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Barren County, KY

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Barren County, Kentucky.
Brown Hogue, Will Tom04/05/192280Austin, KY04/06/2002
Brown Houge, Will Tom04/05/192280Austin, KY04/06/2002
Burris, Sheila [ Killebrew ]06/02/195456Glasgow, KY03/14/2011
Burtram Harrison, Muriel [ Thomas ]08/18/189771Glasgow, KY09/23/1968
Cook Bray, Lawrence C.05/10/192977Glasgow, KY12/30/2006
Cooksey Lyons, Nina E. [ Kinslow ]04/26/192185Barren County, KY03/02/2007
Craine Dennis, Earl Michael "Hambone" 47Barren County, KY06/18/2004
Foster Poynter, Lela Wells [ Page ] 89Barren County, KY08/14/2008
Harlow Green, William Garland 89Barren County, KY06/07/2008
Harlow Jackman, Carl Edward08/25/192879Glasgow, KY06/30/2008
Hazelwood, Lucy Ann 73Cave City, KY05/03/2006
Matthews Dearing, Doug 60Barren County, KY02/06/2003
McCall Goodhue, Harry03/04/193473Cave City, KY03/16/2007
Mercer, Richard12/06/192970Glasgow, KY10/30/2000
Minor Gossett, Kenneth Ray 43Barren County, KY09/14/2003
Oldham Campbell, Brenda [ Adair ]11/22/195550Barren County, KY09/22/2006
Oliver Amish, Marion J.12/01/193077Barren County, KY07/24/2008
Oliver Jones, George L.01/25/193576Temple Hill, KY03/08/2011
Ray Stockton, Elizabeth [ Dunn ] 81Glasgow, KY01/28/2003
Sears, Ruth [ Hundley ]03/01/192682Glasgow, KY03/09/2008
Sturgeon Gossett, George Edward 74Barren County, KY04/08/2008
Tansey, Mary [ Van Dyke ]02/01/192874Glasgow, KY10/17/2002
Thompson, Jimmie R. 46Barren County, KY05/17/2003

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