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Schenevus, NY

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Schenevus, New York. 
Campbell Sillman, Beatrice C. [ Cole ]10/26/190791Schenevus, NY08/28/1999
Campbell Stilwell, George A.03/21/192675Schenevus, NY01/05/2002
Dragoo Nies, Paul04/17/192280Schenevus, NY12/04/2002
Hawver West, Francis A.06/12/191286Schenevus, NY09/28/1998
Maddalone Friery, Charles Joseph03/02/192972Schenevus, NY09/26/2001
Markley Farro, Andrew P.12/27/191979Schenevus, NY11/12/1999
Mowers Hren, Douglas J. "Poppee"01/28/194664Schenevus, NY01/21/2011
Nesbitt Munson, Marjorie N. [ Herschleb ]12/13/191983Schenevus, NY09/04/2003
Nesbitt, Harrie Jane [ Lindley ]06/24/1921 Schenevus, NY06/12/2003
Riddell Haynes, Dorothy R. [ Ackerly ]03/10/190793Schenevus, NY10/30/2000
Rowe Horner, Marion [ Perrine ]02/20/1920 Schenevus, NY11/06/1999
Sellick Bivins, Bette L. [ Preston ]05/28/194455Schenevus, NY05/28/1944
Silvernail Hallock, Richard Charles "Dick" "Doc"05/13/193662Schenevus, NY09/03/1998
Tessitore Stalata, Joseph01/10/192285Schenevus, NY03/10/2007
Webster Saxton, Frederick09/09/193761Schenevus, NY02/17/1999
West Van Buren, William W.11/12/192480Schenevus, NY08/03/2005
Wilsey Hall, Marcia A. [ Bottke ]07/10/192484Schenevus, NY02/17/2009

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