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Greenville, NY

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Greenville, New York. 
Adriance Burgess, Evalyn A. [ Simpson ]11/10/191781Greenville, NY04/30/1999
Anderson Space, Raymond George 58Greenville, NY04/11/1999
Ayers Harlor, Irvin Brundage "Irv"01/17/191983Greenville, NY07/15/2002
Bedell Smith, Elizabeth L. [ Trautlein ]01/26/192277Greenville, NY05/14/1999
Belcher Mason, Robert Lee08/02/192672Greenville Township, NY01/16/1999
Canfield, Peter05/20/192377Greenville, NY07/12/2000
Cohen Helicher, Anne [ Reis ]07/14/191491Greenville, NY11/05/2005
Daniels Brown, Vera Norma [ Payne ]07/28/1953 Greenville, NY02/16/2003
DeBevoise Flynn, Helen M. [ McDermott ]06/03/191089Greenville, NY03/08/2000
Ewanciw Kostic, Michael Henry09/24/192576Greenville, NY09/21/2002
Fairweather Weeden, Howard H.05/11/192180Greenville, NY01/03/2002
Gill Clark, Wesley F. "Bo"07/29/191684Greenville, NY09/26/2000
Griffin Evans, Evans "Crow"01/21/190892Greenville, NY03/01/2000
Griffin, Ruth E. [ Eisert ]  Greenville, NY01/21/2000
Gullick, Herbert D. 78Greenville, NY12/29/2000
Mikuszewski Rhein, Mary [ Radzik ]05/31/192178Greenville, NY08/11/1999
Myer, Caroline A [ Ryerson ]05/18/1877 Greenville, NY04/05/1914
Pinkela, Frank01/17/191683Greenville, NY09/13/1999
Purcell Knoblouch, Edgar G.05/07/191187Greenville, NY04/09/1999
Renner Knoth, George F.10/24/192576Greenville, NY11/30/2001
Segda Olesko, Ann K. [ Buckley ]09/01/191782Greenville, NY09/16/1999
Shafer Van Buren, Mary Jane [ Young ]10/06/191685Greenville, NY11/24/2001
Sontag, William C.11/29/191287Greenville, NY06/24/2000
Soudant Clark, Charlotte Louise [ Danisi ]03/15/191486Greenville, NY11/12/2000
Southard Kishpaugh, Earl06/28/194850Greenville, NY06/12/1999
Storms Ford, Earl Raymond12/08/192276Greenville, NY11/30/1999
Vaughn, Everett B.08/14/191784Greenville, NY11/19/2001
Wieblodt Coslick, Margaret R. [ Uszenski ]09/17/192177Greenville, NY05/31/1999

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