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Kendall County, IL

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Kendall County, Illinois. 
Ashley, Warren Cotton12/25/190499Yorkville, IL03/29/2004
Bailey Barnes, Barbara Lee [ Shoger ]04/10/193968Plano, IL08/02/2007
Baker Ireland, James E.07/31/193275Plano, IL03/19/2008
Batorson Sabo, Anna Marie [ Gross ]02/05/192280Plano, IL10/02/2002
Brown Barnes, Rebecca Sue [ Burns ]07/15/195060Mount Vernon, IL03/11/2011
DeHaan Ruschulte, Clayton R.01/11/192479Plano, IL04/18/2003
Grate, Jean Francis [ Shoger ]12/05/191786Kendall County, IL09/22/2004
Hardekopf Amelang, Ruth A. [ Kovacevich ]11/06/1919 Yorkville, IL06/27/2003
Hatch Lower, Marian H. [ Stephens ]11/04/191793Little Rock, IL03/22/2011
Heap Vickery, Leslie R.05/10/190597Plattville, IL10/23/2002
Heap Vickery, Ruth H. [ Gargrave ]03/09/190894Plattville, IL07/18/2002
Johnson, Arthur Donald07/05/191790Plano, IL05/31/2008
Larson Walters, Marjorie B. [ Long ]07/04/192082Little Rock, IL09/04/2002
Long Hoch, Catherine [ Glendening ]05/18/191782Yorkville, IL02/22/2000
Malsch, Georgia 84Yorkville, IL02/01/1999
Manchester Hoge, Marian [ Hummel ]02/04/191491Kendall County, IL10/11/2005
Olson, Newman Syrus02/01/191394Fox Township, IL11/25/2007
Parkhurst Bushnell, Anita [ Popp ]07/30/192084Oswego, IL09/18/2004
Schultz Van Volkenburg, Lee Vern "Shorty"07/22/191291Oswego, IL10/11/2003
Schumaker Schultz, Elmer Joel05/09/191886Little Rock, IL09/18/2004
Sjeaffer Wright, Lois V. [ Houghton ]12/27/191390Plano, IL10/13/2004
Smith Marcot, Harold C.03/21/193371Plano, IL09/22/2004
Smith Redden, Marie Joyce 87Oswego, IL03/24/2004
Wicks Severtson, Sadie Marie [ Devick ]05/25/191490Plattville, IL09/16/2004

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