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Waterville, ME
This particular page exists for the purpose of
indexing obituaries of individuals born in Waterville, Maine. 
Albert, Lisa Marie ( Mrs. ) 28Waterville, ME12/21/2001
Bacheller Towne, Charles C. "Chuck"10/16/194465Waterville, ME02/14/2010
Bearce Bizier, Orrin Charles06/16/193081Waterville, ME02/05/2012
Bechard Caron, Marielle J. [ Boucher ]12/14/193178Waterville, ME01/03/2010
Benner Dorrian, Leland I.12/06/192077Waterville, ME10/03/1998
Bezanson Barkhouse, George M.07/09/192480Waterville, ME08/07/2004
Blethen Pooler, Sadie [ Prince ]08/29/190097Waterville, ME08/07/1998
Bouchard Thibodeau, Viola M. [ Cote ]07/13/192380Waterville, ME03/19/2004
Boucher Goodfellow, Edith Marion [ Carr ]04/03/191881Waterville, ME10/20/1999
Brayall Parker, Dean C.06/07/193270Waterville, ME01/16/2003
Breton Burgess, Scott E.08/25/197431Waterville, ME05/30/2006
Breton Lemelin, Jacqueline G. [ Karter ]05/10/192784Waterville, ME02/05/2012
Breton Veilleux, Maude B. [ Simpson ]09/02/190892Waterville, ME10/15/2000
Brewer, Craig A.03/29/198520Waterville, ME01/29/2006
Brow Brown, Cynthia [ Phinney ]08/05/195052Waterville, ME04/19/2003
Carignan McKinley, Phillip01/08/197733Waterville, ME02/11/2010
Carter Montminey, Jean Norman11/13/193080Waterville, ME03/14/2011
Cayouette Thibault, Doris [ Chamberlain ]12/05/192585Waterville, ME12/29/2010
Chamberlain, Lorraine G. [ Travers ] 70Waterville, ME02/01/2000
Chubbuck, Cora L. [ DiPietro ]01/08/195845Waterville, ME03/17/2003
Clark Fitton, Nanci [ Ingraham ]  Waterville, ME08/21/2004
Clement Blodgett, Maxine Elaine [ Milbury ]12/22/193175Waterville, ME03/24/2007
Clement Caswell, Harry L.12/13/192876Waterville, ME06/26/2005
Cleveland Dodds, Brandon Michael05/03/1999InfWaterville, ME05/03/1999
Cleveland Dodds, Ethan John10/11/2001InfWaterville, ME10/11/2001
Clifford Berkeley, Shirley Marie [ Adams ]10/14/194756Waterville, ME04/04/2004
Collins, Victor A.03/15/195945Waterville, ME10/08/2004
Cote Proulx, Francis R.12/23/193073Waterville, ME01/01/2004
Cote, Cameron Joseph04/08/2004InfWaterville, ME04/10/2004
Cotta Cote, Beverly [ Galli ] 62Waterville, ME01/04/2003
Cross Foster, Russell L. 51Waterville, ME04/07/2003
Danforth Muzeroe, Harris A.05/03/192090Waterville, ME03/14/2011
Day Humphrey, Robert L.06/17/193369Waterville, ME12/16/2002
Dearborn Parks, Bruce A.L. 66Waterville, ME06/16/2006
Dearborn, Carleton E.04/16/192085Waterville, ME10/15/2005
Donna Gagne, Geraldine E. [ Patterson ] [ Loisel ]09/16/192190Waterville, ME01/25/2012
Dore Lombard, L. Thelma [ Barrows ]04/23/191392Waterville, ME09/02/2005
Dusty Dyer, Lillain Mary [ Bourdeau ]10/19/192486Waterville, ME04/19/2011
Emery Nickerson, Stella E. [ Jewett ]07/19/191588Waterville, ME02/24/2004
Fecteau Richards, Katherine F. [ Lemelin ]07/10/192086Waterville, ME08/09/2006
Ferris George, Emma [ Hikel ]09/21/191192Waterville, ME04/17/2004
Field Dickinson, Amelia Nancy09/02/2009InfWaterville, ME12/21/2009
Fisher Beaulieu, Irene Ida May [ Bennett ] 82Waterville, ME02/26/2002
Foss Murphy, Eric Davis 20Waterville, ME12/07/1999
Foster Williams, Dana Henri09/28/191089Waterville, ME05/02/2000
Galvani Burke, Crystal Ann07/13/198321Waterville, ME08/07/2004
George Awad, Nimnoom A. [ Ghaphery ] "Nim"05/18/191885Waterville, ME09/01/2003
George John, Elias Louis02/06/192580Waterville, ME04/11/2005
George, Richard N. "Dick" 74Waterville, ME08/03/2002
Getchell Linnie, Ada Althea [ Carter ]07/06/192284Waterville, ME04/14/2007
Giguere Vachon, Yvette P. [ Thibodeau ]05/02/191888Waterville, ME05/05/2006
Gilbert Paradis, Carl B.05/25/193475Waterville, ME 
Giroux Paquette, Shirley P. [ Barton ]10/29/192084Waterville, ME03/31/2005
Good O'Brien, Todd M. [ Noble ]10/02/197232Waterville, ME01/06/2005
Goodno, Leopold J. "Leo"06/13/190890Waterville, ME02/03/1999
Greeley Downing, Laura L. [ Withee ]04/21/194061Waterville, ME04/09/2002
Grondin Sansoucie, Marie Laura [ Jack ] 92Waterville, ME07/25/2003
Guilmette, Carmen [ McManus ] 72Waterville, ME08/25/2006
Gullifer Bickford, Beverly E. [ Howes ]03/28/192483Waterville, ME03/02/2008
Haglund Person, A. Carolla11/06/191987Waterville, ME08/12/2007
Herbert St Martin, Ronald G.10/23/194365Waterville, ME08/04/2009
Herbert St. Martin, Ronald G.10/23/194365Waterville, ME08/04/2009
Hitchings Dolloff, George P.11/22/191686Waterville, ME04/01/2003
Hodgkins Larcom, Albion07/23/194566Waterville, ME09/12/2011
Houston Latulippe, Kenneth Aronld04/21/193574Waterville, ME07/09/2009
Johnson, Richard H.07/03/191291Waterville, ME11/10/2003
Jones Kincaid, Norma [ Irish ]04/28/193270Waterville, ME05/26/2002
Joseph Karem, James D.11/01/191983Waterville, ME06/02/2003
Karnes Stansfield, William "Bill"04/29/193574Waterville, ME01/18/2010
Kearns, Eugene P. 94Waterville, ME11/28/2001
King Mercier, Cecile M. [ Roy ]09/29/191193Waterville, ME06/27/2005
Knowles, Valerie Anne04/25/197337Waterville, ME03/16/2011
Laliberte Titcomb, Scott10/15/197825Waterville, ME09/25/2004
Landry, June R. [ Caron ]04/14/193571Waterville, ME04/12/2007
Langlais Maheu, George L.05/19/192185Waterville, ME 
Lary McGraw, Wayne A.11/05/197530Waterville, ME05/05/2006
Latulippe Pelletier, Roland Noel12/25/192387Waterville, ME04/17/2011
Laverdiere Poulin, Ann [ Rogan ] 64Waterville, ME02/17/2003
Lebrasseur, Jean 64Waterville, ME03/05/2002
Leigh, Samuel Carlson01/09/197435Waterville, ME10/29/2009
Leigh, Samuel Carson01/09/197435Waterville, ME10/29/2009
Leighton, Albert K. "Bart" 71Waterville, ME03/04/2005
Lepordo, Barbara [ Morani ] 59Waterville, ME04/09/2008
Lester Furrow, Dorinda E. [ White ]11/21/195350Waterville, ME03/30/2004
Levine, Dorothy [ Alfond ] "Bibby"04/16/1916 Waterville, ME12/31/2005
Levine, Merton M. 87Waterville, ME07/27/1997
Lindsley, Thomas Edgar 74Waterville, ME03/27/2005
Lizotte, Marcela [ Roy ]  Waterville, ME09/24/2000
Luce Overlock, Florence E. [ Rowe ]11/17/193078Waterville, ME09/26/2009
MacDonald Holt, Valerie Jean [ Cooley ]10/13/195939Waterville, ME05/09/1999
MacPhee Clark, Christine Louise [ McLellan ]05/06/191787Waterville, ME08/11/2004
Malick Pare, Kathleen Loretta [ Plante ]06/12/192282Waterville, ME04/11/2005
McClure Jenness, Walter L.08/19/195852Waterville, ME08/08/2011
McCorrison, George E06/10/192376Waterville, ME11/24/1999
McLeod Beams, Keith Brendan07/29/198616Waterville, ME01/16/2003
Michaud LaRoche, Richard J.11/10/195357Waterville, ME10/03/2011
Michaud Spirydowicz, Robert Daniel01/04/196150Waterville, ME09/14/2011
Mitchell Nagem, Margaret A. [ Byrd ]09/21/192079Waterville, ME02/13/2000
Moses Albert, Reny F.10/25/194163Waterville, ME04/09/2005
Nadeau Foster, Nancy A. [ Bolduc ]04/11/193871Waterville, ME08/02/2009
Nash Gasster, Janet06/29/194856Waterville, ME06/08/2005
Nemer Elhilu, Maroon "Moo Moo"08/02/192777Waterville, ME03/31/2005
Neseralla Abdo, Joseph M. 76Waterville, ME11/02/2002
Newgard Nadeau, Patricia Lorraine [ Joler ]05/16/194467Waterville, ME01/27/2012
O'Donnell, Leon V.01/22/192380Waterville, ME04/27/2003
O'Grady Stainsby, Elaine [ Paradzsik ]03/11/193173Waterville, ME03/04/2005
Ouellette Vashon, Patricia A. [ Sherman ]02/13/195846Waterville, ME02/15/2004
Page Hodgdon, Kale Talon03/22/199019Waterville, ME01/15/2010
Paquette LaPierre, Anita A. [ Vance ]04/29/192089Waterville, ME05/07/2009
Pearl, Julia I. [ Smith ]05/06/196249Waterville, ME07/25/2011
Pellerin Leclerc, Donald11/05/1931 Waterville, ME12/09/1998
Pelletier Palmer, Randy P.04/13/195950Waterville, ME06/03/2009
Pepin Geroux, Therese [ Dumont ]12/31/1923 Waterville, ME05/27/2003
Place Corey, Dan02/21/195847Waterville, ME03/09/2005
Pomerleau Gurney, Judith J.02/04/194065Waterville, ME04/12/2005
Poulin Cloutier, Bernadine L. [ Carey ]01/14/192078Waterville, ME11/03/1998
Poulin Roy, Fernande [ Kaminski ] 84Waterville, ME01/07/2005
Poulin Sirois, Theresa Gloria [ Pooler ]06/11/192875Waterville, ME09/08/2003
Rancourt Nadeau, Donald Emile01/19/193075Waterville, ME02/03/2005
Rancourt, John R. "Bob" 83Waterville, ME09/12/2003
Reid Holway, Louise R. [ Butler ]09/28/1896103Waterville, ME01/04/2000
Reid Holway, Lousie R. [ Butler ]09/28/1896103Waterville, ME01/04/2000
Richards Whitley, Kenneth R.08/01/193770Waterville, ME02/03/2008
Richards, Theresa Lucille ( Mrs. ) 74Waterville, ME03/27/2005
Robinson Usilton, Anthony A.05/14/197926Waterville, ME06/04/2005
Roderick League, George W. "Babe"07/28/192379Waterville, ME12/28/2002
Rodrigue Bourgoin, Normand J.05/19/194064Waterville, ME02/27/2005
Rollins Kelley, Katharine [ Brown ] "Katie"01/14/191391Waterville, ME01/26/2004
Rollins Steeves, Marjorie R. [ Snyder ]03/30/191786Waterville, ME01/14/2004
Ross Foster, Cornelius F. "Connie"03/04/191389Waterville, ME08/16/2002
Rowe Blaisdell, Mary Ellen [ Furrow ]08/11/194367Waterville, ME03/19/2011
Rowe McCabe, Jacqueline E. [ Wilkie ]12/23/192776Waterville, ME07/07/2003
Rowe Nickerson, Arthur B.06/15/191985Waterville, ME04/12/2005
Roy Deshaine, Reginald A.06/25/193270Waterville, ME08/04/2002
Roy, Reginald J.12/10/1934 Waterville, ME05/22/2003
Rubbins, Bernard 87Waterville, ME01/01/2007
Russell Desveaux, Shawn C.10/27/195357Waterville, ME07/17/2011
Sawtelle Bowden, Ernest09/15/191588Waterville, ME02/07/2004
Schriro Rudman, Bernard W.08/31/191189Waterville, ME01/18/2001
Shirley Labbe, Paula Marie 56Waterville, ME05/04/2002
Sinclair Shannon, Gary L.07/23/194861Waterville, ME09/16/2009
Soule, Dorothy [ Hart ]  Waterville, ME03/28/2004
St. Peter Proulx, Beatrice M. [ St. Pierre ]05/30/191393Waterville, ME06/22/2006
St. Peter Proulx, June C. [ Cyr ]09/06/193271Waterville, ME03/31/2004
Stewart Soucie, Jennifer Marie10/12/197921Waterville, ME01/04/2001
Talbot Lapierre, Juliette [ Mathieu ]05/05/191890Waterville, ME08/26/2008
Tipsword St. Peter, Harrison Omer "Tippy"03/27/193363Waterville, ME02/22/1997
Tisdale, Robert A.12/30/194757Waterville, ME07/02/2005
Trudell Bolduc, Theresa T. [ Chase ]10/08/191984Waterville, ME07/06/2004
Unice Sullivan, Cecile N. [ McCarthy ]04/27/193668Waterville, ME02/24/2005
Veilleux Rossignol, Olivette M. [ Carter ]12/22/192383Waterville, ME07/28/2007
Verville Martel, Delice Marie Augustine [ Pickering ]12/24/1916 Waterville, ME07/06/2003
Vigue Dow, Dorothy V. "Dotty"03/22/191789Waterville, ME05/29/2006
Violette Karter, Raymod H. [ Geary ] 54Waterville, ME04/24/2000
Wade Brooks, Barbara J. [ Badger ]10/06/194263Waterville, ME12/29/2005
Warren Violette, Richard03/27/193469Waterville, ME03/25/2004
Welch Dill, Robert A.02/20/191389Waterville, ME10/30/2002
Wells Rollins, Susan A. [ Curtis ]03/30/195551Waterville, ME02/16/2007
Weymouth Wood, Stephen Dale03/29/194954Waterville, ME06/05/2003
White Vigue, Ashley Morgan10/30/20013Waterville, ME04/07/2005
Witham Ryan, Carol Ann [ Bennett ]01/02/194264Waterville, ME07/20/2006
Wright Libby, Carolyn E. [ McLaughlin ]02/27/194260Waterville, ME06/25/2003
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