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Gloversville, NY
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in Gloversville, New York.
MacVean, Marilyn [ Hanna ] 74Gloversville, NY02/17/1999
Maiello, Mary L. ( Mrs. )04/20/191586Gloversville, NY09/07/2001
Malagisi Tascillo, Mary Elizabeth [ Veeder ]08/01/195646Gloversville, NY03/19/2003
Malone, Clarence B. 82Gloversville, NY09/05/1999
Managun Davis, Muriel A. [ Fox ]09/06/191881Gloversville, NY03/04/2000
Mancester, John L. "Jack"02/21/193664Gloversville, NY11/07/2000
Manchester Frank, John L. "Jack"02/21/193664Gloversville, NY11/07/2000
Manchester Murphy, Guy12/29/191186Gloversville, NY02/16/1998
Manzer Elmendorf, John R.05/31/194758Gloversville, NY05/25/2006
Marlitt, Caroline W. [ White ] [ Borst ]11/06/194553Gloversville, NY06/15/1999
Martin Hale, Madelyn [ Vickery ]09/06/191289Gloversville, NY09/11/2001
Martin Hale, Madelyn [ Vickery ]09/06/191289Gloversville, NY09/12/2001
Masconi, Freda I. ( Mrs. )01/26/191883Gloversville, NY08/05/2001
Masi Lentini, Mary Carmella [ Lupo ]09/02/191485Gloversville, NY08/26/2000
Mattei Mellon, Mary M. [ Martuscello ]08/25/190797Gloversville, NY03/03/2005
Mattice Bartholf, James M.01/24/196636Gloversville, NY03/21/2002
May Armstrong, Diana [ Voorhees ]01/29/193567Gloversville, NY06/22/2002
McClary Barclay, Charles03/23/192868Gloversville, NY02/23/1997
McDougall Rusaw, Arthur G.08/12/193863Gloversville, NY10/29/2001
Mead Chapin, Geraldine [ Fosmire ]04/02/191784Gloversville, NY10/10/2001
Mele Catinia, Carmela J. [ Mele ]09/07/192870Gloversville, NY04/11/1999
Melita McCarthy, Daniel T. 24Gloversville, NY03/30/2000
Mikity Barillo, Robert J.12/29/193365Gloversville, NY12/10/1999
Miller Horender, Betty Lou [ Meher ]06/01/193369Gloversville, NY03/16/2003
Miranda, Thomas12/13/190989Gloversville, NY05/13/1999
Mitchell Cook, James M.06/17/197925Gloversville, NY01/29/2005
Monk Blanche, Ronald G.12/01/194956Gloversville, NY06/14/2006
Montanye Wemple, Susan Jean12/24/195052Gloversville, NY05/23/2003
Montoney, Beulah I. ( Mrs. ) 91Gloversville, NY03/02/1998
Moore Frasier, Donald J.11/29/192276Gloversville, NY06/10/1999
Moore, June [ Blodgett ]06/08/192278Gloversville, NY10/29/2000
Morrill Hindes, Jaqueline N.01/19/193866Gloversville, NY07/17/2004
Morrison Knapp, James12/18/193263Gloversville, NY07/11/1996
Morrison Smith, Marraye L.01/12/19937Gloversville, NY12/06/2000
Morrison Taylor, Sanford E.02/15/192278Gloversville, NY08/04/2000
Mosconi Finnini, Anthony F.06/11/191188Gloversville, NY07/21/1999
Moul, Andre Lillian [ Ross ]09/06/192085Gloversville, NY07/12/2006
Mowrey, Walter J. 69Gloversville, NY03/19/1999
Murphy Benjamin, Michael D.11/06/197629Gloversville, NY11/07/2005
Muscato Gentile, Theresa A. [ DePalma ] 87Gloversville, NY03/28/2004
Muscato Migliaccio, Rufus "Muzzy"04/24/192378Gloversville, NY09/05/2001
Musgrave, David O.01/07/194848Gloversville, NY07/12/1996
Muskin, Nathan J.06/09/191881Gloversville, NY10/11/1999
Nare Voorhees, Roger V.06/21/192680Gloversville, NY07/06/2006
Naudin McGinnis, Elizabeth [ McGrath ] [ Snedeker ]03/28/191388Gloversville, NY10/19/2001
Naylor Ferguson, Wendy Marian [ Wood ] 57Gloversville, NY02/27/2002
Nellis Hinds, Everett R. "Mooney"07/14/193466Gloversville, NY09/21/2000
Nellis Pettit, Myrna A. [ Christiano ]05/20/192872Gloversville, NY08/06/2000
Nellis Plantz, Kathryn [ Daley ]04/03/193571Gloversville, NY06/27/2006
Nellis, Richard A. 49Gloversville, NY05/15/1999
Nessel Sussman, Chester07/12/191488Gloversville, NY05/23/2003
Niegelberg, Yedda [ Epstein ] [ Frisch ]06/16/191091Gloversville, NY11/12/2001
Noble Cook, Pauline C. [ Bonfey ]06/26/190888Gloversville, NY08/02/1996
Noble Cook, Pauline [ Bonfey ]06/26/190888Gloversville, NY08/02/1996
Noone, James J. 59Gloversville, NY06/24/2003
Noyes Leach, Raymond L.09/21/191886Gloversville, NY08/12/2005
O'Connor Mannion, Mary Lucinda [ Olsinski ]04/03/190991Gloversville, NY10/05/2000
O'Donnell Ferrara, Maria Ann [ Novak ]06/12/194365Gloversville, NY06/15/2008
O'Donnell, Robert E. 85Gloversville, NY07/14/1996
Oaksford Cornish, F. Roger "Oaky"08/15/192673Gloversville, NY05/05/2000
Oathout Oare, Ruth M. [ Ward ]02/17/190794Gloversville, NY11/28/2001
Ohler Meyer, Doris Johanna [ Nitchman ] [ Russell ]08/19/191686Gloversville, NY09/08/2002
Ollisio, Marguertie [ Ciarmiello ] 77Gloversville, NY11/10/2000
Olson Frederick, Richard H.07/13/193070Gloversville, NY08/06/2000
Ort Mosher, Doris [ Colly ]03/25/192574Gloversville, NY04/01/1999
Otoo Knopf, John K.10/15/192681Gloversville, NY08/08/2008
Painter Chase, Roy W.12/08/191585Gloversville, NY09/09/2001
Parella, Elsie P. [ Romano ] 83Gloversville, NY07/13/1996
Parkhurst Barnard, Richard02/17/190793Gloversville, NY02/28/2000
Parks Warden, Arlene [ Bleyle ]02/01/192873Gloversville, NY12/13/2001
Parks, Arlene [ Bleyle ]02/01/192873Gloversville, NY12/13/2001
Passero, Connie L.12/18/194949Gloversville, NY10/04/1999
Patterson, Harvey Roger05/03/193570Gloversville, NY11/01/2005
Peck Bradt, Clayton B.04/24/190396Gloversville, NY03/11/2000
Peck Ferguson, Jennie L.10/01/190891Gloversville, NY11/18/1999
Pedrick, Marian P. [ Darling ] [ Ecker ] 91Gloversville, NY04/29/2000
Peek Pettit, Joyce Mary [ Van Heusen ]01/26/193367Gloversville, NY10/28/2000
Pemrick Davison, Kathleen [ Fisher ]08/16/193563Gloversville, NY05/20/1999
Pemrick, Kathleen [ Fisher ] 63Gloversville, NY05/20/1999
Peris Etts, Mollie [ Arcomano ]09/23/190495Gloversville, NY07/31/2000
Perrella Giambolli, Mary Helen [ Perna ]09/07/190695Gloversville, NY12/08/2001
Perrone Condo, Madeline N. [ Bennice ]09/07/192582Gloversville, NY08/08/2008
Perrone, Martha [ Perrella ] 97Gloversville, NY08/27/2000
Perrone, Mary P. [ Salvione ] 95Gloversville, NY02/04/2000
Perry Jones, Donald C.02/24/194857Gloversville, NY10/23/2005
Person, Frederick J. 55Gloversville, NY07/31/1996
Peters Ernst, Donald F.02/15/1922 Gloversville, NY08/31/2005
Peters Ernst, June [ Wiley ]08/06/191887Gloversville, NY10/26/2005
Petruccelli, John "J.P."06/04/194950Gloversville, NY08/10/1999
Pettit, Joyce L. [ Dutcher ]01/06/196534Gloversville, NY07/12/1999
Phelps, Joyce M. [ Cosselman ]02/10/193670Gloversville, NY01/23/2007
Phillips, Dorothy [ Ciani ]04/07/192576Gloversville, NY10/02/2000
Pichizolo Mattarazzo, Alfred F.06/20/192778Gloversville, NY08/30/2005
Pierce Mapes, Ward09/26/190791Gloversville, NY07/17/1999
Pierce, Nancy J. ( Mrs. )09/24/194853Gloversville, NY11/17/2001
Pisano, Gino A.05/25/195845Gloversville, NY09/18/2003
Place Palmer, Russell A.01/16/191982Gloversville, NY10/24/2001
Platts Bassler, Gertrude P. [ Perry ]03/13/190894Gloversville, NY03/26/2002
Plunkett, Raymond S.05/27/191386Gloversville, NY05/11/2000
Polenski Kenyon, Christopher A.05/24/197035Gloversville, NY07/25/2005
Pollard, Henry R.06/16/196636Gloversville, NY06/29/2002
Poyfair, Ilene [ Cook ] 69Gloversville, NY10/03/2000
Poyfare, Philip, Henry08/25/192574Gloversville, NY02/26/2000
Prime Green, Lillian12/09/190989Gloversville, NY06/01/1999
Prokop Rebisz, Alice Jean [ Blake ]06/05/193267Gloversville, NY01/15/2000
Putman, Doris [ Robbins ]03/26/1934 Gloversville, NY10/25/2005
Quinn, John J. 78Gloversville, NY08/28/2000
Razzano Martin, Blanche Alzina [ Davis ]09/09/194455Gloversville, NY05/09/2000
Razzano, Blanche Alzina [ Davis ] 55Gloversville, NY05/09/2000
Reed, Arthur W. 77Gloversville, NY09/06/1999
Reid Wager, Timothy Lee04/11/194259Gloversville, NY11/24/2001
Reid, Beverly H. [ Wemple ] [ Marcais ]02/13/191888Gloversville, NY06/08/2006
Reynolds Pike, Elvis Scott12/17/197818Gloversville, NY01/22/1997
Reynolds Wells, Eunice R. [ Teetz ]04/02/191487Gloversville, NY10/25/2001
Ricci, Mary G. [ Aquilla ] 92Gloversville, NY07/30/1996
Riccitiello, Anne M. [ Barone ] 76Gloversville, NY04/30/1999
Ricco Fraggiosa, Frank J.12/11/193366Gloversville, NY05/15/2000
Ricco Fraggiosa, Louise R. [ Sweet ]12/31/192773Gloversville, NY08/03/2001
Rice Blowers, Thomas J.03/02/195645Gloversville, NY09/24/2001
Rice Smullins, Helen E. [ Webster ]01/30/190693Gloversville, NY01/04/2000
Richmond Martin, Robert S.07/15/191189Gloversville, NY11/26/2000
Ridley Ward, Helen [ Brezovsky ]07/27/191190Gloversville, NY03/10/2002
Riska, Sharon 54Gloversville, NY02/12/1999
Robbins Allen, Richard A.07/14/193169Gloversville, NY10/20/2000
Robbins Slade, Vera [ Baum ]08/27/191392Gloversville, NY02/28/2006
Robbins Trapp, Doris J. [ Higgins ] [ Townsend ]05/13/192382Gloversville, NY09/06/2005
Robbins, Marion R. [ Miller ]03/30/191188Gloversville, NY05/13/1999
Rockwell Warner, Gary D.01/18/194950Gloversville, NY06/30/1999
Rose Chatteron, Susan C. [ Reid ]12/04/194950Gloversville, NY08/27/2000
Rose Evans, Russell10/07/190989Gloversville, NY02/07/1999
Rose, Peter C.09/22/190297Gloversville, NY08/12/2001
Ruberti, Anna M.02/14/192477Gloversville, NY07/30/2001
Rubin, Gerald06/17/192771Gloversville, NY06/16/1999
Rudd Cornell, Jack A.12/29/192183Gloversville, NY08/07/2005
Ruggiero, Christoper David12/30/198317Gloversville, NY08/18/2001
Rulison, Walter L. 52Gloversville, NY02/19/1999
Ruller Sesonske, Jonathan S.07/07/198322Gloversville, NY09/12/2005
Ryder Payne, Stephen E.03/24/193069Gloversville, NY01/05/2000
Ryder, Eugene05/28/192383Gloversville, NY12/07/2006
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