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Carver County, MN
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in
Carver County, Minnesota. 
Arnold, Henry John10/22/191890Carver County, MN12/21/2008
Bleichner Schmidt, Clarence R. "Butch"05/02/194367Cologne, MN03/21/2011
Engelke, Derek10/29/199216Waconia, MN04/12/2009
Herrmann Simons, Ethel [ Haase ] "Mitzi"11/08/192586Waconia, MN12/18/2011
Hoen Van Hale, Gilbert H.06/13/192190Cologne, MN03/18/2012
Kempfert Kramer, Mary Ann [ Ortloff ]02/07/193972Young America, MN02/04/2012
Luecke Kloos, William Douglas06/10/2011InfWaconia, MN02/27/2012
Luedloff Lenzen, Alice Clara [ Arndt ]10/05/192487Dahlgren Township, MN02/08/2012
McPadden Volkenant, James Kenneth "Jim"04/27/192685Mayer, MN03/05/2012
Miller Wies, Richard J. "Rick"05/29/196150Waconia, MN08/20/2011
Moldenhauer, Vera H. [ Ebert ]10/15/192089Chaska, MN01/18/2010
Notermann Mieseler, Mary Ann M. [ Hennen ]04/06/193376Victoria, MN08/04/2009
Olander Johnson, H. Corrine [ Hasse ]12/16/192682San Francisco Township, MN09/02/2009
Sauter Graff, Shirley M. [ Anderson ]10/05/193279Waconia, MN03/14/2012
Schuler Huckenpoehler, Chad Lee06/08/197239Waconia, MN03/07/2012
Seifert Schmitz, John W.10/13/191791Victoria, MN07/27/2009
Snicker Boll, David T.07/21/195655Watertown, MN02/20/2012
Walter Tellers, Harry "Bob"08/27/192883Cologne, MN03/16/2012
Westlund Milford, Walter E.04/27/191992Hollywood Township, MN03/04/2012

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