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Mississippi County, MO

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Mississippi County, Missouri.
Bender McKinney, Fred Eugene "Boob"09/18/193475Mississippi County, MO11/16/2009
Bowles Myers, Albert Jay05/24/195159Mississippi County, MO05/16/2011
Brothers McKenzie, William "Billy Joe"04/03/193772Charleston, MO10/20/2009
Carter Hall, William Earl12/10/194464Mississippi County, MO10/07/2009
Carter White, Stephen J.05/09/195456Wyatt, MO02/14/2011
Clement Nolen, Deborah K. [ Williams ]01/04/195257East Prairie, MO09/11/2009
Cooper Lawrence, James F.01/24/193477Charleston, MO01/19/2012
Cooper Lawrence, James Franklin01/24/193477Charleston, MO01/19/2012
Crosier Smith, Ray Madison "Buddy"01/13/193774Charleston, MO02/28/2011
Douglas Furlong, Norma Juanita [ Anderson ] "Weedie"12/15/192188Mississippi County, MO07/20/2010
Duenne Rodgers, Bernard A.09/30/193970Charleston, MO07/12/2010
Eaves, JD 69East Prairie, MO11/03/2001
Faris Jackson, Jerry Wayne08/25/195159Charleston, MO06/04/2011
Fitzgerald Lomax, Charles Oras11/22/195456Wyatt, MO01/23/2011
George Spiller, Regina Kay [ Bollerud ]06/10/195952Wyatt, MO06/12/2011
Hicks Jobe, Jeffery Lee02/16/196445Wyatt, MO07/21/2009
Hubbard Pruitt, Anna Laverne [ Pearson ] "Red"05/04/193172East Prairie, MO10/29/2003
Marshall Allen, Elsie Ione [ Brunck ] "Inkey"05/03/195259Wyatt, MO12/06/2011
Marshall Thompson, Edgar Calvin09/04/192388Charleston, MO01/21/2012
McElmurry Dyer, Emma Lou [ Ayers ]01/15/191992Charleston, MO06/12/2011
McLain Powers, Carl Edward11/10/192784East Prairie, MO01/19/2012
Murphy Vowels, Charles Willis05/05/192784Wyatt, MO01/02/2012
Nolen Duty, Lillian Catherine [ Cowser ]04/09/192783Crosno, MO07/01/2010
Roberts Lane, George03/29/191893Charleston, MO01/17/2012
Sams Perry, Geraldine [ Hensely ] "Gerry"11/28/192187East Prairie, MO01/19/2010
Skelton Taber, Vivian [ Hooper ]05/23/192485Bertrand, MO05/16/2010
Suits, Peggy [ Ruis ]08/05/194364East Prairie, MO01/08/2008
Terrell Pierce, Shirley Jean [ Hester ]12/11/194761Wyatt, MO09/22/2009
Thurman Hart, Maxine Ellen [ Geers ]08/05/194663Charleston, MO07/09/2010

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