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Mechanicville, NY

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Mechanicville, New York.
Ames, Helen M. ( Mrs.) [ Flynn ]  Mechanicville, NY02/10/1999
Amodeo Lombardo, Vincent A.07/25/191388Mechanicville, NY09/29/2001
Angle Larrabee, Ethel M. [ Sherman ]12/03/192673Mechanicville, NY12/25/1999
Audi Tabbano, Jennie [ Mangini ]04/15/191586Mechanicville, NY12/03/2001
Bagnoli Rossi, Armand "Mer"06/20/192376Mechanicville, NY02/17/2000
Bagnoli Rossi, Orlando J. "Willie"05/01/192182Mechanicville, NY08/26/2003
Bardwell Mills, Donald L. 60Mechanicville, NY02/08/1999
Barker, Warren F. "Bud" 89Mechanicville, NY03/20/2003
Barnes Soliere, Howard F.05/01/191288Mechanicville, NY12/31/2000
Bianco Festa, Ralph "TY"03/23/192082Mechanicville, NY06/26/2002
Brennan Byrne, Patrick J.08/16/193173Mechanicville, NY10/26/2004
Bryk Walega, Helen S. [ Vertefeuille ] 68Mechanicville, NY06/23/1999
Butler Paret, George T. "Red"06/23/1928 Mechanicville, NY04/17/2000
Byrne Hipwell, Frances [ Brennan ]10/25/1936 Mechanicville, NY09/29/2001
Carswell Hall, Bernice I. [ Cenci ]08/14/192279Mechanicville, NY04/02/2002
Cefferillo, John E.10/16/194160Mechanicville, NY03/21/2002
Ciulla, Salvatore R. [ Richard Cull ] 69Mechanicville, NY08/31/2002
Clement Burns, Clarence B. "Wamp" 90Mechanicville, NY03/19/2002
Clement, Clarence Marie 89Mechanicville, NY01/03/2000
Connelly, Thomas Patrick 73Mechanicville, NY04/04/1999
Conway Walsh, Albert J. 80Mechanicville, NY12/11/1999
Coreno Cefferillo, Joseph A. 83Mechanicville, NY04/23/1999
Coreno, Joseph A. "Bad Boy Coreno" 83Mechanicville, NY04/23/1999
Crowley, Norman G. 62Mechanicville, NY11/11/1996
Cusack, Mary [ Stark ]12/25/192276Mechanicville, NY02/23/1999
Dailey Clement, Gladys D. [ Gillespie ]03/05/191090Mechanicville, NY04/08/2000
DeCasperis DeMartino, Anthony J. 71Mechanicville, NY12/28/2002
DeMarco Izzo, Christine [ DiCerce ]05/14/192179Mechanicville, NY09/16/2000
DelGuidice Zmambella, Lucy [ Mellon ]07/10/191881Mechanicville, NY11/16/1999
DelGuidice Zonambella, Patricia [ Hernandez ] 73Mechanicville, NY02/10/2000
Doughty, Helen D. 98Mechanicville, NY02/02/1999
Dragonetto Cafarre, Joseph 82Mechanicville, NY05/29/1999
Dyer Race, Douglas R.09/15/193370Mechanicville, NY01/05/2004
Edmonds Cook, Frank L.12/09/193177Mechanicville, NY07/20/2009
Elkins Leggett, Olive M.05/28/192082Mechanicville, NY12/15/2002
Erano Petta, Ruby E. [ Scalzo ]12/26/192673Mechanicville, NY04/25/2000
Felgueroso Medina, Anita02/07/192674Mechanicville, NY08/27/2000
Fiacco, William J. "Billy" 70Mechanicville, NY04/01/2004
Fleming, Florence E. 77Mechanicville, NY12/01/2001
Forino Massullo, Rose [ Berlingieri ]05/07/190396Mechanicville, NY02/16/2000
Forino, Theresa [ Annarumma ]11/21/191291Mechanicville, NY11/04/2004
Forman Bodenstein, James Andrew01/24/192576Mechanicville, NY12/14/2001
Gentile Mucci, Jennie [ Boffengier ] 86Mechanicville, NY10/26/2001
Geruso, Martin F. 95Mechanicville, NY07/26/1996
Gould Finch, Clinton "Joe" 83Mechanicville, NY12/13/2000
Lenihan, John M. "Jack" 64Mechanicville, NY09/13/1999
Luther, Adalen [ Wood ] 78Mechanicville, NY02/10/1999
MacMurray Severence, Alberta J. [ Abbey ] [ Comstock ] 78Mechanicville, NY05/04/1999
Mellen, Lucy ( Mrs. ) 81Mechanicville, NY11/16/1999
Mennata Ferraro, Caroline F. [ Cole ]12/25/191188Mechanicville, NY02/25/2000
Merante Talarico, Sylvester P.02/22/191883Mechanicville, NY12/31/2001
Milewski, Anthony04/16/191185Mechanicville, NY08/30/1996
Milewski, Anthony S.04/16/191185Mechanicville, NY08/30/1996
Miranda, Patrick A. 82Mechanicville, NY02/20/1999
Moore Goodspeed, Mary E. [ Hoover ] 96Mechanicville, NY07/09/1999
Morcone, Constance [ Blizzard ] 79Mechanicville, NY03/04/1999
Nolly Peters, Victoria [ DiStefano ]12/23/191588Mechanicville, NY07/28/2004
Notro, Lucy [ Lembo ] 76Mechanicville, NY12/29/2000
O'Hearn Trombley, John F.04/09/199990Mechanicville, NY09/27/1999
Passander DiSibio, Catherine M. [ Scrimenti ]08/18/191190Mechanicville, NY12/01/2001
Piccirilli Foggi, Lucy M. [ Grogan ] 64Mechanicville, NY06/20/1999
Polonis, William Vincent 92Mechanicville, NY02/28/2003
Rose Stockwell, Shirley [ Wiley ] 55Mechanicville, NY02/11/2000
Ryan, William D. 81Mechanicville, NY11/19/1999
Sanders, Shirley [ Wiley ] 63Mechanicville, NY09/25/2000
Skowronsky, Helen ( Mrs. ) "Nellie" 96Mechanicville, NY05/12/2000
Starks Dymond, Mary01/01/191787Mechanicville, NY04/30/2004
Strauss, John F. 80Mechanicville, NY05/10/1999
Sumner Storey, Rosemary [ Hildreth ]05/10/192475Mechanicville, NY 
Timko, Julia [ Bousa ]08/10/1916 Mechanicville, NY01/04/2007
Tordoff Dormandy, Jean M. [ Eagan ]02/26/191788Mechanicville, NY01/15/2006
Webster, Marion H. 94Mechanicville, NY11/02/1996
Zurlo Martone, Michael J.11/19/192771Mechanicville, NY06/01/1999

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