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Cuyahoga County, OH
This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
Rader, Albert W.09/28/192780Cleveland, OH09/02/2008
Radston, Harry A.03/02/192283Cleveland, OH03/14/2005
Randall, Helen [ McLennan ] 96Cleveland, OH01/02/2002
Randolph Shaw, Jeffrey E.02/22/195450Euclid, OH02/25/2004
Raymond Nash, Richard N. 60Cleveland, OH08/15/2003
Raynor Spence, Larry D.06/30/195846Cleveland, OH06/19/2005
Rea, Gilbert William07/21/192078Cleveland, OH01/15/1999
Reed, Charles J. "Chuck"05/05/192877Cleveland, OH11/06/2005
Reich, Stephen Charles *05/22/197134Cleveland, OH06/28/2005
Reichert, John F. 69Cleveland, OH08/04/2004
Reilly, Aileen M. [ Henninger ]01/22/1921 Cleveland, OH01/29/2007
Reitenbach, Jacob H. 76Cleveland, OH06/13/2004
Renn Heckert, Doris L. [ Carney ] 92Cleveland, OH07/02/2003
Repasky Bates, Jerry Lee12/22/194359Cleveland, OH01/20/2003
Rew Conkle, Dorothy J. [ Potter ] 78Lakewood, OH07/09/2002
Reynard, Mark Walter05/29/195947Cleveland, OH05/29/2006
Riant Berekely, Elmer James "Jim"12/23/193175Cleveland, OH01/12/2007
Rice Larkin, James L.06/16/192977Shaker Heights, OH07/25/2006
Ridings Byrd, Kimberley Jill10/04/196146Cleveland, OH05/20/2008
Ridings Byrd, Kimberley Jill [ Manning ]10/04/196146Cleveland, OH05/20/2008
Riola Catino, Sylvia A. [ Lemmo ]06/13/192485Cleveland, OH09/23/2009
Riola Catino, Sylvia A. [ Lemno ]06/13/1924 Cleveland, OH09/23/2009
Ritchie, Rita I.11/28/192581Cleveland, OH03/10/2007
Robbins, Charles 89Cleveland, OH01/11/2003
Roberts Ericksen, H. Bryce  Cleveland, OH10/04/2001
Roberts McGuire, Keith Wayne04/10/195747Cleveland, OH09/13/2004
Roberts Peck, Deborah Sue [ Fleeup ] "Debbie"03/11/196246Olmsted Falls, OH06/07/2008
Robinson Gibbs, Betty P. 92Cleveland, OH07/21/2003
Rogers, Edward A. "Ted" 82Cleveland, OH03/13/2003
Rogers, Mabel M. [ Dittman ]03/26/191395Berea, OH07/28/2008
Rohaley Slovboda, Pearl Elizabeth [ Wilson ]04/25/191785Cleveland, OH10/06/2002
Rosenbluth, Ferne [ Nearman ]07/11/192781Cleveland, OH10/13/2008
Ross, Betsy Marie [ Church ] 81Cleveland, OH03/11/2003
Rudio Mahon, Harry M.03/04/193278Cleveland, OH05/21/2010
Rusnak,Edythe M. ( Mrs. )08/11/192478Cleveland, OH06/13/2003
Russ, Elsie [ Pollock ] 91Cleveland, OH03/28/2008
Russell, Barbara F.  Cleveland, OH11/16/1996
Ryan Miller, Ruth [ Dritt ]10/09/192079Lakewood, OH02/29/2000
Ryan, Helen R. [ Grosel ]12/14/1925 Cleveland, OH03/08/2007
Rybak, Thomas John 57Cleveland, OH04/12/2008
Sabo, Irene [ Smolen ]01/05/192682Cleveland, OH09/23/2008
Sabol Charnoky, Catherine B. [ Andrey ]03/24/192185Cleveland, OH07/12/2006
Saich Zanich, Josephine A. [ Godfrey ]01/23/192184Cleveland, OH03/16/2005
Salomane, Adeline [ Cadlolo ]05/20/191784Cleveland, OH04/24/2002
Santa Maria, Angelo11/22/1914 Cleveland, OH06/24/2006
Sapp Dowdy, Michael A.01/28/194565Cleveland, OH09/13/2010
Sauerbrey Helwig, Elden H.06/07/191488Cleveland, OH08/30/2002
Savva Ball, Helen [ Duke ] "Susie" 41Cleveland, OH03/29/2003
Scalzo, Mildred ( Mrs. ) 93Cleveland, OH01/16/2005
Schell Wahl, Eleanore Frances [ Smith ] "Ellie"11/20/191982Cleveland, OH05/27/2002
Schimmelman, Eleanor D. [ Caldwell ]11/11/1920 Cleveland, OH06/19/2006
Schirra, John L.03/13/192380Cleveland, OH07/17/2003
Schonleben Dula, Charlotte S. [ Chase ]01/17/191191Cleveland, OH10/07/2002
Schreiber, Fred J.04/13/192277Cleveland, OH10/04/1999
Schrump Hintz, Marian S. [ Stang ]07/10/191791Cleveland, OH 
Schueller Echler, Ann M. [ Jaster ]07/07/193081Cleveland, OH12/26/2011
Schultz, Edna H. [ Buhrow ]02/19/1905102Cleveland, OH03/21/2007
Schwartz, Mary Lillian ( Mrs. ) 84Cleveland, OH10/02/2001
Sechrist Tite, Carol Louise [ Haas ]05/23/195749Cleveland, OH05/01/2007
Sedlak Devorak, Louis Joseph07/12/191391Cleveland, OH06/08/2005
Seene, E. Margaret [ Buhl ]01/30/191293Cleveland, OH10/16/2005
Sensel Gooslein, Eugene Edward05/14/191188Cleveland, OH03/31/2000
Sexton Cary, Ronald L.08/05/198915Cleveland, OH08/28/2004
Shaw, David Wayne03/04/195555Cleveland, OH12/10/2010
Shrake DiVencenzo, Donald F.04/25/193970Cleveland, OH07/15/2009
Shurin Bias, Eleanor [ Yeigh ] [ Middleton ]03/13/1930 Cleveland, OH 
Sichley Buehler, Grace Kathryn [ Runstrom ]07/19/191491Cleveland, OH12/18/2005
Siegman, Edwin 79Cleveland, OH 
Siegman, Edwn 79Cleveland, OH 
Sill, Warren Daniel "Bud" 93Cleveland, OH07/19/2006
Silver, Francis F.09/28/191291Cleveland, OH02/13/2004
Simone, Geraldine Alexandria ( Mrs. )09/10/191692Cleveland, OH09/14/2008
Skinner, Elizabeth Jane "Betty"  Cleveland, OH05/06/2005
Smalley Vargo, Terrance E. "Terry"09/16/193861Cleveland, OH02/05/2000
Smith Blue, Janice R. [ Speas ]12/30/193071Berea, OH12/31/2001
Smith Stunard, Edith Grace [ Sanner ]12/24/191590Cleveland, OH02/09/2006
Smith, Eleanor M. [ Gedney ]11/29/190697Cleveland, OH02/29/2004
Smith, Eugene W. 73Cleveland, OH05/29/2004
Smith, Harold Hawkins12/17/192183Cleveland, OH04/28/2005
Smith, Lois "Lil" ( Mrs. )12/30/192769Cleveland, OH03/09/1997
Smith, Sara S. [ Madison ] "Sally"03/28/1933 Cleveland, OH05/20/2005
Soemisch, Diane Marie [ Malik ]08/08/195259Cleveland, OH01/19/2012
Solomon Berger, Lillian [ Simon ]08/12/192081Cleveland, OH04/16/2002
Speers Bonsch, Van A.06/11/193067Cleveland, OH08/08/1997
Sprenger Sweeney, Carol R. [ Bartlett ]09/08/192973Cleveland, OH01/18/2003
Stanton Vickery, Jean [ Duffy ]06/11/192279Cleveland, OH01/09/2002
Stary, Lawrence G. 76Cleveland, OH03/12/2000
Steffens, Maynard W.03/29/191885Cleveland, OH04/12/2003
Sternecker, William07/06/194466Cleveland, OH04/09/2011
Stevens Jackson, Margaret S. [ Hines ]01/02/192087Cleveland, OH03/14/2007
Steyer Muzechuk, Phyllis Ann [ Lemke ]04/18/194063Cleveland, OH01/13/2004
Stiles, Beulah [ Johnson ]03/10/191584Cleveland, OH09/23/1999
Stine Knabb, Walter R.09/03/191884Cleveland, OH10/18/2002
Stockall Briscoe, Jack04/22/192184Cleveland, OH07/04/2005
Strichko Walker, Dennis04/11/197137Cleveland, OH02/11/2009
Sykes, Michealle S. [ Armstrong ]05/09/194953Cleveland, OH11/28/2002
Tanzosh Makovsky, Mark A. 48Garfield Heights, OH05/23/2003
Taylor Hoffstetter, Victoria Clavell [ Ego ]05/25/191989Cleveland, OH08/17/2008
Taylor Underwood, David S. 79Cleveland, OH07/12/2008
Teisher, Emma Jean [ Ziegler ]01/13/192678Cleveland, OH12/03/2004
Terrill Turkin, Lilliane [ Kastner ]01/17/1925 Cleveland, OH06/07/2003
Thomas Somerville, Sheri Joan [ Cristea ]04/22/197138Cleveland, OH01/19/2010
Tiedemann Nunn, Dennis William02/20/195255Lakewood, OH04/15/2007
Tognozzi, Leo Donald 78Cleveland, OH12/30/2004
Tomanocy, Joseph A.06/09/193666Cleveland, OH08/23/2002
Tomko Repke, Dorothy M. [ Weaver ]09/09/192479Cleveland, OH09/07/2004
Tompkins, Grace [ Walker ]02/09/1904 Cleveland, OH05/12/2000
Torry Andersen, Robert J. "Bob" 86Cleveland, OH02/29/2008
Toth, Anna M. [ Miller ]08/28/193764Cleveland, OH12/02/2001
Townhill Neat, Clara T. [ Allen ]05/13/191089Cleveland, OH01/24/2000
Tracy Korf, Robert M.09/11/192486Cleveland, OH03/31/2011
Traskos Grzebien, Kevin L.12/02/194946Cleveland, OH11/17/1996
Trout, Will 69Cleveland, OH09/04/2004
Turk Molloy, Barbara J.10/13/196047Cleveland, OH09/18/2008
Turopolac, Stanley D.05/11/195254Cleveland, OH03/08/2007
Ulen, Donald M.  Cleveland, OH 
Ullrich, Richard Helmuth04/18/192776Cleveland, OH01/25/2004
Ulrey, LaVerne H ( Mrs. ) "Toni"11/19/192479North Royalton, OH07/31/2004
Umstott, William W.08/22/192084Cleveland, OH03/08/2005
Unger, Roy08/06/192183Cleveland, OH08/18/2004
Vachalek Zemla, Joseph03/11/191785Cleveland, OH12/25/2002
Vadnal O'Brien, Paulette [ Sindone ]05/23/195149Cleveland, OH11/30/2000
Valencic Peterka, Noreen Ann [ Buntura ]12/14/194762Cleveland, OH01/26/2010
Valerio, Ronald "Ron"05/02/193170Cleveland, OH09/25/2001
Valish Mlinar, Suzanna [ Laramie ]08/28/191386Lakewood, OH11/11/1999
Van Vooran Croyle, Janet I. [ Berard ] 47Garfield Heights, OH10/04/2004
Van Voorhis, Elizabeth P.04/25/191589Cleveland, OH01/03/2005
Van Wieren Telgenhof, Terri T.04/23/194664Cleveland, OH06/19/2010
Vander Linde Van De Velda, Richard G. 94Cleveland, OH02/27/2004
Vassel, Raymond08/31/193275Cleveland, OH07/11/2008
Vavra, Lawrence 62Cleveland, OH 
Vitolo, Irene [ Corrado ]10/10/190890Cleveland, OH06/02/1998
Vlcek, Joseph R. 69Cleveland, OH02/03/2003
Vorous, Jane V. [ Blatt ]03/23/192284Cleveland, OH02/05/2007
Wabrek, Richard J. "Rick"11/16/196041Cleveland, OH01/10/2002
Wagner Marquer, Daniel Joseph03/28/197038Cleveland, OH08/31/2008
Waites, Gerald08/08/193965Cleveland, OH08/12/2004
Wallace Fearon, Bard John "Jack"01/23/1932 Cleveland, OH01/08/2004
Wallace, Doris [ Abeling ]01/10/192379Cleveland, OH10/05/2002
Walton, Betty J. 79Cleveland, OH10/25/2001
Walzak, Myron01/17/1930 Cleveland, OH 
Walzak, Myron01/17/1930 Cleveland, OH06/23/1999
Watkins Weber, Bridget [ Hannock ]08/29/196242Cleveland, OH10/04/2004
Watterson Kennard, Lavette [ Cartun ] "Robin"03/08/191588Cleveland, OH02/28/2004
Way, Elmer E.  Cleveland, OH07/06/2002
Webb Reed, Margaret E. [ Willis ]08/09/194266Cleveland, OH10/20/2008
Weigel, Justin 85Cleveland, OH02/06/1999
Weisenseel, Mary10/23/191391Cleveland, OH07/20/2005
Wendt, Constance Elaine [ Frease ]07/23/193179Cleveland Heights, OH04/11/2011
Whited DeWolf, Milton H.07/07/192180Cleveland, OH10/04/2001
Whitmer, Howard Lee03/29/191591Cleveland, OH02/03/2007
Wieczorek Knopka, Loretta Bernice [ Fisher ]03/09/194166Cleveland, OH04/05/2007
Wiegand, Robert G. "Bucky"02/06/192286Cleveland, OH09/09/2008
Wiens, Paul M.01/07/197530Cleveland, OH08/13/2005
Wilder, June Adele  Cleveland, OH07/22/2005
Wilkins Horn, Lois Elizabeth [ Hughes ]07/17/1914 Lakewood, OH06/21/2005
Wilkinson Cole, Peter10/18/193080Cleveland, OH03/26/2011
Wilkinson Syverson, Virginia [ Scribner ]08/06/191788Cleveland, OH08/19/2005
Williams Eggleston, Jean W. [ Bogan ]05/24/192287Cleveland, OH09/05/2009
Williamson, Mable G. ( Mrs. )02/20/191885Cleveland, OH01/04/2004
Willing Rudolph, William J. "Bill"12/13/191785Brookpark, OH07/29/2003
Willrich, Jessica Kate02/06/198224Euclid, OH08/28/2006
Wilson Miller, James08/19/191980Cleveland, OH06/23/2000
Wilson, Elaine A. [ Csokmay ]02/08/194761Cleveland, OH09/25/2008
Wood Wallace, Lindsay W.08/20/193964Cleveland, OH06/03/2004
Woodson, Jane A. [ Waller ]04/27/192379Cleveland, OH10/05/2002
Worthington Everett, Randall W. "Randy"05/30/192381Cleveland, OH04/25/2005
Wozniak, Marilyn11/28/195345Cleveland, OH11/15/1999
Wright, Linda [ Jones ] 48Cleveland, OH03/17/2002
Wronski Barszcz, Alexander Vincent07/11/191984Cleveland, OH12/29/2003
Wyss Konen, Robert W.12/10/192182Cleveland, OH09/02/2004
Yanson Johnston, Jane [ Ludlow ]08/11/191590Cleveland, OH12/12/2005
Yelitz Mirdo, Edwin John04/18/193270Cleveland, OH01/06/2002
Yoder Albert, Robert L.06/11/193664East Cleveland, OH11/30/2000
Yoders, Virginia M. [ Boord ]08/14/192774Cleveland, OH11/01/2001
Zakrajsek, Joseph Paul [ Zack ]12/10/1915 Cleveland, OH01/17/2002
Zalokar, Mary Kay [ Gilbride ]10/26/1946 Cleveland, OH02/20/2007
Zelinko, Clara J. ( Mrs. )07/27/192280Cleveland, OH02/26/2003
Zens Kindt, Richard G. 80Cleveland, OH02/28/1997
Zicheck, Stephanie A. ( Mrs. )03/03/190897Cleveland, OH07/18/2005
Zigli, Gertrude H.02/12/191189Cleveland, OH12/01/2000
Zilina, Jerry Yaro12/14/191386Cleveland, OH02/26/2000
Zuchniewicz, Florence Ann [ Turner ]07/25/192782Cleveland, OH08/28/2009
Zuckerman Rogers, Marilyn H. [ Stahl ]09/18/191882Cleveland, OH09/28/2000
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