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Boyle County, KY

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Boyle County, Kentucky.
Adams, Mary Jane ( Mrs. )01/04/191590Danville, KY10/27/2005
Arnold Wigham, Roy W.11/12/190994Danville, KY11/01/2004
Chambers Boyd, Barbara Ellen [ Woods ]03/22/193963Junction City, KY03/06/2003
Coontz Franklin, Linda Darlene [ Todd ]05/07/195351Danville, KY11/07/2004
Coulter Satterly, Steve Allen04/19/194461Danville, KY01/24/2006
Coyle Purdom, Bruce11/12/191491Forkland, KY01/25/2006
Doneghy Gray, John E.06/02/193966Danville, KY01/21/2006
Grubbs Mullins, Donald R.07/06/194559Boyle County, KY03/14/2005
Honaker Davis, Melvin01/29/195151Boyle County, KY12/12/2002
Hunt Shearer, Georgia Florence [ Tate ]11/14/192282Boyle County, KY11/28/2004
Jones Summers, Jack10/24/192777Danville, KY11/01/2004
Jones, Jack Summers10/24/192777Danville, KY11/01/2004
Lane Emerson, Georgia Fay [ James ]08/25/192679Danville, KY02/15/2006
Monroe, James Edward "Jim" 53Danville, KY10/17/2008
Montgomery Pike, Nellie Elizabeth [ Johnson ]11/04/192678Boyle County, KY11/21/2004
Noe Lane, Isaac R.02/11/192184Boyle County, KY03/18/2005
Pendygraft Smith, Steven Lee04/21/199510Boyle County, KY06/29/2005
Phillips, Norma [ Warren ]08/08/192283Danville, KY01/20/2006
Porter, Linda [ Rynazewski ]04/02/194759Danville, KY02/18/2007
Sears Colyer, Bobby Noel03/26/194464Danville, KY09/29/2008
Smith Perry, David L. "Big Dave"11/05/194655Danville, KY03/11/2002
Snyder Heaps, Catherine [ Dykes ]07/21/191395Danville, KY09/12/2008
Waytt Vaught, Ashley N.08/15/198519Boyle County, KY03/14/2005
Wyatt Vaught, Ashley Nicole08/15/198519Danville, KY03/14/2005
Young Arnold, Virginia [ Lay ]02/09/192975Danville, KY12/05/2004

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