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Mason County, KY

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Mason County, Kentucky.
Appelgate, Keith Allen "Corky"12/23/196644Mason County, KY01/25/2011
Bare Flinders, Louivy Dean "Deanie"09/21/196537Maysville, KY03/29/2003
Bradford Flack, William Ray "Bill"01/15/195456Mason County, KY01/14/2011
Brooks Creekbaum, Mary Delores [ Barringer ]06/03/191590Dover, KY10/25/2005
Burn Fiels, Jaylee Grace03/12/20101Maysville, KY03/30/2011
Cline Heflin, Juanita [ Applegate ]04/17/193963Mays Lick, KY04/05/2003
Clooney, Rosemary05/23/194874Maysville, KY06/29/2002
Coakwell Moore, Richard Lee02/06/191391Mayslick, KY07/29/2004
Davis Ginn, April DeeAnn04/25/198129Maysville, KY02/17/2011
DeVaughn Mitchell, Gary Wayne05/28/195555Maysville, KY04/26/2011
Hesle Green, Patsy Jean [ Antrobus ]10/12/193967Mason County, KY10/15/2006
Hughes Conway, Shirley M. [ Breeze ]09/30/194466Maysville, KY06/04/2011
Johnston, Albert Sidney02/02/180359Washington, KY04/06/1862
Keith Stacy, Anne Dudley [ Bertram ]06/09/192289Maysville, KY06/11/2011
Knauff Jansen, Emily Ann04/20/198418Maysville, KY04/12/2003
McDermott, Troy T. 30Maysville, KY10/19/2002
Purcell Lucas, Leo Davis09/02/193968Mason County, KY08/07/2008
Rapier Price, Robert L.09/22/192088Maysville, KY05/24/2009
Reed, John Thomas02/18/195353Mason County, KY10/11/2006
Teegarden Van Camp, Audrey Louise [ Castle ]01/10/194269Mason County, KY02/25/2011
Washington Jackson, Edward "Big Eddie"07/08/193860Maysville, KY04/03/1999

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