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Old Town, ME
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in Old Town, Maine. 
Aiken, Esther R. ( Mrs. ) 80Old Town, ME02/18/1998
Aldrich Dumont, Monique G. [ DiTaranto ] 60Old Town, ME05/02/2002
Arsenault Melanson, Norman J. "Papa"06/15/191586Old Town, ME12/20/2001
Attean Lewey, Brian J.08/08/195052Old Town, ME06/02/2003
Avery DeRoche, Constance Marie [ Thurlow ] "Connie"08/27/192382Old Town, ME05/08/2006
Avery McAulif, Frank A.10/09/192774Old Town, ME03/08/2002
Baillargeon Rousselle, Emedy C. "Biddy"04/15/191686Old Town, ME05/13/2002
Ballargeon Pelletier, Gail C. [ Bentz ]09/26/194064Old Town, ME03/15/2005
Bartlett Heald, Dorothy E. [ Pooler ]07/26/192275Old Town, ME07/10/1998
Bates, Iola E. [ Reineke ] 98Old Town, ME01/13/2005
Beaulieu Grant, Robert E.04/03/193372Old Town, ME06/23/2005
Binnette Sirois, Carolyn Townsend [ Roe ]  Old Town, ME07/18/2002
Bishop LaPoint, Gloria C. [ Haley ]11/28/193668Old Town, ME05/23/2005
Bosse Valencourt, Irene B. [ Gonyer ]06/15/190995Old Town, ME06/01/2005
Bouchard Landry, Clarence P. "Blondie"04/16/192184Old Town, ME02/22/2006
Bouchard Ouellette, O'Neil M. "Boy"01/15/191293Old Town, ME11/02/2005
Bouchard, Ludger V.01/26/191686Old Town, ME02/08/2002
Brilliant Lauzier, Germaine R. [ Shumway ]07/10/191581Old Town, ME12/18/2003
Brissette Thompson, Winona [ Baker ]09/23/191687Old Town, ME12/18/2003
Brodeur, Theresa Hermine [ Brogdon ]11/11/192880Old Town, ME09/12/2009
Bubier Mudgett, Virginia O. [ Henderson ]02/03/192282Old Town, ME02/11/2004
Buchanan Currier, Phyllis B. [ MacMillan ]12/10/192091Old Town, ME02/21/2012
Burr Hume, Barbara Ann [ Chamberlain ]04/04/1932 Old Town, ME07/25/2003
Burr, Robert E. ( Mrs. )06/12/191694Old Town, ME05/26/2011
Chenard, Vivian L. [ Beacham ] 91Old Town, ME08/08/2002
Clark Morrison, Mary Jo [ Grant ]12/07/194954Old Town, ME02/01/2004
Clarke Small, Edwin Keith03/07/193277Old Town, ME05/01/2009
Cloutier Brown, M. Ruth [ Konopka ]05/20/193272Old Town, ME04/29/2005
Cochrane Eastman, Dennis Neil03/09/194269Old Town, ME04/19/2011
Coffin Fitzpatrick, Alice F. [ Smart ]04/26/192281Old Town, ME03/18/2004
Collins Burby, Rita A. [ Butler ]10/25/191883Old Town, ME06/23/2002
Collins Porter, Lorraine [ Calderwood ]12/13/192478Old Town, ME01/09/2003
Commeau Thurston, Ethel Marie [ Adams ]11/26/194951Old Town, ME12/24/2000
Comstock Burube, Allen C.07/16/193571Old Town, ME07/19/2006
Cormier Cyr, Clinton R. "Skitch" 86Old Town, ME05/29/2002
Cote Paradis, Marion L. [ Giovanelli ]07/14/192380Old Town, ME02/04/2004
Cote Roussel, Dennis Noel12/22/192673Old Town, ME04/30/2000
Cote Thibodeau, Annie M. [ Smith ] "Anna"05/12/193170Old Town, ME10/31/2001
Cote Thibodeau, Paul Robert "Pee Wee"01/16/193872Old Town, ME01/21/2010
Cote Violette, Richard James07/21/194269Old Town, ME09/15/2011
Cote, Daniel L.12/30/192088Old Town, ME08/29/2009
Cox Dore, Clayton04/29/192082Old Town, ME05/20/2002
Crosby Thurston, Donald S.08/05/194856Old Town, ME03/13/2005
Crowley Lavoie, Patrick R.01/26/194557Old Town, ME01/07/2003
Cunningham Barker, George B.12/05/191983Old Town, ME11/19/2003
Cutliffe, D. Ronald 71Old Town, ME03/15/2004
Cyr Gonyer, Lawrence J.02/04/193170Old Town, ME11/07/2001
Cyr Violette, Leo T.07/09/191089Old Town, ME05/18/2000
Dalrymple Burr, Frank J.07/06/194764Old Town, ME02/20/2012
Davis Attean, John A.10/09/193767Old Town, ME03/08/2005
Davis Cyr, Charles Ralph10/23/191886Old Town, ME03/31/2005
Davis Folloman, Marion J. [ Martin ]07/23/191984Old Town, ME02/13/2004
Dawes, Richard E. "Dick"05/11/193378Old Town, ME07/14/2011
Dennis, John N.09/07/193867Old Town, ME08/07/2006
Dionne Madden, William C.06/21/194160Old Town, ME12/13/2001
Doucette Garrett, Harold W.05/07/192379Old Town, ME07/10/2002
Doughty, Penny05/28/1944 Old Town, ME03/13/2007
Dow Stairs, Leslie A.05/20/191983Old Town, ME03/01/2003
Dubay Pelkey, Florence A. [ Raymond ]09/27/193167Old Town, ME06/08/1999
Dumas, Teresa Marie [ Fragione ]06/26/192477Old Town, ME01/06/2002
Dumont Theriault, Isabel I. [ Vanadestine ]08/02/191783Old Town, ME10/06/2000
Duplissa DuRoche, Patricia Ann [ Willett ]12/16/193272Old Town, ME11/19/2005
Dupuis Damien, Edmund J.08/10/193271Old Town, ME01/27/2004
Durette Gagnon, Anita [ Parent ] [ Arsenault ] "Neat"04/27/191891Old Town, ME01/27/2010
Ewer Young, Anita A.07/14/195356Old Town, ME12/21/2009
Fortier Knapp, Alberta F. [ Richard ] "Dee"04/08/191985Old Town, ME10/10/2004
Fountain Whiting, Clarice M. [ Darling ]03/30/193273Old Town, ME06/23/2005
Francis, Pauline Toma [ Daniels ] 59Old Town, ME11/23/1999
Gallant Hesseltine, Donna [ Oberg ]08/18/1928 Old Town, ME01/06/2005
Gammon Jackson, Johne E.12/14/194162Old Town, ME08/24/2004
Gardiner Moores, Pauline G. [ Bard ]11/29/193667Old Town, ME11/06/2004
Geroux Blair, Josephine Ann [ Miller ]02/05/192577Old Town, ME06/11/2002
Gifford Pelletier, Maynard Earl06/30/192778Old Town, ME06/17/2006
Girouard, Reginald Sawyer 75Old Town, ME03/28/2011
Girouard, Reginald Sawyer09/10/193575Old Town, ME03/29/2011
Godin Landry, Agnes Mary [ Baker ]08/10/191396Old Town, ME11/02/2009
Gray Benson, S. Braley 87Old Town, ME05/03/2000
Green Hubbard, Frances Mary [ Cuozzo ]02/21/191290Old Town, ME04/05/2002
Hanscom Gould, Beverly Anita [ Durant ]03/15/192182Old Town, ME01/05/2004
Hanscom, Laurence B. "Larry"05/07/192679Old Town, ME05/04/2005
Higgins Thomas, Richard Francis11/11/193668Old Town, ME06/17/2005
Howe Mossey, Robert A.07/19/193373Old Town, ME03/13/2007
Howe, George Barone08/16/195051Old Town, ME04/26/2002
Jalbert Gagnon, Lydia M. [ Desjardins ]06/06/192183Old Town, ME02/16/2005
Jameson Moore, Patricia [ Day ]03/14/192082Old Town, ME07/26/2002
Kelley Cunningham, Agnes R. [ Lenfest ]08/01/192280Old Town, ME08/24/2002
Ketchen Martin, Shirley M. [ Leland ]04/17/193766Old Town, ME02/18/2004
LaBree Flynn, Otis Napoleon01/25/191588Old Town, ME07/01/2003
LaBree Flynn, Valencia A. [ King ] "Babe"12/08/191885Old Town, ME03/22/2004
LaFontaine, Theresa M. [ Blaisdell ]12/08/192282Old Town, ME04/28/2005
LaForge Martin, Geraldine D. [ Shorette ]12/09/191692Old Town, ME11/03/2009
Lacadie Lavoie, Rose Lorraine [ Tidwell ]02/11/193374Old Town, ME03/07/2007
Lagassey, Eleanor P.04/25/191695Old Town, ME07/03/2011
Lambert Willey, Lorraine F. [ Elliott ]08/08/193071Old Town, ME03/21/2002
Landry, Gina [ Casey ]05/18/192178Old Town, ME 
Larouche St. Pierre, Virgil V.10/10/191190Old Town, ME08/13/2002
Lavoie St Pierre, Estelle F. [ Voter ]02/20/190796Old Town, ME12/17/2003
LeBreton, Raymond N.12/25/192379Old Town, ME12/22/2003
LePage Young, Gary J.09/14/194655Old Town, ME01/11/2002
Leavitt Marquis, Mary T. [ Baker ]03/14/1906100Old Town, ME05/23/2006
Leavitt Pelletier, Earl R. "Mike"05/29/192980Old Town, ME07/25/2009
Leavitt Simard, Emil Raymond "Spotty"01/20/192181Old Town, ME05/08/2002
Levesque Soucie, Philomene03/30/1901100Old Town, ME03/10/2002
Lizzotte Boudreau, Walter G. "Gubby"08/08/192681Old Town, ME02/14/2008
Lord Campbell, Hugh C.01/26/1930 Old Town, ME07/28/2005
Lord Jordan, Moses S.10/06/191693Old Town, ME10/10/2009
Lynch Daigle, Marie J. [ Blackmore ]11/05/194758Old Town, ME05/19/2006
MacKenzie Brown, John E.03/21/193477Old Town, ME07/28/2011
MacKenzie Brown, Virgil M.02/15/192971Old Town, ME05/09/2000
Martin Bosse, Florence Lorraine [ Wheeler ]07/16/1928 Old Town, ME10/15/2003
Martin Dube, Franklin Joseph02/14/192091Old Town, ME03/18/2011
Martin Dube, Raymond J.07/15/192881Old Town, ME11/01/2009
Martin Landry, Reginald F.07/28/193075Old Town, ME06/19/2006
Martin Morin, Rita Florence [ Murphy ]04/21/193177Old Town, ME10/09/2008
McAlary Hilchey, Elizabeth M. [ Pease ]03/05/191984Old Town, ME03/02/2004
McIntosh Anderson, R. Allen05/06/194653Old Town, ME04/27/2000
McIntyre Thibodeau, Walter10/20/192481Old Town, ME11/29/2005
McLain Spearrin, Linda A. [ Thompson ]08/26/194064Old Town, ME03/11/2005
Messier Ouellette, Clayton "Louie"11/05/193568Old Town, ME08/02/2004
Michaud Clark, James "Francis"11/08/192683Old Town, ME01/23/2010
Mitchell Parker, Mary E. [ Poikonen ]04/20/193365Old Town, ME12/17/1998
Moore, Doris E. [ Poehler ] "Dody"  Old Town, ME10/10/2003
Moreau Littlefield, Frances C. [ King ]02/12/191787Old Town, ME03/23/2004
Murphy, Carolyn Mae11/06/193860Old Town, ME05/01/1999
Nadeau Alberts, William J.03/22/193861Old Town, ME06/08/1999
Nadeau Parks, Lawrence H.06/25/195746Old Town, ME03/07/2004
Neptune, Clement R. 51Old Town, ME09/19/2002
Ogden Carson, Addie Lou [ Bergeron ]05/28/194069Old Town, ME12/23/2009
Olson Gadd, Constance M. [ McNamara ]04/23/193872Old Town, ME03/21/2011
Orr, Frances E. [ Crocker ]  Old Town, ME05/09/2003
Ouellette Chauinard, Bernice R. [ Leavitt ] "Bunny"03/20/192381Old Town, ME08/04/2004
Ouellette Pelkey, Pauline [ Michaud ]03/10/190994Old Town, ME05/18/2003
Paradis Brissette, Leland M. 74Old Town, ME05/03/2005
Paradis Brissette, Leland M.11/22/193074Old Town, ME05/03/2005
Paradis Brissette, Leland M.11/22/195074Old Town, ME05/03/2005
Paradis Pelletier, Freda M. [ King ]06/14/190993Old Town, ME06/19/2002
Paradis Pelletier, Gladys Marie [ Adams ]03/08/190896Old Town, ME09/04/2004
Paradis Sirois, H. Marguerite [ Finley ]  Old Town, ME04/02/2002
Parady, Rudolph "Buster"02/21/191984Old Town, ME08/24/2003
Parlin Nichols, Francis A. [ Costigan ]06/08/194461Old Town, ME05/25/2006
Pelletier Dumais, Ester D. [ Kaminsky ] [ Henderson ]02/14/192584Old Town, ME08/08/2009
Pelletier Dumais, Esther D. [ Kaminsky ] [ Henderson ]02/14/192584Old Town, ME08/08/2009
Pelletier, Roger David12/10/194658Old Town, ME04/30/2005
Peterson, Lorraine [ Kolman ] [ Mayo ]02/12/194160Old Town, ME12/22/2001
Ramsey Madden, Bertha [ Gilman ]03/01/191986Old Town, ME06/19/2005
Richard Lozier, Joseph C. "Spike"01/10/191884Old Town, ME01/13/2002
Richards LaBree, Pauline F. [ Baillargeon ]05/16/191685Old Town, ME01/13/2002
Robichaud, Lionel Joseph09/04/192774Old Town, ME05/24/2002
Rowell Mutch, Wayne A.03/26/194161Old Town, ME01/29/2003
Roy Roy, Priscilla Marie [ Dionne ]08/08/191196Old Town, ME05/04/2008
Sanborn McIntosh, Charles "Charlie"09/17/193377Old Town, ME01/19/2011
Sawyer Folsom, Mary E. [ Casey ]11/28/192577Old Town, ME08/19/2003
Scott Folsom, George W.03/29/191090Old Town, ME10/28/2000
Sewall Gray, Margaret [ Page ]09/19/1914 Old Town, ME03/01/2005
Sewall Gray, Mary Braley [ Alden ]06/02/1913 Old Town, ME12/22/2004
Seymour Dumond, Joan M. [ LaMontagne ]03/15/193568Old Town, ME08/02/2003
Seymour Richard, Joseph S.02/04/192785Old Town, ME02/19/2012
Shorette Bosse, Yvonne B. [ Currier ]03/19/190895Old Town, ME07/23/2003
Sibley Pond, Roger Kenneth12/29/194459Old Town, ME07/05/2004
Sirois Dubay, Mildred M. [ Clement ]04/01/192775Old Town, ME07/10/2002
Soucie Willett, C. Anne [ Bond ]01/21/193468Old Town, ME06/06/2002
Soucy White, Rosemary Agnes [ Reid ]01/22/192678Old Town, ME03/15/2004
Spaulding Feero, Owen F.08/23/191886Old Town, ME07/25/2005
Spencer Bragdon, Alvin Willard10/10/192577Old Town, ME08/27/2003
Spencer Fuller, Beverly W.11/24/192080Old Town, ME03/26/2001
St Louis Messier, Ronald C.08/29/193178Old Town, ME12/22/2009
St. Louis Bouchard, Evelyn Elaine [ Dunton ]02/24/193074Old Town, ME03/30/2004
St. Louis Brun, Madeline [ Currier ] "Corey"09/23/191590Old Town, ME05/22/2006
St. Louis LaBelle, Ella M. [ Heath ]12/08/192082Old Town, ME05/17/2003
St. Peter Desjardins, Lorraine [ Clark ]05/21/192278Old Town, ME01/04/2001
Storman Tozier, Karl R. "Bob"01/02/192870Old Town, ME12/26/1998
Stormann Avery, Warren A.03/20/195160Old Town, ME03/22/2011
Strout Crosby, Marjorie D. [ Jeffords ]11/17/193765Old Town, ME07/07/2003
Strout Hesseltine, Arlene E. [ Flanders ]12/18/192380Old Town, ME11/09/2004
Sweeney McGrath, Corinne Frances [ Sargent ]06/15/1924 Old Town, ME07/09/2006
Tait McGlinchey, Gordon S.03/14/190797Old Town, ME12/12/2004
Tait, Pearl A.09/30/191983Old Town, ME10/02/2002
Taylor Bouchard, Gladys C. [ Parady ]02/15/190993Old Town, ME02/19/2002
Taylor Giffard, Bill08/06/192776Old Town, ME08/09/2003
Taylor Lavoie, Estelle Alvine [ Levesque ]04/12/194264Old Town, ME06/20/2006
Thibodeau Bailey, Richard Freeman "Papa"05/12/193967Old Town, ME02/12/2007
Thibodeau Gilbert, Louis B.06/19/191385Old Town, ME05/04/1999
Thibodeau Sleeper, Robert H.05/17/193871Old Town, ME07/16/2009
Tilton McGray, Larry E.07/04/194462Old Town, ME11/01/2006
Treadwell, Velma E. [ Austin ]02/24/193374Old Town, ME02/03/2008
Tupper Cote, Bernice M. [ Hall ]06/09/190794Old Town, ME05/27/2002
Tupper Tucker, Harriet [ Burr ]11/30/190098Old Town, ME04/26/1999
Vaillancourt Levesque, Thomas H.11/24/193767Old Town, ME03/14/2005
Violette Dupplise, William J.01/13/192580Old Town, ME01/24/2005
Ward Heald, Rose [ Black ]11/29/192182Old Town, ME02/27/2004
Welch Chapman, Harriet F. [ Sargent ]03/29/191786Old Town, ME09/08/2003
West, James R. "Jim"11/03/191484Old Town, ME09/13/1999
White Weeks, Alice L. [ Pomelow ]11/20/192081Old Town, ME05/27/2002
White, Sarah Jane [ Spruce ]12/07/1923 Old Town, ME04/14/2007
Wilbur Hamilton, Thelma J. [ St. Peter ]12/28/194063Old Town, ME07/20/2004
Willette Desjardins, William Wayne "Bill"  Old Town, ME06/29/2006
Wood Michaud, Bertha B. [ Randall ]11/03/194458Old Town, ME03/18/2003
Woodward, Donald W.11/13/193667Old Town, ME03/25/2004
Wooster Poole, Dora [ Smith ] [ Shirley ]03/20/191885Old Town, ME06/23/2003
York Severance, Richard A.02/16/194067Old Town, ME09/16/2007
Young Drake, Abby08/02/1921 Old Town, ME04/19/2007
Young Feero, Norma L. [ Kidder ]03/21/194358Old Town, ME01/13/2002
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