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Gloversville, NY
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in Gloversville, New York.
Abbott Lewis, James S.08/24/191881Gloversville, NY07/20/2000
Abdella Simon, Amelia04/24/190792Gloversville, NY02/07/2000
Abdella, Edmond Allenby12/22/191886Gloversville, NY08/05/2005
Abel Smith, Sheila E. [ Loux ]11/15/194760Gloversville, NY09/19/2008
Ackel, Jeanette Mary [ O'Connor ]02/08/192182Gloversville, NY07/25/2003
Ackernecht, Walter C.06/01/191880Gloversville, NY04/08/1999
Adams Rauer, Marjorie [ Gutta ]11/19/191589Gloversville, NY08/22/2005
Adelman Stein, Morris "Moe"03/08/191784Gloversville, NY11/28/2001
Aesch Vernay, Flora [ Young ] [ Violyn ]09/18/192380Gloversville, NY03/12/2004
Aesch, Henry E.09/05/192972Gloversville, NY04/01/2002
Aldi, Andrew C.10/12/191782Gloversville, NY05/31/2000
Aldrich Huckans, Orville B.11/04/190693Gloversville, NY11/14/1999
Allen Goodemote, Margaret [ Jameson ]06/29/190987Gloversville, NY02/19/1997
Allen Hesek, Frank12/07/192675Gloversville, NY03/16/2002
Allen Kinney, Shirley [ Jones ]04/19/191387Gloversville, NY10/03/2000
Almy, John J.04/04/193171Gloversville, NY04/16/2002
Amadon Polivka, John D.11/16/195842Gloversville, NY10/02/2001
Ambrosino Fagan, Marguerite N. [ Quant ] "Peggy"12/03/194056Gloversville, NY01/03/1997
Ambrosino Papa, Giselda I.06/12/1919 Gloversville, NY08/04/2005
Ambrosino Papa, Victor J.04/25/192579Gloversville, NY05/05/2004
Anadio Affablia, Carmella F. [ Martin ]08/03/192084Gloversville, NY03/11/2005
Andersen Maider, Gertrude F. [ Van Der Sluys ]10/07/192878Gloversville, NY12/22/2006
Anderson Simmons, Eleanor Mickey [ Shepperdson ] 84Gloversville, NY12/26/2001
Anderson Simmons, Eleanor [ Shepperdson ] 84Gloversville, NY12/26/2001
Angus, Mildred E. 78Gloversville, NY03/12/1999
Anthony Bemis, Helene [ Shell ]07/11/190698Gloversville, NY01/01/2001
Anthony, Elizabeth M. [ Mastracco ]01/13/191388Gloversville, NY10/21/2001
Arnold, Melissa A.04/01/196536Gloversville, NY12/25/2001
Ash Clark, Clarence W.09/17/191689Gloversville, NY02/12/2006
Avery Bradshaw, Lyman "Rob"10/16/196636Gloversville, NY07/01/2003
Bacher Miller, Harold G. 88Gloversville, NY12/30/2002
Bacon Kuehner, George F.04/29/192972Gloversville, NY10/09/2001
Bailey LaPort, Clifford C.09/06/194658Gloversville, NY08/14/2005
Baker Rose, Esther J. [ Danforth ]06/07/193669Gloversville, NY10/21/2005
Baldwin Wood, Price D.10/25/194555Gloversville, NY09/05/2001
Banovic, Ronald "Ron"12/11/193563Gloversville, NY04/11/1999
Barclay Fonda, Earl F.05/22/193467Gloversville, NY08/12/2001
Barker Steele, Dorotha C. [ Christman ]01/17/190596Gloversville, NY12/01/2001
Barker Wilmarth, Mildred M. [ Stewart ]01/02/191388Gloversville, NY10/04/2001
Barnoski Lee, M. Denise10/12/197031Gloversville, NY 
Barnoski Lee, M. Denise10/12/197031Gloversville, NY06/24/2002
Barnoski, M. Denise10/12/197031Gloversville, NY06/24/2002
Barron, Elinor Ann ( Mrs. ) 91Gloversville, NY11/12/2001
Barter Gardner, Joan E. [ Wanderlick ]07/14/194066Gloversville, NY12/14/2006
Basileo Lauria, Rose M. [ Collar ]02/11/191485Gloversville, NY11/10/1999
Bates Baumgartel, Donald R.05/10/192976Gloversville, NY08/29/2005
Batty, Mariana B. [ Delafield ] 88Gloversville, NY12/22/2001
Baurle Walker, Emmett C.11/22/192969Gloversville, NY07/01/1999
Belden Van Alstyne, Phillip N.02/25/193467Gloversville, NY09/10/2001
Bell Brott, Frank C.07/26/194455Gloversville, NY06/06/2000
Bell McDuffee, Richard C. "Ike"01/10/193071Gloversville, NY11/18/2001
Beman Palmieri, JoAnn [ Garbarino ]12/15/193860Gloversville, NY03/31/1999
Benjamin Berry, Marjorie B. [ Hollenbeck ]06/28/191489Gloversville, NY07/05/2003
Bennett Anderson, Stanley Ronald05/17/193076Gloversville, NY05/27/2006
Bennett Duel, Walter05/21/192177Gloversville, NY03/05/1999
Bennett Philes, Aneita [ Hopkins ] "Babe"03/06/190297Gloversville, NY02/06/2000
Bennett, Walter J. 77Gloversville, NY03/05/1999
Berger, Graenum 90Gloversville, NY03/31/1999
Bergman, Jeanne S.12/29/191189Gloversville, NY05/18/2001
Berliner Hettenstein, Helen [ Sandel ]08/04/191485Gloversville, NY08/07/1999
Blanchard, Donald H. 65Gloversville, NY03/11/1999
Bleyl Pollack, Shirley A. [ Alfini ]04/30/194363Gloversville, NY12/30/2006
Bohacek, David02/22/193866Gloversville, NY04/16/2003
Boiano, Anna [ Carbonelli ] 81Gloversville, NY02/27/1999
Bommarito Pollari, Sam02/10/1908 Gloversville, NY03/19/2004
Bommarito, Sam Salvador02/10/190896Gloversville, NY03/19/2004
Bona, Helena ( Mrs. ) [ Van Alstyne ]02/26/192279Gloversville, NY10/24/2001
Borchert Pitcher, Shane C.08/29/198019Gloversville, NY01/23/2000
Bornt Billington, Ronald James08/05/191686Gloversville, NY07/14/2003
Bornt Ostrander, David A.01/09/195254Gloversville, NY06/27/2006
Bouchard, Joyce M. [ Nesbitt ]03/23/193366Gloversville, NY03/23/1933
Bowers Geweye, Roland H.08/22/192379Gloversville, NY09/19/2002
Bowers Meyers, Vivian C. [ Pulver ]12/15/191685Gloversville, NY12/25/2001
Bowman Azmastrey, Claire B. 8Gloversville, NY08/20/2000
Boyd Lawton, Donald E.07/31/193466Gloversville, NY11/25/2000
Boyd, Joan C.09/18/194262Gloversville, NY07/03/2005
Bradt Hollenbeck, Betty Jean [ Phillips ]03/24/193470Gloversville, NY08/12/2004
Braender, Freda F. 59Gloversville, NY09/19/2001
Braender, Freda F. ( Mrs. ) 59Gloversville, NY09/19/2001
Brockhum Gallup, Lesley Ann [ Taylor ]08/11/196534Gloversville, NY07/25/2000
Brockhum James, Rosemary [ Walters ]05/20/195155Gloversville, NY06/06/2006
Brooker Cross, Russell07/11/190099Gloversville, NY01/19/2000
Brooks Flint, Arthur Eugene11/06/192475Gloversville, NY09/13/2000
Brooks Harrison, Marion [ Keene ]09/23/191487Gloversville, NY06/26/2002
Brooks Kunstler, Bertha E.05/27/191587Gloversville, NY12/30/2002
Brower Murray, Alberta [ Passino ]05/13/193369Gloversville, NY03/27/2002
Brower Tyrell, Vivian [ Smrtic ]10/23/192772Gloversville, NY12/08/1999
Brown Barney, Raymond H.01/21/191584Gloversville, NY12/08/1999
Brown Conrad, A. Whitney "Whit"11/08/193861Gloversville, NY11/07/2000
Brown Fisher, Emma B. [ Krause ]03/05/191388Gloversville, NY01/01/2002
Brown Sowle, Robert G.10/25/191788Gloversville, NY11/26/2005
Buanno, Sandra B. [ Hemstreet ] 56Gloversville, NY08/28/2000
Bunn Lamont, Kenneth05/08/193564Gloversville, NY10/07/1999
Burgess Chappell, Garvin L. "Bud"06/17/192877Gloversville, NY11/24/2005
Burlett Wagner, Pauline M. [ Handy ]12/08/193768Gloversville, NY12/06/2006
Butler Bennett, Gwendolyn [ Horning ]11/17/192972Gloversville, NY04/04/2002
Buyce Simons, John N.07/27/192284Gloversville, NY01/03/2007
Byrne, Hubert 64Gloversville, NY02/15/1999
Cady Seeley, Roy A.01/11/191783Gloversville, NY05/22/2000
Cady, Howard P. 92Gloversville, NY04/03/2000
Campanile De Simone, Grencenzo "Chris"06/27/191689Gloversville, NY08/17/2005
Campanile DeSimone, Grecenzo "Chris"06/27/191689Gloversville, NY08/17/2005
Canary Prokop, Ryan J.03/12/198420Gloversville, NY03/28/2004
Caputo Peretta, James C.04/25/193766Gloversville, NY07/08/2003
Caputo, Charles P.05/18/1923 Gloversville, NY07/01/2003
Carter Morrison, Harry E.06/28/195056Gloversville, NY12/06/2006
Cassaliggi Rada, Louise [ Biondi ] [ Kahr ]01/19/191684Gloversville, NY12/25/2000
Cassedy, Mary C. [ Skoda ]04/04/193566Gloversville, NY10/29/2001
Castiglione Troia, Robert E.12/28/192279Gloversville, NY04/03/2002
Castle, Viola [ Taylor ]  Gloversville, NY01/01/2001
Chatteron Brown, Herbert A. "Gizz"01/19/192575Gloversville, NY10/18/2000
Chatterton Couture, Lynn M.05/17/195541Gloversville, NY11/15/1996
Chetwynd Schrum, Robert S.01/02/191683Gloversville, NY12/19/1999
Christofferson, Audrey J. ( Mrs. ) 68Gloversville, NY10/27/2000
Ciaccio Farina, Anna [ Viano ]08/02/190794Gloversville, NY12/07/2001
Clay, Robert C. 62Gloversville, NY07/15/1996
Clemente Durrand, Carmi Lois [ Smullen ]03/19/194757Gloversville, NY01/24/2005
Clemente La Rowe, Coreyne L.10/27/194953Gloversville, NY01/12/2003
Clemente Vitale, Albert L.12/25/1921 Gloversville, NY08/25/2000
Clemente Vitale, Philomena [ Murphy ]07/12/191193Gloversville, NY12/30/2004
Cleveland, Dennis L.09/01/194654Gloversville, NY11/20/2000
Clute Gordon, Shirley J. [ Miller ]08/14/194656Gloversville, NY05/26/2003
Coco Loveless, Alfio10/21/195646Gloversville, NY03/15/2003
Colabello Vita, Frank11/21/193275Gloversville, NY08/04/2008
Cole Maxwel, Raymond E.08/12/194254Gloversville, NY04/03/1997
Cole Schrum, Almeda M. [ Crankshaw ] [ Hemstreet ]02/23/191487Gloversville, NY08/07/2001
Cole Schrum, Vivian R. [ Preston ] "Midge"06/16/192080Gloversville, NY07/30/2000
Cole, L. Geraldine ( Mrs. ) [ Field ] 87Gloversville, NY07/08/1996
Collar, Frank "Magua" 91Gloversville, NY02/13/1999
Collins Roosevelt, Almeda [ Sutliff ]05/01/191786Gloversville, NY12/21/2003
Conover Harris, Nancy C. [ Roberts ]08/02/193167Gloversville, NY09/03/1998
Conover, Ivy [ Becker ]02/04/191287Gloversville, NY01/12/2000
Coon Flansburg, Clayton Anthony06/16/1922 Gloversville, NY11/03/2005
Coon Gifford, Eleanor A. [ Brandow ]06/02/192672Gloversville, NY04/02/1999
Cordone Bonn, Paul R.04/15/191395Gloversville, NY08/07/2008
Cornell, Jean E. 61Gloversville, NY03/26/1999
Cowles Wilson, John Harold12/03/193366Gloversville, NY10/18/2000
Cristiano, Mary [ Lindsay ]08/14/191590Gloversville, NY08/28/2005
Cristiano, Rose [ Mannino ]09/15/191982Gloversville, NY03/07/2002
Cromer Cunningham, Kenneth R.03/29/194952Gloversville, NY10/07/2001
Cross Shaffer, Mark E.06/07/195748Gloversville, NY08/14/2005
Cruthers, Bettye M. [ Kenney ] 79Gloversville, NY04/05/2000
Culver Smith, Phyllis S. [ Morrison ]05/27/193177Gloversville, NY08/21/2008
Curcio Del Negro, Rose07/23/1896105Gloversville, NY10/06/2001
Curcio Recesso, Carl W.12/08/192673Gloversville, NY10/10/2000
Curtin, George M. 75Gloversville, NY07/20/1996
D'Errico, Jack P. 72Gloversville, NY12/18/2001
Dallman Williams, Emma B. [ Deming ]08/01/192580Gloversville, NY12/28/2005
Darby, Dennis J.06/17/195253Gloversville, NY07/31/2005
Davis Graham, Mildred M. [ Gowdey ]04/24/191592Gloversville, NY03/22/2008
Dawson Smith, Eugene Owl Feather08/11/193765Gloversville, NY08/31/2002
De Rizzo, Nellie ( Mrs. ) 95Gloversville, NY04/21/2000
De Santis Caputo, Emanuella [ Chapleau ] "Midge"11/23/192378Gloversville, NY04/03/2002
DeCicco Pescatore, Elmina [ Perrella ]02/14/191388Gloversville, NY09/06/2001
DeCristofaro Spenuso, Assunta [ LaPorta ] "Sue"03/14/191089Gloversville, NY11/27/1999
DePasquale, Alfonso J.07/11/1895103Gloversville, NY03/29/1999
DeRocco Piazza, Mamie [ Angello ]05/23/191090Gloversville, NY07/24/2000
DeVoe, Margie Louise [ Brown ]09/12/192576Gloversville, NY03/21/2002
Dean Wilder, Orville C.03/20/191585Gloversville, NY 
Decker Brown, Bert L.01/08/192179Gloversville, NY05/02/2000
Decker Brown, Lewis G.11/29/193366Gloversville, NY05/24/2000
Degnan O'Hare, Mildred [ Murphy ] 84Gloversville, NY02/19/1999
Degnan, Mildred C. [ Murphy ] 84Gloversville, NY02/19/1999
Deming, Frank Smith05/12/191287Gloversville, NY10/25/1999
Derby Dawson, Charles D.05/18/192772Gloversville, NY02/21/2000
Derrico Esernio, Julia [ Gutowski ]08/24/191585Gloversville, NY12/21/2000
Derrico, Thomas R. 65Gloversville, NY07/13/1996
Devenpeck Blumenstalk, Jeanne M.08/27/193365Gloversville, NY07/27/1999
Di Donato De Simone, Teresa A. [ Andreana ]02/17/191191Gloversville, NY03/03/2002
Di Mezza Fariello, David08/01/1916 Gloversville, NY01/05/2001
Di Mezza Fariello, David08/01/191684Gloversville, NY01/05/2001
DiMezza Fariello, Rose [ Smigley ]01/20/192080Gloversville, NY11/17/2000
DiPalma Liuzzi, Louis A. "Lou"12/12/191988Gloversville, NY05/12/2008
DiVilio Dell'Aversano, Alice [ Werczler ]12/14/191388Gloversville, NY03/03/2002
Diodato Trimarco, Vincenza [ Recesso ] "Jennie"10/07/191392Gloversville, NY11/08/2005
Donnelly Walsh, Edward J.07/29/192673Gloversville, NY12/28/1999
Duesler Christman, John A.08/15/194459Gloversville, NY07/21/2004
Duesler, Mildred A. ( Mrs. ) 71Gloversville, NY08/13/1996
Duffek Paul, Verna J. [ Flint ]03/20/193862Gloversville, NY09/29/2000
Duheme Lawrence, Agnes M. [ Horton ]05/15/192675Gloversville, NY09/07/2001
Duheme, Beatrice M. [ Knapp ]06/05/192779Gloversville, NY07/18/2006
Dulco Williams, Lenora J. [ Murphy ]07/15/192179Gloversville, NY08/24/2000
Dunham, Carl G. 68Gloversville, NY08/24/1996
Dutcher Foster, Kathryn [ Hoyt ]12/13/191983Gloversville, NY03/26/2003
Dutcher Frye, Peter A.10/01/194064Gloversville, NY02/20/2005
Dutcher Mansfield, Raymond L.07/19/192178Gloversville, NY05/01/2000
Dye Drake, Edith [ Parsons ]  Gloversville, NY05/09/2001
Dye Drake, Eleanor B. [ Van Epps ]  Gloversville, NY09/10/2000
Eaton Bowler, Alvin C.01/09/191989Gloversville, NY06/11/2008
Ecker Peck, Betty J. [ Dunn ]01/30/192285Gloversville, NY01/28/2008
Edick, Betty E. [ Smith ]10/11/192876Gloversville, NY08/23/2005
Eggleston Green, Helen G. [ Wilber ]10/30/191790Gloversville, NY08/26/2008
Eglin, Kenneth E.10/05/192279Gloversville, NY03/09/2002
Ellithorpe Wemple, Linda J. [ DeRocker ]02/19/194761Gloversville, NY09/14/2008
Ellsworth King, Jeremy Paul03/01/197229Gloversville, NY12/22/2001
Elmendorf Managun, Evelyn [ Ashe ] [ Bohne ]12/10/191783Gloversville, NY10/07/2001
Elmendorf Mannigan, Alta M. [ Baird ]10/14/193471Gloversville, NY05/30/2006
Enfield Cosselman, Richard J.10/18/1926 Gloversville, NY03/11/2002
Ermie Papa, Doris I.12/05/192773Gloversville, NY08/27/2001
Evens Lamphear, John A.11/05/195749Gloversville, NY12/25/2006
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