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Beaufort County, NC
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Beaufort County, North Carolina.
Adams Arnold, Fannie [ Moore ]01/25/193081Bath, NC01/11/2012
Adams Bullock, Gerald "Don"06/02/195358Beaufort County, NC02/03/2012
Alligood Cayton, Marguerite A. [ Spain ]05/11/192384Beaufort County, NC12/12/2007
Alligood Woolard, Thurman "Popcorn"12/04/193869Beaufort County, NC11/06/2008
Alligood, Brownley Marie [ Jones ]11/04/192087Beaufort County, NC09/20/2008
Alligood, Vera Mildred [ Herron ]04/30/191392Washington, NC07/28/2005
Ambrose Silverthorne, Ellen Louvadia [ Everett ]03/29/192285Beaufort County, NC12/04/2007
Ayers Kelly, Mary [ Jefferson ] [ Neal ]02/02/192981Beaufort County, NC09/14/2010
Banks Taylor, Shirley [ Moore ]10/12/194857Washington, NC03/18/2007
Bass Edwards, Sue [ Tetterton ]05/30/193872Beaufort County, NC12/15/2010
Battle Potter, Pearlie [ Moore ]11/29/191292Beaufort County, NC06/19/2005
Beddard Beacham, James Henry09/16/194364Beaufort County, NC09/10/2008
Bonner Thomas, Johnnie Grey [ Davis ]08/06/191293Beaufort County, NC11/04/2005
Bowen Hawkins, Elsie [ Dixon ]04/02/192676Beaufort County, NC06/12/2005
Boyd Boyd, Olbert "Mason"09/10/193371Beaufort County, NC06/22/2005
Boyd Everett, Onnie Burrell11/30/192982Beaufort County, NC02/10/2012
Boyd Sikes, Jane Elizabeth [ Norman ]11/03/193774Pinetown, NC01/31/2012
Brinn, Myrtice P. [ Melnyck ] 80Bath, NC09/30/2003
Brooks Kilby, Gerald Arliss04/09/193279Bath, NC02/06/2012
Brooks, Mary Short [ Archbell ]10/04/191197Bath, NC10/25/2008
Bunting, JR06/27/194859Beaufort County, NC11/06/2007
Cartwright Ross, Andrew Jackson12/13/193079Beaufort County, NC08/22/2010
Cartwright, Steve L. 59Beaufort County, NC02/25/2012
Chambers Cuthrell, Kathie [ Sawyer ]01/03/194468Pantego, NC02/21/2012
Chauncey Baker, Bobby DEan02/21/193570Beaufort County, NC06/08/2005
Columbus, Jasper D. "Jap" "Boy"10/11/195252Beaufort County, NC06/10/2005
Conner Coviel, Junius Edward "Joe"12/11/192981Belhaven, NC11/22/2011
Cox Mish, Helen Elizabeth [ Godfrey ]01/01/192686Beaufort County, NC02/01/2012
Credle Ross, Nellie [ Bullock ]07/29/192190Beaufort County, NC02/22/2012
Cuthrell Mason, Patsy [ Hodges ]08/24/193870Beaufort County, NC09/23/2008
Daniels Tate, Jammie Medford "Jimmie"07/30/194170Aurora, NC01/12/2012
Davis, David "Isaiah"04/16/198025Beaufort County, NC01/16/2006
Dixon Hill, Ozell [ Ward ]10/15/193178Beaufort County, NC08/29/2010
Dixon Wall, April [ Willoughby ]01/04/196741Beaufort County, NC09/11/2008
Dixon, Elma [ May ] 90Beaufort County, NC02/21/2012
Edwards Mixon, Grover Allen08/09/193177Beaufort County, NC10/02/2008
Everett Webster, David "Red"06/12/191989Pinetown, NC08/28/2008
Gardner Nicholls, Claudia [ Gardner ] [ Parvin ]11/26/194859Washington, NC09/11/2008
Godley Berry, Burton "Max"12/16/193178Washington, NC07/01/2010
Godley Clark, Japhonza08/19/192777Beaufort County, NC06/04/2005
Godley Howard, Jeanette [ Jones ]11/29/1930 Beaufort County, NC06/07/2005
Hardison Hall, William Charles10/05/197332Beaufort County, NC11/03/2005
Harris McAulay, William M. "Bill"04/25/193174Washington, NC11/07/2005
Hayes Mixon, Billie Jean [ Rich ]12/30/193175Beaufort County, NC11/14/2007
Hudson Williamson, Elva Marie [ Smith ]09/29/192091Pantego, NC02/21/2012
Jefferson Spain, Mamie [ Blake ]07/22/192190Beaufort County, NC02/19/2012
Johnston Herrington, John A. "Johnny"02/27/193969Beaufort County, NC09/14/2008
Jones Elks, Charlie Edward "Ed"09/16/196444Beaufort County, NC09/17/2008
Keech Latham, Odell Mae [ McCluskey ]04/14/192286Beaufort County, NC09/20/2008
Keech, Mildred [ Andreoli ]08/15/193376Beaufort County, NC07/31/2010
Kirk Wilkins, David Leroy "Roy"04/26/191892Beaufort County, NC09/21/2010
Knight, Anthony T. "Lil Knight"02/07/198025Beaufort County, NC06/15/2005
Lewis Edwards, Joyce Marie [ Harrell ]08/25/194863Washington, NC01/16/2012
Lewis Hill, Major "Churchill"02/03/194468Beaufort County, NC02/03/2012
Lewis Jones, William Franklin "Bill"08/31/192582Beaufort County, NC12/02/2007
Liggett, Albert L.04/03/190398Washington, NC10/03/2001
McCluer Ricks, Katherine [ Bennett ]08/09/193377Washington, NC05/23/2011
Moore Hodges, Shirley [ Wilkinson ]05/30/193771Beaufort County, NC09/18/2008
Moore Peed, Edmond David03/11/193174Beaufort County, NC06/10/2005
Morris Mayo, Virginia [ Daniel ]08/07/191890Washington, NC09/07/2008
Mourning Phillips, Lallie Mae [ Perkins ]11/03/192282Aurora, NC08/11/2005
Mourning Phillips, Violet [ Robinson ]03/26/192675Aurora, NC09/24/2001
O'Ham Moore, Brownie Shelton [ Fleming ]07/27/192388Beaufort County, NC02/16/2012
Outman Daniels, Roxie Mae [ Umphlett ]08/08/191890Beaufort County, NC09/05/2008
Potter Day, William Ray09/15/193078Beaufort County, NC10/17/2008
Potter, Ottis Lee12/22/192883Beaufort County, NC02/07/2012
Rodgers, Arthur Lewis08/11/1947 Beaufort County, NC10/08/2000
Rowe Stubbs, Archie Grey08/08/192880Beaufort County, NC10/25/2008
Sadler Chery, Gladys [ Swanner ]09/27/193971Beaufort County, NC12/22/2010
Smith Clark, Kenneth Gray "Kenny"11/12/194958Beaufort County, NC10/01/2008
Spain Barber, Ella Gladys [ Buck ]05/31/193174Beaufort County, NC06/12/2005
Spain Foreman, Christopher Joe02/02/198922Beaufort County, NC09/30/2011
Stalvey, Annie Clyde "Ewell"10/21/190296Aurora, NC06/24/1999
Tate Midyette, Charley Alford10/13/197534Beaufort County, NC08/08/2010
Taylor Moore, William Harmon06/22/191196Chocowinity, NC11/20/2007
Tetterton Wallace, Lonnie Delmar01/30/194071Beaufort County, NC03/27/2011
Tetterton, Paul Neal10/10/194465Beaufort County, NC06/26/2010
Tuten Whitaker, Elsie [ Windley ] [ Cratch ]03/17/192085Beaufort County, NC11/08/2005
Vick Ball, Joseph Allen "J.A."11/17/196245Beaufort County, NC10/27/2008
Warner Wall, Charlie Lee09/01/191595Beaufort County, NC10/13/2010
Watson Cayton, Alice Fay [ Foster ]08/12/194764Beaufort County, NC10/04/2011
Webster, Alice03/13/1905106Beckwith, NC03/22/2011
Whichard Leggette, Opal June [ Cherry ]09/09/193378Beaufort County, NC02/18/2012
Whitney Russell, Edward Sterling "Sterle"07/20/195549Beaufort County, NC06/07/2005
Woolard Jefferson, Russel Earl12/01/193371Beaufort County, NC06/19/2005
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