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Hancock County, IN

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Hancock County, Indiana.
Andis Gunn, Dorothy L. [ Newbold ]02/09/191095Greenfield, IN11/08/2005
Bolander Everett, Lois V. [ Snider ]08/02/191593Hancock County, IN10/23/2008
Bryant Bradberry, Dawn M. [ Moss ]12/07/196935Greenfield, IN11/25/2005
Collier Cook, Byron04/15/191493Hancock County, IN01/16/2008
Elsbury Wiley, Keith04/05/190998Center Township, IN03/14/2008
Gayler Fulmer, Sheila Ann [ Lyons ]01/06/196642Greenfield, IN10/29/2008
Gilson Reynolds, Barbara J.10/04/192978Greenfield, IN03/13/2008
Haskins Modglin, Marcella Yvonne [ Cook ]11/15/195849Greenfield, IN03/17/2008
Holbrook Herman, Eshmil E.01/22/196443Greenfield, IN02/08/2007
Humbles Walter, Cheryl A. [ Lewis ]04/20/195849Greenfield, IN01/26/2008
Huston Ginder, Bob06/12/192978Fortville, IN05/08/2008
Kitterman Van Duyn, Maryann [ Strader ]10/07/192484Shirley, IN04/06/2009
Klemm McCarthy, Terri Dean04/28/1955 Greenfield, IN01/25/2007
Masters, Neva Pauline06/26/190499Shirley, IN07/20/2003
Richey Hawkins, Harlan Paul03/27/192087Hancock County, IN03/08/2008
Trees Keller, Everett E.02/02/191297Warrington, IN02/18/2009
Whisler Bennett, Bertha [ Seely ]04/07/192879Wilkinson, IN01/02/2008
Whisler Bennett, Earl R. "Shorty"03/30/192186Wilkinson, IN03/06/2008
Wicker Hine, Ned Allen06/28/195354Greenfield, IN12/11/2007
Willis Thompson, Eleanor M. [ Rumler ]04/27/193572Shirley, IN04/11/2008
Wisehart Gracie, Roberta Janelle [ Coomer ]01/09/195256Hancock County, IN12/21/2008

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