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Cuyahoga County, OH

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
Abell, E. Virginia [ Curtis ] [ Cronkhite ]08/15/191792Cleveland, OH09/28/2009
Adams, Eunice S. ( Mrs. )05/13/191782Cleveland, OH06/22/1999
Adkins Patrick, Bailey Rae10/29/2001InfCleveland, OH03/26/2002
Adler, Edward A. 74Cleveland, OH09/11/1999
Adzima Timko, Albert11/17/192086Cleveland, OH10/14/2007
Aldi, Mary Jane ( Mrs. ) [ Chesboro ] [ Robbins ] [ Brown ]04/10/191487Cleveland, OH10/05/2001
Allan Roekel, Ann [ Stubbins ]01/30/192676Cleveland, OH01/21/2003
Allen Leonard, Margaret Mary [ Smith ]06/24/190993Cleveland, OH01/12/2003
Ament Miller, Charles E.11/14/1928 Cleveland, OH10/20/2001
Anderson, Wesly G.12/19/191988Berea, OH08/21/2008
Andrews Renke, Virginia [ Kopf ]10/20/191781Cleveland, OH04/24/1999
Aring, Ruth M. [ Antl ]08/27/192180Cleveland, OH04/24/2002
Arlein, Suzanne [ Kerner ]02/27/194467Cleveland, OH04/03/2011
Aronica Cuttea, Josephine C. [ Saffles ] 77Cleveland, OH09/19/2009
Aspinwall, Ruth G.  Lakewood, OH11/21/2005
Atkins Stone, Ilene [ Levin ]01/12/194954Cleveland, OH03/25/2003
Avery, Sara [ Haskin ]02/19/191881Cleveland, OH09/12/1999
Babka Hurt, James H.07/23/193864Cleveland, OH04/15/2003
Bailey, Cheryl Ann ( Mrs. ) 50Cleveland, OH03/11/2004
Baker, Julius09/23/191587Cleveland, OH08/06/2003
Baker, Margaret E. 96Cleveland, OH10/21/2001
Baldwin Dixon, Darryl Dwayne "DB"07/22/1963 Cleveland, OH01/07/2002
Baldwin, Arthur E. 74Cleveland, OH07/29/2000
Barber Curth, Katherine Sue [ Hill ]02/24/193870Cleveland, OH08/23/2008
Barnes, Robert E.07/04/193570Cleveland, OH08/31/2005
Barrie, Elizabeth Mary12/12/191191Cleveland, OH12/27/2002
Barrie, Thomas11/08/192577Cleveland, OH12/11/2002
Bartlett Marcosson, Grace B. [ Cady ]08/16/191289Cleveland, OH07/25/2002
Bartos Simek, Emil J.08/12/192082Cleveland, OH10/01/2002
Bash, Florence Beatrix [ Grattan ] 95Berea, OH12/28/2003
Becker Horstemeier, Donald W.12/13/192378Cleveland, OH05/28/2002
Becker, John "Jack"10/23/193771Cleveland, OH09/28/2009
Beckrest, Elizabeth J. [ Anderson ] 71Lakewood, OH01/26/1999
Beears, Lillian M.06/13/191590Rocky River, OH10/29/2005
Begala, Walter J. 74Cleveland, OH01/08/2004
Bell, Ronald M. 82Cleveland, OH07/15/2002
Belus Lezark, Raymond O.10/06/192672Cleveland, OH03/18/1999
Bende, Eleanor H. ( Mrs. )02/25/1910 Cleveland, OH06/24/2003
Benko Dovec, Lillian M. [ Stary ]07/31/192576Lakewood, OH09/20/2001
Berger, Howard Stafford11/04/190097Cleveland, OH06/16/1998
Berlekamp Bishop, Billy Bishop12/30/191879Cleveland, OH04/21/1998
Berta Benko, Gaza C.06/09/191792Cleveland, OH01/20/2010
Bialaszewski, Gary R.07/21/195347Cleveland, OH07/21/2000
Biefer Schwartz, Robert04/21/192383Cleveland, OH02/03/2007
Biefer Schwartz, Roberto Otto04/21/192383Cleveland, OH02/03/2007
Bilskey, Virginia [ Schlather ]01/28/192090Olmsted Falls, OH06/26/2010
Blinstrup, Theresa ( Mrs. )10/04/190495Cleveland, OH05/17/2000
Bloom, Jeffrey 48Cleveland, OH09/17/2000
Blosser, Harriet L. [ Neff ]04/17/191493Cleveland, OH02/20/2007
Blum Porath, Lorna M. [ Bultemeier ]04/07/192684Cleveland, OH01/06/2011
Bobnick Petrovich, Joseph05/01/191089Cleveland, OH01/08/2000
Bodey, Del12/07/190991Cleveland, OH09/27/2001
Boehringer, Philip Richard09/23/191491Cleveland, OH03/14/2006
Boos Connell, Francis H. "Frank"09/26/193475Cleveland, OH08/06/2010
Boos, Aurora ( Mrs. ) 82Cleveland, OH02/18/2000
Borenski, John F.11/13/192576Cleveland, OH10/18/2002
Borrelli Minardi, Eugene A.08/04/193670Cleveland, OH11/13/2006
Bradley Mueller, Eleanor R. [ Albracht ]07/01/192186Cleveland, OH09/26/2007
Bradley, Mary Violet ( Mrs. )02/19/192482Cleveland, OH06/02/2006
Brockway, Lucille M. 78Shaker Heights, OH02/27/2002
Brott Weaver, Lois Ethel [ Dingle ]05/14/192481Cleveland, OH01/08/2006
Bruce Austin, Jeffrey Ellison08/18/194360Cleveland, OH04/27/2004
Buettell Gammell, Roger B.07/21/192082Cleveland, OH05/29/2003
Buived, Julia [ Matusewicz ]08/07/191887Cleveland, OH08/22/2005
Bukur, Anne [ Barber ]07/12/191686Cleveland, OH07/11/2003
Burger, Hilda May [ Bulea ]05/05/192583Cleveland, OH07/12/2008
Burke, Bernard F.05/26/191586Cleveland, OH03/08/2002
Busler, Robert R. "Bob"04/28/194856Cleveland, OH03/22/2005
Butler Voijten, Kathleen A. [ Leavy ] 47Cleveland, OH 
Calderwood Duffy, Margaret Jean [ Storer ]01/01/192579Cleveland, OH02/16/2004
Calvarese, Dennis Dean09/11/195651Cleveland, OH02/19/2008
Campbell Conkle, Mary C. [ Botta ]04/25/191195Cleveland, OH12/16/2006
Cantlin Wahl, William V.04/09/192678Cleveland, OH12/10/2004
Carl, Charles P.03/16/191692Lakewood, OH10/02/2008
Carloni, August Gene11/09/1927 Cleveland, OH04/09/2007
Castle, Bernice M. 93Parma, OH07/02/2002
Catiline Markiewicz, Samuel Brandon 23Cleveland, OH06/11/2004
Cebron Chermil, Harry J.12/17/191782Cleveland, OH11/13/2000
Centers, Louise E. [ Hesketh ] 70Cleveland, OH12/20/2000
Chapman Dugan, Eleanor E.05/21/193566Cleveland, OH04/18/2002
Chase, Eugene 76Cleveland, OH05/13/2004
Chuppa, Elizabeth "Alcie"09/01/191985Cleveland, OH12/14/2004
Churchill, Joseph P.07/15/195254Cleveland, OH01/16/2007
Clark, Frank P. "Jack"08/23/192584Cleveland, OH09/20/2009
Colley Frasure, Tavis Floyd08/16/196242Cleveland, OH04/22/2005
Colley Frasure, Tivis Ray04/20/196150Cleveland, OH05/08/2011
Cook Pepper, Robert F.10/03/194457Cleveland, OH01/16/2002
Cook Smith, Margaret Sterling 18Cleveland, OH02/12/2004
Corry Gledhill, Robert J.12/03/193467Cleveland, OH02/11/2002
Cowan, Marshall James "Jim"10/16/194664Cleveland, OH03/24/2011
Cox Neff, Michael Dudley08/02/196640Euclid, OH04/23/2007
Cox, Audrey Jane [ Triplett ]06/13/1925 Cleveland, OH06/04/2003
Craig, Sandra [ Dent ]11/27/193670Cleveland, OH02/07/2007
Crawford, Coletta C. [ Ginnard ] 76Cleveland, OH05/29/2004
Crawford, Hubert Eugene07/25/194265Cleveland, OH01/07/2008
Crouse, Mary Alden12/12/195545Cleveland, OH10/03/2001
Crowley, James P.05/13/194957Cleveland, OH 
Czernewski, Virginia M.03/13/192778Cleveland, OH03/16/2005
Dagg, Marion E. 106Westlake, OH08/12/2004
Daley, Tom "Woody"08/19/195251Cleveland, OH02/04/2004
Damm Friedel, George H.05/05/191091Cuyahoga County, OH01/01/2002
Danforth Hillyard, William Howard 85Cleveland, OH11/22/2001
Dans Schubert, Annastasia Vera [ Kawecki ]12/25/192282Cleveland, OH12/08/2005
Darus, Helen Marie [ Boyko ]  Cleveland, OH08/08/2011
Dash Newhouse, C. Weston06/07/191489Cleveland, OH01/30/2004
Dash, Paul Calvin02/03/192477Cleveland, OH12/01/2001
Davis Harrison, Margaret H. [ Walter ] 96Cleveland, OH03/16/2003
Day, Eleanor Groudle [ Haendiges ] 99Cleveland, OH07/05/2002
DeCavage, Betty M. [ Fulton ]12/30/192080Cleveland, OH01/12/2001
Dei Engelhardt, Emma [ Deely ]05/16/191395Cleveland, OH09/23/2008
Delbo Horvath, Paul L.12/19/193473Cleveland, OH08/21/2008
Derby Jackson, Jan  Cleveland, OH12/06/2001
Desson, Robert Charles01/26/191393Cleveland, OH07/23/2006
Detlefsen Senne, Ruth B. [ Kammerer ]09/03/191588Garfield Heights, OH04/07/2004
DiCapua Leaf, james Richard "Dee"05/01/193179Cleveland, OH04/10/2011
Diamond Trout, Charles Joseph06/02/196838Cleveland, OH03/14/2007
Dietrich, Richard Melvin04/29/1928 Cleveland, OH06/24/2003
Dietz Beecher, David Arthur10/11/193671Cleveland, OH07/20/2008
Dixon, Sherry Jean12/06/193670Cleveland, OH12/23/2006
Dlugosz, Carl J. [ Douglas ]11/04/192385Cleveland, OH09/12/2009
Doane Swidener, Marjorie [ Martin ]06/24/191990Cleveland, OH01/06/2010
Dobies, John01/16/192781Cleveland, OH03/25/2009
Dolak Nowakowski, James A.05/26/194164Cleveland, OH04/10/2006
Dolney, James R.02/12/193171Cleveland, OH09/17/2002
Dorman, Linda M.09/12/194754Cleveland, OH09/04/2002
Douglas, Richard M. 83Cleveland, OH08/29/2005
Dowling, William Charles03/27/192379Cleveland, OH10/13/2002
Drews, Joseph Robert  Cleveland, OH08/04/2011
Dufault Keating, John04/25/193375Cleveland, OH07/05/2008
Duggan Atkinson, Mary A. [ Rohrer ]05/09/192280Cleveland, OH09/09/2002
Dunzweiler Schlueter, Lois Emily [ Began ]05/25/192182Cleveland, OH02/22/2004
Dusa, Frank A.08/02/192481Cleveland, OH09/02/2005
Dykes, Kenneth Raymond 79Cleveland, OH09/05/2000
Dynia, Raymond W. 68Cleveland, OH09/15/2009
Edick Baumgarten, Hope E.05/01/192289Cleveland, OH10/16/2011
Eklund, Svea M. [ Suderley ]05/23/190892Cleveland, OH10/14/2000
Elkevizth Shakuta, George04/06/192680Cleveland, OH10/17/2006
Elmo, Christy J.09/22/192383Cleveland, OH03/15/2007
Elshaw, Patrick Joseph09/02/196045Cleveland, OH12/25/2005
Emery, George J. 80Cleveland, OH04/14/2003
Entingh Downing, Melvin E.07/17/192982Cleveland, OH01/21/2012
Eschenauer, Robert A. 56Cleveland, OH10/28/2007
Evans Dufault, Cheryl R.07/05/195156Cleveland, OH08/13/2007
Fallon, Sara A. [ Hagan ]07/29/190495Cleveland, OH10/13/1999
Fear Koslowski, David02/07/193969Cleveland, OH08/23/2008
Fields Spaulding, William J.10/10/191980Cleveland, OH04/11/2000
Fillous, Marion F. [ Matyi ]04/10/191789Cleveland, OH03/02/2007
Fina, John Jay07/24/192182Cleveland, OH12/18/2003
Findlay, Helen L.07/28/192774Cleveland, OH07/01/2002
Finn Ryan, Ricki [ Monaghan ]02/01/193071Cleveland, OH01/06/2002
Fiocca, Antoinette [ Iacobucci ]12/30/191591Cleveland, OH03/13/2007
Fiorentino, Carl A.10/13/191785Cleveland, OH04/29/2003
Fisher Jaeger, Bonnie Jean04/22/195355Berea, OH08/22/2008
Fisher, James A.08/06/1919 Cleveland, OH02/27/2007
Fitzsommons, Jean Russell [ Dixon ]10/23/192081Lakewood, OH10/21/2002
Flanigon, Katherine M.11/22/191290Cleveland, OH03/29/2003
Fleck Mali, Boris Thomas12/01/191787Cleveland, OH10/20/2005
Fleming Pickell, Nancy L. [ McKenzie ]03/23/195354Cleveland, OH04/20/2007
Fodor Wellner, Donald Edward "Don"08/26/192979Cleveland, OH06/13/2009
Foley, Patrick J. 87Cleveland, OH10/20/2002
Fradl, Jeffrey Peter 41Lakewood, OH04/12/2003
Friedel Schieman, Dolores Joan [ Foltz ] "Dorie"06/16/193374Cleveland, OH05/17/2008
Friedley, Dale Robert04/20/194758Cleveland, OH11/29/2005
Gabirel Gillin, Robin [ McCann ]01/26/195647Bay Village, OH04/03/2003
Gabrys, Donald D.08/14/193973Cleveland, OH01/14/2007
Gadus, Mary [ Brown ]06/06/192282Cleveland, OH08/20/2004
Gaglione, Anthony 78Cleveland, OH04/10/2007
Gardner, Ronald R. 65Cleveland, OH07/14/2002
Garfield, Scott Parker05/24/191489Cleveland, OH05/26/2003
Gates, Patricia06/22/192482Cleveland, OH02/03/2007
Geib, Mary G.08/07/190993Cleveland, OH03/20/2003
Gergich Kvasnicka, Anton07/06/190890Cleveland, OH07/10/1998
Giammaria, Frank Alponso 82Cleveland, OH03/19/2004
Gilbert, Robert R.07/13/192874Cleveland, OH04/14/2003
Gircsis, Harold W.03/25/192381Cleveland, OH03/04/2005
Glavic Flis, William Joseph03/18/192485Cleveland, OH09/03/2009
Glines, Jean [ Smith ]03/30/1916 Cleveland, OH06/07/2003
Goelz Hahn, Edward C.03/02/192975Cleveland, OH08/26/2004
Goss, Pamela [ Morrison ]04/26/194269Cleveland, OH07/30/2011
Goznik, Louis J.03/31/191292Cleveland, OH12/31/2003
Greising Schwartz, Marie E. [ Greising ]11/21/191789Cleveland, OH04/17/2007
Griffiths, Mary Margaret [ Godwin ]04/02/191096Cleveland, OH05/23/2006
Gustin, John T.08/12/197234Cleveland, OH03/18/2007
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