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Saugerties, NY

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Saugerties, New York. 
Becker Coon, Ruthanne B. [ Empert ]04/04/193862Saugerties, NY01/02/2001
Belland Hillje, Doris Bell [ Smeland ] 77Saugerties, NY04/29/2004
Cody, Calvin Hughes 68Saugerties, NY06/06/2000
Dederick Finger, Eva D. [ Corbin ]08/21/191089Saugerties, NY10/24/1999
Doorly, Judith [ Brown ] [ Rafter ]08/12/194257Saugerties, NY02/19/2000
Feyko Deering, John J.10/09/191684Saugerties, NY02/01/2001
Fiero Dubois, Helen E. [ Quick ]02/02/191189Saugerties, NY02/12/2000
Hauck, Warren E. 77Saugerties, NY03/02/2003
Martin, Theresa M. [ Rickett ]06/20/191785Saugerties, NY04/05/2003
McCormick Williams, John D.08/25/191191Saugerties, NY07/27/2003
Mickle Bub, Harry A.03/17/191389Saugerties, NY07/03/2002
Mower Vedder, Sarah Jane [ Mooney ]12/25/190694Saugerties, NY01/24/2001
Playford Teetsel, James C.08/04/193762Saugerties, NY04/28/2000
Rea Eustace, Gaetano Thomas03/04/192474Saugerties, NY09/05/1998
Snyder Gossoo, John A.07/11/192771Saugerties, NY09/08/1998
Winchell Koehler, Wallace F.06/07/193273Saugerties, NY01/14/2006

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