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St Joseph County, IN

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in St Joseph County, Indiana.
Abberger Harrison, Joel Thomas10/14/195453South Bend, IN03/02/2008
Abel Klopfenstein, Luella E. [ Horn ]04/13/191388Granger, IN09/11/2001
Adams Wiles, Edna I. [ Casaday ]01/04/191197New Carlisle, IN10/03/2008
Ainsworth Sheffer, Marilyn E.04/24/195059South Bend, IN07/19/2009
Albert Feldman, Richard S.03/10/191887Mishawaka, IN09/20/2005
Amen, Robert H.03/26/192680South Bend, IN12/10/2006
Anderson Garber, Nikky Lynn [ Behny ]04/16/195257South Bend, IN06/12/2009
Andrysiak, Theodore L. 76South Bend, IN08/25/1999
Audenaert Markiewicz, Rosemary [ Jasinski ]09/05/193474South Bend, IN06/08/2009
Bajdek Krzyzaniak, Thomas J.12/23/194758South Bend, IN10/21/2006
Bamber, James S. "Butch"04/29/194263South Bend, IN01/25/2006
Bartkowiak Deka, Joseph J.05/11/191295South Bend, IN01/27/2008
Bartnicki Obarski, Josephine M. [ Borsodi ]01/16/192086South Bend, IN10/25/2006
Bates Leer, Max J.09/06/192377Mishawaka, IN08/08/2001
Bauer Wyckstandt, Michael E.12/26/195948South Bend, IN10/06/2008
Beaton Cook, Wendy G. 46South Bend, IN01/15/2003
Bella Arch, Robert J.11/27/192580South Bend, IN03/21/2006
Benassi, Mary I.09/14/191586South Bend, IN03/20/2002
Bentkowski, Rose K. [ Newton ]05/13/190897South Bend, IN03/10/2006
Berger, Margaret "Peg" 75South Bend, IN12/02/2001
Berndt Foldenauer, Paul T.04/18/192187South Bend, IN10/01/2008
Bertman Barnowski, Phillip James02/08/195056South Bend, IN11/02/2006
Bishop Bosard, James Reid07/24/192778Mishawaka, IN09/29/2005
Boocher Gaffigan, James Michael "Jim"11/01/195553South Bend, IN08/18/2009
Borkowski Majewski, Adeline M. [ Nemeth ]10/10/192187South Bend, IN10/21/2008
Bratton McCarty, Allen Dale "Boo"07/03/199412South Bend, IN02/16/2007
Buchanan Herman, Betty Jane [ Jaronik ]05/19/192581South Bend, IN10/02/2006
Buell Ducat, Glenn D.05/30/192880North Liberty, IN10/11/2008
Burden Burris, Howard Keith10/08/194165Mishawaka, IN02/18/2007
Burnham Hayes, Laurel I. [ Klinger ]09/09/193370South Bend, IN06/03/2004
Cabanaw Frahler, Robert M.08/10/192580South Bend, IN06/01/2006
Castle, John J.09/06/191188South Bend, IN05/02/2000
Cebulski Weddle, Gregory D.09/16/195847South Bend, IN09/25/2005
Chodzinski Romsicki, Chester J.05/09/192584South Bend, IN06/20/2009
Chwalek Kroll, Richard J.01/09/192682South Bend, IN09/08/2008
Coddens Meert, Richard "Dick"12/30/192085New Carlisle, IN10/10/2006
Colpaert Coddens, Florence R. [ Jozwiak ]08/23/191197South Bend, IN09/04/2008
Cortier Zdankus, Richard F.01/11/192284Mishawaka, IN05/29/2006
Currie, Patricia [ McVicar ]11/05/193769South Bend, IN04/04/2007
Davidson, William E. 57South Bend, IN02/15/2002
DeBaets Van Overwalle, Henry A.12/09/191688South Bend, IN04/09/2005
DeBoever Elbode, Dorothy M. [ Conley ]09/19/191888South Bend, IN03/10/2007
Deguc Grochowski, Richard W. "Dick"05/08/193572South Bend, IN03/08/2008
Derda Karmolinski, Violet [ Gorski ] [ Hurley ]10/04/192086South Bend, IN02/28/2007
Deren Olesky, Michael T. "Tom"08/15/193474South Bend, IN02/06/2009
Ellis Maggs, Thomas 51South Bend, IN07/04/2002
Engle Judd, Robert J.04/28/1927 South Bend, IN03/29/2003
Feferman, Oscar A. 86South Bend, IN05/14/2005
Flatoff Vargo, Geraldine Lee [ Miller ]03/03/194457South Bend, IN11/04/2001
Flora Heeter, Michael L. "Mike"04/16/195256South Bend, IN05/18/2009
Fortier McIlhargey, Elizabeth J. [ Rose ] "Betty"12/28/192381South Bend, IN11/17/2005
Francis Forshee, Ansley06/02/2006InfSouth Bend, IN06/02/2006
Frasz Gorzkiewicz, Richard David "Big Rich"06/28/194065South Bend, IN08/04/2005
Futa Kapalczynski, Joseph01/18/192481South Bend, IN08/12/2006
Gaskill Kirkdorfer, Clista J. [ Neal ]10/15/192878Mishawaka, IN11/19/2006
Gember Markowski, Rose M. [ Ratajczak ]10/07/192579South Bend, IN06/30/2005
Gerhold Black, Robert F.08/05/194165South Bend, IN09/10/2006
Gilbert Vite, Harvey J.12/25/192182South Bend, IN03/06/2004
Gillis Wilkeson, John D.05/15/194069South Bend, IN06/04/2009
Golden, John Patrick02/22/195455South Bend, IN07/29/2008
Golichowski Zelasko, Adeline Veronica [ Reedy ]08/20/192581South Bend, IN03/25/2007
Grembowicz, Michael J.06/12/198720South Bend, IN11/15/2007
Grombik Kush, Henrietta Marie [ Wierzbicki ]07/10/192383South Bend, IN09/21/2006
Grontkowski Fortier, Edward E.03/17/194564South Bend, IN06/06/2009
Grummell O'Sullivan, Kathleen G. [ Troester ]07/10/1939 South Bend, IN11/01/2006
Grzegorek Wiza, Shirley Ann [ Stabnik ]11/17/192571South Bend, IN01/14/2007
Gunts Romberger, Michelle L. [ Courter ]05/06/197137South Bend, IN01/28/2009
Haas Bloomstrand, George M. "Jerry"02/06/194861South Bend, IN07/30/2009
Harman, Orson E. "Bud"10/26/192483South Bend, IN11/07/2007
Harness Jenkins, John LeRoy11/17/193176South Bend, IN10/29/2008
Harris Fugate, Richard E.09/02/195451South Bend, IN11/23/2005
Hartz, Dean Allen 54Mishawaka, IN08/28/1996
Hatfield, Rachel E. [ Cotton ]  Mishawaka, IN04/19/2002
Headley Bowker, Helen B. [ Cole ]12/13/193966New Carlisle, IN09/30/2006
Heinerich Rettig, Therese Edna [ Melton ]12/01/193672South Bend, IN07/22/2009
Hildebrand McCombs, Robert G.12/06/191689South Bend, IN04/28/2006
Hill Arford, Edward L.04/20/193176New Carlisle, IN03/22/2008
Hojara Maleck, Rose [ Lemanski ]08/28/190998South Bend, IN01/07/2008
Hojnacki Otolski, Richard D.09/27/194662South Bend, IN10/22/2008
Holcomb Ashmore, Robert Lee "Bob"06/20/197036South Bend, IN07/17/2006
Holdeman, Boyd B.07/08/191392South Bend, IN05/28/2006
Holderman, Boyd B.07/08/191392South Bend, IN05/28/2006
Hooton, Barbara L. [ Ewers ]07/26/191987St Joseph County, IN02/02/2007
Hoover Oswalt, Robert D.08/25/193373South Bend, IN03/14/2007
Horvath Szalay, Stephen A.06/27/191296South Bend, IN10/16/2008
Hosinski Wiesnewski, Dorothy V. [ Donovan ]07/16/191985South Bend, IN05/28/2005
Hostetler Singleton, Louetta L. [ Blakley ]07/26/194067South Bend, IN07/12/2008
Hultgren, Chad11/16/199015New Carlisle, IN10/07/2006
Hursey Abrams, Robert A.12/19/192480Mishawaka, IN02/28/2005
Hutchison, Judith A. [ Hagen ] "Judy"04/20/196145South Bend, IN01/30/2007
Hyberg, Roberta Evelyn05/02/191090South Bend, IN06/28/2000
Iseman Smith, Ruth C. [ Hahaj ]03/15/192382South Bend, IN12/25/2005
Janowiak Wozny, Richard C.01/03/192384South Bend, IN07/09/2007
Jasinski Berdych, Edward M.01/30/192485South Bend, IN06/15/2009
Jernstrom Anderson, Donald E.12/06/192980South Bend, IN09/25/2010
Jeske Degovits, Robert Emil01/13/192283South Bend, IN01/04/2006
Johnson Guyse, Samuel09/28/193377North Liberty, IN11/09/2010
Johnson Lawmater, Kristina [ Johnson ]08/22/195159South Bend, IN10/17/2010
Jones Junk, Leigha Joann04/13/2008InfSouth Bend, IN09/26/2008
Jurek Sieradzki, Dorothy V. [ Zielinski ]12/05/191887South Bend, IN01/02/2006
Kaminski Jurgonski, Hildegarde C. [ Zakrzewski ]12/14/192286New Carlisle, IN06/23/2009
Kaminski Kleine, Esther Jane12/08/198422South Bend, IN02/07/2007
Kanneberg McLean, Donald A.08/09/193172Mishawaka, IN08/02/2004
Kannenberg McLean, Donald A.08/09/193172Mishawaka, IN08/02/2004
Kasper, Catherine R. [ Coleman ] "Kate"09/13/195849South Bend, IN04/28/2008
Kecskemeti Soltesz, Mary A. [ Hamilton ]04/21/192485South Bend, IN07/26/2009
Keszei Horvath, Michael Emery03/25/192481South Bend, IN02/09/2006
Kissinger Anderson, Deveda E. [ Martin ]02/17/192288Walkerton, IN11/08/2010
Kitkowski, Elias "Kit"10/12/193274South Bend, IN01/24/2007
Klingerman Lowry, Troy A. [ Klingerman ]10/23/198921South Bend, IN01/28/2011
Klouser, Margaret Augusta [ Aultman ]11/27/1903100South Bend, IN11/26/2004
Knox, Samuel "Jim"07/15/192180South Bend, IN11/30/2001
Kolanda Buczkowski, Bernice K.10/11/191888South Bend, IN01/11/2007
Kominowski Kosnowski, Joan M. [ Kazmierczak ] "Judy"08/07/193274South Bend, IN12/05/2006
Koszyk Rupik, Joseph E.03/18/192878South Bend, IN11/28/2006
Kowalinski Pietraszewski, Virginia S. [ Thornton ]04/25/191989South Bend, IN09/26/2008
Krizmanich Kuzmich, Herman J.02/23/192287South Bend, IN06/02/2009
Kroll Gorecki, Josephine A.03/14/191690South Bend, IN04/07/2006
Kroll Gorecki, Josephine A. [ Gorski ]03/14/191690South Bend, IN04/07/2006
Kruyer Grater, Joseph F.07/05/192480South Bend, IN06/24/2005
Kuminecz Kubasik, Robert M. "Bob"08/22/192977South Bend, IN02/20/2007
Kurek Bronski, Robert E.10/05/193472South Bend, IN06/02/2007
Kurowski Bazan, Rose [ Leeper ] "Rosalia"09/04/192582South Bend, IN01/25/2008
Kwiecinski Kaczmarek, Lorie L. [ Wroblewski ]02/19/192977South Bend, IN01/31/2007
Laureys DeWaele, Albert A.12/17/192681Mishawaka, IN10/30/2008
Laureys DeWaele, Ernest J.07/13/191888New Carlisle, IN04/24/2007
Lenczowski Kumor, Bernard12/13/191095South Bend, IN11/27/2006
Levy, Barbara A. ( Mrs. ) 77South Bend, IN02/11/2000
Limerick, Max D.10/31/1922 South Bend, IN12/17/2005
Livings Hughey, Lester L.09/11/194555Mishawaka, IN04/12/2001
Lorincz, Joseph J.06/30/1921 South Bend, IN07/24/2004
Lyle France, Joseph "Henry"01/04/191986New Carlisle, IN10/28/2005
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