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Miami County, IN

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Miami County, Indiana.
Beall, David W.11/21/194460Peru, IN11/11/2005
Becker Curz, George W.07/24/192284Peru, IN10/16/2006
Cattin Mapes, Margie Irene [ Woodcox ]03/15/191092Peru, IN01/03/2004
Clark Robertson, Wilbur Eugene "Gene"01/17/191689Peru, IN11/19/2005
Dillman Fry, Dale A.08/02/191888Miami County, IN04/06/2007
Dillman Fry, Dale Allen08/02/191888Miami County, IN04/06/2007
Eckerley Balsbaugh, Naomi Marie [ Rogers ]10/02/191292Peru, IN09/19/2005
Fisher Baldwin, Max Eugene03/25/194366Peru, IN05/28/2009
Flitcraft Wertenberger, Edith Lloyd [ Jacobsen ]01/08/193075Miami County, IN10/30/2005
Hartleroad Billheimer, Wayne E.06/25/192283Miami County, IN11/19/2005
Henry, Sylvia ( Mrs. ) "Granny"06/10/191288Peru, IN07/03/2000
Hoover, Raymond A. 56Miami County, IN11/30/2003
Hostetler Dice, Wayne L.03/22/191590Peru, IN11/23/2005
Loe Ege, Ruth Lorinda [ Winter ]09/26/191491Miami County, IN01/08/2006
Loop Wood, Robert W.10/26/192581Miami County, IN06/03/2007
McCreary Hines, Kay Karon [ Schrader ]01/10/194362Peru, IN11/18/2005
McGuire Howe, Freddie05/24/193174Mexico, IN11/11/2005
Mills, Terry Allen04/27/1942 Peru, IN01/10/2004
Molden Arthur, Robert L.09/25/191987Peru, IN02/19/2007
Myers Ream, Maynard DeWayne "Pete"12/15/193470Peru, IN05/05/2005
Neupert Crockett, David G.09/03/193867Peru, IN10/12/2005
Raines Fear, James Rex08/31/194955Peru, IN05/24/2005
Ricker Little, Paul D.12/12/192383Mexico, IN10/20/2007
Salisbury Cetta, Jack C. 57Peru, IN04/21/2004
Samons Wise, Charleen [ Fisher ]06/17/191590Miami County, IN11/14/2005
Sanderson Krieg, Wanda Lorene04/23/193273Peru, IN11/26/2005
Seibold Jacobs, Frederick Gordon08/14/192876Peru, IN05/02/2005
Sheneman, D. Stewart05/14/192382Miami County, IN11/24/2005
Smith Cromley, Norma J. [ Rhoad ]02/23/191983Peru, IN12/18/2002
Stout Nead, Arnold08/08/192088Miami County, IN06/18/2009
Thomas Rothenberger, Chloe M. [ Gambee ]11/19/191490Peru, IN11/12/2005
Thomas, Alice C. ( Mrs. )02/11/1927 Miami County, IN12/09/2002
Vahle Schafer, Amelia H. [ Reuter ]08/28/191194Peru, IN11/19/2005
Walker Poor, Barbara Ann [ Ventura ]05/29/193966Miami County, IN11/21/2005
Wecht Tyler, G. Charles02/03/195253Peru, IN11/21/2005
Wright Ogle, Richard L.07/31/194164Denver, IN11/25/2005

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