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Vigo County, IN

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Vigo County, Indiana.
Abrams Moss, Don03/02/193075Terre Haute, IN09/17/2005
All Dovey, Margaret Ruth [ McKenzie ] "Peg"01/11/191097West Terre Haute, IN09/21/2007
Anderson Frtiz, Mabel F. [ Olinghouse ]12/25/192278Terre Haute, IN08/08/2001
Bird Pearson, Robert M. [ Monninger ] "Dot"12/31/191885Terre Haute, IN09/04/2004
Bohn Goldsmith, Marcia Hallam [ Cochran ] 92Terre Haute, IN08/31/2004
Boling Clark, Inez [ Brooks ]08/03/191688West Terre Haute, IN08/31/2004
Boyd, John Edward 76West Terre Haute, IN12/02/2006
Boyer, Robert M.04/18/192678Terre Haute, IN09/01/2004
Camp Bullard, Lista A. [ Muncie ]12/04/191687Terre Haute, IN09/07/2004
Clark Myers, Anna Mae [ Myers ]06/14/192978Vigo County, IN04/26/2008
Clements Moore, James H.05/28/192877Terre Haute, IN08/03/2005
Cochrane, June Alice [ Carter ] 75Terre Haute, IN11/02/2001
Coleman Swanson, Donna Lou08/21/194954Terre Haute, IN01/30/2004
Cooper McFadden, Bennie07/29/193272West Terre Haute, IN09/08/2004
Crow, Ruth M. [ Dickey ]01/16/192184Terre Haute, IN11/30/2005
Davis, Catherine G. [ Jones ]11/13/192182Terre Haute, IN09/01/2004
Dayhoff Sidwell, Sherrill Loren09/08/193772Terre Haute, IN11/28/2009
Deagan, Ernest02/18/192480Terre Haute, IN08/28/2004
Dierdorf Judd, Joseph M.02/07/194856Terre Haute, IN09/01/2004
Ditto, Ralph P.01/01/191986Vigo County, IN10/21/2005
Dresch, Suella ( Mrs. )01/29/192678Terre Haute, IN02/15/2004
Duzan, Mary Jane05/19/192679Terre Haute, IN08/14/2005
Dwyer Britton, Anna M. [ Miller ]02/24/192781Terre Haute, IN04/26/2008
Fagg Hensley, John William "Jack"01/18/1930 Terre Haute, IN09/07/2004
Faris Lahue, Tommy R.08/06/194364Terre Haute, IN03/23/2008
Frederick McCoskey, Wilma L. [ Rogers ]10/02/192681Vigo County, IN04/04/2008
Higginbotham, Billy Wayne06/27/193865Terre Haute, IN12/29/2003
Hopkins Woodruff, Elizabeth [ Prall ] "Betty"02/05/191986Terre Haute, IN01/30/2008
Johnson Rojahn, Connie Sue [ Harris ]01/24/194361Terre Haute, IN08/27/2004
Jones Spainhour, Flora Elizabeth [ Horton ] "Betty"10/28/191588Terre Haute, IN09/07/2004
Jukes Anthony, Leah [ Ross ]09/24/191493Terre Haute, IN05/04/2008
Keeney Mehling, Barbara Ann [ McCoy ]05/29/1928 Terre Haute, IN06/27/2004
King, Larry Ray11/01/194856Terre Haute, IN08/27/2004
Kirkendall Spencer, Charles Edward07/11/193767Vigo County, IN09/08/2004
Kostyo Toth, Joseph09/01/192087Terre Haute, IN04/03/2008
Landes McCullough, Althea M. [ Johnston ]03/01/192385Terre Haute, IN04/28/2008
Lewis Porter, Tricia Dayle [ Kerr ]03/09/197335Terre Haute, IN04/15/2008
Mallery Wilson, Catherine A. [ Gleason ]01/02/196741Terre Haute, IN04/27/2008
Marquis Ogden, Dorothy J. [ Cooper ]12/16/191984Burnett, IN08/14/2004
May Smith, Robert C.11/22/194954Terre Haute, IN12/02/2003
McKinney Herron, Elizabeth Ann [ Geckeler ] "Betty"03/23/192086Terre Haute, IN01/18/2007
Meneely Jones, Nina Elizabeth [ Christopher ]06/01/191886Terre Haute, IN09/08/2004
Menser, John D. 62Terre Haute, IN05/19/2003
Metcalfe, Robert G.12/31/191880Terre Haute, IN12/05/1999
Milligan Brewer, Glen E.03/12/192087Shepardsville, IN01/05/2008
Moody Stickson, Ruth Geraldine [ Mondy ]10/22/192578Terre Haute, IN03/13/2004
Moseman Criss, Mary Margaret [ Flesher ] [ Jackson ]09/23/193077Vigo County, IN04/25/2008
Myer, Frank B.10/18/191982Terre Haute, IN09/18/2002
Northrop Gobin, Janeda Eileen [ Wyatt ]08/18/1928 Terre Haute, IN06/09/2002
O'Reilly Scheiper, Mary Ann [ Schlesinger ] "Nan"04/25/192780Terre Haute, IN04/03/2008
Parsons Eller, Linda F. [ Claypool ]12/05/194558Terre Haute, IN09/01/2004
Partlow, Richard Allen10/26/194756West Terre Haute, IN09/22/2004
Powers Olde, Merrill E.11/12/191386Terre Haute, IN01/08/2000
Rosenak, Gwen [ Lewin ]01/25/1920 Terre Haute, IN02/19/2007
Ross Blake, France M.R. [ Chase ] [ Smith ]09/25/1911 Terre Haute, IN01/01/2002
Ruttman, Bernadine [ Laughter ]04/15/191785Terre Haute, IN10/02/2002
Schoffstall DeHart, George Alvan11/17/192483Terre Haute, IN04/02/2008
Scott Mace, Michael W.08/28/195351Terre Haute, IN08/30/2004
Siebenmorgen Cleland, William H.08/26/191787Terre Haute, IN09/06/2004
Skelley Baylor, Rose Catherine [ Cook ]03/15/192583Vigo County, IN03/29/2008
Smith Jimenez, David Craig 19Terre Haute, IN03/28/1993
Stergar, Frank A.03/10/191197Terre Haute, IN04/28/2008
Stranahan Bryant, Cleo M.03/06/192480Terre Haute, IN09/06/2004
Stringer, Mary M. [ Fox ]07/22/191589Terre Haute, IN08/29/2004
Stromgren Jansson, Emagene [ Blanchard ] 93Terre Haute, IN08/23/2009
Strong Wilcox, Naomi R. [ Steele ]03/13/192380Terre Haute, IN02/23/2004
Swander Tuttle, Maurice E.12/10/191889Vigo County, IN04/29/2008
Templeton Becker, Helen [ Krieble ]10/18/192479Terre Haute, IN09/07/2004
Thornton Hazledine, John C. "Jack"02/07/192088Terre Haute, IN03/30/2008
Townsend, Anna Lee ( Mrs. ) 110Terre Haute, IN03/30/2003
Turner Sweitzer, Danny L.10/10/195354Terre Haute, IN04/28/2008
Volkers Ellingsworth, Walter W. "Butch"10/18/194364West Terre Haute, IN02/18/2008
Watson Rowe, Robert D.10/28/195254Terre Haute, IN03/01/2007
Wheeler Brockmeier, William L.01/13/193969Vigo County, IN04/02/2008
Willard, William04/27/191386Terre Haute, IN01/27/2000

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