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Lewis County, KY

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Lewis County, Kentucky.
Ackley Carpenter, Harry Edward08/16/193872Lewis County, KY10/22/2010
Alexander Honaker, Beulah Belle [ Vaughn ]10/23/191786Firebrick, KY08/17/2004
Applegate Donley, Fred Allen11/13/194465Lewis County, KY04/09/2009
Applegate Donnely, Judy Darlene [ Prather ]05/05/194664Lewis County, KY03/27/2011
Applegate Wallingford, Harold Douglass04/30/192981Lewis County, KY02/20/2011
Applegate White, Charles Edward "Buster"12/01/192979Lewis County, KY11/28/2009
Arthur Meyers, Ruth [ Thurman ]10/17/193179Lewis County, KY02/02/2011
Arthur Thurman, Howard Everett09/23/194367Lewis County, KY08/20/2011
Barker, Ercel W.03/02/192883Lewis County, KY03/13/2011
Bate Blankenship, Margaret Ilene [ Stafford ]02/17/192190Lewis County, KY08/14/2011
Bevins Riley, Wanda [ Davidson ] "Don"10/20/194070Lewis County, KY04/28/2011
Blevins Vance, Mark Anthony12/28/196050Garrison, KY02/09/2011
Bloomfield Clark, Herbert L. "Bud"10/21/194664Vanceburg, KY06/13/2011
Breeze Garrett, Larry Denis02/17/194366Lewis County, KY12/16/2009
Brown King, Charles Gordon06/13/193773Burtonville, KY01/02/2011
Bryan Lowie, Patricia Louise [ Brown ]11/29/194763Vanceburg, KY12/29/2010
Burchett Dyer, Vern "Bill"09/22/193673Lewis County, KY07/02/2010
Burris Body, Mary [ Mathewson ]04/17/192584Vanceburg, KY04/08/2010
Bush Hall, Curtis 42Garrison, KY03/23/2003
Butler Thurman, Richard10/31/192485Lewis County, KY01/11/2010
Carpenter Cook, Robert "Junior"06/16/192882Lewis County, KY06/04/2011
Carrington Harris, Edgar Haywood "Woody"07/30/194764Lewis County, KY08/07/2011
Carver Evans, Everett L.04/08/192576Lewis County, KY02/25/2002
Carver Evans, Vanis C.10/10/191784Lewis County, KY02/10/2002
Chinn Childrey, Ruth K.06/13/194863Lewis County, KY06/27/2011
Chinn Setters, Loretta Mae [ King ]10/06/194168Vanceburg, KY07/12/2010
Christy Lewis, Richard H.07/18/193575Garrison, KY05/27/2011
Clark Hyrne, Rodney04/10/195456Vanceburg, KY07/03/2010
Clark Prather, Joyce Ann [ Renchen ]05/21/194763Lewis County, KY08/01/2010
Clark Woods, McKinley04/18/194466Lewis County, KY03/22/2011
Clary Hinton, Anna Alice [ Meyer ]04/19/192189Lewis County, KY12/07/2010
Cogan Hutton, Arthur Gray11/13/191092Lewis County, KY03/31/2003
Collier Osborne, Donald04/24/191990Lewis County, KY03/22/2010
Cooley, Robert L.08/25/194961Lewis County, KY09/18/2010
Coovert Hitch, Anna Mae [ Castleberry ] 85Vanceburg, KY06/10/2005
Cornell, Cleavie Franklin06/10/194763Lewis County, KY09/26/2010
Corns, Ernest E.01/05/193372Lewis County, KY06/28/2005
Cottingham McGinnis, Grace [ Bivens ]07/17/193179Vanceburg, KY07/05/2011
Crawford Stamm, Morris "Bimbo"08/30/195258Petersville, KY03/28/2011
Cropper Vanderaa, Shirley A. [ Hinton ]09/01/193575Lewis County, KY11/18/2010
Cunningham Sparks, Charles Harold08/09/192882Lewis County, KY12/07/2010
Dillow Martin, Ramona Frances [ Nute ]  Lewis County, KY05/23/2011
Douglas Reeder, Wendell06/18/194070Lewis County, KY08/24/2010
Dummitt Silvey, Charles R.12/28/193277Lewis County, KY12/15/2010
Dunaway, Johnny Ray04/16/195457Vanceburg, KY04/21/2011
Dyer Bond, Sherman James12/16/193574Lewis County, KY02/25/2010
Dyer Brown, Donald "Eugene"07/14/194762Lewis County, KY05/27/2010
Edington Bear, Sarah Inez [ Rister ] [ Goff ]06/07/193772Lewis County, KY04/25/2010
Edington Bloomfield, Jeannetta [ Ash ]08/31/193674Lewis County, KY08/19/2011
Edington Bush, Charlotte Jean12/23/197138Lewis County, KY11/18/2010
Evans Bryant, Kenneth Eugene "Gene"07/24/193377Vanceburg, KY01/07/2011
Faris Simpson, Kathryne F. [ Childrey ]03/18/192684Lewis County, KY03/22/2010
Gilbert Pollet, Herbert J.12/15/192485Vanceburg, KY06/13/2010
Gilliam Akers, Nina M. [ Hamilton ] [ Davis ]04/14/192190Emerson, KY05/06/2011
Gilliam Bryant, Callie Belle [ Brown ]06/29/194465Vanceburg, KY06/02/2010
Gilliam, Esta Marie [ McCleese ]12/22/191099Lewis County, KY06/14/2010
Ginn McKee, Joann [ Fite ]10/28/193575Heselton, KY06/15/2011
Ginn Spriggs, Jeffrey R.10/18/195059Vanceburg, KY01/24/2010
Grayson Kinney, Shannon Paul05/08/197237Vanceburg, KY04/25/2010
Harris Edington, Mary Coleen [ Carrington ]07/06/193379Lewis County, KY12/06/2008
Heater Rath, Virginia Lee08/18/194466Vanceburg, KY10/31/2010
Henderson, Edith H. [ Vogel ]09/08/192086Trinity, KY04/01/2007
Hickle Fout, Edward E. "Snook"12/28/192782Vanceburg, KY10/04/2010
Hill McCulligh, Loren "Gus"08/22/195058Vanceburg, KY10/04/2008
Holton Neal, Anna Pauline [ Applegate ]03/03/193179Lewis County, KY01/07/2011
Horsley Lewis, Harold Nelson11/10/194366Vanceburg, KY07/09/2010
Howard Jones, Ray03/20/192387Garrison, KY05/19/2010
Hughes Carpenter, Charles09/07/191389Cabin Creek, KY03/29/2003
Hughes McDonald, Howard Grant03/21/192387Lewis County, KY01/12/2011
Hurst Dugan, William C.06/15/194558Vanceburg, KY12/29/2003
Iery Polley, James W.05/20/191991Lewis County, KY09/03/2010
Johnson Nichols, Troy D.09/21/195456Lewis County, KY03/08/2011
Jordan Goodwin, Earl "Babe"02/15/191991Lewis County, KY02/15/2010
Kamer Bentley, Darrell R.10/03/194267Lewis County, KY04/05/2010
Kennedy Flinders, Virgil E.06/25/192874Vanceburg, KY03/25/2003
King Tolle, Charles J.06/21/192873Vanceburg, KY03/13/2002
Lambert Lewis, Della M. [ Clark ]12/20/192775Lewis County, KY06/05/2003
Lands Liles, Barbara Jean11/25/195151Lewis County, KY04/04/2003
Laney Bear, Ethel [ McClurg ]07/14/192782Lewis County, KY03/22/2010
Lewis Mustard, Linda J. [ Pollitt ]10/17/194367Vanceburg, KY08/19/2011
Liles Lewis, Joseph Lee 46Lewis County, KY02/07/2010
Love Flinders, Margaret [ Esham ]12/19/191396Lewis County, KY10/13/2010
McAdams Tolle, Daniel Ray02/02/195753Vanceburg, KY06/06/2010
McCormick Blankenship, Sammie Fred12/12/195455Lewis County, KY04/08/2010
Mefford Swearingen, Clifford O.01/23/192189Lewis County, KY11/25/2010
Meyer Henderson, Bonnie Darlene [ Meyer ] [ Ferguson ]12/05/193872Lewis County, KY08/12/2011
Mineer Marshall, Ralph "Ike"04/23/193476Lewis County, KY01/23/2011
Moore Caldwell, Ronald David01/02/194763Lewis County, KY11/05/2010
Noble Thornsberry, Linda Lou [ Abrams ]07/14/194961Garrison, KY02/22/2011
Padgett Mefford, Thelma Glayds [ Mattox ]07/31/191789Lewis County, KY08/25/2006
Patton Tolle, James H.05/30/194169Lewis County, KY02/15/2011
Prater Arthur, Beatrice A. [ Rouse ]09/22/192082Glen Springs, KY04/05/2003
Reis Ruark, Herbert Carl11/16/191983Lewis County, KY04/03/2003
Rhoden Pell, Dianna [ Kelbley ]11/19/193864Kinniconick, KY04/03/2003
Richmond Spence, Virgil Ray12/09/194168Lewis County, KY04/10/2010
Rickett Hensley, Henry O.01/02/194862Lewis County, KY10/11/2010
Roe Barrett, Bruce W.11/18/194466Vanceburg, KY12/31/2010
Ruark Meyers, William Howard08/14/191991Lewis County, KY03/13/2011
Rudd Evans, Ruby Alice [ Walker ] [ Gee ]07/17/192981Lewis County, KY02/06/2011
Ruggles Corns, Russell H.05/26/194069Lewis County, KY07/18/2009
Scott Kenyon, Mildred L. [ Ames ]12/07/193276Lewis County, KY11/29/2009
Shaw Fite, Wilford Ray09/07/194664Vanceburg, KY03/10/2011
Thurman, Shirley Ann10/04/195159Lewis County, KY02/06/2011
Tully Brammer, Orville Dean07/07/193469Lewis County, KY04/05/2003
White, Howard Eugene07/25/194170Lewis County, KY08/18/2011
Woods, Marshall David04/08/194466Lewis County, KY01/04/2011

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