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Marshall County, IN

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Marshall County, Indiana.
Barcus Howard, Sandra I. [ Davenport ]02/12/194664Plymouth, IN04/26/2010
Berger Seltenright, Cletus L. "Pete"12/10/1917 La Paz, Indiana12/02/2005
Bergman Fanning, Julia A. [ Johnson ]08/19/192184Plymouth, IN11/04/2005
Bollman Cain, Dennis Ralph06/13/194070Plymouth, IN06/04/2010
Bradley Hibnar, Michael T.03/06/195258Plymouth, IN06/23/2010
Bradley Wright, Neil E.07/25/193376La Paz, IN05/09/2010
Brinkman Muffley, James E. "Jimmie"02/05/196644Plymouth, IN09/13/2010
Burden Weisert, Dennis W.05/13/191892Plymouth, IN02/22/2011
Calhoun Andrews, Wilma Jean [ Blubaugh ]06/29/192684Argos, IN02/18/2011
Cazares Martinez, Josue05/25/2010InfPlymouth, IN05/25/2010
Clifton Hatten, Edgar07/11/192287Culver, IN06/09/2010
Conley Long, Carroll R. "Rick"09/07/195555Plymouth, IN02/15/2011
Dawson Stonehill, Frances L. [ Quivey ]05/12/191892Marshall County, IN01/25/2011
DeLong Metzger, Eloise J. [ Arend ]07/06/193568Plymouth, IN10/13/2003
Depler Young, James Edwin "Jim"01/10/191888Bremen, IN01/06/2007
Dewart, Betty Jane02/02/193079Plymouth, IN07/17/2009
Duddleson Cummins, Marthann [ Meyers ] "Martha"12/31/192585Plymouth, IN01/11/2011
Duwelius Richard, Lewis J.05/18/191793Plymouth, IN12/20/2010
Eskridge Burkett, Lee Allen05/05/195060Marshall County, IN07/11/2010
Fish, Audrey E. [ Kitch ]03/26/1905105Marshall County, IN06/15/2010
Flagg, Bertha P. [ Wilhelm ]05/03/192085Argos, IN11/05/2005
Flora Yenna, Mary Alice [ Edgar ]10/11/193475Bremen, IN10/02/2010
Franklin Sherk, Roscoe "Bud"04/06/192585Bremen, IN09/26/2010
Freed Stewart, Robert C.04/07/192881Plymouth, IN04/01/2010
Grover Smith, Lester H. "Les"04/14/192877Plymouth, IN11/23/2005
Hackett Scott, P. Roger08/13/194466Plymouth, IN02/12/2011
Harris Jones, Esther I. [ Buwa ]06/02/191793Marshall County, IN06/23/2010
Hendricks Hite, Wayne07/20/192584Marshall County, IN04/28/2010
Hite Hoeszle, David H.11/25/194168Marshall County, IN05/31/2010
Holm Seider, Julia R. [ Griewank ]04/12/191496Plymouth, IN02/08/2011
Howard Renz, Ruth E. [ Sickmiller ]07/08/194862Plymouth, IN01/29/2011
Huffer Miller, Barbara [ Arnold ]02/02/193773Plymouth, IN12/15/2010
Jones Hovis, B. Lucille [ Woolley ]02/13/192288Donaldson, IN09/28/2010
Kennedy Rober, James E.07/14/1918 Plymouth, IN12/01/2005
Ketcham Samuels, Larry A.04/03/194961Plymouth, IN02/05/2011
Keyser Huffer, Larry12/04/196544Plymouth, IN04/09/2010
Killian Jones, Opal C.01/03/191298Tyner, IN11/05/2010
Knepper Davis, Joanna K. [ Hillman ]12/15/1928 Plymouth, IN11/04/2005
Listenberger Bowles, Susan Kay [ Wickens ]04/10/195456Plymouth, IN11/01/2010
Long Allen, Lulu E. [ Tellkamp ]10/17/191198Marshall County, IN06/18/2010
Lowry Morris, Joseph "Joe"11/30/193871Plymouth, IN05/04/2010
Mattern Eslinger, Carol E.03/03/192783Marshall County, IN03/19/2010
Meredith Gunkle, E. Lucille [ Warnacut ] "Lou"07/23/192585Argos, IN03/08/2011
Morris Humrichouser, Lloyd "Hap"01/01/191991Plymouth, IN10/24/2010
Morse, Ruth E. 69Plymouth, IN10/04/1999
Music Nelson, Edie Rebecca [ Caudle ] "Beckie"06/19/197336Bremen, IN07/03/2009
Null Preuss, Susan Clarise [ Whiteland ]12/10/196049Plymouth, IN09/30/2010
Ogle Mishler, Margaret [ Ball ]12/22/196644Plymouth, IN03/03/2011
Pettis Long, Frances Eve [ Livinghouse ]02/16/193279Culver, IN03/10/2011
Rensberger Coyle, Martha08/07/191496Bremen, IN03/04/2011
Rinkenberg Van Vactor, David J.05/06/192386Plymouth, IN04/29/2010
Ritenour Thomas, Michael E.04/23/195654Bremen, IN10/06/2010
Sarabia Nick, Landen11/08/200915mPlymouth, IN02/25/2011
Swanson Waclaw, Lynette [ Kross ]06/28/194367Plymouth, IN07/25/2010
White Copp, Norma Jean [ Clyde ]01/20/193075Plymouth, IN10/28/2005
White Copp, Robert C.12/25/192288Plymouth, IN03/13/2011
Willmert Braunschweig, Reta Ann02/16/193174Culver, IN08/25/2005

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