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Clay County, IN

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Clay County, Indiana.
Branam Burke, Betty Jane [ Branam ]03/02/1928 Clay County, IN09/05/2005
Buck White, Kenneth L.10/04/191885Clay County, IN09/01/2004
Cooprider Rector, Norma [ Snellenberger ]12/20/191985Clay County, IN11/10/2005
Custis Kendall, Norman W.09/11/193370Brazil, IN12/08/2003
Fagg Felling, Audrey Leatha [ Leslie ]09/08/191687Clay County, IN12/01/2003
Gard, Nellie [ Roeschlein ]08/04/191094Clay County, IN08/30/2004
Hadley, Elva Jane 81Carbon, IN11/28/2005
Hall Bettis, Dorothy [ Pearcy ]01/13/191886Brazil, IN09/07/2004
Haney Freeman, Betty Joan [ Stout ]11/10/192974Brazil, IN12/09/2003
Harrison Holdefer, John D.10/16/191192Brazil, IN08/05/2004
Hull Arney, Frances P. [ Modesitt ]03/19/191292Bowling Green, IN09/09/2004
Kitch Goshorn, Donovan E.09/11/191394Bowling Green, IN04/26/2008
Layne Graves, Robert Eugene12/12/196839Brazil, IN03/29/2008
Lowdermilk Huffman, Wilhelmina [ Harrison ]06/17/191988Center Point, IN12/16/2007
Lucas Short, Martha Jane [ Kirchner ]06/05/192381Knightsville, IN09/08/2004
Price Metcalf, Carol J.08/26/194859Brazil, IN03/31/2008
Rodgers Murphy, Harold Lee10/29/192875Knightsville, IN12/07/2003
Rowe, Blance [ Crenshaw ]12/23/191093Clay County, IN12/24/2003
Salin Akers, Ruth [ Tilley ]01/19/191490Brazil, IN08/27/2004
Schopmeyer Scharf, Rosemary [ Hunt ]07/04/191985Poland, IN09/09/2004
Shields Norris, Marguerite L. [ Messick ]08/22/191194Clay County, IN11/03/2005
Smith Montgomery, Barbara Ann [ Childress ]05/06/193671Cardon, IN11/05/2007
Smith Montgomery, Barbara Ann [ Childress ]05/06/193671Cardonia, IN11/05/2007
Smith, Herbert Lyle "Herbie"07/19/192480Cory, IN09/09/2004
Smith, Marshall Edwin10/13/190599Brazil, IN08/14/2005
Steuerwald Tribble, Frances [ Hamilton ]10/29/191786Brazil, IN09/07/2004
Stough Anderson, Robert A.08/16/191096Hoosierville, IN10/18/2006
Thomas Griswold, Mark A.03/15/196345Clay County, IN04/26/2008
Wolford Nicoson, Norma [ Funk ]01/11/192876Van Buren Township, IN08/28/2004

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