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Gibson County, IN

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Gibson County, Indiana.
Arbuthnot Blunk, Jerry Wayne12/13/196048Gibson County, IN02/28/2009
Atteberry Hickrod, Charles W.02/04/192187Fort Branch, IN02/08/2008
Barrett Morrison, Gregory P.11/07/194563Princeton, IN06/21/2009
Barrett, James E.07/12/193076Fort Branch, IN01/23/2007
Berger Sollman, Ida B. [ Gleim ]02/13/191396Fort Branch, IN04/24/2009
Blythe Graves, W. Elston05/01/191196Gibson County, IN05/30/2007
Bradshaw Barrett, Jerry R.11/26/193570Fort Branch, IN03/15/2006
Buck Pflug, Verneda C. [ Block ]09/08/192581Buckskin, IN08/02/2007
Camp, Roy C.09/14/194461Princeton, IN10/20/2005
Conner Buhr, George E.11/14/193176Princeton, IN04/15/2008
Foster Mangrum, J. Vance06/21/191789Fort Branch, IN01/14/2007
Geick Campbell, Richard L.10/11/195256Princeton, IN05/29/2009
Hayden, Doyne E. [ Haynes ]08/10/193076Princeton, IN01/24/2007
Haynes Collier, Dorothy Elnora [ Mahan ]03/22/192581Oakland City, IN08/09/2005
Hill Warren, Harry David02/07/192980Fort Branch, IN07/04/2009
Hollis Mayer, Jackie S.03/12/195257Princeton, IN05/09/2009
Hoskins Reinhart, Norma Jean [ Greubel ]08/02/192583Oakland City, IN07/22/2009
Judd Morton, Virginia Lee [ Glascock ]08/18/192880Princeton, IN09/28/2008
Kiesel Heiserman, Stephanie D. [ Eaton ]05/25/195356Princeton, IN07/20/2009
Kiesel, Robert E. "Bob"02/05/194762Princeton, IN06/10/2009
Knapp Reising, Walter A.03/03/192485Haubstadt, IN06/24/2009
Kuester Hasselbrink, Viola M. [ Graper ]05/19/190994Fort Branch, IN12/30/2003
Majors Taylor, Eunice L. [ Conklin ]09/13/192682Owensville, IN04/08/2009
Marlin, Mary Margaret08/14/192079Gibson County, IN06/09/2000
May Smith, Richard "Dick"12/25/192779Haubstadt, IN12/09/2007
Nalley Bass, Laura Bell [ Stephens ]06/08/192089Gibson County, IN07/13/2009
Pauley Phillips, Betty J. [ Barrett ]05/09/192583Patoka, IN03/19/2009
Pumphrey Bayer, Olen07/28/191890Fort Branch, IN07/18/2009
Reed Pancake, Denzil E.04/11/192088Oakland City, IN09/20/2008
Richie, Clara D. ( Mrs. )11/13/191989Fort Branch, IN06/16/2009
Riffert Heitzman, Rita J. [ Emge ]08/02/192382Haubstadt, IN06/11/2009
Ritchie Georges, Bernice L. [ Maikranz ]12/21/192781Fort Branch, IN02/15/2009
Ruple Chrisman, Warren A.06/10/191784Jimtown, IN06/12/2001
Schaefer Kiesel, Vernita M. [ Kuester ]10/20/191593Fort Branch, IN03/09/2009
Schmits Wenning, Catherine A. [ Childers ]01/29/191890Snake Run, IN09/16/2008
Tisdal Pearson, James William "Tis"06/25/193770Princeton, IN09/29/2007
White Morgan, Gerald D. "Jerry"08/10/194266Gibson County, IN03/05/2009
Yeast Ashby, Martha Belle [ Conner ]08/20/192182Fort Branch, IN12/28/2003
Young, Lucy [ Clem ]07/30/195255Princeton, IN12/03/2007

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