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White County, IL

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in White County, Illinois. 
Anselment, Richard E.04/20/192182White County, IL02/28/2004
Austin Oliver, Howard L.08/08/193069Norris City, IL11/20/1999
Binnon, Rebecca Lynn07/03/195748Carmi, IL05/02/2006
Carlile Elliot, Wayne07/31/192383Burnt Prairie, IL03/11/2007
Chapman, Doyle Ray10/16/1946 White County, IL12/27/2005
Coleman Moser, Yevonne [ Gieselman ]11/29/191689White County, IL04/09/2005
Doshier Chism, Lucille A. [ Fischer ]09/03/191687White County, IL03/05/2004
French Coombs, Kathryn Louise [ Sandidge ]12/15/192380Maunie, IL06/03/2004
Given Joiner, Marianna G. [ Souther ]06/28/192281Carmi, IL03/01/2004
Graddy Hoover, Charles R. "Junior"11/25/192380Carmi, IL03/11/2004
Hill Bradley, Allen W.08/27/192383Norris City, IL05/22/2007
Howell Kingston, Maurice E.02/24/192678Carmi, IL03/06/2004
McIntire Hampton, Richard M.10/06/193676White County, IL03/03/2004
Orr Bowles, Jerry Lee01/22/194362Carmi, IL08/25/2005
Porter, Etta Kate05/10/193769Springerton, IL01/26/2007
Stahl Taylor, Orin H.08/01/192380Burnt Prairie, IL02/27/2004
Tuggle Buttery, Helen [ Corra ]02/18/192385White County, IL03/04/2008
Young Harmon, Everett "T.J."11/04/191984Springerton, IL01/18/2004
Youngman Jenkins, James "J.R."05/08/193867Maunie, IL08/06/2001

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