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Clark County, KY

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Clark County, Kentucky.
Abner, Juanita [ Adams ]10/03/193273Clark County, KY09/15/2006
Abney, Patricia Faye [ Warner ] 65Clark County, KY03/15/2005
Averitt Brown, Judy [ Hayes ] 67Clark County, KY10/20/2006
Bailey Jones, Lizzie [ Berryman ] "Elizabeth" 85Clark County, KY08/12/2002
Bailey, Mazie [ Hawkins ]04/13/191987Clark County, KY09/11/2006
Berry, John David 67Clark County, KY03/04/2005
Brandenburg Gravett, Margaret Ellen [ Hisle ]09/16/193175Clark County, KY10/04/2006
Burch Hudson, Charles W. 66Winchester, KY03/05/2005
Bush Warner, Ruth Geneva [ Johnson ]01/24/191591Clark County, KY09/22/2006
Carolus, David T.08/01/193864Winchester, KY10/13/2002
Cline Burns, Gary W.01/20/194957Clark County, KY10/10/2006
Corum Rogers, Charles H. 66Clark County, KY03/06/2005
Crawford Bailey, Caroline [ Sams ]03/12/195749Clark County, KY09/18/2006
Dailey Jett, Helen Howell [ Riddell ]08/11/192680Clark County, KY09/27/2006
Devary Goolman, Herbert Odell 76Clark County, KY03/18/2004
Dunn Bower, Patricia J. [ Nutt ] 63Winchester, KY03/06/2003
Epperson Brandenburg, Mabel C. [ Winans ]03/21/192581Clark County, KY10/10/2006
Estes Flinchum, James E. 54Winchester, KY09/24/2006
Goolman Gravett, Leonard Calvin02/12/192581Clark County, KY09/06/2006
Hatton, Mabel Frances [ Lacy ] 63Clark County, KY04/06/2003
Holder, Virgie [ McGlothen ]08/18/192383Clark County, KY09/28/2006
Lamberson King, Mary Lee02/21/191593Winchester, KY08/27/2008
Lee Manley, Jane [ Price ]10/10/193273Clark County, KY08/08/2006
Mastin Richardson, Leon03/20/192383Clark County, KY09/11/2006
Price Hiten, Joseph I. 75Clark County, KY04/06/2003
Reeves Senters, Betsy [ Miller ] 61Clark County, KY03/12/2005
Reeves, John Moore 82Clark County, KY03/13/2005
Shimfessel Aldridge, Vivian S. [ Pace ] 94Clark County, KY03/08/2005
Smith Cheatman, Barbara Jean [ Leach ]08/19/193864Winchester, KY03/26/2003
Smith Dixon, Elizabeth [ Walker ] 76Clark County, KY03/05/2005
Smith Hall, Eddie Mack10/19/195649Clark County, KY09/15/2006
Snowden Sexton, Sharon K. [ Childers ]12/05/194758Clark County, KY06/25/2006
Sorrell, Lela Faye [ Holden ] 59Clark County, KY04/04/2003
Swift Board, Elizabeth A. "Betty" 80Winchester, KY03/15/2005
Vaughn, Phillip Lisle12/20/194263Clark County, KY10/03/2006
Whitaker Williams, Emma T.12/13/192877Clark County, KY09/26/2006
Witt, Hallie [ Hume ]03/25/191391Clark County, KY02/02/2005
Wright, Delena M. [ Jones ] 76Clark County, KY10/17/2006

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