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Crawford County, IL

This particular page exists for the purpose of indexing obituaries of individuals born in Crawford County, Illinois. 
Baker Seaney, Donna Mae [ Gibbens ]04/05/193766Robinson, IL06/25/2003
Batman, Walter 78Robinson, IL07/01/2004
Becktell Mikeworth, Clarence L.02/13/192179Robinson, IL09/22/2000
Bell Poe, Frank10/27/192189Flat Rock, IL08/15/2011
Bolton Hildebrand, Charles N. "Chuck"03/21/192675Trimble, IL08/30/2001
Bonnell Mitchell, Max E.10/11/192978Porterville, IL05/01/2008
Calvert Clark, Fred W.09/28/191387Licking Township, IL12/01/2000
Cooley York, Everett M.02/22/191986Flat Rock, IL09/21/2005
Elliot R'Lea, Karen [ Richards ]03/30/194365Oblong, IL06/26/2008
Elliott Wiman, Max Keith10/09/193868Crawford County, IL03/21/2007
Finney Randolph Lenore [ Bush ]02/19/191883Oblong, IL12/14/2001
Freeland Coulter, Lewis Maxine [ Henry ]10/13/191090Crawford County, IL11/07/2000
Fuller Little, Myrtle Ruth [ Johnson ]10/08/191886Palestine, IL10/02/2005
Goodwin Markwell, Gretchen G. [ Lingafelter ]04/20/191488Crawford County, IL10/09/2000
Hart Misner, Home E.11/20/191386Crawford County, IL10/10/2000
Heck Roberts, Harold Joseph03/06/191982Oblong, IL05/26/2001
Henry Lawson, Marjorie A. [ Marshall ]10/21/191684Oblong, IL02/11/2001
Hill Neeley, Marie F. [ Woods ]09/08/191486Crawford County, IL02/10/2001
Holmes Waggoner, Arthur L. "Art"05/31/193763Martin Township, IL09/22/2000
Houser Moore, Joseph Max10/14/194165Palestine, IL11/01/2006
Jamison Cochran, Mary Frances [ Prokosch ]07/02/192090Robinson, IL08/09/2010
Keplinger Messenger, Opal R. [ Camp ]10/20/191190Landes, IL12/27/2001
Kerins Hutson, Evelyn K. [ Cox ]08/30/191290Stoy, IL01/18/2003
Kidwell Newlin, Docas [ Wood ]01/31/1898102Robinson, IL09/25/2000
King Bridwell, Thelma Marie [ Vaughn ]03/28/191189Crawford County, IL11/02/2000
Kirk Matheny, Reba Il [ Traylor ]08/23/192971Oblong, IL01/30/2001
Kirk Volk, Pauline W. [ Musgrave ]07/19/191388Licking Township, IL08/15/2001
Lanter Armitage, Bob L.06/07/193070Robinson, IL02/08/2001
Liams Kieffer, Mary Marguerite [ Kintner ]08/07/190596Oblong, IL08/23/2001
Maddox Brashears, Gerald Wayne02/01/193274Palestine, IL01/08/2007
Melton Harris, Gladys Mae [ Coatney ]05/04/191987Oblong, IL03/05/2007
Milam Shipman, Minnie E. [ Garrard ]09/26/190794Hardinville, IL10/09/2001
Moorhead, Charles Ferman "Bud"02/15/192286Flat Rock, IL08/27/2008
Musgrave Holt, David L.08/25/194654Robinson, IL05/04/2001
Needs Wheeler, Walter A.05/12/191289Crawford County, IL10/25/2001
Newbold Correll, Richard03/03/193576Oblong, IL08/11/2011
Newlin Hargis, Madge Marie [ Henry ]02/23/190596Crawford County, IL05/27/2001
Newlin Osborn, Carolyn E. [ Dennis ]08/23/194858Robinson, IL12/31/2006
Ormiston, Vivienne Irene [ Ambler ]09/16/191588West York, IL07/28/2004
Plummer Morgan, Eva Marie [ Henderson ]10/10/190892Crawford County, IL11/25/2000
Randolph Gramby, Clyde T.10/26/191586Crawford County, IL12/11/2001
Reynolds Meeks, Ron L. "Shorty"10/27/194159Oblong, IL06/01/2001
Reynolds Wilson, Delno Ray02/13/194660Robinson, IL12/14/2006
Rhodes Strain, Charles O.02/13/1899101Crawford County, IL12/25/2000
Rich Tracy, Lillie Ann [ Coulter ]03/30/1911100Crawford County, IL08/08/2011
Richey Simpson, Ethel Fern [ Stantz ]01/31/190892Crawford County, IL01/07/2001
Robinson Clark, Esco E. [ Cox ]07/12/190496Crawford County, IL 
Rosbolt Ellis, Fannie G. [ Woosley ]04/19/192185Palestine, IL11/26/2006
Shields Miller, Donald L. "Don"02/16/195149Crawford County, IL10/12/2000
Shields Miller, Jimmy W. "Flip"06/05/195347Robinson, IL05/15/2001
Sloan Weirich, W. Keith10/14/191783Oblong, IL02/09/2001
Smith Montgomery, Charles J. "Chuck"10/26/191585Martin Township, IL10/27/2000
Smothers Lansbery, David M.12/29/194357Robinson, IL05/15/2001
Sparks Livingston, Geneva P. [ Goodwin ] [ Beauchamp ]07/14/191585Crawford County, IL11/25/2000
Spencer Lynch, Ellen R. [ Slane ] "Becky"04/12/193862Crawford County, IL03/10/2001
Spencer Lynch, Marjorie Lucille "Marge"05/26/193169Martin Township, IL08/24/2000
Stantz Geffs, Jean [ Nye ]12/12/192179Oblong Township, IL07/17/2001
Stephens Leeman, Carolyn L. [ Shipley ] [ Dennis ]02/14/193968Hutsonville, IL03/15/2007
Stewart Coulter, Don L.04/29/192878Robinson, IL03/07/2007
Tracy Goodwin, Kenneth10/30/191991Annapolis, IL08/09/2011
Tracy Taylor, Donald "Earl"02/16/192278Robinson, IL06/27/2000
Utterback Albert, Melrie L. [ Smith ]07/15/191288Crawford County, IL10/20/2000
Vanderhoff Pierson, Emma [ Breading ] "Jane"06/07/191789Montgomery Township, IL03/19/2007
Wakefield Henry, Roger10/06/191486Oblong Township, IL12/27/2000
Walters Drake, Helen06/21/191684Oblong, IL03/20/2001
Walters Schwenke, Harold03/10/192186Oblong, IL03/24/2007
Woodworth Allison, James Spencer12/13/192581Robinson, IL03/02/2007
York Parrish, Anna Mae [ Cunningham ]03/28/192878Oblong Township, IL11/23/2006
York Wasson, Darwin V. "Dob"06/14/191486Crawford County, IL10/03/2000
York Watts, Ivan L.10/18/192476Crawford County, IL11/06/2000

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