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Knox County, IN

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Knox County, Indiana.
Adams, Carroll Boyd12/27/192978Monroe City, IN02/03/2008
Anderson Bowman, Helen E. [ Lindsay ]05/27/191492Sandborn, IN01/09/2007
Blubaum, Clarence03/22/191191Vincennes, IN09/03/2002
Cain Burkhart, Beulah M. [ Carie ]05/05/192975Vincennes, IN09/02/2004
Douglas Gore, Norman F.08/23/193275Knox County, IN09/06/2007
Duncan, Jack Eldon01/03/1945 Vincennes, IN02/28/2007
Faulk Jones, Mary F. [ Kidwell ]11/19/193172Vincennes, IN09/03/2004
Faulk Jones, Mary [ Kidwell ]11/19/193172Vincennes, IN09/03/2004
Ferguson, Joseph A.08/30/193967Vincennes, IN05/17/2007
Fielder, Mildred Elnora [ Ridgley ]07/16/191393Bicknell, IN03/16/2007
Findlay, Andrew 85Vincennes, IN10/30/2000
Flory Radcliff, Maxine [ Larr ]10/22/191687Vincennes, IN09/04/2004
Green, Robert Pershing04/30/191982Edwardsport, IN11/21/2001
Held Coffman, Mary Joyce [ Buescher ]11/12/192479Knox County, IN07/15/2004
Helderman Jackson, Sarah Elizabeth [ Fitch ] "Sadie"09/30/191197Monroe City, IN06/09/2009
Hoskins, James Mathew05/22/192577Wheatland, IN06/23/2002
Jones Rice, James William10/13/192578Knox County, IN09/08/2004
Kaiser Wetzel, Lawrence M. "Buck"07/13/191985Knox County, IN09/07/2004
Lacy Sergeant, Peggy Ann11/19/194860Vincennes, IN09/07/2009
Loser, Jack Leonard12/13/191984Vincennes, IN08/29/2004
Nicholson Wagler, Connie Lynn [ Baker ]12/12/198424Vincennes, IN07/30/2009
Richardville, Stephen Ludwig12/13/190693Vincennes, IN12/29/1999
Sanders Ingle, E. Lloyd04/21/192778Vincennes, IN10/04/2005
Slinkard Meyer, Loucille Esther [ Chambers ]04/07/191293Bicknell, IN10/13/2005
Smith, Ila01/15/191590Bruceville, IN05/07/2005
Spangle Kloke, Leona [ Johanningsmeier ]11/14/192086Knox County, IN03/02/2007
Stout, Gordon Lee06/20/193970Vincennes, IN12/12/2009
Stremming Bray, Charlotte K. [ Robbins ]08/30/193768Westphalia, IN11/03/2005
Thompson Wachter, Noah Shane10/19/2006InfVincennes, IN11/26/2006
Volle Sander, Carl Edward "Ed"05/04/193770Knox County, IN04/10/2008
Waldrop, Terry Lee01/14/194658Vincennes, IN10/11/2004
Wehmeier Held, Harold R.05/11/193078Westphalia, IN05/11/2008
Wezet, Lucille H.06/06/191685Vincennes, IN12/30/2001

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