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Quincy, MA

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Quincy, Massachusetts. 
Ahlquist Gorts, Allan A. 87Quincy, MA01/24/2002
Albee Fowler, Stephen H.11/27/194460Quincy, MA12/27/2004
Allsopp Knowles, Mabel C.01/11/194757Quincy, MA05/03/2005
Amori Sammartino, Angelina [ Cronin ] "Lee" "Lena"08/27/191290Quincy, MA03/18/2003
Anderson, Signe M. [ Prest ] 98Quincy, MA02/19/2004
Ayer Curtis, Barbara M. [ Dillon ]  Quincy, MA01/07/2012
Barton, John E. 79Quincy, MA01/13/2012
Bassett Hoyt, Myra L. [ Boback ]07/19/192578Quincy, MA03/24/2004
Beeman Arnold, Earl R.10/31/190795Quincy, MA04/11/2003
Blake, Dennis  Quincy, MA03/08/2002
Bowyer, William B.03/24/193174Quincy, MA10/05/2005
Brebner Notter, Winston "Geppetto"08/02/192480Quincy, MA11/12/2004
Bromley Swift, Eleanor B. [ Thompson ] 79Quincy, MA 
Brooks Avery, George W. 81Quincy, MA09/07/2003
Butler Doolin, Robert E.06/09/193765Quincy, MA04/02/2003
Cameron Joyce, Virginia Evelyn  Quincy, MA01/08/2012
Campoli, Linda [ Wilson ] 47Quincy, MA05/11/2002
Canale, Paul 64Quincy, MA09/15/2002
Cardarelli, Clement 95Quincy, MA11/01/2002
Cash Carlson, Kevin C.03/11/195748Quincy, MA06/02/2005
Chamberlain Bryant, Merrill E.01/21/192381Quincy, MA05/18/2004
Chase Howard, Dorothy A.02/18/192976Quincy, MA03/31/2005
Chisholm Slater, Harry F.06/07/191788Quincy, MA09/16/2005
Clark, Donald R.06/21/193074Quincy, MA09/11/2004
Connors, John H.06/28/191486Quincy, MA10/12/2000
Coughlin, Barbara A. [ DeYoung ] 73Quincy, MA09/09/2002
Cove Greene, Donald J. 49Quincy, MA12/25/2005
Cushing, Natalie M. [ Bell ]07/26/192970Quincy, MA04/26/2000
Davern Carnavan, Virginia [ Gunipero ] "Jeannie"08/04/193368Quincy, MA12/29/2001
Davey Anderson, Ruth A. [ Curran ] 64Quincy, MA01/27/2005
DeLory Blakney, Margaret [ Mains ]07/20/191192Quincy, MA01/05/2004
Deininger Holmes, Dorothy Ann [ Davis ] 78Quincy, MA02/08/2003
Desmond Gagnon, Michael 46Quincy, MA02/25/2003
DiGravio, Lisa P. [ Bowman ] 45Quincy, MA05/14/2002
Dodd, Thomas E. 58Quincy, MA11/29/2001
Donatello Cullen, Lisa Faith [ Koltiska ]  Quincy, MA11/27/2005
Doring Pangraze, George P.02/19/194066Quincy, MA06/20/2006
Duffy, Grace P. [ Burbank ] 81Quincy, MA09/05/2004
Duncan Gannon, Mike Christopher 17Quincy, MA09/23/2002
Eaton, Linda L. 52Quincy, MA12/20/2011
Ellis Loud, Roberta May 67Quincy, MA03/03/2002
Feneck, Loretta J. [ Graham ]08/24/1938 Quincy, MA07/15/2002
Ferguson Ruggles, Crawford 91Quincy, MA09/03/2005
Fitz Patriick Day, Norman C.12/27/193271Quincy, MA02/15/2004
FitzGerald Ferry, Mark J.09/22/195060Quincy, MA08/12/2011
Fitzpatrick, Joanne [ Hatch ] 79Quincy, MA12/27/2000
Flenniken Reade, Wayne H. 67Quincy, MA08/25/2003
Foster McClenning, Kendall E.08/07/192186Quincy, MA12/08/2007
Foyce Colligan, Edna L. [ MacAllister ] 85Quincy, MA08/11/2002
Foye, Mildred E. [ West ] 83Quincy, MA01/28/2005
Gallahue Foy, Marie E. [ Brickley ]05/09/193274Quincy, MA09/28/2006
Gately, Philip S.11/09/192178Quincy, MA05/16/2000
Geddes Johnson, Harry E.10/29/191686Quincy, MA03/29/2003
Gil Brockway, Stephen E. 24Quincy, MA03/03/1996
Giordani Augestini, Florianna [ Lonergan ]08/03/191190Quincy, MA03/17/2001
Gorman, Janice M. 63Quincy, MA08/07/2002
Grant Eldridge, Kenneth R.10/14/193670Quincy, MA03/19/2007
Grazioso DiTullio, Arthur Paul01/03/192181Quincy, MA04/17/2002
Grigor, John M.  Quincy, MA04/17/2002
Haggblom Mattson, Katherine H. [ Goulding ] "Kay" 85Quincy, MA03/02/2006
Hall Black, Bicknell04/02/194457Quincy, MA11/19/2001
Haselton, Lillian B. ( Mrs. ) 99Quincy, MA03/01/1998
Heinonen Kulmala, Armas S.J.09/28/191688Quincy, MA09/24/2005
Hollis, Donald A. 73Quincy, MA02/28/2002
Howes Brownlee, John "Bob"09/14/192385Quincy, MA09/11/2009
Jackson, Charles E.08/16/194657Quincy, MA12/08/2003
Jacobson Johnson, Patricia A. [ Dwyer ] 66Quincy, MA01/08/2012
Janes Walmsley, Marion E.03/30/191389Quincy, MA10/15/2002
Jewell Dickinson, Robert L.10/26/191191Quincy, MA11/27/2002
Kelley, Thomas J. 40Quincy, MA10/13/2001
Kiernan Bamford, Barbara Marie [ Aldrich ]07/13/1930 Quincy, MA 
Knuuti Miekka, Harold E.  Quincy, MA12/25/2002
Krogh Andrews, Ronald J. 30Quincy, MA03/01/1997
Kyllonen, Anne M. [ Higgins ] 84Quincy, MA12/06/2005
Lamoureaux, Andrea [ Balser ]05/15/194558Quincy, MA02/20/2004
Licata Genuardi, Alfred P. 63Quincy, MA07/21/2011
Lloyd, Walter F.03/16/190495Quincy, MA05/31/1999
MacCauley, Irene [ Anthony 82Quincy, MA02/24/2003
MacLeod Lowe, Robert L.09/29/193072Quincy, MA04/04/2003
Mackey, Henriette C. "Harriet" 81Quincy, MA06/04/2002
Mackie Ede, James W. 95Quincy, MA01/09/2002
Mahoney Smith, Daniel J. 57Quincy, MA09/07/2004
Marini, Louise [ Dirksmeier ] 71Quincy, MA07/25/2002
Marshall Ayer, Barbara [ Charleston ]01/06/192181Quincy, MA01/11/2002
Mason Walsh, Margarette A. [ Scanlon ]03/14/1952 Quincy, MA06/27/2002
Mazzola, Beatrice L. [ Pepek ]02/09/191688Quincy, MA09/29/2004
McBurney, Elizabeth ( Mrs. ) "Anne"07/01/195352Quincy, MA03/04/2006
McCarthy, John Paul  Quincy, MA08/06/2002
McKenzie Bean, Emily Jean [ Smith ]03/13/192872Quincy, MA01/20/2001
McKim, Allistair 75Quincy, MA01/16/2004
Meaney, Helen G. [ Tatro ] 104Quincy, MA07/14/2003
Mikkola Rautiola, Arthur "Mike"11/26/192778Quincy, MA09/25/2006
Molly, Lauretta G. [ Griffin ]10/27/191094Quincy, MA06/14/2005
Moore Fuller, Mary M. [ Zimmer ]05/22/192577Quincy, MA09/07/2002
Morgan Glavin, Frank W.08/01/191983Quincy, MA05/17/2003
Morgan Irish, Geraldine V. [ Helie ]01/21/200486Quincy, MA01/21/2004
Morneau Locke, Louis A. "Pete"06/29/192184Quincy, MA05/31/2006
Noble, Margaret Jean [ Laugelle ] "Peggy" 71Quincy, MA08/05/2002
Norris Curtis, Curtis B.07/14/192775Quincy, MA09/30/2002
Norton, John A. 71Quincy, MA03/08/2000
Nugent, Walter E. 66Quincy, MA02/27/2002
O'Connor, Thomas C. 55Quincy, MA08/15/2005
Olson, Virginia [ Bartelson ] 81Quincy, MA05/21/2003
Ormsby, Evelyn [ Warner ]08/07/191881Quincy, MA08/26/1999
Perrow, George 78Quincy, MA03/03/2002
Peterson, Karin Victoria05/31/196537Quincy, MA03/23/2003
Petitti, Dante B. 79Quincy, MA12/22/2001
Pillsbury Roy, Cynthia [ Frost ]10/02/194660Quincy, MA11/26/2006
Pollara Capone, Deborah [ Matthews ]01/06/195052Quincy, MA10/06/2002
Porter Collins, Hazel [ Murphy ] "Elaine" 84Quincy, MA08/02/2004
Prout, Margaret E. [ Taylor ] 86Quincy, MA02/18/2004
Reeves, Christine "Chrissy"04/12/197626Quincy, MA11/08/2002
Reynolds, Celia R. [ Nicoll ] "Cel" 95Quincy, MA01/10/2004
Richardson Armstrong, Lois [ Quinn ] 75Quincy, MA09/04/2005
Rioux, Henry C. "Butch" 62Quincy, MA02/05/2003
Rowe Lewis, Arthur S. 87Quincy, MA11/11/2005
Rudio Butler, David C. 39Quincy, MA12/27/1999
Saben, Gail [ Wakeman ] 82Quincy, MA10/13/2001
Saunders Needham, Vernon C. "Carl" 80Quincy, MA09/13/2002
Schlenker Melville, Ella May [ Lubben ]05/24/191789Quincy, MA02/28/2007
Serafini, Italo "Dick" 82Quincy, MA09/11/2002
Shapiro, Bernard D. 85Quincy, MA02/07/2003
Shea, Mary T. [ Crowley ]10/30/192681Quincy, MA10/15/2008
Sidebothem Shields, Kenneth Dyer07/19/193374Quincy, MA05/01/2008
Sidebothem Shields, Kenneth [ Dyer ] "John"07/19/193374Quincy, MA05/01/2008
Sjoblad Timanen, Meimi S. "Mim" 89Quincy, MA02/28/2004
Skellett, Richard S.05/09/192777Quincy, MA12/24/2004
Sonia White, Cecelia [ Buysse ] 100Quincy, MA08/20/2004
Stack Hamel, Alice V. [ McArdle ]05/31/191585Quincy, MA01/14/2001
Stack Hamel, Alice W. [ McArdle ]05/31/191585Quincy, MA01/14/2001
Stewart Allen, Alan P.06/29/192677Quincy, MA05/18/2004
Stewart, Dean W. 33Quincy, MA07/30/2002
Stewart, May Ellen [ Bailey ] 87Quincy, MA10/12/2001
Stone Van Henklom, Mabel S. [ Shepard ]05/19/190987Quincy, MA12/20/1996
Sullivan, William James 90Quincy, MA03/04/2003
Sweet, Arthur E. 84Quincy, MA11/05/2001
Szalajeski Micmajer, Blanch W. [ Perry ] 84Quincy, MA01/05/2004
Tipton Pinkham, Ruth Hazel [ Stuart ] [ Melton ]04/27/191983Quincy, MA09/01/2002
Tirone, Marjorie L. ( Mrs. ) 71Quincy, MA01/06/2003
Tobey, June S. [ Nicol ] 81Quincy, MA05/17/2002
Tombari Papile, William M.07/08/194959Quincy, MA10/07/2008
Tunstall Biggar, Ruth T. [ Wilkinson ] 89Quincy, MA06/17/2002
Urquhart, Margaret [ Duggan ] 93Quincy, MA08/21/2002
Vanelli, Eleanor B. [ Oefelein ] 78Quincy, MA02/21/2002
Wardley Belanger, Mary [ Cunningham ] [ Howell ]01/13/191187Quincy, MA08/18/1988
Wardley Belanger, Mary [ Cunningham ][ Howell ]01/13/191187Quincy, MA08/18/1998
Wheeler Cyr, Donald G. 70Quincy, MA03/06/2005
White Kelley, Genevieve T. [ McCarthy ]07/18/1933 Quincy, MA11/21/2005
White Kelley, Genevieve T. [ McCarthy ]07/18/193372Quincy, MA11/21/2005
White, Jeffrey S.06/29/195259Quincy, MA01/10/2012
Whitfield, John06/10/195152Quincy, MA03/13/2004
Whynott Clark, Roberta D. [ Wilson ]07/19/192477Quincy, MA03/16/2002
Wight Turner, Wesley W.10/10/193572Quincy, MA04/20/2008
Woodaman, Irene M. [ Sheerin ] [ Kelleher ] "Polly" 79Quincy, MA12/08/2002

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