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New Paltz, NY

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in New Paltz, New York. 
Ahlberg Simpson, Ernest B.05/21/191289New Paltz, NY11/09/2001
Auchmoody Atkins, Cornelia L.07/21/192871New Paltz, NY01/24/2000
Auchmoody Cline, Margaret B. [ Roberts ]07/06/192477New Paltz, NY11/18/2001
Baker, Charles Robert 65New Paltz, NY02/02/1999
Boland Butler, Catherine C. [ Matthews ]09/21/1909 New Paltz, NY01/11/1999
Boland Butler, Catherine C. [ Matthews ]09/21/190989New Paltz, NY01/11/1999
Buchanan DuBois, Ralph D.04/29/190798New Paltz, NY03/24/2006
Carroll, Harold G.02/07/192781New Paltz, NY09/23/2008
Coutant Galloway, Estelle M.C. [ DePuy ]08/02/191287New Paltz, NY10/03/1999
DePuy Horne, Kenneth H.05/18/192479New Paltz, NY07/09/2003
DuBois Jenkin, William S.04/22/191488New Paltz, NY10/23/2002
DuBois Kortright, Robert H. "Bob"03/21/192774New Paltz, NY10/12/2001
Dunham Schoonmaker, Lester I.12/03/191786New Paltz, NY08/31/2004
Ellis Slater, Eileen M. [ Burchell ]07/28/192971New Paltz, NY09/11/2000
Fisher Wood, Russell L.05/11/192085New Paltz, NY08/23/2005
Fitch Deyo, Ruth M. [ Botsford ]06/02/191486New Paltz, NY10/05/2001
Gaffney Manion, Helen A. [ McGuire ]04/28/190597New Paltz, NY02/07/2003
Gaffney Marion, Helen A. [ McGuire ]04/28/190597New Paltz, NY02/07/2003
Gardner Solvay, Gloria L. [ McCord ]07/22/192480New Paltz, NY09/29/2004
Gardner, Edwin B.11/24/192280New Paltz, NY03/20/2003
Geary Terwilliger, Doris G. [ St. Leger ]01/15/192083New Paltz, NY04/02/2003
Glancy, Alfred P.09/10/1928 New Paltz, NY01/22/2001
Greene, John Edward08/08/1948 New Paltz, NY09/19/2000
Harp Roosa, Robert L. "Bob"08/03/192878New Paltz, NY08/20/2006
Hasbrouck Ferris, Grace H. [ Graham ]08/16/191487New Paltz, NY07/13/2002
Hasbrouck Ferris, Mary H. [ Thorley ]06/11/192477New Paltz, NY04/28/2002
Hasbrouck Hadley, Leonard09/23/190992New Paltz, NY03/17/2002
Ingraham Van Kleeck, Bud A.06/05/192976New Paltz, NY05/01/2006
Keator Topp, Donald L.03/13/193862New Paltz, NY01/25/2001
Lasher Bufe, Gilbert E.11/24/193665New Paltz, NY06/18/2002
LeFevre Woodward, Ralph J.02/11/192874New Paltz, NY10/09/2002
Marziotti, Mary Marie [ Tozzi ] [ Swift ]01/05/193470New Paltz, NY12/28/2004
Matteson Brown, Benjamin H.03/08/191981New Paltz, NY04/09/2000
Miller, Herbert C.05/01/193664New Paltz, NY06/30/2000
O'Neil, Marshall Louis "Zell"11/14/194756New Paltz, NY09/17/2004
Palmer, Ralph E.12/31/191485New Paltz, NY06/20/2000
Pedersen Andersen, Bertha P. [ MacIver ]08/14/190791New Paltz, NY03/26/1999
Ruger Rhodes, George W.06/09/194555New Paltz, NY09/25/2000
Sherman Smith, Carol D. [ DuCote ]09/24/193863New Paltz, NY08/16/2002
Simmons Turner, Bessie [ Sutton ]09/17/191893New Paltz, NY01/27/2002
Slater Post, Myrtle [ Lorenzen ]09/22/191191New Paltz, NY10/03/2002
Tenney Kehoe, Mary Agnes [ Vantran ] "Mae"03/05/191094New Paltz, NY12/24/2004
Terwilliger, Ethel C. [ Blair ]02/13/190892New Paltz, NY11/02/2000
Turner Christian, Hilda [ Kyrk ] "Marie"01/25/193069New Paltz, NY01/13/2000
Watson Bevier, Julia [ Stallworth ]08/21/194755New Paltz, NY08/31/2002
Williams, Gladys Mae 86New Paltz, NY07/24/1999
Wright Ingraham, Lula A. [ DuBois ] 86New Paltz, NY02/26/1999
Wright Ingraham, Lula A. [ DuBois ]09/27/191286New Paltz, NY02/26/1999

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