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Owen County, KY

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Owen County, Kentucky.
Bourne Marston, Max Andrew08/31/192585Owen County, KY07/19/2011
Bourne, James Porter09/03/1892107Owen County, KY04/22/2000
Davis Reed, Jimmy D.01/31/191398Owen County, KY07/12/2011
Dean, Allie [ Watts ]01/11/191684Owenton, KY05/14/2000
Dickerson Perry, Catherine [ Allen ]10/14/192383Owen County, KY12/18/2006
Gaines Rose, Willeta [ Cooke ]04/13/192784Owen County, KY08/20/2011
House Kincaid, Donald Ray06/09/194071Owen County, KY08/20/2011
Lee Jackson, William Jess03/26/192581Owen County, KY03/01/2007
Lewis Webster, Raymond J. 75Owen County, KY03/30/2003
Nickelson Jones, Virginia May [ Meehan ]01/13/192578Beechwood, KY01/11/2004
Renfro, William Daniel05/06/196348Owen County, KY08/28/2011
Rodgers Coates, Ruby Ann [ Harney ]09/04/193773Owen County, KY08/03/2011
Rose Baker, Alice [ Clifton ] "Gertrude"10/15/191694Owen County, KY07/15/2011
Schooler Edmunson, Mildred [ Martin ]11/01/1906102Owen County, KY06/18/2009
Shirley Perkins, Naomi [ Caldwell ] "Frances"01/02/192883Owen County, KY08/26/2011
Stewart Warfield, Phyllis [ Kerns ] "Gypsie"04/18/193274Owen County, KY05/31/2006
Wheet, Willard E.07/23/192478Harmony, KY01/20/2003

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