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Wabash County, IN

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Wabash County, Indiana.
Abshire Merrick, Robert Dean08/04/192880Roann, IN06/25/2009
Alger Thomas, Donald M.04/22/192386Wabash, IN05/01/2009
Alger Thomas, Robert Gene "Bob"03/13/192579Wabash County, IN05/07/2004
Armstrong Drook, Joseph Edward04/27/195649Wabash, IN09/07/2005
Baer Urschel, Vanessa Anne04/20/198421Wabash, IN09/10/2005
Bailey Bidlestetter, Robert Lee07/08/192679Wabash, IN11/14/2005
Baker Petry, Sharon Ann [ Eltzroth ]06/04/193867Wabash, IN09/13/2005
Ball Fawcet, Berniece L. [ Hayden ]06/18/191689Wabash County, IN11/05/2005
Banks Owen, Robert Alvie10/07/192876Wabash County, IN08/28/2005
Barkdull Thomas, Rosemary [ Kellar ]03/22/192480Wabash, IN09/04/2004
Barnes Alberta, Effie Louise [ Harlan ]06/30/193470Wabash, IN09/10/2004
Baumbauer Ogle, Marilyn Joan [ Coburn ]03/10/193079Wabash County, IN07/04/2009
Bever Bower, Elizabeth Anne10/04/197232Wabash, IN07/11/2005
Bitzel Bowers, Melba Deloris [ Gatchel ]06/29/192481Wabash County, IN10/24/2005
Bohnstedt Coss, Violet J. [ Wing ]02/28/191887Wabash County, IN11/30/2005
Bonewitz Isley, Lois M. [ Glass ]05/18/192480Wabash, IN04/15/2005
Booth, Marjorie B. 81Wabash, IN02/01/2002
Boyer Fegan, Lawrence A.09/13/192183Wabash, IN04/20/2005
Bundy Marks, Phyllis Jean [ Miley ] "Maconaquah"06/25/192976Wabash County, IN07/27/2005
Burnworth Heath, Mary Elizabeth [ Rife ]09/17/193866Lagro, IN07/15/2005
Campbell Story, Miriam Louise [ Oswalt ]12/22/192183Wabash, IN08/14/2005
Campbell Tyner, Grayston Ton06/20/192880Rich Valley, IN08/11/2008
Carter, A. Lewis01/12/191887North Manchester, IN04/29/2005
Carter, Arthur L.01/12/191887North Manchester, IN04/29/2005
Chamberlain Brunton, Mary Elizabeth "Betty"08/09/192382Urbana, IN10/18/2005
Cole Thomas, Geneva [ Hiner ]07/24/191688Lagro, IN04/25/2005
Cole Thomas, Ruby Wanita [ Haecker ]05/23/191986Lagro, IN11/09/2005
Conrad Miller, Ruth E. [ Gottschalk ]04/14/191590Wabash, IN11/13/2005
Cook Eltzroth, Helen Catherine [ Whitcraft ]09/02/192382Wabash County, IN11/10/2005
Cooper Miller, Joseph Willard01/08/192481Richvalley, IN10/23/2005
Crill Stocker, Martha L. [ Eber ]09/27/191789North Manchester, IN03/07/2007
Custer Niccum, Merle Edward01/31/192184Wabash County, IN07/31/2005
DeArmond, Mildred Jane02/21/1913 Wabash County, IN02/05/2002
Denney Jeffries, Donna Kathleen [ Swan ] "Kathy"08/15/195154Wabash, IN09/10/2005
Ditton Richards, Robert D.06/20/193371Wabash, IN09/27/2004
Ditton Richards, Robert D.06/20/193381Wabash, IN09/27/2004
Elliott Martindale, Danny E.04/10/194758Wabash, IN10/23/2005
Eppley Cook, Carl Lee05/19/191886Wabash County, IN05/08/2005
Fearnow Bever, John Frederick04/21/192881Wabash, IN07/07/2009
Friermood, Cynthia Ann10/20/1952 Wabash, IN03/11/2002
Garber, Gene A.04/17/192681North Manchester, IN06/09/2007
Gray, Harry Maxwell11/14/190896Wabash, IN06/08/2005
Grimm Eckman, Dorwin Lee "Bud"08/27/193669Wabash, IN09/19/2005
Harner Bever, Lawrence John01/20/191788Wabash County, IN11/11/2005
Harrell Shepherd, Kevin Andrew07/12/195846Wabash, IN05/31/2005
Harris Favorite, Larry Earl01/07/193768Roann, IN07/19/2005
Haupt Cory, Evelyn Marie [ Parker ]09/29/191592Wabash County, IN02/18/2008
Hawkins Roser, Janet G. [ Wolfal ]04/06/192386Wabash County, IN06/06/2009
Herrell Martin, Martin Thomas05/26/194759Wabash, IN03/02/2007
Hines Whitmire, Amanda Renee11/29/198226Wabash, IN06/10/2009
Jefferson, David C.01/06/196240Wabash, IN07/01/2002
Keffaber Hippensteel, Maxine K. [ Brown ]09/03/1949 Wabash County, IN07/27/2004
Kepler, Dorothy Mae09/12/193072Wabash County, IN04/02/2003
Krom Strickler, Alice Rona [ Leckrone ]02/26/191095North Manchester, IN12/06/2005
Lauer Showalter, Bonnie Marie [ Frieden ]08/09/192381Wabash County, IN05/20/2005
Lehman Stouffer, Joe Edward11/02/194856Wabash, IN04/14/2005
Long Clark, Kathryn Marie [ Chopson ]04/02/192188Wabash, IN07/29/2009
Long Sholty, Betty Ann [ Miller ]06/23/195182Wabash County, IN08/13/2005
McEvoy Smith, Kathy Elaine [ Ward ]07/17/195945Wabash, IN06/23/2005
Meyer Bechtold, Rebecca Sue [ Smith ]10/03/194361Wabash County, IN06/28/2005
Miller Reed, Robert L.02/10/192877Roann, IN07/17/2005
Mofford Pressler, Levi Daniel07/05/198623Wabash, IN07/30/2009
Niccum Dyson, Mary Ellen [ Yocum ]07/17/192876Wabash County, IN09/04/2004
Overholser Peters, Julia H. [ Abbott ]07/24/191391Wabash County, IN06/30/2005
Parrett Ballard, Carl Edward09/01/193570Wabash, IN12/01/2005
Pennington Powers, Franklin Edward09/18/197826Wabash, IN04/15/2005
Pratt, Mary Caroline ( Mrs. )07/19/1910 Wabash, IN02/17/2003
Prickett Siders, Frederick R.03/07/195251Wabash, IN08/16/2003
Reed Floor, Donald D.04/08/192480North Manchester, IN09/06/2004
Renicker Metzger, Floy Katherine06/14/191292Wabash County, IN04/26/2005
Ridenour Bowlus, Iras Olive [ Hopple ]01/23/191491Wabash, IN07/30/2005
Rogers Allen, Gwendolyn Louise [ Highley ]08/17/192183Wabash County, IN06/25/2005
Roush Hayes, Thelma L. [ Irelan ] [ Nay ]06/25/191990Somerset, IN07/14/2009
Scheffer, Donald James "Dutch"10/19/194761Wabash County, IN06/26/2009
Schlemmer Graves, Jeffery Jay07/31/195846Wabash, IN04/12/2005
Shoemaker Squire, Paul E.04/17/191887North Manchester, IN12/02/2005
Siders Harsh, Luella G. [ Amber ]04/01/191590Wabash, IN08/05/2005
Siders, Robert Devon12/07/1961 Wabash, IN03/12/2000
Sipole Brown, Blanche Catherine [ Purdy ]06/25/190599Wabash County, IN05/19/2005
Sluss Hedrick, Cynthia Lou [ Sandberg ]02/18/196247Wabash, IN06/10/2009
Smith Friesing, Howard Albert "Snuffy"09/09/191787Wabash County, IN03/06/2005
Smith Thomas, Edith Mae [ Smith ]09/09/191197Wabash County, IN07/19/2009
Sorrell Trainor, Lukas James09/19/199015Wabash, IN12/04/2005
Spiece Barnhart, Richard I.04/25/191688Roann, IN04/11/2005
Swan Chamberlain, John William10/08/194955Wabash, IN09/10/2005
Swygart, Harry B.04/13/1920 Laketon, IN12/09/2001
Tucker Howard, Mary Sue [ Collins ]04/26/193669Wabash, IN10/03/2005
Vrooman Schmidt, Virginia M. [ Ranke ]04/18/191887Wabash, IN05/01/2005
Walls, Edith Madeline ( Mrs. )10/05/190993North Manchester, IN02/01/2003
Watson Smith, Pauline B. [ Keller ]08/02/190995Wabash, IN04/29/2005
Wildoner Milam, Dorothy A. [ Kirkpatrick ]08/20/192976Wabash, IN10/28/2005
Woodward Hiatt, Phyllis [ Sellers ]04/23/193273Wabash, IN08/04/2005
Yentes Karns, Don J.04/06/192976Wabash County, IN09/30/2005
Yeomans Wright, Helen M. [ Curtis ]06/24/191391LaFontaine, IN03/11/2005
Yeomans Wright, Helen Miriam [ Curtis ]06/24/191391LaFontaine, IN03/11/2005
Zimpelman Tyner, Ruby June06/30/191986Urbana, IN07/29/2005
Zimpleman Tyner, Viola Irene [ Wright ]03/01/192184Urbana, IN08/04/2005
Zumbaugh Bellock, John Jay10/18/193276Wabash, IN06/26/2009
Zumbaugh Osborne, Mary Jane [ Wasson ]05/03/191194Wabash, IN09/18/2005

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