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Cass County, MN
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Cass County, Minnesota. 
Allen, Patricia Lee [ Anderson ]02/27/194762Cass Lake, MN05/09/2009
Bowers, Bev-Nii [ Anderson ]06/05/194167Cass Lake, MN09/11/2008
Burnard Halliday, June Doris [ Fairley ]06/02/192484Longville, MN03/18/2009
Chambers, Frank B.10/04/192378Remer, MN02/19/2002
Charwood Bellanger, Max Edward "White Cloud"04/10/193873Pike Bay Township, MN02/16/2012
Dabill, Donald A.08/18/192088Bull Moose Township, MN05/03/2009
Durst Kallaus, Frances V. [ Young ]03/03/192484Pillager, MN11/01/2008
Filla Preston, Lorraine G. [ Shaffer ]12/03/193081Cass Lake, MN01/12/2012
Funk Northbird, Calvin James07/25/193770Cass Lake, MN04/22/2008
Johnson, Alice M.05/12/193375Bungo Township, MN08/23/2008
Kimball Blanchard, Delores [ Curtis ] "Dee"02/07/193472Backus, MN01/05/2007
Lightfeather Nason, James Eugene01/21/196045Cass Lake, MN06/11/2005
Lillemo Lembke, Winnifred D. [ Anderson ]07/14/192586Walker, MN12/07/2011
Loeffler Geitz, Louise E. [ Krohn ]05/25/192278Cass Lake, MN11/08/2000
Loeffler, Eugene M. 83Cass Lake, MN10/24/2000
McAllister, Blanche [ Swift ]07/14/191593Pine River, MN05/26/2009
Nelson Irish, Crystal J. [ Johnson ] "Cris"03/18/192082Federal Dam, MN05/18/2002
Pearson, Helen [ Paradis ]12/04/192087Remer, MN01/28/2008
Sarkiaho, Clara M.08/02/192382Pillager, MN07/11/2006
Swaim Crocker, Shirley May [ Loucks ]11/07/192876Pillager, MN08/19/2005
Vezina, Patricia Marie11/29/194953Cass Lake, MN10/30/2003
Wilson, Clara M. [ Sarkiaho ]08/02/192382Pillager, MN07/11/2006
Wirtjes Mealman, Judith Iona [ Stelter ]06/20/194268Pine River, MN12/28/2010

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