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Staten Island, NY
This particular page exits for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Staten Island, New York.

Magerl, Charlotte A. [ Bell ] "Nanny"04/06/194160Staten Island, NY12/01/2001
Magruder Wemple, William "Bill"11/06/192870Staten Island, NY07/19/1999
Maloy, Terrence E. 81Staten Island, NY11/10/2001
Maneri, Anastasia D. Stacy"03/24/196736Staten Island, NY03/02/2004
Mastropiero Loffredo, Robert ( Mastro)11/09/191187Staten Island, NY05/24/1999
Matthies Koening, Clara M. [ Bocko ]04/14/193374Staten Island, NY01/18/2008
Maurice Gregory, Donald S. 71Staten Island, NY01/20/2007
McCartney, Henry10/21/193068Staten Island, NY05/08/1999
McCartney, Henry A.10/21/193068Staten Island, NY05/08/1999
McCormack Torsney, Marilyn [ Nicholls ]04/14/192880Staten Island, NY02/27/2009
McGann, Gerard F. 80Staten Island, NY06/09/1999
McManus Gilhooley, Irene [ Dailey ]07/02/190898Staten Island, NY08/31/2006
Mensing, Bernard J. 83Staten Island, NY03/26/2004
Merckle Tuite, Beatrice [ Price ]02/17/192776Staten Island, NY06/09/2003
Meyers, Frances [ Delaney ] 85Staten Island, NY04/07/1999
Mezzacappa, Michael D. 78Staten Island, NY05/28/2005
Mikson Sasinek, Edward P.09/27/190792Staten Island, NY11/23/1999
Miller Meuser, Marilyn Eleanor [ Struyk ]03/18/193967Staten Island, NY03/06/2007
Miller, Marion E. [ Boyle ] 85Staten Island, NY05/28/1999
Miller, Tiffany L. 12Staten Island, NY07/13/2005
Mojica Salatino, Luis N. 20Staten Island, NY08/09/1999
Moore, Thomas A. "Tommy"06/30/191982Staten Island, NY09/29/2001
Mowczan, Peter A. 69Staten Island, NY06/17/2005
Mullane, Dennis "Denny"08/08/192574Staten Island, NY11/25/1999
Murphy, Susan B. ( Mrs. ) 68Staten Island, NY09/25/2008
Nelson Hughes, Dorothy N. [ Knox ]11/10/191587Staten Island, NY08/15/2003
Nelson Malandrino, Deborah A. [ Fodor ]10/21/195254Staten Island, NY04/05/2007
Nelson, Gustav04/04/191885Staten Island, NY12/23/2003
Nicholls, Gerald "Gerry" 32Staten Island, NY03/07/2003
Nieberding Dart, William "Bill"04/18/195049Staten Island, NY01/09/2000
O'Brien, Rosemarie ( Mrs. ) 77Staten Island, NY10/14/2002
O'Dowd Leonard, Charles W.11/05/192276Staten Island, NY09/18/1999
Olsen Ellison, Donald E.01/24/193075Staten Island, NY12/13/2005
Olsen Kite, Pearl E. [ Metz ]07/25/192676Staten Island, NY09/16/2002
Olsen, Dorothy [ Flannery ] 78Staten Island, NY09/12/1999
Ortiz, Marliss ( Mrs. ) 66Staten Island, NY05/31/2003
Otto Zorn, June L. [ Peifer ]06/05/193070Staten Island, NY01/14/2001
Pacilio, Errico "Ed"03/12/1928 Staten Island, NY03/05/2004
Palladino, Dominick A. "Dick" 72Staten Island, NY06/21/2005
Palladino, Sophie [ Ramaglia ] 79Staten Island, NY09/29/1999
Palma, Eileen Marie [ Smith ]03/15/1957 Staten Island, NY06/26/2006
Pansarasa, Diana J. [ Alore ] 66Staten Island, NY06/21/2005
Paradies, Michael C. 17Staten Island, NY07/07/1999
Paradise, Carole [ Mancino ] 50Staten Island, NY06/30/1999
Parke, David L.03/02/1916 Staten Island, NY04/05/2002
Parmele Kettles, Harry B.04/17/191683Staten Island, NY09/04/1999
Paulson Johnson, Ernest A.12/20/193071Staten Island, NY01/21/2002
Pellegrino, Anthony Charles 60Staten Island, NY11/01/1999
Penney Wright, Willoughby W.04/04/192277Staten Island, NY01/09/2000
Penney Wright, Willoughby W.04/04/199277Staten Island, NY01/09/2000
Perez Ashabranner, Cheyenne Toni10/07/198813Staten Island, NY12/31/2001
Petrone, Vito J. 83Staten Island, NY08/10/1999
Pisciotta Licari, Salvatore "Sal"10/31/193072Staten Island, NY08/04/2003
Ponce, Bernardo P. 84Staten Island, NY01/30/2004
Prehen, Arnold R. 85Staten Island, NY02/07/2000
Prince Gearda, Roland12/12/1936 Staten Island, NY06/26/2003
Pylo Moskal, Diane B. [ Beenick ]02/01/196048Staten Island, NY03/11/2008
Rabey Scaturro, Charles S.04/08/192977Staten Island, NY11/13/2006
Radzvilla, Edward Joseph [ Kronenberg Wondolowkowski ]12/20/1936 Staten Island, NY05/09/2000
Rafferty Vialette, Anna [ Nelson ]03/03/189235Staten Island, NY 
Rague, Harold F. "Harry" 79Staten Island, NY09/23/2002
Ramos Rovendro, Steven M.02/08/196338Staten Island, NY12/14/2001
Reilly, Jean Carol 75Staten Island, NY01/25/2000
Reveille Hill, David J.06/05/19955Staten Island, NY09/03/2000
Ricci, Robert J. 73Staten Island, NY12/09/2010
Richards, Anthony A. "Tutti"07/20/193469Staten Island, NY02/20/2004
Rinaldo Collins, Patricia [ Mucciariello ]04/22/195450Staten Island, NY09/13/2004
Rockstroh, Stephen D.01/22/191589Staten Island, NY02/02/2004
Roehrig Oberholzer, Anne Louise [ Rideout ]04/28/191587Staten Island, NY12/09/2002
Rossi Forni, Antoinette [ Maselli ]02/08/191984Staten Island, NY10/04/2003
Rowan, Douglas Ford 75Staten Island, NY02/21/2004
Rubsam Dewey, Mary [ Mara ]05/04/191488Staten Island, NY07/15/2002
Saccone, John A.10/06/193572Staten Island, NY04/04/2008
Santangelo, George06/09/191785Staten Island, NY11/26/2002
Sawicki Prayzyck, Casimir "Kayo"10/10/191883Staten Island, NY02/03/2002
Scaparrotti D'Aloia, Carmel [ Cubisino ]10/31/191684Staten Island, NY10/20/2001
Schaffer, George D. 80Staten Island, NY04/04/2004
Schaming, Elizabeth Ann [ DeCelie ] "Betty"04/05/194657Staten Island, NY06/08/2003
Scharffenstein, Sarah A. [ O'Neill ] 96Staten Island, NY06/30/2003
Schaumburg Jacobs, Charles H.06/04/194260Staten Island, NY03/14/2003
Scheller, Charlotte S. [ Dembner ]  Staten Island, NY08/14/2006
Schiortino Ricci, Mary Ann [ Nitti ] 59Staten Island, NY01/08/2007
Schlinder, Agnes Anne [ Meade ] 78Staten Island, NY11/02/2004
Schneider Kaschavsky, George R.12/07/193563Staten Island, NY08/04/1999
Schoen, Walter Craig10/13/194656Staten Island, NY03/26/2003
Schrader, William Herman 64Staten Island, NY06/15/1999
Schron Mathis, George W.06/13/194856Staten Island, NY08/04/2004
Schron, Edward S. 71Staten Island, NY04/20/2000
Scollan Cokley, Francis M.02/18/193865Staten Island, NY06/24/2003
Seifert Robinson, Hazel Edith [ Holbrook ]02/17/193470Staten Island, NY08/04/2004
Senk, Rose [ Hunt ]06/27/190594Staten Island, NY02/18/2000
Severino, Michele [ Gilbert ] 47Staten Island, NY11/07/1999
Shalkowski, Mary Ann 75Staten Island, NY04/21/2000
Siclari, Franky 17Staten Island, NY10/08/2004
Siebert Hensel, Walter Otto10/27/193075Staten Island, NY04/23/2006
Sieg, Catherine [ McDonnell ] 83Staten Island, NY12/12/2000
Slaven, Ruth D.07/26/192874Staten Island, NY11/06/2002
Smith, Charles D. 56Staten Island, NY12/14/2000
Socolov, Murray 64Staten Island, NY05/14/2005
Sparano, Anne M. [ Palazzo ] 65Staten Island, NY03/01/2002
Speckin Gorman, John Harold08/12/192976Staten Island, NY09/16/2005
Sprague, Joanne S. [ Bradley ] 43Staten Island, NY02/09/2000
Squazzo Hymans, Anthony E. "Bud"07/06/191979Staten Island, NY12/16/1998
St. Leger Gass, R. Harry09/26/191982Staten Island, NY01/13/2002
Stack Higgins, Helen Delores [ Danielson ]11/14/191883Staten Island, NY06/08/2002
Stanton, John W. 81Staten Island, NY01/31/1999
Steel, Anna A. ( Mrs. )01/27/1929 Staten Island, NY01/19/2000
Stellefson Sternberg, Thelma [ Panzella ]03/06/191093Staten Island, NY08/05/2003
Stiegert Zelaski, John H.07/27/193367Staten Island, NY12/22/2000
Stockhofer, Edward S.08/16/196635Staten Island, NY03/13/2002
Stonington Prestwich, Eleanor Mary [ White ]07/15/191089Staten Island, NY05/11/2000
Strohmeyer, Charles07/26/191692Staten Island, NY06/18/2009
Strong, Robert George 65Staten Island, NY10/15/2001
Sullivan O'Boyle, Eileen [ Meurer ]01/08/196344Staten Island, NY01/23/2007
Sullivan, Michael J.09/24/193464Staten Island, NY06/02/1999
Susalis Delavasillis, Nicholas11/29/191985Staten Island, NY03/21/2005
Tafuri, Mary [ Yaccarino ]03/31/1907 Staten Island, NY10/02/1998
Teleshesky Slobodzian, Elizabeth C. [ Geba ]06/18/1933 Staten Island, NY09/16/1998
Thomas Cooper, Robert F.11/16/192187Staten Island, NY05/22/2009
Thompson, John E. 79Staten Island, NY12/06/2002
Tooker, John I. 85Staten Island, NY03/15/2005
Toomey, Ruth A. 86Staten Island, NY03/26/2002
Treval, Raymond David02/14/1917 Staten Island, NY02/08/2000
Triest Wolfe, Dorothee Elizabeth [ Farrand ]04/04/190289Staten Island, NY01/13/2002
Trost, Stephen R.08/28/195249Staten Island, NY01/04/2002
Turano, Albert W. "Skippy" 71Staten Island, NY12/31/2003
Valentino, Enrico "Tito" 73Staten Island, NY04/17/1999
Van Cott White, Stanley J.06/27/192475Staten Island, NY07/09/1999
Van Tine, Eileen V. [ Mallien ] 65Staten Island, NY07/12/2005
Versaci Cirovalo, Salvatore "Chuck"09/16/192875Staten Island, NY09/01/2004
Vicari, Angel 32Staten Island, NY07/11/2000
Vicenti, Tammi 34Staten Island, NY06/18/2003
Vosbrink Buesch, Walter H.01/19/192871Staten Island, NY06/22/1999
Walker, Florence T. 85Staten Island, NY06/29/2000
Wallich Grabenbauer, Lawrence J.03/07/193468Staten Island, NY10/12/2002
Warren, Lenwood Earl07/27/192678Staten Island, NY03/02/2005
Watson, Lawrence "Larry"10/14/194261Staten Island, NY02/01/2004
Weber DePew, Robert E.06/12/194752Staten Island, NY05/05/2000
Wegener Rankin, Frederick C.01/19/193048Staten Island, NY12/20/1971
White Maier, Walter L.07/19/190792Staten Island, NY02/12/2000
Whitford Fennel, Edward K.10/30/194061Staten Island, NY09/09/2002
Wikander Sweeny, Joyce C. [ Cirigliano ]11/25/194057Staten Island, NY10/24/1998
Williams Peel, Alice [ Mann ] [ Sutton ]08/26/191390Staten Island, NY08/11/2004
Winant, Chester James 65Staten Island, NY05/26/2000
Winsor MacLennon, Robert Livingston09/30/193967Staten Island, NY10/17/2006
Witte, Alma [ Hamersly ] 81Staten Island, NY10/25/2000
Woell Schoen, Dorothy M. [ Scala ]09/20/192079Staten Island, NY07/27/2000
Wojehowski Marcinak, Walter J.03/22/192577Staten Island, NY09/15/2002
Wrabel, Margaret ( Mrs. ) "Peg" 74Staten Island, NY09/28/2002
Wuagneux, George Wilbur03/12/193368Staten Island, NY02/28/2002
Wuest Hall, Paul F.06/20/192676Staten Island, NY06/17/2003
Yackovetsky Yankowski, Christina M. [ Hoffman ]11/03/195153Staten Island, NY07/22/2005
Young Hodgon, John T.12/21/195848Staten Island, NY01/19/2007
Zarkowski, John "Zarky" 75Staten Island, NY06/27/2003
Zeoli, Emilio T.  Staten Island, NY05/14/1999
Zilly Wilkinson, Ethel Gertrude 92Staten Island, NY02/26/1999
deLaet, Thomas 86Staten Island, NY06/23/2000
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