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Chippewa County, MN
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Chippewa County, Minnesota. 
Bahn Fiene, Shirley V. [ Hakes ]05/22/193671Montevideo, MN11/15/2007
Berghuis Roelofs, Harley R.04/17/191992Rheiderland Township, MN02/15/2012
Corey Trotzig, Duwain Walter "Corey"02/06/192381Montevideo, MN11/19/2004
Cushman Allen, Allen Dale11/05/192775Montevideo, MN11/25/2002
Docken Gjerde, Harry11/02/191197Maynard, MN01/31/2009
Eisenlohr Melom, Kevin L.12/09/197041Montevideo, MN01/24/2012
Goulson Myhre, Pearl Ione [ Albin ]08/20/192776Mandt Township, MN09/30/2003
Granell Chilberg, Helen C. [ Green ]07/26/191888Montevideo, MN09/08/2006
Harbour Curtis, Beth [ Christiansen ]04/04/193771Montevideo, MN01/02/2009
Hegstrom Anderson, Jerry A.10/24/194659Montevideo, MN07/01/2006
Hoogheem Peterson, Bernell Wopka [ Tammen ] "Bernie"10/25/193869Clara City, MN06/18/2008
Jensen, Letitia Ann [ Odland ]04/08/194461Montevideo, MN07/05/2005
Neal Anderson, Mable Olivia [ Rupp ]05/01/191297Louriston Township, MN05/28/2009
Olson Lia, Adeline [ Aamot ] [ Strand ]09/10/191989Milan, MN01/27/2009
Patrikus Warnke, Earl Everett04/30/193474Montevideo, MN01/09/2009
Pearson Ingvalson, Evelyn [ Gilsrud ]08/24/190999Montevideo, MN01/16/2009
Rodeberg Wig, Robert09/26/192682Montevideo, MN12/12/2008
Rude Stavne, Leslie G.07/17/193167Montevideo, MN10/27/1998
Schaller Sanderson, Zola [ Lighter ]06/30/192088Leenthrop Township, MN01/12/2009
Stringer, Alvina Mae [ Anderson ]11/24/194854Montevideo, MN05/03/2003
Thompson, Clarence L. "Tuffy" 85Montevideo, MN02/05/2000
Weiss, Gilbert E.06/11/191092Montevideo, MN09/24/2002

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