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Daviess County, IN

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Daviess County, Indiana.
Armes Davenport, Hobart Depauw "Bill"05/16/191890Daviess County, IN04/14/2009
Arnold Freeman, Kenneth Eugene10/02/1944 Washington, IN09/30/2004
Billings, Ceil N. 43Washington, IN12/01/1999
Blines Nordhorn, William Edward "Bill"08/08/192880Daviess County, IN06/13/2009
Bridgewater Harris, John L.04/12/194861Washington, IN06/17/2009
Butcher Burch, Margaret M. [ Love ]11/21/191885Daviess County, IN08/29/2004
Bynum Thomas, John Wesley11/15/194464Daviess County, IN07/15/2009
Cosby Devine, James Lowell02/09/192782Daviess County, IN03/24/2009
Coy Gray, Seth Ryan09/07/198919Washington, IN07/29/2009
Cresgy Lents, William E. "Bill"07/02/193177Daviess County, IN01/04/2009
Decker, LaVerne [ Mulconnery ]08/17/191089Washington, IN02/26/2000
Dosch Yeager, Kenneth Ray03/17/194163Washington, IN09/02/2004
Fegan Brewer, Charles L.04/23/191493Daviess County, IN04/25/2007
Fields Perkins, Rachel Dawn [ Firrone ]10/31/198122Washington, IN09/01/2004
Fitzgerald Purcell, Joseph Clinton "Joe"03/31/193177Washington, IN02/15/2009
Fleenor, Lester Ray06/22/192082Washington, IN04/01/2003
Gilliatt Henderson, Neal12/24/191782Plainville, IN09/19/2000
Goodman, Luetta Loyce [ Nelson ]10/22/192978Washington, IN04/03/2008
Goodpasture Anderson, Donetta Lynne [ Eades ]01/30/195149Washington, IN09/08/2000
Graber Myers, Fern G. [ Acton ]09/03/191296Daviess County, IN01/08/2009
Hunter, Craig Mitchell09/01/194860Daviess County, IN02/01/2009
Keller Thompson, Margaret [ Smith ] "Maggie"03/20/192278Washington, IN01/30/2001
Kelson Baker, Beverly Ann [ Wiseman ]11/05/193870Reeve Township, IN01/24/2009
Ketchum, Ruby D. [ McKinney ] 80Elnora, IN07/01/2002
Lamb White, Ella May [ Walden ]05/01/192876Daviess County, IN09/11/2004
Lemmon Wilson, Russell Charles10/09/191791Harrison Township, IN06/30/2009
Mahoney, John J. 79Washington, IN05/20/2003
Mangin Branaman, Charlotte A. [ Keiser ]09/04/193967Washington, IN03/13/2007
Morton, Vada Margaret [ Snoddy ] 92Washington, IN08/29/2004
Myers Henry, Ralph Franklin05/21/192880Daviess County, IN01/16/2009
Nowling Risley, Eddy Ray02/28/193178Daviess County, IN06/20/2009
Overton Schooley, Charles Robert04/03/192183Daviess County, IN09/05/2004
Patterson Brown, Jane Emille02/17/194860Daviess County, IN12/27/2008
Potts Hayden, Margaret Evelyn [ Beadles ]01/11/192881Daviess County, IN07/20/2009
Ragsdale Cochrane, Wilma Jean [ Shanks ]01/06/190797Daviess County, IN08/29/2004
Reed Browning, Alvena Mae [ Ritterskamp ]08/21/191791Van Buren Township, IN07/15/2009
Riker Inboden, Erma B. [ Davis ]07/07/191395Daviess County, IN03/18/2009
Riney Vowell, Janice Darlene [ Ryder ]02/03/193970Daviess County, IN03/18/2009
Ruckreigle Ash, Clara E. [ Clements ]08/02/193177Daviess County, IN07/27/2009
Sargent Roach, Sherry K. [ Humerickhouse ]08/09/194263Elnora, IN11/25/2005
Smith Ramsey, John A. "Jack"12/23/191489Corning, IN09/10/2004
Stafford Killion, Cheryl Ann07/19/196048Washington, IN01/22/2009
Ward Lett, Ella Josephine04/12/191198Veale Township, IN07/14/2009
White Davis, Charles Fay05/13/192881Daviess County, IN05/21/2009
Wilson Allen, Elmer E.10/28/192890Daviess County, IN12/08/2008
Wilson, Francis Jeanne "Tootie"09/07/192187Washington, IN05/29/2009
Worrell McCain, Norman Eugene03/25/192287Daviess County, IN07/04/2009

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