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Cuyahoga County, OH
This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
Haag, Elizabeth [ Swoger ] "Dolly" 85Cleveland, OH08/24/2008
Habink, Eva May [ Smith ]07/11/192682Cleveland, OH08/19/2008
Hamlin, Lawrence Culver04/14/190695Bedford, OH12/21/2001
Hanhauser Newman, Ian Robert Charles 14Bay Village, OH08/02/2006
Hanus Hanket, Aileen F. [ Slack ]09/18/191493Cleveland, OH08/30/2008
Hanzlicek Williams, Evelyn Marie [ Barton ]12/08/192380Cleveland, OH07/01/2004
Harris Roxbury, Eleanor H. [ Bende ]02/25/191093Cleveland, OH06/24/2003
Harris Roxbury, Martha L.09/21/191587Cleveland, OH05/06/2003
Harris, Elizabeth A. [ Werner ] "Beth"08/03/191882Cleveland, OH10/06/2000
Harris, Josephine M.12/09/191592Olmstead Falls, OH08/29/2008
Hasen, Ethel  Cleveland, OH06/26/2002
Hawes, Robert James 78Cleveland, OH04/16/2003
Hawkins, Mary Ellen [ Morris ]02/01/192384Cleveland, OH02/27/2007
Heglaw, Edward C.10/01/191589Cleveland, OH03/12/2005
Heister, Daniel02/19/1932 Cleveland, OH03/04/2004
Heller, H. Joseph05/05/196437Lakewood, OH09/11/2001
Hennig Warnke, Erla A. [ Krueger ]07/28/190893Cleveland, OH 
Henry Hawley, John Webster05/11/192381Cleveland, OH12/22/2004
Herrmann Ossmann, Frank Eugene06/08/191988Gresham, OH10/10/2007
Herron Krueger, Douglas G.12/16/191788Cleveland, OH12/09/2006
Hertel, Marie [ Cochran ]07/01/191485Cleveland, OH10/15/1999
Herzog Dickey, Debra Kay11/25/195750Cleveland, OH06/17/2008
Herzog Dickey, Debra Kay "Debbie"11/25/195750Cleveland, OH06/17/2008
Hess, Allan W. 75Cleveland, OH10/20/2002
Heym Millward, Wallace W.02/16/192480Cleveland, OH02/26/2004
Higgins, Kevin Joseph 74Cleveland, OH01/01/2006
Hlad, Kathleen Joan [ Zombory ]06/07/193673Cleveland, OH 
Hlad, Kathleen Joan [ Zombory ]06/07/193673Cleveland, OH09/30/2009
Hobbs Adam, Jonathan Adam Levi06/13/2003InfParkview, OH06/13/2003
Hodder Rulon, Marian [ Strange ]11/14/195157Cleveland, OH09/22/2009
Hoegler, Francis J.11/15/191690Cleveland, OH02/13/2007
Hoffert Collins, Norma E. [ Boney ] 77Cleveland, OH01/01/2005
Holter, Grace [ Ellslager ]09/06/191892Cleveland, OH12/05/2010
Holzman, Gordon E. 79Cleveland, OH02/28/2002
Horbal, Adela [ Duda ]12/18/191885Cleveland, OH03/23/2004
Horn Conner, Edward P.02/25/191787Cleveland, OH04/15/2004
Howerton Jarvis, Linda Marie [ Distel ]07/14/194957Cuyahoga County, OH03/22/2007
Hubbard, Diane Mae 29Cleveland, OH11/29/2004
Hubbel Stamp, Lucille H. [ Schuchardt ]05/27/191486Cleveland, OH12/20/2000
Hudec, Robert E. 68Cleveland, OH03/12/2003
Hudgeon, John "Jack" 96Cleveland, OH04/12/2003
Hughes Holland, Andrew William12/23/195452Cleveland, OH05/20/2007
Hunt Johnson, Alice Matilda [ Flowers ]04/24/191098Gates Mills, OH04/03/2008
Hutchinson, Jeff W.06/27/194960Cleveland, OH09/28/2009
Huttman Alger, Louis J. "Big Lou" 74Cleveland, OH03/12/2002
Hutton, Harry B.08/07/1924 Cleveland, OH12/15/2005
Ingersoll, Connie [ Walkwitz ] 54Cleveland, OH10/31/2000
Innocenzi Bachiochi, Inez L. [ Lorenzet ]05/07/192279Cleveland, OH12/15/2001
Jackson, Arnold11/04/196530Cleveland, OH11/04/1965
Jaffray, G. Douglas08/29/191985Cleveland, OH08/08/2005
Jakubcin, Olga Anna 83Lakewood, OH02/28/2002
Jancsek, Francis 81Cleveland, OH03/14/2003
Jarvies, John "Jack"06/20/193074Cleveland, OH01/04/2005
Johnson Crossland, Betty J. [ McKinney ] 75Cleveland, OH10/30/2000
Jordan Ruby, Frances A. [ Stone ]08/05/193575Cleveland, OH08/08/2010
Junge, Elsa M. [ Hicks ]04/21/190693Cleveland, OH06/05/1999
Kahn, Morton R. 90Cleveland, OH06/06/2003
Karkoff, Jean Marie 46Olmsted Falls, OH06/30/2004
Kause Stahli, Karlyn J. [ Horan ]11/08/193269Cleveland, OH11/08/1932
Kehm, Elaine Marie [ Tallackson ]07/06/194168Euclid, OH09/25/2009
Kelly Duran, Carol Jean [ Anderson ]09/14/193868Cleveland, OH02/21/2007
Kelly McCoy, Charles Anthony02/18/192877Cleveland, OH11/01/2005
Kemp, Esther J. [ Harrison ] 70Cleveland, OH04/14/2000
Kennedy, Beatrice [ Maltais ] "Betty"03/29/1920 Cleveland, OH08/23/2004
Kibelbek, Mary ( Mrs. )01/02/191684Cleveland, OH02/28/2000
Kilbane, Noreen [ Mineo ]07/30/1945 Cleveland, OH04/02/2002
Kindlick Brown, Bryan S.11/01/194560Euclid, OH12/08/2005
Kirchner, William R. 73Cleveland, OH06/24/1995
Kish, Rita M. ( Mrs. ) 87Cleveland, OH07/25/2006
Kitner Sheremt, Harold Charles05/18/1912 Cleveland, OH01/03/2004
Klenke Dunker, Barbara M. [ Foster ]08/03/193371Cleveland, OH11/18/2004
Kluge, Robert W.11/26/191785Shaker Heights, OH12/30/2002
Kmiecik, Stanley12/16/191290Cleveland, OH01/22/2003
Knowles, James Washington03/11/194564Cleveland, OH09/25/2009
Knowles, James Washington03/31/194564Cleveland, OH09/25/2009
Kocsis Katai, Violet [ Meyer ]08/31/192780Cleveland, OH10/23/2007
Kohn, Stanley Joseph05/03/192380Cleveland, OH07/11/2003
Kollra Ruschell, Madeline H. [ Greeley ]06/01/192783Cleveland, OH12/30/2010
Koprek Hornung, Margaret Mary [ Anderson ]07/24/192680Cleveland, OH03/04/2007
Kostecki, Elaine M. [ Steinbrick ]06/16/194063Cleveland, OH12/27/2003
Kovach Lisy, Ruth Francis [ Karhan ]08/17/192282Cleveland, OH05/08/2005
Kovats Juhasz, Jean M. [ Horvath ]06/14/193079Cleveland, OH01/25/2010
Kreuzberg Pansky, Norman E.11/01/191491Cleveland, OH01/02/2006
Krieger Kinter, Clara Jeanette [ Krizan ]06/09/191983Cleveland, OH03/13/2003
Krol, John 85Cleveland, OH03/03/1996
Kucera, Monica D. 20Euclid, OH02/24/2004
Kwiatek, Gene J.08/03/192282Cleveland, OH09/18/2004
LaRosa, Victoria Lynn [ Krasauckas ]09/06/196147Cleveland, OH09/10/2008
Lach Siminko, Helen [ Huber ]  Cleveland, OH01/07/2001
Lally Epple, Caroline Marie11/02/196046Cleveland, OH02/23/2007
Langer, Martha Ann ( Mrs. )12/14/193071Cleveland, OH10/17/2002
Laskowski, Ann 62Cleveland, OH08/10/2006
Lauer, Arthur J.04/29/192783Cleveland, OH02/26/2011
Laughlin, Lloyd Folsom09/18/192585Rocky River, OH03/19/2001
Lebowitz, Idella L. [ Blank ] 90Cleveland, OH06/28/2006
Lee Elmore, Marjory [ Wood ]08/25/1918 Cleveland, OH11/20/2000
Lehmann Rengle, Leoanrd T.04/29/192971Jaite, OH09/12/2000
Leitkowski, Julia [ Pulaski ]05/14/191490Cleveland, OH01/26/2005
Lemak Zekany, Margaret J. [ Lattin ] "Peggy"07/19/191092Cleveland, OH09/24/2002
Lemke Bremer, Ruth Y. [ Mohr ]08/08/193574Cleveland, OH09/29/2009
Lemmerman, Grace Ann [ Vondra ]08/16/192286Cleveland, OH10/21/2008
Lequyea King, Margaret [ George ]06/28/191884Cleveland, OH01/23/2003
Lerch Ratchford, Mary Jo10/14/192478Cleveland, OH07/06/2003
Lewis Stouffer, Penelope L. [ Griffith ] "Penny"10/30/194163Cleveland, OH04/08/2005
Lieber, Katherine [ Bjorklund ]07/24/191190Cleveland, OH01/13/2002
Lima, Rose Mary [ Mahnke ]12/16/193175Cleveland, OH03/19/2007
Lindquist Kinsey, Elizabeth M. [ Inghilterra ]03/23/196249Cleveland, OH08/18/2011
Lisy Lechnir, Elise J. [ Hodge ]03/03/191792Newburgh Heights, OH09/23/2009
Lisy Lechnir, Elsie J. [ Hodge ]03/03/191792Newburgh Heights, OH09/23/2009
Loebach, Paul A. 46Cleveland, OH10/01/2003
Loguidice Scuderi, Armando H.09/06/191485Cleveland, OH03/31/2000
Longfield Freeser, Joan Marie08/29/196240Cleveland, OH01/01/2003
Loraine Giddy, Charles J.01/16/192385Cleveland, OH09/14/2008
Lossman, Edward F. 79Lakewood, OH11/09/2001
Lupica, Rose Mary [ Pappalardo ]07/24/191293Cleveland, OH08/31/2005
Lussier Berlinger, Philip W.08/05/192675Cleveland, OH02/20/2002
MacMillen, Candace Williams [ Achtmeyer ] 53Cleveland, OH10/04/2001
Machita, Francis Christopher06/18/196639Parma, OH11/26/2005
Magner, Clark T. 88Cleveland, OH01/16/2000
Manak, Angela M. [ Giraldo ] 69Cleveland, OH02/20/2000
Manns Grimm, Donald H.06/06/192475Cleveland, OH10/05/1999
Martin Wardwell, Janette [ Burhans ] "Jane"09/15/191293Lakewood, OH01/04/2006
Martinsen, Carole Marie [ Collins ]10/12/193270Cleveland, OH03/22/2003
Matelski, Robert A.02/11/192476Berea, OH03/28/2000
Mather, Gordon A.04/23/1930 Cleveland, OH11/02/2000
Mathers Carpenter, Emily Josephine [ Toman ]04/26/191791Cleveland, OH07/15/2008
Mathews, Marilyn A. 65Bedford, OH01/04/2005
Matus Schilling, Joseph Peter [ Matthews ]04/04/192178Cleveland, OH12/18/1999
Maynard, John A.10/13/195152Cleveland Heights, OH02/04/2004
McConkey, Evelyn A.02/21/192679Cleveland, OH10/27/2005
McFadden Perkins, Dorothy Irene [ Rich ]12/04/193173Parma, OH08/03/2005
McNabb, Robert F.10/12/192581Cleveland, OH11/20/2006
McNeeley Semuno, Sharon F.04/09/195457Cleveland, OH07/29/2002
McNeeley, Helen Geraldine [ Dolsen ]08/19/191495Cleveland, OH09/30/2009
McNerney, Lawrence E. 78Cleveland, OH12/22/2001
Meadows Richards, Ada Mae [ Smith ] 49Cleveland, OH10/21/2008
Meanza, Angelo05/18/191487Cleveland, OH04/02/2002
Mendel, Mary C. [ Kosy ]05/12/191591Cleveland, OH03/20/2007
Merritt Pettengill, Anne [ King ] 92Cleveland, OH06/17/2003
Metter, Janet Ann 50Cleveland, OH02/09/2004
Metzger, Jennifer Marie05/25/197824Cleveland, OH06/27/2002
Metzler, Irene ( Mrs. )08/17/192871Cleveland, OH10/12/1999
Miller Hollander, Daniel01/05/192584Cleveland, OH06/14/2009
Miller Pope, Judith M. [ Smith ]09/16/195059Cleveland, OH01/20/2010
Miller, Claude02/12/192476Cleveland, OH05/19/2000
Miller, Norman A.  Euclid, OH 
Miller, William E. 71Shaker Heights, OH01/05/2007
Minor, Albert Virgle04/27/191983Cleveland, OH07/25/2002
Mitchell Gerhan, Susan J. [ Reyelt ] 56Cleveland, OH10/25/2002
Mnich Kochiba, Blanche [ Stanko ]06/12/191487Cleveland, OH01/03/2002
Mock, Lynette [ Anderson ]  Cleveland, OH03/21/2000
Moody Bloom, Paul Louis07/13/192081Cleveland, OH01/18/2002
Moore, Marjorie G.07/28/191089East Cleveland, OH02/23/2000
Moore, Rosalie E. "Rosie" 76Cleveland, OH10/11/2001
Moorhead Hawkins, Virginia [ Hubman ]03/28/194164Cleveland, OH02/02/2006
Morell, Gregory D.09/07/195246Cleveland, OH09/02/1999
Morgan, Janet [ Allen ]01/10/196444Cleveland, OH09/27/2008
Morozoff Marek, Louise M. [ Langer ]03/10/195157Cleveland, OH08/29/2008
Morscher Fasano, Jo B. [ Senchak ] [ Rowley ]05/12/193366Cleveland, OH06/13/1999
Muller, Palma Lorraine03/03/191882Cleveland, OH03/26/2000
Murphy, James R.08/06/197325Parma, OH08/06/1973
Murray O'Callaghan, Catherine V.06/21/191584Cleveland, OH 
Myslenski Spanowski, Albin J.11/02/1910 Cleveland, OH02/01/2003
Nachorny Ciocha, Wanda L. [ Blecharczyk ]02/15/192289Cleveland, OH04/10/2011
Nelson Bachman, Harold G.01/19/191693Cleveland, OH02/20/2009
Nelson, Bettie L.07/02/1918 Lakewood, OH12/27/2006
Neuman Schmertz, Adrian Sydney02/20/192576Cleveland, OH03/27/2001
Nichols, Cora Alice04/17/194556Cleveland, OH01/26/2002
Nicholson, Givern H. 80Cleveland, OH07/13/1997
Nolan, Walter A. 89Cleveland, OH04/12/2011
North Sheflan, Bernice "Peggy"02/25/192482Cleveland, OH10/22/2006
Novak, Helen Karline04/18/193274Cleveland, OH01/30/2007
Nowacki, Justin V.06/15/192877Cleveland, OH08/15/2005
Nuila Valdez, Claudia [ Mullin ] 49Cleveland, OH12/03/2002
Nyland, David 73Rocky River, OH12/04/2001
O'Neill, James J.04/04/192977Cleveland, OH02/04/2007
Oberdoerster McEachern, Keith Douglas11/07/194566Cleveland, OH01/18/2012
Olson, Margaret C.02/02/190991Euclid, OH03/30/2000
Onuska Hornyak, Margaret M. 92Cleveland, OH09/10/2002
Orcutt Babura, James J.10/02/192477Cleveland, OH08/27/2002
Osze, Terry  Cleveland, OH03/30/2004
Ott Coates, John Frederick02/10/194064Cleveland, OH01/12/2005
Page, LaWanda10/19/192081Cleveland, OH09/14/2002
Pagel, Margaret [ Jones ] 91Cleveland, OH07/04/1999
Papas Caffo, Mary Elizabeth [ Russell ] "Betty"08/02/191787Cleveland, OH09/01/2004
Parker Cooper, Robert E.09/04/195651Cleveland, OH09/06/2007
Parker, Mary P. [ Williams ]02/10/192871Cleveland, OH10/08/1999
Parkin McGough, Mary Jane [ Beach ] "Janie"01/08/193770Cleveland, OH05/24/2007
Parks Kelly, Sandra L. [ Raymond ] 62Cleveland, OH12/15/2002
Pasek, Daniel J.  Cleveland, OH04/10/2007
Patsy, Anna Augustine 85Cleveland, OH12/30/2002
Pearce Barall, Jean P. [ Galloway ]06/04/192180Cleveland, OH03/29/2002
Pearsall, Jeanne W.04/01/192479Cleveland, OH03/15/2004
Pennock, David Willard 80Cleveland, OH10/10/2001
Permutter, Evelyn Shirley09/14/191887Cleveland, OH10/22/2005
Peterson Smith, Ruth M. [ Snyder ]06/06/1920 Cleveland, OH06/27/2006
Petlowany, Regina ( Mrs. ) "Irene" 87Cleveland, OH03/25/2011
Petschauer, Bertha H.08/03/192581Cleveland, OH02/15/2007
Petschauer, Lawrence F.09/22/192779Cleveland, OH03/17/2007
Pfaff, Martha Elizabeth ( Mrs. ) [ Webb ] 85Cleveland, OH10/14/2002
Pfeiffer Kost, Martin Anthony09/29/193568Cleveland, OH03/30/2004
Pirc, Emily [ Hackett ]  Cleveland, OH04/08/2003
Piscitello, John A.04/04/193375Cleveland, OH08/29/2008
Pitkin Cable, LeRoy "Bud"12/09/191093Cleveland, OH09/26/2004
Plumb Spies, Orrin "Paul"04/19/193172Cleveland, OH03/22/2004
Plummer, Nancy [ Wakely ]10/15/1931 Cleveland, OH11/02/2002
Plummer, Nancy [ Wakely ]10/15/193171Cleveland, OH11/02/2002
Podpadec Petrovcic, Helen M. [ Mattice ]08/15/191884Cleveland, OH03/18/2003
Podpadec Urajnar, Eleanor R. [ Skinner ]05/29/191286Cleveland, OH08/23/1998
Polak Seese, Timothy Joseph07/03/198722Cleveland, OH01/09/2010
Ponath, Cecilia C.08/01/191691Cleveland, OH03/26/2008
Popovics Focht, Dorothy Mary [ Mark ]08/15/192772Cleveland, OH06/08/2000
Powers, Arthur J. 50Cleveland, OH06/23/1999
Praikshits Heil, Emma L. [ Mather ] [ Holtz ] 92Cleveland, OH04/14/2003
Pruchno Jesnik, Emil [ Pruckno ]06/14/192972Cleveland, OH05/09/2002
Prusha, Ronald R. "Ron"12/25/194067Cleveland, OH09/20/2008
Pryatel, Frank J. 88Cleveland, OH07/04/2002
Purvis, Dorothy M. [ Stroh ]06/24/191987Mayfield Heights, OH02/18/2007
Queen, Tency 79Cleveland, OH07/21/2004
Quigley, Kathryn A. [ Blake ]01/22/191589Cleveland, OH02/21/2004
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