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Obituary Index
Jefferson County, KY

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Jefferson County, Kentucky.
Ackerman Potts, William Edward "Bill"12/14/194462Louisville, KY03/23/2007
Adams Lavely, Jane L. [ Pohl ]06/17/192182Louisville, KY04/15/2004
Alwes, John Bernard "Bernie"07/19/191784Louisville, KY05/02/2002
Anderson Finell, Jewell Evelyn [ Walker ]07/17/193077Louisville, KY03/09/2008
Anderson, Robert Carl05/02/192990Louisville, KY07/23/2009
Baas Kronemeier, Mary Louise [ Jeanneney ] "Mary Lou"01/13/192872Louisville, KY02/10/2000
Bakers Coleman, James R. [ Sutton ]11/08/191489Jefferson County, KY01/01/2004
Bales Bailey, Mary Alice [ Preston ] 91Louisville, KY05/30/2002
Becht Volpert, Marcella R. [ Fortin ]03/18/191294Louisville, KY01/12/2007
Beck Griffin, David Clinton01/20/195747Louisville, KY12/19/2004
Beck Richards, Victor Richard01/04/193574Louisville, KY06/23/2009
Beck Williams, Stephen Allan03/21/196939Louisville, KY08/20/2008
Belleville Carrico, Vicki Lynn Thompson10/05/196741Louisville, KY06/22/2009
Benson, William C. "Billy"02/11/196335Louisville, KY08/02/1998
Bibby, Walter T.06/27/193466Louisville, KY07/03/2000
Bientz, Dorothy Elizabeth [ Rattliff ] "Dottie" 78Louisville, KY06/16/2008
Blanton, Craig11/28/197036Louisville, KY04/13/2007
Blanton, Phillip A.06/19/196042Louisville, KY10/22/2002
Bloat Thurman, Carl H.12/19/193272Louisville, KY01/04/2005
Bornwasser Adelberg, Lucille B. [ Thome ]12/10/192575Louisville, KY03/15/2001
Bradbury Deaton, James Leonard02/22/194461Louisville, KY07/20/2004
Bradsley, Elizabeth V. [ Moates ]12/31/191395Louisville, KY07/23/2009
Bratcher, Randy Eugene02/21/195949Louisville, KY02/02/2009
Brauns, Martha Ann [ Newlin ]11/21/193079Louisville, KY10/06/2010
Brooks, Foster 59Louisville, KY12/20/2001
Cain Nabb, John Thomas "Tom"10/31/193774Louisville, KY01/17/2012
Callahan Cox, Faye Irene [ Cade ]10/24/192185Louisville, KY03/25/2007
Cannon Goodman, Michael Owen "Mike"05/02/194566Louisville, KY01/12/2012
Carr Canupp, John William 47Louisville, KY08/01/2009
Carter, Charles C.01/02/194861Louisville, KY01/31/2009
Carter, Christopher "Chris"12/13/196148Louisville, KY02/03/2010
Carver, Kenneth Wayne "Kenny" 56Louisville, KY01/22/2012
Cell, Raymond E. 75Louisville, KY12/02/2001
Clark, Jack03/06/192280Louisville, KY08/19/2002
Coppage Wilson, Mark D.06/09/195749Louisville, KY10/31/2006
Costigan, Paul 90Louisville, KY10/05/2002
Cotton, Evelyn [ Herkomer ] [ Whelchel ]02/25/192978Louisville, KY03/17/2007
Cox Ingram, Larry Neil06/02/195848Louisville, KY01/12/2007
Craig, Kenneth N. 49Louisville, KY07/01/2002
Craig, Kenneth N.04/22/195349Louisville, KY07/01/2002
Cranna, Robert Lee "Bud"08/08/192289Louisville, KY01/18/2012
Curtis King, Robert Eugene04/17/194958Louisville, KY07/11/2007
Decker Payton, Dwayne07/13/195749Louisville, KY04/24/2007
Duncan Stivers, Marshall Jerry 63Louisville, KY10/13/2006
Durham Hickey, Margaret [ Ketterer ] "Peggy"05/15/193275Louisville, KY04/08/2008
Egan Phelps, Emily E. [ Baptiste ]04/23/193074Louisville, KY10/01/2004
Elder, Joseph S. 87Louisville, KY01/24/2012
Everett Harned, James E.04/24/195353Louisville, KY03/08/2007
Farmer Oliver, Vera Dean [ Lund ]04/19/1931 Louisville, KY11/07/2006
Faulkner, Genevieve [ Pritchett ]03/17/192676Louisville, KY09/18/2002
Fischer, Dorothy Louise ( Mrs. )03/23/192182Louisville, KY01/29/2004
Fischer, Firmin Casimir09/11/191687Louisville, KY02/14/2004
Followay Minor, Joseph P.09/10/194956Louisville, KY10/15/2005
Ford Eskridge, Brenda Sue [ Johnson ]11/06/195551Louisville, KY06/19/2007
Fox Cunningham, Robert Dan "Bob" 75Louisville, KY04/09/2008
Friess Stockman, Julia Evelyn [ Bohn ]09/02/190297Louisville, KY01/09/2000
Getzen Ammons, Rupert10/04/193474Louisville, KY07/22/2009
Giancola, Florence P. ( Mrs. )02/06/191990Louisville, KY07/25/2009
Gilkey, Betty Elaine [ Williams ]02/03/193378Louisville, KY01/23/2012
Gill, Fredrick Lee04/10/193270Louisville, KY09/20/2002
Goldsmith Cox, William L.05/07/192484Louisville, KY06/23/2008
Gordon Southworth, Gladys M. [ Wiesmore ]05/30/191981Louisville, KY03/31/2001
Graff, Edward Sloane10/07/191687Louisville, KY01/31/2004
Greathouse Hamilton, Samantha "Sissy"08/15/198221Louisville, KY06/30/2004
Greene Graves, Lucien Butler06/15/191686Louisville, KY06/20/2002
Haas Gray, William S. "Poppy"07/15/191593Louisville, KY10/07/2008
Hall Higdon, Bettie J. [ Volk ]04/12/194168Louisville, KY07/18/2009
Hall, Merlin Elaine ( Mrs. ) 90Jefferson County, KY07/02/2002
Hamilton Pence, Elizabeth [ Meyer ]  Louisville, KY07/26/2000
Hartfield, Elsie H. [ Horton ] 93Louisville, KY06/30/2004
Hawkins, James Earl10/05/196046Louisville, KY08/24/2007
Hays, Martha India [ Taylor ] 84Louisville, KY03/06/2002
Hite, Judith Gail [ DeBow ]08/11/194756Louisville, KY03/30/2004
Hodge, William Farrell "Bill"04/11/193170Louisville, KY03/08/2002
Hollingsworth, Michael Kevin03/29/199019Louisville, KY08/01/2009
House Long, Catherine V. [ Nelson ]07/25/191893Louisville, KY08/26/2011
Hubbuch, Sebastian C.06/13/191389Louisville, KY03/18/2003
Hudson, Paul Neal 54Louisville, KY08/19/2008
Hundley Nalley, David Covell 57Louisville, KY01/19/2012
Jackson, James Chester 65Louisville, KY01/19/2000
Joens, Hubert10/06/192384Louisville, KY09/03/2008
Johnson Branham, Robert Bryan11/20/195652Louisville, KY07/13/2009
Johnson Schurch, Marjorie Ann [ Johnson ]09/01/192980Louisville, KY05/25/2010
Johnson Tomes, Anna Marie [ Smith ]08/08/196049Jefferson County, KY10/01/2009
Jones, Hubert10/06/192384Louisville, KY09/03/2008
Kelsey, George R. 83Louisville, KY11/27/2006
Kerr Daugherty, Anthony James09/24/198918Louisville, KY12/23/2007
King Pigg, Norma K. [ Gossett ]01/24/193081Louisville, KY06/14/2011
King, Mary Lee "Piggy" 70Louisville, KY06/29/2004
Kramer, Harriet M. ( Mrs. )04/07/191891Louisville, KY07/30/2009
Labonne, Gene 58Louisville, KY03/04/2004
Lambert Wissman, Keith L.01/25/197833Louisville, KY02/24/2011
Lambright Foster, Nancy [ Lehr ]02/28/193079Louisville, KY07/30/2009
Lilly Parker, Mary Elizabeth [ Hintze ] 57Louisville, KY04/27/2000
Lippold, Carson teal  Louisville, KY04/02/2007
Lucas Addington, Juanita [ Eads ]01/22/193078Louisville, KY04/05/2008
Mallory, Rose Mary11/23/193073Louisville, KY09/16/2004
Malone, Charles D. 30Louisville, KY08/23/2006
Manning, George L.06/29/192775Louisville, KY03/08/2003
Mathley Atherton, Donna S. [ Cahill ]08/17/196044Louisville, KY03/15/2005
Mattingly Wensel, Albert L.01/17/191685Louisville, KY07/09/2002
Mature, Victor01/29/191386Louisville, KY 
Mauck, William P.11/28/192178Louisville, KY11/28/1999
McCallum Goode, Ann [ Teolis ]12/25/192973Louisville, KY08/02/2003
McCandless, Rita F. [ Land ]04/24/192579Louisville, KY06/29/2004
McCarty, Lindsay Crabbe01/30/192084Louisville, KY06/28/2004
McFarland, Ronald Lee 74Louisville, KY01/23/2012
Meek Webber, Hillard "Mike"12/22/192975Louisville, KY10/16/2005
Mercer Douthitt, Steven03/08/195256Louisville, KY08/18/2008
Meriwether, Elizabeth [ Schuler ]03/07/191585Louisville, KY09/11/2000
Meyer Cohen, Bessie Jean [ San Souci ] 90Louisville, KY01/01/2005
Miller, Donald02/11/193172Louisville, KY07/30/2003
Mills, James Carl 75Jefferson County, KY08/18/2008
Montfort, Roy Edward02/17/196444Louisville, KY10/18/2008
Moore Draper, Marcella May [ Gray ] 78Jefferson County, KY10/04/2008
Moore Snow, LaDonna L. [ Greenhagen ]  Louisville, KY02/23/2003
Moorehatch Soergel, Dorothy [ Rodgers ]10/26/192871Louisville, KY02/22/2000
Morris Underwood, Margaret Ellen [ Danek ]03/04/194662Louisville, KY09/03/2008
Moser, Edna Marie [ McKay ] 92Louisville, KY01/16/2004
Moutardier, Marshall Dwayne03/31/2007InfLouisville, KY03/31/2007
Mudd Hardin, Jerry Lane04/17/195948Louisville, KY01/14/2008
Nelms, Sandy C.10/28/192970Louisville, KY02/19/2000
Nesbitt Miller, Virginia [ McCue ]11/10/191293Louisville, KY11/27/2005
Newton, Ruth Nall 90Louisville, KY08/14/2006
Niehuss, Marvin Lemmon 100Louisville, KY03/03/2003
Owens Grimes, Mary Catherine [ Kinney ]03/20/192086Louisville, KY01/02/2007
Owings Wright, Mary Ann [ DeVore ]05/14/193667Louisville, KY10/19/2003
Pace Haynes, Virginia Ellen [ Tabler ] 81Louisville, KY01/22/2012
Pate Davenport, William A. "Tony"05/29/194264Louisville, KY08/19/2006
Pawley, Donald P.06/12/193572Louisville, KY06/02/2008
Perkins, Fred G.03/22/1924 Louisville, KY11/25/2001
Petters, Thomas Edwin08/16/193671Louisville, KY12/27/2007
Phelps Wroe, Douglas A.02/03/194266Louisville, KY07/17/2008
Phillips, Bill09/20/197922Louisville, KY09/13/2002
Pierce, William M.12/05/192583Louisville, KY07/28/2009
Powell, Pat L.M. [ McKee ]03/11/193170Louisville, KY03/09/2002
Prante, Robert L. 89Louisville, KY01/23/2012
Pulliam, Dorothy H.07/03/1899103Louisville, KY09/28/2002
Purcell, Raymond E. 75Louisville, KY12/02/2001
Quinn, Harriet Louise12/02/192680Louisville, KY05/23/2007
Rainstedler, Thelma L. [ Pace ] 85Louisville, KY03/05/2003
Ramsier Schneiter, Mathilda [ Rathburn ]02/07/192187Louisville, KY10/08/2008
Renfro, James Gregory  Louisville, KY06/07/2003
Richmond Sells, Edward D.05/19/192479Louisville, KY12/30/2003
Robinson Seymour, Jane [ Kimbell ]03/31/194661Louisville, KY12/08/2007
Rogers, Henry J. 72Louisville, KY06/16/2002
Roth, Charles Frederick01/14/191990Louisville, KY07/24/2009
Schindler, LaVerne Regina [ Albert ]  Louisville, KY07/31/2009
Schraut Buchhold, John Pete10/09/192091Louisville, KY01/22/2012
Schuler, Bob 72Louisville, KY06/23/2002
Sellers Aiken, Rose Ellen [ Cavitt ]04/04/192181Louisville, KY12/31/2002
Semple, Charles Humphrey 86Louisville, KY01/15/2004
Shields Allsmiller, E. LaVerne09/09/192582Louisville, KY09/02/2008
Simcoe Johnstone, Veranetta M. [ Compher ]07/04/192585Louisville, KY08/25/2010
Simmons, Sandra K. [ Hoffee ]10/08/194953Louisville, KY10/16/2002
Singleton Doyle, Arthur C.12/31/192481Louisville, KY10/20/2006
Spalding Smith, Robert Wesley "Bob"03/07/195853Louisville, KY05/14/2011
Spalding Sparks, Genevieve S. [ Cutler ]08/08/192081Louisville, KY09/30/2001
Stammel, George Phillip 75Louisville, KY03/22/2003
Stauble Stengel, Edward J.07/07/192388Louisville, KY01/17/2012
Steel Glide, Helen  Louisville, KY01/26/1999
Steiger Moore, Beverly [ McCubbin ]01/25/193572Louisville, KY11/05/2006
Stephens, Geradine [ Sizemore ] "Jerrie"08/03/192580Louisville, KY05/26/2006
Stepleton Chickering, Diane M.09/04/194951Louisville, KY12/19/2000
Stettenbenz Moser, Florence M. [ Williams ] "Jackie"05/13/192079Louisville, KY01/28/2000
Stober, Franklin D. Roosevelt01/22/193466Louisville, KY04/02/2000
Stone Boyd, George E.03/10/193466Louisville, KY12/17/2000
Stout Reisinger, Claudia Mae [ Carey ] 87Jefferson County, KY06/30/2004
Sully Campbell, Catherine M. [ Vormbrock ]03/08/192579Louisville, KY12/23/2004
Talbott Teten, John Edwin05/26/192977Kosmosdale, KY11/02/2006
Taub, Irma Jean [ Roffwarg ] 80Louisville, KY07/12/2003
Thelin, Marguerite P.03/20/190399Louisville, KY06/29/2002
Thompson, Henrietta B. [ Thomas ] 100Louisville, KY09/04/2000
Thornberry, Bruce A. 57Louisville, KY01/22/2012
Tilford, Robert Brookins03/02/194754Louisville, KY01/26/2002
Tomlinson, Frank William 78Louisville, KY01/22/2012
Trice, Earl William05/28/194857Louisville, KY12/13/2005
Van Alen, Candace ( Mrs. )03/28/191289Louisville, KY02/19/2002
Verbeck Vermeire, Mary Carol12/21/194957Louisville, KY07/10/2007
Vincent Tilford, Melinda G. [ Newton ]10/03/196543Louisville, KY06/23/2009
Wallace Flannery, Jessica Erin09/14/198317Louisville, KY 
Watkins Powell, Patricia Maxine [ Beasley ]06/01/195554Louisville, KY06/28/2009
Welker, Paul L.09/11/191389Louisville, KY12/17/2002
Wells Dowell, Robert05/11/194364Louisville, KY07/20/2007
Wells, Leonard Earl "Yakky"07/06/196142Louisville, KY06/28/2004
Williams, Elizabeth ( Mrs. )08/11/191089Louisville, KY10/14/1999
Wood, Dora [ Coe ] 91Louisville, KY11/12/2001
Woodcock Basham, Kimberly Ann [ Brooks ]07/23/197335Louisville, KY04/08/2009
Wooldrige, Joseph T. 84Louisville, KY02/13/2004
Zirnheld, Michael Bruce11/25/195549Louisville, KY 

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