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Haverhill, MA

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Haverhill, Massachusetts. 
O'Brien Duggan, Walter J.02/27/192278Haverhill, MA07/10/2000
O'Leary, Mary L. 88Haverhill, MA10/01/2002
Obrey, Eleonore 84Haverhill, MA11/18/1999
Oickle Belmont, Patricia A. [ DeMaris ]09/26/194763Haverhill, MA02/02/2011
Ordway, A. Nancy [ Harrison ] 85Haverhill, MA10/17/2001
Orlauski, Anthony F. [ Orlan ]07/10/1907 Haverhill, MA05/22/2000
Ottaviani, Rudolph "Rudy" 92Haverhill, MA02/09/2004
Ouellette, John Octavius 53Haverhill, MA09/07/2004
Owens LaPierre, Eleanor M. [ Shugrue ] 75Haverhill, MA12/30/2003
Page Poissant, C. Russell 90Haverhill, MA08/22/2005
Paige, Alice F. [ Huebner ] 96Haverhill, MA09/12/2002
Pappas, Harry J. 80Haverhill, MA10/01/2000
Paradis, Howard D. 94Haverhill, MA12/24/2002
Parent, Debra Ann [ Tardiff ]07/12/195745Haverhill, MA05/06/2003
Parenteau, Yvonne B. [ Lucey ] 85Haverhill, MA12/23/2000
Parker Powers, Elizabeth [ Sarrasin ] "Betty"09/12/193171Haverhill, MA06/30/2003
Parks, Donald W.06/16/190691Haverhill, MA10/24/1997
Parquette, Charlotte B. [ Monteith ] 90Haverhill, MA10/26/2002
Pasquale, Concetta "Connie" 84Haverhill, MA07/29/2003
Patnaude, Arthur G. 100Haverhill, MA02/25/2002
Payette, Eva J. 90Haverhill, MA02/04/1998
Payette, Lauretta A. [ Brunelle ] 86Haverhill, MA02/02/1999
Pearson O'Keefe, Linda J. [ Alartosky ]02/09/194957Haverhill, MA10/03/2006
Peck, Nathaniel "Earl" 75Haverhill, MA06/09/2002
Pelletier, Loretta M. [ Gosselin ] 68Haverhill, MA12/20/2002
Perreault, Joseph L. 59Haverhill, MA08/11/2002
Perreault, Marie R. ( Mrs. ) 83Haverhill, MA08/06/2002
Perry Gilbert Alfred Joseph "Al" 52Haverhill, MA07/25/2006
Picard, Barbara [ Chadwick ] 93Haverhill, MA09/12/2002
Pickering, William John07/18/192387Haverhill, MA04/13/2011
Pienkowski, Bernice [ Pachucki ] 78Haverhill, MA03/31/2000
Pietrowski, Norma A. ( Mrs. ) 50Haverhill, MA09/29/2000
Pike, Virginia M. [ Maranto ] 83Haverhill, MA02/29/2004
Pike, William C. 70Haverhill, MA03/10/2002
Piotrowski, Nellie [ Blaszczyk ] 87Haverhill, MA09/22/2002
Poor, Joseph A. 45Haverhill, MA05/10/2003
Poore, Ernest E. 86Haverhill, MA05/08/2002
Poore, Helen [ Maberry ] 99Haverhill, MA05/11/2003
Porro, Jeannette M. 73Haverhill, MA03/11/2003
Potter, Nancy [ Fuller ] 66Haverhill, MA12/09/2002
Potter, Robert F.05/05/191685Haverhill, MA01/04/2004
Potter, Robert F.05/05/191885Haverhill, MA01/04/2004
Poulin Bouvier, Charles H. 77Haverhill, MA02/06/2007
Powers Hodnett, John J.10/18/192779Haverhill, MA01/27/2007
Prakapas Navikas, Bernice 92Haverhill, MA08/21/2005
Prophet, Margaret E. [ Spencer ] 97Haverhill, MA04/22/2003
Quimby Bradley, Dorothy Louise [ Hicks ]05/08/191591Haverhill, MA07/16/2006
Quimby Tuttle, Kenneth Everett 75Haverhill, MA04/05/2011
Rafferty Drapeau, Lillian M. [ Minkle ]09/13/193076Haverhill, MA12/26/2006
Rage, Elpinikie [ Schena ] "Nikkie" 79Haverhill, MA04/22/2003
Ray, Timothy J. 53Haverhill, MA05/13/2003
Raymond, Anna ( Mrs. ) 92Haverhill, MA09/19/2003
Reardon Linnehan, Mary E. [ Finneral ]12/08/192579Haverhill, MA02/10/2005
Reed, Anna L. ( Mrs. ) 94Haverhill, MA01/06/1998
Resvan, Lillian [ Giampa ] 87Haverhill, MA02/26/2002
Reynolds Sawyer, Frances G. [ Powers ]09/10/191885Haverhill, MA11/22/2003
Ring, William Albert "Al"03/19/190997Haverhill, MA 
Roberts Beede, Nina G. [ Broderick ]07/18/193373Haverhill, MA12/07/2006
Robertson, Dorothy Helen [ Colby ] 74Haverhill, MA10/22/2001
Roche, Robert M. 82Haverhill, MA02/02/1999
Romonoski Juchniewicz, Tara10/10/198129Haverhill, MA03/29/2011
Ross Webster, Charles E. 79Haverhill, MA12/16/2001
Ross, Nicholas J. 91Haverhill, MA05/14/2000
Ross, Pauline C. "Polly" 68Haverhill, MA05/07/2002
Roy, Shirley L. ( Mrs. ) 75Haverhill, MA02/06/1998
Ruddy, Craig M. 22Haverhill, MA07/10/2002
Rudnicki, Stephan 86Haverhill, MA12/08/2002
Ryan Cyr, James F. 83Haverhill, MA07/05/2002
Ryan O'Sullivan, Marjorie Elaine [ Goudreault ]02/11/193669Haverhill, MA05/17/2005
Ryan, Kevin Patrick 50Haverhill, MA09/09/2003
Salerno, Joseph 85Haverhill, MA02/28/2003
Sandler Shafmaster, Sarah [ Blumenthal ] "Sally" 89Haverhill, MA01/09/2003
Sapolksy, Martin S.02/25/193962Haverhill, MA09/30/2001
Sargent Williams, Marjorie G. [ Wilkins ]02/09/194264Haverhill, MA01/15/2007
Savage Conn, Jeffrie S. 29Haverhill, MA09/04/2003
Saviola, Libra 86Haverhill, MA09/18/2002
Sawyer Morrill, Donna L. [ Renaud ]02/24/193969Haverhill, MA12/20/2008
Scannell Barraclough, Maureen F. [ Ouellette ]12/26/196050Haverhill, MA07/13/2011
Schena, Carol A. [ Emmons ] 47Haverhill, MA09/16/2003
Schena, Richard A. 72Haverhill, MA01/05/1998
Segeberg Bishop, Raymond D.01/18/192777Haverhill, MA01/27/2004
Shanahan, Helen A. [ Nelson ] 82Haverhill, MA12/22/2002
Shapiro Cohen, Evelyn B. [ Spain ] 87Haverhill, MA01/04/2007
Shapiro, Arthur Norman 93Haverhill, MA08/07/2004
Shattuck, Edythe Helene [ Snow ] 76Haverhill, MA01/31/1998
Sheehan, Margaret J. [ Dondero ] 94Haverhill, MA02/13/2004
Shirling, H. Vern 44Haverhill, MA01/04/2002
Simmons, Brian S.11/08/195848Haverhill, MA11/11/2006
Sinclair MacDonald, Sarah P. [ Ottaviani ] 88Haverhill, MA07/08/2006
Smith Cadorette, Debra Lynne 49Haverhill, MA03/12/2011
Smith, Barbara J. 65Haverhill, MA02/08/1998
Sprague Foss, Lois A. [ Mahoney ]05/06/1933 Haverhill, MA10/27/2003
Staffieril Royce, Shawn B. 22Haverhill, MA01/22/2004
Stanavich, Sophie A. [ Barnett ]09/19/191688Haverhill, MA05/21/2005
Stevens Jackson, Russell H. 33Haverhill, MA03/02/1998
Stokes, Ruth E. [ Kimball ] 77Haverhill, MA11/25/2001
Stravinsky, Julia E. [ Pitocchelli ] 82Haverhill, MA12/30/1997
Strout, William H.04/13/192874Haverhill, MA09/18/2002
Sturtevant Cronin, Evelyn [ Lorrigan ] [ Calvi ] 81Haverhill, MA05/12/2006
Sturtevant, Stella A. [ O'Neill ] 81Haverhill, MA03/13/2002
Sullivan, Sheila [ Gilmore ] 68Haverhill, MA10/28/2003
Sweetser Webster, Raymons L.01/05/191888Haverhill, MA12/21/2006
Taglieri, Nellie D. [ Gardella ] [ Gaiero ] 87Haverhill, MA01/31/2004
Takesian, Rose [ Hilchey ] 73Haverhill, MA05/02/2000
Taylor, Clayton B. 77Haverhill, MA08/02/2002
Tefft Henry, Dorothy E. [ Hills ] 86Haverhill, MA11/28/2001
Tefft, Dorothy E. [ Hills ] 86Haverhill, MA11/30/2001
Tefft, Raymond H. 93Haverhill, MA11/25/2001
Terroux, Kenneth A. 79Haverhill, MA04/30/2002
Thibadeau, Evelyn L. [ Scorsoni ] 80Haverhill, MA05/07/2000
Thomas Clark, Mark A. [ Evans ]07/11/196235Haverhill, MA11/05/1997
Thurlow, Ruby E. [ Thurston ] 83Haverhill, MA09/05/2002
Tidd Rice, Julie L. [ Grace ]06/26/195845Haverhill, MA11/07/2003
Tilden, Allen F. 82Haverhill, MA11/16/2001
Tilton, Charles P. 93Haverhill, MA12/16/1999
Tozier, Marjorie C. [ Dawley ] 73Haverhill, MA04/30/2002
Tracy Brooks, Patricia T. [ Mansfield ] 86Haverhill, MA07/30/2001
Turner Nourse, David Burton 61Haverhill, MA02/27/2011
Turney, Margaret T. [ Largay ] "Peggy" 69Haverhill, MA02/26/1998
Urso, Salvatore J. 76Haverhill, MA12/31/2000
Valavanis, Helen S. ( Mrs. ) 77Haverhill, MA01/13/1998
Van Coppenolle Theberge, Denise 47Haverhill, MA02/13/2006
Vasilakis, Manuel 89Haverhill, MA10/31/2002
Veltsos, Charles H. 69Haverhill, MA01/15/1998
Venti, Catherine M. [ McCarthy ] 92Haverhill, MA01/21/2004
Verrette Rice, Geraldine M. [ Parker ] "Jeri" 65Haverhill, MA04/08/2011
Vetterline Palmer, Ralph K.12/15/191684Haverhill, MA09/21/2001
Vilkisius, Chelsea A.10/27/199410Haverhill, MA08/09/2005
Walker, Helen D. [ Noyes ] 73Haverhill, MA07/08/2004
Warren, Russell Everett 72Haverhill, MA02/03/1999
Wasel, Katherine N. [ Wasiewski ] 97Haverhill, MA10/01/2000
Weiner, Barbara L. ( Mrs. ) [ Jaycox ] 70Haverhill, MA12/08/2002
Welch Hurteau, William B. 65Haverhill, MA04/25/2011
Welch, Richard P. 61Haverhill, MA09/01/2002
Wentworth, Vivian E. [ Woyvoda ] 98Haverhill, MA03/05/1998
Wezesa, Joseph S. 80Haverhill, MA01/12/1998
White Farrow, Marjorie Frances [ Dixon ]06/10/192181Haverhill, MA01/19/2003
White Meisner, Frederick H.09/26/192381Haverhill, MA04/29/2005
White, Frank E. 74Haverhill, MA11/24/2002
White, James P. 81Haverhill, MA02/05/1998
Wicker, Bessie [ Oltman ] 78Haverhill, MA10/28/2003
Wilbur, Mary L. [ Roy ] [ Greeley ] 88Haverhill, MA07/22/2003
Wile, Rena M. [ Blanchette ] 73Haverhill, MA07/28/2002
Willett Dougherty, Eileen B.07/20/192185Haverhill, MA11/01/2006
Wilmont, Beryl A. [ Davis ] 88Haverhill, MA02/05/2004
Wilson Nutting, Thelma I. 74Haverhill, MA11/04/2002
Wilson, Roger E. 74Haverhill, MA11/21/2002
Wiseman, Raymond F. 59Haverhill, MA01/25/1998
Woodbury, Helen M. [ Moynihan ] 97Haverhill, MA12/27/2000
Woodsum, Lawrence E. 60Haverhill, MA08/02/2003
Woodsum, Leon E. 62Haverhill, MA08/03/2003
Woodworth, Joseph J. 53Haverhill, MA02/28/2002
Wotman Roba, Chester W. 85Haverhill, MA11/19/1999
Wyka, Sophie V. 89Haverhill, MA10/23/2001
Wyka, Stanley 96Haverhill, MA04/21/2002
Yannalfo, Alvera C. [ Angelotti ] "Vera" 88Haverhill, MA01/29/1998
Yannalfo, Geoffrey S. "Geoff" 9Haverhill, MA10/01/2000
Yawnitz, Veronica E. [ Kuzminski ] 89Haverhill, MA01/16/2003
Yeo Coburn, Dorothy E. [ Csiszer ] 55Haverhill, MA08/09/2002
York, Jeffrey R. 16Haverhill, MA10/29/2002
Young McNulty, Curtis R.10/31/1943 Haverhill, MA10/01/2002
Young, Edythe M. [ Smith ] 70Haverhill, MA03/07/2003
Young, Frances M. [ Brault ] 80Haverhill, MA03/05/2002
Zangari, Kathleen J. [ Noyes ] 57Haverhill, MA08/04/2002
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