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Wiscasset, ME
This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Wiscasset, Maine. 
Bailey Nason, Mary V. [ Abbott ]03/26/191685Wiscasset, ME02/09/2002
Bailey Nason, Mary Virginia [ Abbott ]03/26/191685Wiscasset, ME02/09/2002
Bradford, Rachel W.05/20/191689Wiscasset, ME12/30/2005
Bradford, Rachel W. [ Lawrence ]05/20/191689Wiscasset, ME12/30/2005
Brookings Dwelley, Kathleen R. [ Reed ]06/06/191288Wiscasset, ME12/14/2000
Clark McFarland, Carrie [ Mulhern ]03/23/190596Wiscasset, ME02/01/2002
Colby Davis, Reginald Carroll04/03/191984Wiscasset, ME02/02/2004
Cowley Meservey, Frances Estella Sarah [ Petrie ]07/06/190692Wiscasset, ME03/06/1999
Cromwell Austin, Francis L.07/02/193969Wiscasset, ME01/31/2009
Dalton Jones, William "Wayne"08/12/193861Wiscasset, ME03/18/2000
Delano Blinn, Owen H.07/13/193669Wiscasset, ME11/21/2005
Erskine Winslow, Winifred M. [ Gott ]06/11/191288Wiscasset, ME04/01/2001
Faulkingham, Donald 76Wiscasset, ME06/21/1997
Gibbs Stewart, Roger S. "Ozzie"08/23/192878Wiscasset, ME08/24/2006
Gordon Erickson, Reginald E.07/30/193165Wiscasset, ME12/21/1996
Grover Colby, Louise A. [ Stickney ]03/15/191291Wiscasset, ME05/05/2003
Grover McIntyre, Henry J.04/08/191788Wiscasset, ME09/21/2005
Haggett Reed, Jeannette H. [ French ]05/21/192082Wiscasset, ME10/05/2002
Johnson Thompson, Ethelyn Gertrude [ Carlson ]04/17/190592Wiscasset, ME07/26/1997
Jones Powers, Edith M. [ Dalton ]10/05/190697Wiscasset, ME12/09/2003
Jones Seavey, Clinton L.07/10/190597Wiscasset, ME11/29/2002
Lewis, Phyllis S.05/03/191889Wiscasset, ME04/08/2008
Lincoln Jones, J. Kenneth09/10/192283Wiscasset, ME01/31/2006
Main Day, Richard L.06/18/192776Wiscasset, ME12/01/2003
McPhee Cowley, Patience Rebecca [ Dyer ] "Peg"01/20/190692Wiscasset, ME04/18/1998
Merry Bailey, Chester E.06/26/191186Wiscasset, ME11/23/1997
Merry Reed, Barbara E. [ Abbott ]08/27/192973Wiscasset, ME08/31/2002
Metcalf Hilton, Charles E.01/10/192280Wiscasset, ME01/18/2002
Munsey Boles, Kenneth E.08/24/192378Wiscasset, ME01/15/2002
Nichols Berry, Grace N. [ Keene ]03/19/191392Wiscasset, ME02/22/2006
Nichols Berry, Shirley S. [ Jones ]03/31/191988Wiscasset, ME07/13/2007
Pendleton Roberts, Carroll E.10/01/192774Wiscasset, ME04/20/2002
Perkins Grove, Kathryn 89Wiscasset, ME10/26/2003
Pooler Colby, George N.05/27/192477Wiscasset, ME12/27/2001
Presby, Bertha P. [ Card ]09/15/191885Wiscasset, ME01/10/2004
Sherman Matthews, Gerald Clifton "Gerry"06/26/192283Wiscasset, ME12/05/2005
Simpson Grover, Paul B.03/16/192277Wiscasset, ME07/04/1999
Soule McKenney, Marion [ Berry ]12/02/1895103Wiscasset, ME01/27/1999
Soule McKinney, Samuel John "Ed"03/10/192084Wiscasset, ME04/01/2004
Stickney Grover, George W.10/23/193267Wiscasset, ME10/09/2000
Thompson West, Dorothy T. [ Speed ]08/21/192781Wiscasset, ME07/09/2009
Thompson West, Stanley G.03/11/192578Wiscasset, ME01/05/2004
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