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Allen County, OH

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Allen County, Ohio. 
Adams Miller, Elizabeth M. [ Bice ]10/29/191888Allen County, OH07/01/2007
Alexander Failor, Carol Lynne [ Hockenberger ]12/23/194264Lima, OH01/10/2007
Allen Baxter, Helen A. [ Freyer ]06/24/192188Lima, OH10/20/2009
Allen Kanawl, Joyce E. [ Fockler ]10/20/192777Lima, OH02/16/2005
Anderson Ulrey, Thomas R. "Tommy"04/15/20043Lima, OH05/06/2007
Anderson, Betty Lou ( Mrs.)08/20/192969Lima, OH05/23/1999
Anspach Berry, Warren W.05/15/192582Allen County, OH08/10/2007
Bailey Staley, Juanita R. [ Myers ] "Skeet"01/20/192085Lima, OH12/26/2005
Baker Avery, Dorothy C. [ Lawson ]08/15/192779Lima, OH11/07/2006
Baker, Marjorie Alice [ Budecki ]05/07/1912 Harrod, OH02/20/2007
Bartlett Holmes, Nina Kathleen [ Eversole ]01/18/194858Lima, OH05/25/2006
Bassitt Gott, Terry10/24/194758Lima, OH12/22/2005
Baughman Allen, Joan [ Spahr ] [ Heil ]09/08/192581Lima, OH10/09/2006
Baumgartner Busick, Sandra06/02/194954Bluffton, OH02/16/2004
Baxter Akers, William Charles01/01/195353Lima, OH01/13/2006
Beery Dunlap, David E.12/29/193471Monroe Township, OH12/05/2006
Berry Millisor, Erma C. [ Miller ]02/25/193075Delphos, OH09/03/2005
Birkmeier Jettinghoff, Thelma C. [ Beer ]06/21/192584Delphos, OH10/11/2009
Blankemeyer, Donald Joseph04/17/193769Delphos, OH08/12/2006
Blosser Helmig, Christopher M. "Chris"04/03/199215Lima, OH07/15/2007
Blum Weixelbaum, William A.10/10/192184Lima, OH12/05/2005
Blythe Machowczyk, Lewis Scott10/04/196444Lima, OH10/30/2008
Bockey Warnecke, Mary Jane [ Plescher ]09/19/192482Delphos, OH09/10/2007
Boecker Slattman, Monica L.10/15/198023Lima, OH10/23/2003
Bogart Watkins, Margery J. [ Carpenter ]01/12/190995Bluffton, OH10/12/2004
Born Bowsher, Betty Louise [ Ramga ]03/09/192285Lima, OH07/06/2007
Boroff Jurden, Betty M. [ Kayser ]12/21/192480American Township, OH06/18/2005
Bowers Brown, Homer C.09/25/192282Spencerville, OH05/24/2005
Bowers Long, Robert E.06/05/192778Allen County, OH07/26/2005
Bowers Shook, Lois Marie [ Boughan ]08/19/192086Lima, OH04/09/2007
Bowersock Verbryke, Gayle E.03/02/193372Lima, OH05/25/2005
Brabant Raymond, Shelva J. [ Schoonover ]12/12/193666Delphos, OH07/16/2003
Britt Shaw, Cheryl A. [ White ]07/04/195353Lima, OH02/02/2007
Brown, Joel Calvin04/21/199313Lima, OH10/22/2006
Burkholder Bressler, Betsy H. [ Miller ]04/20/193967Lima, OH07/15/2006
Campbell Baumgardner, John D.05/01/192977Lima, OH04/01/2007
Caprella Valenti, Mary C. [ Hardesty ]11/11/191987Allen County, OH05/24/2007
Cavinder Allen, Joan Annis [ Gaskin ]07/10/193567Lima, OH10/04/2002
Chamberlain Augsburger, Frank Keith01/17/193868Bluffton, OH12/13/2006
Cockerell Miller, George Adam12/05/196244Lima, OH04/17/2007
Conaway Stith, Ronald R.10/16/193265Bluffton, OH04/15/1998
Conner Springer, Dennis Lynn07/16/194855Lima, OH05/11/2004
Connor Rowe, James R.10/30/194062Lima, OH09/25/2003
Cooper Moore, Patty L.07/31/195844Lima, OH04/29/2003
Corwin Burgoon, William W. "Bill"09/01/192084Lima, OH07/20/2005
Courtney Heinrich, Judith Ann [ Harner ]01/06/194165Lima, OH09/03/2006
Crane Skinner, James V. 83Lima, OH05/30/2004
Crawford Sutter, Larry A.11/01/194557Bluffton, OH04/03/2003
Crider Lewis, Katherine Louise [ Clark ]10/04/192581Lima, OH07/03/2007
Crowe Barnette, Rita D. [ Wimer ]02/23/194264Lima, OH08/06/2006
Curry Townsend, Marcella B. [ Souders ]11/09/190898Lima, OH05/05/2007
Daniels Boden, Trey Tyler10/04/2002InfLima, OH04/01/2003
Davey, Grace [ Mann ]10/21/1928 Delphos, OH09/18/2006
Davis McGrievy, Ida M. [ Bowersock ]03/20/192482Lima, OH09/13/2006
Dearth Martin, Grace L. [ McElderry ]03/31/191691Lima, OH05/13/2007
Dellinger Roe, James Gordon "Jim"03/24/193076Lima, OH08/01/2006
Dillon Wierman, Loretta M. [ Miller ]09/06/191985Lima, OH05/23/2005
Diomede Esposito, Emilie R. [ Hullinger ]03/18/192480Lima, OH04/30/2004
Dorsten Brockman, Robert R.05/08/191193Lima, OH02/13/2005
Dowing, Charles Albert "Charlie"11/13/192579Lima, OH01/12/2005
Downing, Floyd Alfred07/11/191389Allen County, OH09/17/2002
Drew Gribb, Tina R. [ Albright ]02/18/196042Lima, OH05/27/2002
Dunlap Marvin, Roy J.04/25/192874Delphos, OH10/04/2002
East White, Robert A.05/16/190992Lima, OH07/28/2001
Edwards Fralick, Robert E. "Bob"01/16/193274Allen County, OH05/03/2006
Elston Taylor, Betty Jeane [ Hall ]06/27/192680Lima, OH10/31/2006
Evans Bussert, Roger W.04/17/193868Lima, OH06/04/2006
Evans Collins, Scott D.04/29/197032Lima, OH02/07/2003
Everett Copp, Warren C.11/15/193175Lima, OH02/08/2007
Fellhauer Roessier, Charles P.07/10/191590Lima, OH08/20/2005
Ferguson Foster, Orville K.03/13/192381Cairo, OH02/19/2005
Fisher, June I. [ Rockey ]02/16/191880Bluffton, OH05/11/1998
Foppe Birkemeier, Amber Debra02/26/1998InfLima, OH05/11/1998
Franklin Pikari, Fedora Rose [ Spencer ]01/26/192379Lima, OH10/05/2002
Fredericks Williams, Lurline M. [ Basinger ]02/09/192481Allen County, OH12/22/2005
Freed Wheelbarger, Mervin J. "Pinky"09/24/191689Lima, OH01/16/2006
Garlinger Bame, Wilbur A.10/22/191879Lima, OH04/29/1998
Gerleman Gallagher, John E. "Jack"02/09/193272Lima, OH06/08/2004
Glass Davis, Margery Elizabeth "Maggie"09/08/19993Lima, OH11/22/2002
Glass Davis, Matthew Ray "Mat"04/10/19975Lima, OH11/27/2002
Gross Hawk, Robert E.08/11/192878Lima, OH09/19/2006
Haunhorst Hotz, Rita M. [ Hesler ]06/11/191987Landeck, OH04/19/2007
Haunhorst Schwinnen, Donald J. "Bud"01/30/191691Landeck, OH11/23/2007
Hemry Runyon, Roger L.11/29/193958Lima, OH05/01/1998
Hermiller Williams, Kevin10/04/195648Lima, OH06/23/2005
Herron, Joseph E.03/03/191787Lima, OH08/29/2004
Hofer Maltby, Richard Lee09/28/192184Lima, OH04/28/2006
Hohl Hager, Pauline Beatrice [ Wheeler ]10/15/190995Lima, OH09/12/2005
Holdgreve Bendeley, Edna M. [ Hogan ] 91Delphos, OH05/23/2003
Hollar Bickel, Erma Jane [ Clark ]09/24/192382Lima, OH09/14/2006
Hollar Riggle, Margaret Irene [ Cassaro ]07/28/191987Lima, OH07/13/2007
Hollar Worthington, Dean J.01/14/192681Lima, OH04/29/2007
Holliday Wooley, Derry Jon [ Michael ]12/31/193962Lima, OH10/05/2002
Horg, Eric Lynn10/13/198418Lima, OH06/04/2003
Houx, Lucille07/16/1899102Cairo, OH03/21/2002
Hullinger Reiff, L. Eugene05/15/192383Lima, OH01/27/2007
Hunter Sproul, Mary Ann [ Houtzer ]03/13/193868Lima, OH01/05/2007
Imm Kelley, Robert M.11/03/195054Lima, OH08/26/2005
Ingalls Conrad, Marcine I. [ Ream ]03/28/191682Bluffton, OH05/13/1998
Isham Bogart, Alice [ Biteman ]01/01/1905100Lima, OH05/13/2005
Jackson Recker, Marissa Kay06/16/2006InfLima, OH09/29/2006
Jaksha, Hazel W.04/05/190591Spencerville, OH03/06/1997
Jarvis Fulkerson, Sue Ellen [ Dangel ]07/18/194559Lima, OH07/02/2005
Jeffers Reineke, Isiah Lee Caleb04/03/2004InfLima, OH06/19/2005
Jenkins Ward, Edith E. [ Knight ]04/30/191692Lima, OH10/01/2008
Jett, Harold C. "Bill"04/03/192678Lima, OH09/23/2004
Johnston, Evelyn M. [ Schoore ]06/07/191584Lima, OH10/02/1999
Jones Linnehan, Charles A.04/27/191785Lima, OH06/04/2002
Kares Wagner, Helen [ Hughes ]07/12/190799Allen County, OH05/16/2006
Keller Miller, Kenneth R.05/27/191887Lima, OH06/21/2005
Kesner Kriegel, Stephen J.11/06/195848Lima, OH01/05/2007
Kill Elwer, June V. [ McKinley ]08/06/195546Lima, OH04/29/2002
Kline Little, Dorothy [ Kisseberth ]03/26/192082Lima, OH12/31/2002
Kramer Toland, Gloria Jean [ Deubler ]06/05/193867Lima, OH08/19/2005
Laman Kennedy, William C.04/23/193074Lima, OH08/27/2004
Lawler Kohl, Patricia Ann [ Kerzee ]08/08/192779Lima, OH08/27/2006
Lawrence Anderson, Alice C. [ Bowsher ]02/03/191393Allen County, OH10/21/2006
Lawson Scott, Kermit Earl07/26/191490Lima, OH02/10/2005
Layton, Betty M.06/23/192677Lima, OH03/08/2004
LeVesque Roeder, Patricia L. [ Mayer ]09/25/193271Lima, OH07/03/2004
Lifshitz Hoffman, Esther [ Salzman ]04/03/191783Lima, OH12/26/2000
Longstreth Tracy, Marsha J.08/02/195158Lima, OH10/08/2009
Lucius Moreo, Martha M. [ Verhoff ]11/25/191887Delphos, OH10/31/2006
Luginbuhl Zurfluh, Mary C. [ Hedrick ]06/06/191087Bluffton, OH03/31/1998
Mack Taylor, William Samuel03/17/192284Spencerville, OH08/18/2006
Maloney Sampson, Elizabeth J. [ Meyer ]11/27/192282Delphos, OH10/12/2005
Marker Casey, Richard E.11/18/192678Lima, OH10/27/2005
Martin Zickfoose, Marvin Lloyd05/30/194954Lima, OH06/17/2003
Massman Bell, Herbert C. "Ben"12/10/192581Lima, OH02/04/2007
Matter Welch, Richard C. "Ricky" 15Bluffton, OH02/14/2004
Matzen Overmeyer, Marylene [ Taylor ] "Jo"08/03/200685Delphos, OH08/03/2006
Mauk Densmore, Thelma Arlene [ Frail ]08/09/192977Lima, OH04/15/2007
Maxwell Stinson, Marjorie Sue [ Bishop ]02/17/193871Lima, OH09/09/2009
McGee Rowe, Susan Vivian [ Martin ]06/21/194260Lima, OH05/14/2003
McGue Smith, James L.10/17/194363Lima, OH05/19/2007
Mechling Nesbitt, Marjorie M. [ Sharp ]07/12/191884Allen County, OH10/03/2002
Meyer Swaney, William Wayne11/15/191483Bluffton, OH04/22/1998
Miller Adams, Opal E. [ Williams ]07/03/1901104Allen County, OH08/13/2005
Miller Clippinger, Robert S.10/26/190892Lima, OH01/21/2001
Miller Dotson, Larry L.05/08/198258Lima, OH06/29/2006
Miller East, Esther Mae [ Briggs ]03/02/191886Lima, OH02/28/2005
Miller Fagan, Gertrude P. [ Beall ] "Gertie"02/24/191293Allen County, OH08/14/2005
Miller Hess, Virgil H.07/18/192184Lima, OH06/06/2006
Miller Reiff, Lucille E. [ Moore ]11/23/191987Lima, OH05/21/2007
Miller Roberts, Betty June [ Eberle ]06/02/192777Lima, OH07/22/2004
Miller Wehrkamp, Paul E.06/26/192678Lima, OH01/28/2006
Miner Wilhelmy, Paul I.09/27/194262Lima, OH06/26/2005
Miorin Bright, Helen V. [ Fraunfelter ]09/25/192480Lima, OH01/22/2005
Montague Graffam, Susan M. [ Sterling ]08/04/195353Lima, OH09/21/2006
Morrisey Meyer, John L. "Jack"01/20/194166Lima, OH04/18/2007
Moser Stratton, Edith [ Barnum ]10/05/191987Bluffton, OH10/10/2006
Mosier Hoeper, Pamela J. [ Hempker ]12/30/196145Lima, OH07/17/2007
Mowrey Perkins, June Ellen [ Short ]01/02/192482Lima, OH10/23/2006
Moyer Crumrine, Barbara E. [ Fenton ]10/22/193764Lima, OH10/02/2002
Moyer Dillon, Mary Catherine [ Westbay ]10/28/190994Lima, OH10/20/2004
Mullen Dyke, Robert J.01/16/193273Lima, OH01/29/2005
Naum Pintera, Margaret E. [ Moening ]01/01/192681Lima, OH04/12/2007
Neal Smith, Charles Eugene [ Hatcher ] "Charlie"10/09/198718Lima, OH06/23/2006
Newcomer Stoup, William A. "Bill"04/18/192681Lima, OH07/05/2007
Newland Fett, Jan Allen "Al"12/05/195353Lima, OH05/08/2007
Nichols Alexander, William E.01/07/192878Lima, OH05/04/2006
Nichols Decker, Randy Lee12/26/195744Lima, OH08/10/2002
Page Jacobs, George A.06/02/192878Lima, OH01/29/2007
Peterson Shivley, Rosabelle [ Banks ]08/09/192580Hume, OH10/17/2005
Pierce Ellis, Rose M. [ Cooper ] "Sue"04/27/193966Delphos, OH06/06/2005
Piper Miller, Vaughn J.08/16/194660Lima, OH04/28/2007
Place Schomaeker, Shirley L. [ Casteel ]03/18/193077Lima, OH12/24/2007
Plikerd Pugh, Julia Ann [ Stechschulte ] "Julie"07/09/195646Lima, OH10/13/2002
Plummer Breckler, John J.08/15/198320Lima, OH01/29/2004
Porter Johnson, Margaret M. [ Goedde ]05/14/191393Lima, OH10/13/2006
Porter Serr, Patsy [ Kissick ]03/08/192974Lima, OH12/28/2003
Powell Friemoth, Hubert M.08/04/191888Delphos, OH03/30/2007
Preble Antrim, Richard L.12/25/193273Lima, OH11/05/2006
Rager Morgan, Geraldine J. [ Hoch ]11/26/192282Gomer, OH09/21/2005
Regan Gorman, Marie Therese08/22/1910 Lima, OH07/31/2004
Reid McGuire, Louella June [ Trowbridge ]04/17/194562Lima, OH04/23/2007
Rhoads Zickafoose, Dale E.05/21/192680Lima, OH12/23/2006
Richards Tyson, Jeffery Dean09/16/195938Bluffton, OH04/24/1998
Rizor Gerdeman, Anthony P. "Tony"10/25/198125Lima, OH05/19/2007
Robinson Patterson, John Thomas "Tom"08/11/194463Lima, OH12/25/2007
Roebuck, Roberta Joy [ Vest ]04/23/193564Lima, OH11/13/1999
Rogers Black, Grace Edna [ Bowersock ]05/22/191391Lima, OH07/16/2004
Rohr Fike, Rose J. [ Williams ]12/07/193075Lima, OH02/09/2006
Rohrbach Bennett, Donald E.03/12/192878Delphos, OH10/21/2006
Royalty, Margaret Faye01/24/191790Lima, OH09/27/2007
Schultz Schaal, Helen L. [ Ebert ]01/29/192775Lima, OH03/24/2002
Shenk Yoder, Mary Florence12/22/191692Elida, OH07/17/2009
Smith Myers, William H. "Bill"05/27/192779Lima, OH11/19/2006
Sodders Culp, Everett D.12/02/191789Lima, OH07/06/2007
Sprague Gallagher, Eugene J. "E.J."01/24/191592Lima, OH04/22/2007
Spyker Weir, Vallacita R. [ Miller ]04/18/194065Lima, OH09/22/2005
Stedcke, Suzanne [ Godfrey ]12/08/196438Lima, OH03/01/2003
Steed Fair, Betty Z. [ Boothby ]09/12/193670Lima, OH10/17/2006
Stelzer Ward, Charles F.04/18/191785Lima, OH09/29/2002
Stevenson, Willard Lewis "Butch"02/06/193668Allen County, OH09/13/2004
Suever Rahrig, Germaine E. [ Strayer ] "Tutz"12/05/191091Marion Township, OH10/05/2002
Sullivan Reser, Viola Elizabeth [ Hall ]08/20/191888Lima, OH05/17/2007
Thompson McBeth, Kay Louise [ Harnishfeger ]09/30/194264Lima, OH03/12/2007
Tice Fox, William Lee11/13/193075Lima, OH02/19/2006
Varner, Dean W. 43Lima, OH05/14/2002
Walters Hick, Laura [ Osborne ]04/27/191389Lima, OH10/08/2002
Weber Wurst, Robert A."Bob"0530192805/30/192878Delphos, OH11/01/2006
Werff Cotner, Gary L.02/07/195353Lima, OH03/10/2006
Werking Corrello, Richard Lee "Dick"07/07/193669Lima, OH12/11/2005
Werner Pfaff, Edna P.06/29/192481Lima, OH09/17/2005
Wheelbarger Strohm, Herman Wilson "Slim"08/14/191591Lima, OH11/07/2006
White, Don O.04/22/191785Lima, OH07/04/2002
Wieging Best, Collen Ann [ Conley ]11/23/193270Delphos, OH09/12/2003
Wiesenmayer Worline, Raymond M.04/02/192976Lima, OH09/18/2005
Williams Zumkehr, Heather Elisabeth [ Chandler ]12/28/197827Lima, OH02/14/2006
Williams, Ameilianah Navayah Marie10/09/2006InfLima, OH11/25/2006
Williams, James05/14/194360Lima, OH03/21/2004
Wilson Gebhart, Richard Lee07/15/195653Lima, OH01/23/2010
Wilson, Arthur G.07/29/191485Harrod, OH10/19/1999
Wise Guggenheim, Constance W. [ Hardwick ]07/02/189899Bluffton, OH05/08/1998
Woodward Lundie, Robert Thomas01/18/191986Lima, OH05/19/2005
Wright Graves, Richard L. "Dick"10/04/194266Lima, OH10/03/2009
Wueller Hablitzel, Carolyn M.04/26/193570Lima, OH12/24/2005

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