwerp, OH10/27/2002
Stoller Huber, Loren E.08/01/192083Paulding County, OH10/13/2003
Stoller Laukhauf, Justus R. "Jud"07/24/192684Paulding County, OH01/08/2011
Strabele Daniel, Beatrice M. [ DeLaet ]02/22/191588Paulding, OH12/18/2003
Strabele Daniel, Rosella Marie [ Price ]02/06/192182Paulding County, OH02/21/2003
Strahley Gorman, Paul D.03/25/194067Paulding County, OH07/27/2007
Straley Huston, Miriam K. [ Smith ]12/20/191789Paulding, OH10/10/2007
Stuart Gordon, Ethelyn Mae [ Sigler ]06/04/192479Cecil, OH03/16/2004
Sullivan, Bernard J. "Bernie"10/21/191390Cecil, OH12/22/2003
Sunday Keck, Georgialee [ Young ]04/10/193773Paulding County, OH04/03/2011
Taylor Loomis, Estil E.07/13/192089Cecil, OH10/24/2009
Taylor Ludwig, Olive I. [ Lyon ]07/13/190993Antwerp, OH06/23/2003
Thomas Foltz, Isaac R.10/15/191389Paulding County, OH04/06/2003
Thomas Font, Velma G. [ Keck ]10/17/191793Paulding County, OH04/01/2011
Thomas Font, Velma Grace [ Keck ]10/17/191793Paulding County, OH04/01/2011
Thomas Shafer, John Raymond08/13/191786Oakwood, OH09/02/2003
Thompson Powell, Nell Rose [ Hartwick ]09/11/191595Paulding County, OH03/29/2011
Tinlin Ross, Carrie G. [ Keck ]08/16/192379Broughton, OH10/16/2002
Tomlinson Holmes, H.E. "Doc"03/02/193568Payne, OH07/06/2003
Treat Smith, Robert D. "Bob"01/03/192582Payne, OH10/23/2007
Tumblin Stewart, Owen J.03/31/193171Paulding County, OH11/08/2002
Underwood Roark, Emogene G. [ Adams ]10/08/192577Paulding, OH02/10/2003
Utterback Outland, Earl E.03/22/192582Paulding County, OH07/20/2007
Verfaillie Eagleson, Larry J.12/28/195258Paulding County, OH01/22/2011
Vincent, Frederick C. "Fritz"07/05/194756Paulding County, OH10/20/2003
Weaver Ditto, P. Elsie [ Bennett ]09/10/191885Paulding County, OH01/10/2004
Weber Bostleman, Mary L. [ Woodring ]09/18/193467Paulding County, OH07/17/2002
Weimer Moore, Mary Elizabeth09/29/191587Paulding, OH11/26/2002
West Osmun, Larry R.04/14/194260Antwerp, OH11/16/2002
Williams Rowe, Jim E.07/24/193172Paulding County, OH10/30/2003
Williamson Blair, George L.10/17/192478Blue Creek Township, OH07/26/2003
Williamson, Equila Sue [ Lawrence ]07/07/197131Paulding County, OH07/20/2002
Wilson Bercaw, John T.03/22/191884Paulding County, OH05/24/2002
Wilson McCurdy, Ruth E. [ Deventer ]05/25/192382Antwerp, OH08/26/2005
Winans Price, Richard "Dick"07/30/192182Payne, OH08/09/2003
Wistner DeCamp, Rosa A. [ Sanderson ] "Nellie"02/06/191292Paulding County, OH02/17/2004
Witt Keating, Dorthy Jean [ Molitor ]10/10/192776Harrison Township, OH02/12/2004
Wood Lilves, Harold F.07/01/191588Payne, OH12/02/2003
Woodring Smith, Esther [ Mumy ]06/18/191786Cecil, OH08/05/2003
Wooten Edwards, Robert L.06/22/191984Payne, OH09/14/2003
Wright Sutton, Joy Berlyn [ Stemen ]04/30/191489Grover Hill, OH08/29/2003
Wyatt Bennett, Robert Earl02/27/193567Grover Hill, OH11/08/2002
Yenser Tillie, Lucille K. [ Dangler ]11/19/193667Paulding County, OH02/17/2004
Young Betts, Nancy A. [ Shugars ]11/14/191883Paulding, OH06/30/2002
Young Font, Patrick Henry12/03/193864Paulding County, OH08/08/2003
Zartman Gibson, Leonard A.06/07/191578Haviland, OH05/08/2003
Zartman Matthews, Wesley F. "Jake"03/15/192680Haviland, OH02/21/2007
Zielke Baumert, Emma V. [ Ames ]09/12/191196Paulding County, OH10/11/2007
Zielke Mabis, Ray A.07/06/192780Paulding County, OH07/17/2007
Zuber Groom, Dorothy [ Ehrhart ] [ Leslie ]03/29/191291Antwerp, OH12/24/2003
Zuber Milburn, LaVon01/09/191591Antwerp, OH06/21/2006
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