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Scotland County, NC
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Scotland County, North Carolina.
Ammons Deaton, Hedy [ Taylor ]05/01/195061Laurinburg, NC02/08/2012
Bullard Prevatte, Judson Dewey01/22/192190Laurinburg, NC01/20/2012
Campbell Jones, Estella [ McRae ]05/17/193373Scotland County, NC01/19/2007
Clark Laviner, Beatrice [ Hannah ]06/01/191592Scotland County, NC11/11/2007
Jacobs Cole, Martha Mildred [ Bullock ]11/13/192383Scotland County, NC12/24/2006
Jones, Maggie [ Jackson ] 92Laurinburg, NC05/20/2005
Kirkpatrick McNeill, Katie [ Snyder ]08/10/192480Scotland County, NC05/20/2005
McAllister MaGeachin, Luetta [ Taylor ] 84Wagram, NC01/13/2005
Nichols McCallum, Joseph04/11/199120Laurinburg, NC02/01/2012
Nicholson Murray, Walter Dewitt02/03/192678Scotland County, SC04/05/2004
Nicholson Stewart, Walter D. "Chip"04/12/195550Laurinburg, NC08/11/2005
Peele Terry, Mary Elizabeth [ Pate ]08/27/192586Scotland County, SC02/25/2012
Perkins, Ruth P. [ Hazleton ]10/09/192578Laurinburg, NC01/31/2004
Price Arnette, Troy Horace01/20/196442Laurinburg, NC09/26/2006
Ratliff Diggs, Odessa [ Wall ]09/20/1911 Laurinburg, NC03/09/2007
Smith Wright, Ruth [ Holcomb ]06/30/192083Scotland County, SC01/16/2004
Stewart Wynn, Ann [ Nicholson ]09/19/192286Laurinburg, NC05/12/2009
Watson Hatcher, Mamie [ Peele ]11/03/191398Scotland County, SC02/22/2012
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