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Jackson County, IN

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Jackson County, Indiana.
Ahlbrand Bewie, Edward H.02/15/192778Seymour, IN01/30/2006
Allman Baurle, Avis Marie [ Schafer ]07/08/192783Seymour, IN03/10/2011
Ault Thompson, Robert G.04/09/192186Jackson County, IN06/27/2007
Ayers McKain, Amanda Ruth10/03/192384Jackson County, IN09/25/2008
Bevers, Sebastian A.09/05/2004InfSeymour, IN09/05/2004
Brand Grelle, Anita M. [ Akers ]03/11/191197Seymour, IN03/07/2009
Brewer Jeffries, Robert Eugene11/02/194664Medora, IN03/11/2011
Derringer Sipe, Mary May [ Moody ]05/30/191588Uniontown, IN05/03/2004
Eggersman Nuss, Hilda Josephine Amelia [ Auffenberg ]08/01/191791Jackson County, IN10/10/2008
Eldridge Wheeler, Sumner Nicole08/13/198818Seymour, IN03/06/2007
Fleetwood Anderson, Robert Neal08/02/193166Seymour, IN04/13/1998
Franklin, Robert Lee09/19/192774Brownstown, IN08/23/2002
Hall, Joseph Lee04/29/193173Seymour, IN09/10/2004
Hanner Cockerham, Mary Virginia [ Marcott ]12/29/192578Jackson County, IN09/12/2004
Hays Flanagan, Coy Owen04/19/192283Uniontown, IN11/11/2005
Hess Davidson, Herbretta S. [ Morrow ] [ Lillard ] "Herbie"01/05/195846Seymour, IN09/08/2004
Hill Burgmeier, Keith F.12/30/194660Seymour, IN03/08/2007
Hornback Denton, Connie K. [ Aldridge ]07/30/194560Seymour, IN09/27/2005
Judd, Lee W.08/04/193670Seymour, IN05/24/2007
Kovener Nehrt, Robert E. "Bob"02/08/192186Crothersville, IN04/08/2007
Lewis Ross, Maymie [ Peters ]06/07/192286Seymour, IN12/06/2008
McDaniel, Doris Paulene "Paula" 90Seymour, IN11/29/2001
McMullin Kent, Jane K. [ Anderson ]08/01/191790Seymour, IN04/02/2008
Murphy Hildreth, Fairy H. [ Ballard ]01/16/192580Seymour, IN08/16/2005
Perrin Durham, Dan E.07/16/193373Seymour, IN03/07/2007
Persinger Reynolds, Helen L. [ Brock ]11/10/191093Shieldstown, IN09/06/2004
Read Albrich, Bonnie Joy01/24/193177Seymour, IN02/01/2008
Roberts Garland, William "Bill"01/20/195450Seymour, IN01/08/2005
Shirley Thomas, Louise [ Reynolds ]08/19/191885Jackson County, IN03/03/2004
Snyder Deppert, Bernice Louise [ Armstrong ]11/23/193077Seymour, IN07/04/2008
Sparks Riley, Hubert Eugene10/21/194864Seymour, IN02/13/2011
Spence Hall, Keith "Tattoo"03/31/196540Seymour, IN02/25/2006
Steele, Louis W. "Lum"02/24/193374Jackson County, IN03/03/2007
Trowbridge Bowman, Thelma Isabelle [ Dawes ]11/18/190797Crothersville, IN07/22/2005
Waldkoetter, Hilda [ Alberring ]08/31/191292Jackson County, IN03/21/2005
Waskom Wehrkamp, James L.02/27/195648Seymour, IN09/06/2004
Wheeler, Winifred [ Andrews ] [ Wilson ] 71Seymour, IN02/22/1993
Wheeler, Winifred [ Andrews ] [ Wilson ] "Katie" 71Seymour, IN02/22/1993
Wise Johnson, Minnie Marie [ Bernard ]12/17/191885Jackson County, IN12/20/2003

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