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Schenectady, NY

The particular page exists for the purpose of  indexing obituaries of individuals born in Schenectady, New York.
Randall, Helen Marion [ Seymour ] 88Schenectady, NY02/16/1999
Raymond Cummings, Joan M. [ O'Neill ]08/10/194562Schenectady, NY07/19/2008
Repko, Shirely ( Mrs. ) [ Strelow ] 76Schenectady, NY09/04/1998
Riccardi, Anthony 84Schenectady, NY08/15/2005
Ricci Petrillo, Nancy [ Javarone ]03/25/192971Schenectady, NY04/17/2000
Richelieu Vix, Charles Francis "Chuck"07/14/192580Schenectady, NY12/22/2005
Rimmer, Carolyn M. ( Mrs. ) 82Schenectady, NY02/24/1999
Robillard, Michael Francis 37Schenectady, NY02/03/2000
Robinson McLoughlin, Joan [ Johnson ] 43Schenectady, NY02/10/2000
Roblee Allie, Richard J.07/10/194461Schenectady, NY06/16/2006
Roe Lewis, Cora B. [ Kistler ]03/29/193077Schenectady, NY09/11/2007
Rogers, JoAnn Elaine [ Frederico ] 35Schenectady, NY03/19/1999
Ross Berard, David G.07/30/191386Schenectady, NY11/19/1999
Ross, Blanche [ Potanovich ] 84Schenectady, NY09/22/2000
Rossi Peper, Elsa R.07/10/192778Schenectady, NY08/26/2005
Rossi Peper, Elsa R. [ Supley ]07/10/192778Schenectady, NY08/26/2005
Rost Soroczynski, Irene J. [ Champagne ]03/06/191985Schenectady, NY08/04/2004
Ruiz, Edythe M. ( Mrs. )09/04/192475Schenectady, NY09/29/1999
Russell Hetu, John c. "Jack"01/18/193078Schenectady, NY02/23/2008
Russell, Mary F. ( Mrs. )06/01/191487Schenectady, NY09/29/2001
Ruth Dworski, Walter H.06/03/193764Schenectady, NY12/05/2001
Ryan, Edwina R. 83Schenectady, NY09/14/1999
Sadlon, Irene 69Schenectady, NY09/23/1999
Salmonsen, Marion [ McRae ] 83Schenectady, NY09/20/2000
Santinello D'Arginio, Raymond C.07/23/192182Schenectady, NY01/26/2004
Sartwell, Walter C. 70Schenectady, NY02/03/2000
Schaff Dubiel, Marion T. [ Holland ] [ Burger ]08/27/193566Schenectady, NY07/02/2002
Schermerhorn, John I. 78Schenectady, NY02/13/1999
Schlansker, Henrietta [ Ehlers ]07/19/191984Schenectady, NY09/29/2003
Schlansker, Paul G. 54Schenectady, NY02/18/1999
Schneider Norris, Dolores [ Reed ]07/17/192979Schenectady, NY02/17/2009
Schroeter O'Conner, Sandra Lee [ Mount ]03/25/194159Schenectady, NY11/12/2000
Schwartz Webb, Charles R.03/10/192577Schenectady, NY06/20/2003
Schwem Babcock, Marion [ Kinnin ]08/10/191188Schenectady, NY01/14/1999
Sekowski Lewandowski, Irene Frances [ Strenkowski ] 90Schenectady, NY07/07/1999
Senecal, Rene "Joe"11/27/1932 Schenectady, NY02/03/2007
Sengenberger, Oakley G.02/23/192178Schenectady, NY07/10/1999
Serino DeLorenzo, Frank J.11/28/192576Schenectady, NY07/09/2002
Seward Smith, Madeline S. [ Kelly ]11/08/190995Schenectady, NY01/15/2005
Shafer Spebeck, Stanley M.09/06/191089Schenectady, NY11/12/1999
Shave, John Richard03/03/193769Schenectady, NY01/11/2007
Shepard Osterhoudt, Richard Milton07/10/191088Schenectady, NY07/20/1998
Siegel, Sally S. [ Rizzio ] 86Schenectady, NY10/30/2000
Sienka Brozyna, Jerome04/24/193267Schenectady, NY10/14/1999
Siler Clum, Scotta A. 42Schenectady, NY07/12/2002
Sinnenberg, Richard T. 57Schenectady, NY03/10/1999
Skoda, Josephine [ Ellis ] 90Schenectady, NY06/25/1999
Slingerland Voetgling, Douglas A.02/19/192181Schenectady, NY02/07/2003
Slover, Alfred R. 63Schenectady, NY03/07/1999
Smida, Justine A. [ Siaskiewicz ]10/15/191189Schenectady, NY12/11/2000
Smith Childs, Ruth [ Hagen ]10/28/191194Schenectady, NY12/16/2005
Smith Fuller, Constance E. [ Grenier ] [ L'Etoile ] 86Schenectady, NY03/03/2004
Smith, John J. 71Schenectady, NY03/07/1999
Snellman, Erick A. 78Schenectady, NY01/02/2003
Sochia, Mary E. [ Burns ] 52Schenectady, NY06/13/1999
Sorensen, Anna [ Podgorski ] 88Schenectady, NY02/20/1999
Sorenson, Edward E. 93Schenectady, NY02/24/1999
Spink Walsh, Stephen E.08/11/193860Schenectady, NY07/08/1999
Sprung, Edna [ Johnson ] [ Manley ] 82Schenectady, NY03/06/1999
Squillace, Stella M. [ Hitt ] 82Schenectady, NY02/19/1999
St Andrews, Joseph 49Schenectady, NY08/30/2000
Stables Benner, Kevin Philip08/07/195643Schenectady, NY02/16/2000
Stanhope, Alden H. 85Schenectady, NY03/04/1999
Stevens Butts, James T.03/24/194158Schenectady, NY01/06/2000
Stewart, Averill Thatcher 82Schenectady, NY10/31/1999
Stockham Thom, Helen S. [ Saperstein ]09/24/190792Schenectady, NY02/07/2000
Stone, Edward Cleary 85Schenectady, NY02/19/1999
Sullivan Deutl, Frank L.12/03/193168Schenectady, NY05/20/2000
Sutherland O'Neil, George A.08/29/194162Schenectady, NY08/27/2004
Swann Chase, Alton R.10/09/191686Schenectady, NY12/31/2002
Swann, Beverly Belle [ Buchner ]08/14/191888Schenectady, NY12/09/2006
Swanson, Mary Joanna 79Schenectady, NY03/13/1999
Swatling Clute, Charles L. 93Schenectady, NY06/03/2006
Swatling Kurth, Roy K.05/30/191882Schenectady, NY07/30/2000
Szabiet, Adam J. 79Schenectady, NY02/11/1999
Szewczak Sieminski, Henry09/10/192379Schenectady, NY06/27/2003
Taber, Rose M. 90Schenectady, NY08/15/1999
Teachout Millar, Michael05/05/194363Schenectady, NY03/09/2007
Thelin, Robert W. 78Schenectady, NY04/06/2002
Thompson Sisson, Beatrice [ Blumenstock ]09/23/191781Schenectady, NY10/30/1998
Tiscione Fasulo, Jennie [ Mastroianni ]11/28/1908102Schenectady, NY03/08/2011
Todd, Elizabeth [ Taylor ]06/07/1921 Schenectady, NY05/19/2000
Tooley, Thomas J. "Cricket" 72Schenectady, NY06/12/1999
Tremont Sprague, Olivia Angel Grace 2Schenectady, NY08/07/2001
Tripp Clifford, Donald K.05/21/192672Schenectady, NY03/02/1999
Tyler Coleman, Lawrence "Larry"07/08/194657Schenectady, NY07/03/2004
Urquhart, Jean E. [ Alle ] 89Schenectady, NY01/06/2006
Vail Mrozek, Robert I. 82Schenectady, NY01/31/2011
Valentino Dardanelli, Michael Lee11/21/1944 Schenectady, NY01/11/2000
Valentino Dardanelli, Michael Lee11/21/194455Schenectady, NY01/11/2000
Van Der Werken Marx, Mary J. [ Stack ] 58Schenectady, NY06/29/2006
Van Dyke Luckhurst, Floyd03/20/192286Schenectady, NY10/21/2008
Van Etten, Wallace E. 96Schenectady, NY07/10/2002
Van Olinda, Florence H.03/07/191589Schenectady, NY03/16/2004
Van Wagenen, Helen S. 89Schenectady, NY02/06/1999
Van Wormer, Mary Etta 69Schenectady, NY05/09/1999
Vandewater, Virginia [ Van Rees ] 67Schenectady, NY02/02/1998
Villano, Christine [ Carmine ] 95Schenectady, NY02/19/1999
Villanova Giordano, Linda M. [ Stuart ]03/13/195252Schenectady, NY03/29/2004
Vinick Ropeik, Sandra J. [ Shapiro ]10/12/192675Schenectady, NY07/28/2002
Visvary, Bernadine 79Schenectady, NY05/06/1999
Vokins Spencer, Davis W.10/30/192476Schenectady, NY01/14/2001
Vokins, Spencer, Davis W.10/30/192476Schenectady, NY01/14/2001
Von Roeschlaub, Priscilla ( Mrs. ) 89Schenectady, NY04/15/2002
Vonderahe, Edward F.02/03/190794Schenectady, NY08/06/2001
Ward Walker, John M.12/04/192578Schenectady, NY03/13/2004
Wells Steers, Carolyn [ Turnbull ]07/05/191090Schenectady, NY11/17/2000
Westcott, John C.05/02/192684Schenectady, NY02/01/2011
Wheeler, Dorothy [ Carabillo ] "Dottie"08/26/191389Schenectady, NY11/25/2002
White Fish, Philip Myron04/19/191092Schenectady, NY09/03/2002
White Larkin, Paul05/21/196434Schenectady, NY05/09/1999
Whiteford, Irene [ Walsh ] 85Schenectady, NY05/11/1999
Wilhelm Bradley, Evelyn [ Gere ]04/13/195453Schenectady, NY03/15/2008
Wilhelm Bradley, Thomas Vincent12/06/195057Schenectady, NY10/28/2008
Willey Brush, Margaret [ Falk ]12/08/191883Schenectady, NY09/26/2002
Williams Harran, Stephen G.03/17/194752Schenectady, NY08/27/1999
Willsey, Marian 89Schenectady, NY01/20/2006
Wilson, Jerry V.04/02/191883Schenectady, NY01/23/2002
Wing, Everest L. 79Schenectady, NY02/06/1999
Wintzer Kuttler, Beatrice [ Freiberg ]07/23/192183Schenectady, NY10/18/2004
Wiseman Machie, Patrick Andrew 32Schenectady, NY07/25/2000
Witbeck, Andrew Page 37Schenectady, NY03/05/1999
Wnuk Sobieski, Lorraine J. [ Platt ]06/12/192682Schenectady, NY11/02/2008
Wojciek, Julia [ Huzar ] [ Kittle ] 83Schenectady, NY02/19/1999
Woodin Hayner, Howard Eugene07/02/192475Schenectady, NY10/31/1999
Wyer Comeau, Berenice W. [ Blanchard ]04/26/193960Schenectady, NY07/24/1999
Wyko Treater, Amy Beth05/17/198219Schenectady, NY09/13/2001
Wysocki, Virginia [ Miner ]  Schenectady, NY05/30/1999
Yanone Simoni, Melinda [ Di Marco ] 89Schenectady, NY12/24/2005
Young Flanders, Dorothy L. [ McHale ]08/06/193267Schenectady, NY05/07/2000
Yunick, Mary L. ( Mrs. ) 92Schenectady, NY05/13/2000
Zabielski, Frances [ Noonan ] 77Schenectady, NY02/12/1999
Zajaceskowski Fisler, Charles M.03/22/193169Schenectady, NY05/03/2000
Zera Trzcinski, Sophie [ Murzyn ] 83Schenectady, NY10/12/2001
Zielinski Kapuscinski, Louis06/30/191886Schenectady, NY07/01/2004
Zinssar, Kenneth 80Schenectady, NY02/26/1999
Zych, Stasia [ Jendzeizyk ] 73Schenectady, NY02/16/1999
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